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Reflections And Thoughts....The JYS Blog

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's almost Halloween season (gotta love that chill in the air) - get yer candy on, and haunted houses/attractions as well as horror movies galore. In what has been a dry summer with some wildfires, I guess the precipitation is a welcome relief in a sense. It sort of puts a halt to our hiking trips...for now. Hiking on damp trails is really not for me, but hopefully there'll still be sun here and there.

What do I prefer more - Rach's second or third Concerto. After listening to them more attentively than before, I'd say the second - hauntingly melodic and expressively remorseful or melancholy. I'm not sure how else to describe it. But the commonality is that they are both intense. I haven't seen the sheet music for it yet, but it's a certain bet that it is a difficult read.

It appears that Sung Kang is going to be in another season of "Power". I'd give up most of the useless channels that I never watch just to get a sneak peek or a free preview from the subscription channel for a few days or so.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The trail to Alta mountains has been the most challenging hike so far - did not expect the distance and steepness, or I did not do enough research. A lot of the trail (in particular early on) did not really seem like a trail, but it was literally like climbing a mountain as it was. For certain, hiking sticks or poles are recommended. We made it up to one of the summits or peaks, at least what we thought was Alta. But most likely, we needed to at least hike another 1.5 miles in what was already a grueling 5 miles. The sun was already setting by then, so we stopped at that summit.

Night hiking (or hiking in the dark), proved to be difficult but certainly a new experience if anything. I must've fell a few times from tripping on a root or a stone. A flashlight beam can only cover so much. Mentally and physically, my knee joints were already sore. This is a hike to be conquered for the next time, and we have to go early enough in the day since summer is over.

I might upload a few more Sinfonias, but then it's on to the "Goldberg" Variations. And then Chopin.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This was my first time watching the WoW Arena NA Finals, especially in its entirety. Perhaps I shouldn't do that again. I kind of felt like a couch potato, but the fact that there were some underdog teams doing well kept my interest in it. And I was rooting for them for sure. More thoughts on my WoW page soon.

I'm focusing on some J.S. Bach and Chopin pieces at the moment. As mentioned before, it's a clean slate from hereon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

I'd probably excel at games similar to WoW, but a solo player can only go so far in terms of e-sports - since competition usually revolves around teamwork / synergy. I've considered playing other worthwhile or skilled-required games such as "Defense of the Ancients", "League of Legends", "COD" (although I did finish "Doom 3" years ago. And would you consider something like "Grand Theft Auto" skilled-based or is it just something fun to play? heheh), but I just don't have time for them. I'd probably be better off playing "Street Fighter" heh, but I enjoy games that actually make you think and requires a semblance of strategy.

The WoW Arena tournament is going to culminate at Blizzcon '17. But more importantly, what is the next expansion?

If there is any consolation to the lingering haze, the sun can appear as a glowing orange disc as it it did the other day (I should've taken a picture).

Holu Category 5 Hurricane, Batman!

Monday, September 04, 2017

The lingering haze and hot temperatures are still around - hopefully not for long.

I'd have to say that McClellan Butte (uhuhuh...Butt) Trail was one of the toughest hikes - five to six miles one way, with a continued climb for the final two or so. At the top, only the courageous or those who don't mind heights can scale what they call the 'Scramble' - a jagged peak that seems to be the official summit of the climb. I was just happy to make it up. I don't think I've made it up a climb or hike without taking a rest or breather. This time, it most more like two or three breaks.

As the saying goes - if you can't do it right, don't do it at all (spare all of us a bad movie anyway). It's obvious and apparent that there is a prejudice or a dislike against Asian-American male actors, or Asian men in general. I personally don't give a rat's ass about it, as folks have a right to dislike or hate whoever they want. At this point, we just need to create quality content on our own (since there is a lack of it anyway). At the same time, continue to protest against injustices in all industries.

I don't know who Ed Skrein is, but kudos. I'm sure he stepped down because of the backlash, but hopefully there exists some sense of decency and ethics as well. Considering his background or ethnicity, I would not have expected that at all from a guy like that. From independent films to Youtube videos and the small screen, that's where it's at now. From Sung Kang's involvement in "Power" (even if for just one season), or John Cho in "The Exorcist", it's always worth a look if you have the channel to watch them.

Monday, August 28, 2017

With seeing all the pictures on twitter of ticket stubs, here's mine (congrats on the extension - it certainly would be worth watching again):

I haven't kept count of all the hikes we went on - I'm not sure how many this summer, but perhaps almost ten or so - but I guess we should. The most recent conquer was Colchuck Lake (a 3 hour drive, but the scenic route was worth it), which was a tough hike for the most part. Of course, the ritual dip into the cold mountain lake water. This seemed colder than Gem Lake (still the favorite), but we made it up late in the day.

The next pieces for uploading are some J.S. Bach and perhaps some more Rachmaninoff Preludes. A clean slate from hereon.

If I were more computer tech savvy, it would probably be easier to tell if I was receiving quality advice or getting ripped off or suckered in. I never doubt the tech's knowledge or expertise, otherwise they wouldn't be in that business. But everything is a money-generating venture - and some cut corners and end up being unscrupulous or dishonest. Fortunately, they are rare but do exist. Just have to be cautious, but at the same time, give the benefit of the doubt.

Holy horrible flooding, Batman! The recent hurricane has stalled down there, and substantial rainfall is lasting for days. I guess they know how we feel up here in the NW during the rainy season.

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