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Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'll be updating the WoW web page in transitioning to the upcoming BfA expansion. There's some controversy in regards to the story and where it's heading, but I don't think there's any need to pull out the 'Jump To Conclusions' mat right now heh.

I prefer keeping or having things in digital form - music, videos, etc. - as opposed to CDs or DVDs. In this digital age, who doesn't? They might become obsolete once of these days, but I think they'll always have a place as having hard copies is good sometimes just as a souvenir or keepsake. A symbol of what's worth having. I'm not much of a reader at all, nor do I have patience for reading books. The only physical book that I still have is maestro Lang Lang's "Journey Of A Thousand Miles". Why not - as I am a pianist myself. For science aficionados, Dr. Michio Kaku's "The Future of Humanity" is certainly recommended. And for comedy, I just heard about Jimmy O.'s "How To American - An Immigrant's Guide". In this day and age, I'm completely against any perpertual immigrant stereotyping. But I have to give him some benefit of the doubt because it's coming from his perspective.

Actually, I'm not sure when the final Etude recording is going to be. It could even be the "Butterfly" heh.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Most of us find ourselves in life's turmoil or existential quandary at times. But I've re-affirmed and am certainly proud of what defines me - video gamer (perhaps WoW'er would be a better term), a classical pianist, and a staunch advocate for Asian-American rights and opportunities. These three things is what I can now confidently say that I identify with. My life growing up has been a struggle in finding an identity that I can be content with. I could only imagine that had I resolved this turmoil or conflict earlier in life, there could have been different possibilities or avenues for me. Well, suffering from slight anxiety issues would not have helped much anyway. It's an on-going struggle.

Occasionally, I would wonder whether I would be better off or happier independently because of the anti-social nature of myself. But I feel that I've changed somewhat and come a long way because of my spouse, and she has been absolutely an amazing person. Prioritizing and having conviction / confidence is what I should continue to strive for.

Speaking of the "Winter Wind", I began to learn it - slowly. The complex passages or phrases require a slow learning first and gradually build up to tempo. Sometimes, you just have to play or practice when the calling is there.

The recent dreary, wet weather has given an added emphasis to 'That's A Whole Lotta...Precipitation!" heh. How about driving that Tonka toy, right Phil? muhaha.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Here's to a more drier and sunnier season when summer arrives. So far, it still feels like winter - cue the "Winter Wind" Etude. Op. 25 No. 2 is going to be the final Etude for now, and possibly the final recording from this location. There is no certainty when we'll move, but it is probably inevitable. Change and adaptability have been always difficult for me, and with it usually comes resistance and protests. But I've learned or at least tried to agree to terms, or support as much as possible. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a roof over my head.

Here's part of a quote that I like - "Be the best version of you" - Jeremy Lin. I absolutely agree. Find your identity, what you are passionate about and/or good at, and work hard at it. Don't be an individual who is easily brain-washed and just accepts the status quo / stereotypes. Think for yourselves, and just be the best you. Develop your own opinions and tastes.

Talk about "Children of the Corn". Rubbin' them balls muhaha...

Sunday, April 08, 2018

I'm glad to hear that "Fiction & Other Realities" is becoming a reality. This is an independent film that I was looking forward to, but was wondering if there would be any more updates. Fortunately, there has been and you could trust a person like Bobby Choy. As far as some Kickstarter projects are concerned, you can't really trust every project to fulfill on their promises or updates. It's not so much of never having received the reward tier, I'd just consider it a donation then. But it is just the matter of ethics. However, if it were any other situation such as an unfulfilled contractual agreement, I'd probably have to file a complaint or a lawsuit.

As much as I support and favor some Kickstarter / Indiegogo and Patreon endeavors, I would not be able to contribute anything at this time because of budget constraints or other reasons.

In the world of anime and Studio Ghibli, Hiyao Miyazaki is a well-known figure. I don't know much about Isao Takahata, but as a co-founder of Ghibli and director of some anime films, I'm sure he'll be missed. Soon Tek-Oh sounds familiar. Again, I'm not familiar with what memorable characters that he might've played. But with the likes of George Takei and Pat Morita, it seems that Soon-Tek did help pioneer the way for Asian-Americans in film or media even having to take some stereotypical roles. But that was the sign of the times.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I would not or would never trust any food that might appear out-of-place or un-authentic. For instance, why would anybody think they'll get fresh, delicious sushi out in the desert or not near a seaport? heh. But feel free to try. As the saying goes - "May the lord bless you, and be on your journey". Or a Minimalist's way of saying "Good Luck" muhaha.

Shouldn't it be obvious or apparent that the business / customer relationship is a two-way street. Businesses should always put customers first, and customers should give businesses some benefit of the doubt by reasoning things out without over-reacting. I've experienced both.

Monday, April 02, 2018

I might not be able to watch either "Gemini" or "Searching" in theaters, but there should be VOD. Still, I can only cross my fingers if one of them is playing somewhere around. Otherwise, there isn't much else if at all.

I have to award Sungwon Cho and his wifey with the most adorable feline companions around. Or at least they're capturing the most picture-esque moments.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Eventually, we'll have to move again. It's never a certainty that a new location is going to work or not, but today's visit was not one of those "It's nice I'll have to think about it" kind of deals. It was more along the lines of "absolutely not" kind of deal for me at least. You could probably get by if you enjoyed living near farm animals. I was expecting more in the wilderness-type location, but I was wrong. In the end, it is not my decision and I'll have to support whatever decision is made. I should at least be grateful for having a roof over my head, since I can no longer live on my own (unless I get another job). Life is difficult, and a lot of us can only make do or barely make end's meet. Wouldn't it be nice to just win the lottery, or have a comfy job as a well-known streamer or an on-line personality? Even that takes a lot of hard work and good fortune to become internet famous.

