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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Let us appreciate our fathers on this day, as we appreciate and love our mothers. For sure, it's been a two-fold celebration the past, few days with good eats (including my bro's birthday). Who's complaining when it comes to good eating heh. I'll never have that ideal father-son relationship, in fact quite broken (in terms of not looking forward to his visits). But since we're all aging, I certainly have to show more compassion and continue to appreciate whenever he can visit us. I usually never look forward to moving - having to deal with the logistics and the physical moving. But the change of scenery can go either way, and adapting can be difficult. But it's a wait-and-see.

I've selected three Mendelssohn pieces to record and upload, and also decided on some more Hisaishi compositions as well (after getting into them again from the Isao Takahata tribute practices).

I might have to get some "Very Cool, Very Swag" gear. Because....they are, very cool and very swag!

I have no idea what happened to Sung Kang. But for him to open up on social media in a heartfelt or non-hateful way is very commending. In a society where nasty, selfish and bigoted / racist individuals seem to be common across industries, Sung Kang is certainly a breathe of fresh air. Personally, I wish he could exhibit more of a "I don't give a shit" about this attitude (or going back to his "Better Luck Tomorrow" roots), but he should not compromise his beliefs or standards as well.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

So I heard IHOP wants to get into the burger business. In another "What the..." moment, as they present to you IHOB muhaha. More like, NOT-I heh. Maybe it's old news now, but I'm not a bit surprised that it's just a marketing gimmick or ploy. They should just stick with making pancakes delicious again.

Congrats to Ryan Higa for 21M+ subscribers and counting... Although not every video is to my taste or liking, there is no denying that there is a lot of time and effort that's put into them to produce quality / professional work. And a lot of top Youtubers are on the rise. A YouTube career might sound like a dream job (as we can all imagine it to be), but it is far from easy and no guarantees at all. I feel for folks trying to get established, but I think any popular Youtuber might tell you not to solely rely on the platform as means of income (especially since they have made it more difficult for smaller creators). But it is worthwhile if you enjoy it and have somewhat of a fan base - don't give up and keep creating!

Like anything in life, "hope for the best, prepare for the worst". I pray for the continuing efforts toward global peace, stability and security.

Monday, June 11, 2018

It still felt like winter - the weekend was rather a cold and sort of a wet one (fortunately, just a drizzle here and there). I do not prefer hot weather however, just more sun please.

It's really up to an individual, listener, pianist in determining what the optimal acoustics are for a piano - just as in the type or sound of a piano. Some enjoy the light sound in a carpeted setting, others crisp, vibrant sound in a concert or recital hall. As long as there are no background noises or disturbances, and the audio is relatively clear.

I heard about the current K-Town situation down in LA, and I pray and hope for a favorable outcome. If I were a stakeholder, I'd certainly vote for a resounding "Hell No". K-Town does not need to be sub-divided, and it should stay the way it is.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

I've been watching the WoW Arena Tournaments this year, and it seems I've had my weekends preoccupied in that sense. I didn't realize that it was alternating weekends, so there's been one every weekend so far - up until they broadcast LAN eventually. When it comes to tournament play, one mistake or error can be very costly and can make or break a match. There's some food for thought.

I would certainly suggest or advise anyone wanting to learn an instrument to stick with only one if you truly want to master an instrument. Some can master multiple instruments, but I find that the mastery is far more limited as opposed to mastering just one. As to what instrument, that's up to you. Find what you enjoy playing or are comfortable with, and don't give up on it. Who knows, there might be a future in it. For me unfortunately, I did not find my passion until it was too late. I had already quit the piano early on, only to have to start all over again when I found out that it was my identity or part of me later in life. The earlier the better for sure, in terms of cultivating / developing your passion or talents.

Ki Hong Lee is going to be in a new film "Looks That Kill". Not sure what his role is, but looking forward to more information. I wonder if there'll be a "Maze Runner" prequel in the works. Other films to look out for: "I'm Sorry To Bother You", "Fiction & Other Realities", "Searching"...

Friday, June 08, 2018

If you are a food guru or just a foodie, you would have to know or recognize Anthony Bourdain - for his travels, his narratives, and opinions. I never really watched the programs that much or often at all, but he seemed to be one of the influencers of the food / travel genre. Once again, the cause is unfortunate.

I wonder if I can call him Jim? JCW seems to be a genuine, down-to-earth individual. Personally, I would suggest giving up the GF search for now and just focus on learning C# / pursuing his passion of creating apps. We shouldn't get too wrapped up over something that we have no control over, or else we'd be miserable forever.

My next video recordings might be Mendelssohn. They'll most likely be at the new home, and the acoustics might be a bit different there with carpeting.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Transcribing or playing a piece by ear for the first-time is a skillset that is not commonplace at all. If I were to hear a piece and write out the notations on a ledger on the spot, I would not be able to. The Video Game Pianist is certainly enjoyable to watch and listen to, in particular when he is transcribing on the spot when there is a Super Chat request.

Food, music and video games. They are all intertwined in a way heheh. Imagine learning how to cook (or be criticized) from a video game chef hahah.

The beats to "Gas Money" sort of reminds me of 'my main man' Chops, who created / produced songs for the film "Ping Pong Playa". Woot! Both catchy and funny.

Aaron Takahashi. It's interesting what you find out there, or haven't heard of / seen in awhile. I believe he's the 'Camera Guy' from "Better Luck Tomorrow". I could be mistaken, but he was in a clip in a talk show earlier this year - about losing weight...in an unusual way. Don't forget to trip! heh

There are pros and cons to the two top insurance companies of All-State Farm (Farmer's) and Geico. I have the latter, and it all comes down to not just the cost but whether they are pulling one over you with hidden fees as well as whether their policies are reasonable. You be the judge.

Monday, June 04, 2018

When I practice, I'll have a new piece or two sometimes but mostly I'll just go through select repertoire depending on my theme or mood. I could only advise to practice diligently, and with heart or passion. More thoughts later, but I found time to record and upload the Etude Op. 25 No. 2. Now to Mendelssohn. Everyone needs to start from somewhere, so keep going if you end up enjoying playing an instrument.

It's been getting better, but I still need to learn not to blurt out any immediate negative thoughts. There are always ways to re-phrase them in a more constructive, positive way if has to be said. But then again, we can all temper our emotions.

Some social media tidbits:

If you don't have ass, at least passing gas might not be much of an issue heh.

I think we might have candidates for a new spokes person for "Flippin' Fantastic!" heheh.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

I find e-sports or video gaming tournaments / streams more interesting or enticing than the usual, and definitely the future or where it's at. If I were to find other video games to get into, it would not be the popular or flavor of the month type offering. I always say that it is important to find your niche, and enjoy the type or genre of the game - whether it's an FPS, a Final Fantasy / RPS type game, a horror genre, etc. For now, I've been sticking with WoW since I do not have time to get into other games (and I shouldn't - as it can consume me further). Speaking of video games, hopefully more live streams from the VGP.

ProZD's Sbarro joke. It's certainly a sitcom reference, which I had no idea as well (since I don't watch sitcoms). Still, I thought of his "Pizza Brothers" video from years back. "That's-a spice-y...pizza?" Whatever heheh.

Support James Cage White, and buy his swag! - https://teespring.com/stores/verycoolveryswag

I haven't practiced in awhile, but it's a better alternative than practicing too much or over-practicing. Again, balance it.

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