Apparently, Phil Swift is at it again with Flex Glue! This time, he's ridin' a buggy or off-road vehicle instead of a boat. And every other line, has to be a damn rhyme muhaha.

Friday, March 30, 2018

I have never been much of a gift-giver, and I don't think one should feel obligated to buy a gift. But it's always a nice gesture, especially if some effort is made. I am not much of a poet either, but I did make up something on the spot (although I wish I added more to it, at least it wasn't a 'copy and paste' deal). I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful spouse who has stuck with me throughout. So I need to show even more conviction and effort. At times, I have definitely felt that hopelessness or just plain lethargy / apathy. My anxiety issues as well as my sensitivity has caused a lot of strife, as well as my individual habits that I'm still stuck in.

Speaking of anxiety issues, it has caused issues with making decisions as well. It's been difficult to agree or say 'Yes' to certain things, in trying to overcome phobias / anxieties a step at a time. Safety should always be a priority.

My next recording (and perhaps the final Etude) is going to be sometime next month - before the end of April for sure. Can I squeeze in another one?

"Where words fail, music speaks" - Maestro Lang Lang. I could not have said it better myself. Or perhaps the phrase is already known.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

There's a lot going on in terms of time investment and effort when it comes to creating a video. Individual creators on Youtube deserve a break to re-charge or for other reasons. It's definitely amazing in a sense that they can put out videos on a regular basis, especially for the one-man crew Youtubers who can do it all. It's really the up-and-coming Youtube or individual / independent creators who are actually worthwhile to watch. I have yet to find and subscribe to more. Unfortuntely, the current direction of YouTube is quite deplorable; which does not make it possible for smaller Youtubers to find success. Fortunately for them, there is Patreon, Twitch and other platforms to rely on.

So far, I'm looking foward to watching "Searching", "Gemini", and maybe "I'm Sorry to Bother You". That's about it, or all that I'm aware of so far. I need to research more on the new film that Ki Hong is going to be in as well.

I haven't played or put together enough medleys to be called the "Classical Medley" Pianist or "Classical Medley" Guy....yet. It was just an idea that I had.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I'm looking forward to some new projects that John Cho is going to be involved in, for awhile I was curious as to whether there were any recent updates. Among them is "Searching", a film I heard was another must-see. After his performance in "Columbus" (an artistic, dramatic film to say the least), it should be interesting.

We all go through the motions, some worse than others. We realize that we have much more in common than we think. My flaw is I tend to keep in any annoyances, anger or what is bothering and not really share them. Otherwise, how can I express them reasonably without exploding. Fortunately, the piano is an outlet that I can transform negative energy into a positive one. Music definitely has therapeutic properties, and that's the power of it. I've learned to channel that more reasonably and calmly. I suppose they call that euphoria heh.

I finally tried Budae Jigae. As far as caloric intake is concerned, I better not have it again for awhile although it was damn tasty.

Revelation of the Century: When I fart, I just let it rip. Muhahaha.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I do wonder at times whether there is any hope at all for permanent change. Change begins within ourselves and being determined or motivated to bring about change. When we fall back on our bad habits and the same, old mistakes, it just makes you wonder if there is ever possibility at all for change. I believe in the words 'Never Give Up' or 'Never Done', but I am certainly not really living it. If I truly believed in that, there should be conspicuous progress. Unfortunately, it's usually the 'Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back' kind of deal. That is pretty much certain for society in general anyway.

Sunnier and warmer days ahead. Looking forward to a new hiking season.

I wonder how many knew Stephen Hawking from Homer Simpson's quip "That WheelChair Guy".... muhaha. On a serious note, RIP.

Monday, March 12, 2018

I've always believed that a person should pursue or be involved in whatever makes the person happy. Be a think-for-yourself type person, not a follower or a drone. If it means playing video games or Pokemon cards for a living, why not heh. In order for us to take that next step in changing or improving, we have to confront our phobias or anxieties. It doesn't imply that you have to do risky or extreme things. On the contrary, just doing or accomplishing a task or an activity is enough. It does seem like a never-ending cycle of being stuck in a rut, but eventually we have to break out of it.

I might have to check out "I'm Sorry To Bother You" as well. Right, who needs the aggravations and interruptions of wrong number calls and telemarketers heh. I certainly do not.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

"Hi, Kathy Mitchell here... for 'Dump' Flex Tape. It's flippin' fantastic!....". Three infomercials in one muhaha.

It's the WoW Arena Cup weekend, such is life heh.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

After a few more Etude recordings / uploads (Op 10 No. 3 and / or Op 25 No. 2 - depends), I might return to a familiar composer.

As the saying goes, whatever floats your boat or to each their own. For sure, there are too many "follow the crowd" types and not enough unique or "think for yourselves" individuals and creators. Ryan Higa - his huge subscriber base and views is validation enough. But his awards show parody was amusing.

The film "Gook" on Netflix. If there is anything to watch on it, it is that! Perhaps E7 of "Altered Carbon" - might need to check it out at some point.

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