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Saturday, September 15, 2018

It appears that I'll be watching the WoW Arena Tournament all weekend heh (except for the damn ads. I just close the window - the benefits of dual monitors and multiple browsers opened). I agree with the consensus - the tournament can do without the tank trinket but they probably can't all of a sudden remove it. Probably nerf it. Until then, we'll have to sit through more dampening games.

I think a lot of brief video clips on twitter feeds could be a standalone Youtube video heheh.

While "Searching" has become a movement as well (and a favorite for a lot), the next film I'll probably check out or watch is "Surrogate Valentine 3". Support the movement!

With Anime Crimes Division S2 underway, there's the Asian Bachelorette S2 coming soon. Life is g-hooooooood muhaha.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence - Katrina's evil sibling? Not quite, since it can still weaken as it moves towards shore. Nonetheless, never take these things lightly as it probably is still going to be one whopper of a storm no less a monster. I remember sitting through Irene and Sandy (both with power outages and not as intense) - fortunately, I'm no longer on the east coast. Out here however, we get our fair share of severe weather on occasion. Again, never take these things lightly.

It's pretty easy for me. When it comes to Youtube content, I watch what I want to watch and never click on anything I have no interest in (which is quite a lot - usually wait until somebody that I'm subbed to might happen to just advertise a new person or creator). Content creators should do the same - create what you enjoy creating, and perhaps the occasional trending topic that gives views. Personally, I would never want to compromise my standards or beliefs, or create / do things that I would not enjoy. But to each their own. Situations are different, and sometimes you just might have to.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

To play or not to play video games all weekend - that is the ultimate question haha. Although I do log in to WoW frequently (or whenever I get the chance), it hasn't gotten to the point where I play all day. Perhaps it just appears that way. I guess for guys like myself who suffer from anxiety issues and exhibit anti-social tendencies, video games are a form of escape. A plus if you are good at it as well.

Even then, I still have to learn how to balance that with more productive activities such as exercising or spending some time outdoors. Music is always a healthy, invigorating activity or hobby - no matter what instrument you play - for the mind, body and soul.

Anime Crimes Division S2 is off to a good beginning! Check it out, and can't wait for more.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

I think "Searching" has become a borderline Top Ten film of mine (four out of four) - if anything, for its staggering execution of telling the story through only mobile screens, computers, cameras, etc. without compromising that. All the awhile, on top of the tense story, direction, acting. A replete thoughts and review on Film Forum page forthcoming.

And as usual, the "Searching" ticket stub:

There is the "I Am Ricky Berwick" video. Should I create and upload a "I Am....A Ricky Berwick Fan" page? heh.

Monday, September 03, 2018

I guess Labor Day should be known also as Lazy Day. Absolutely - there's no reason to do anything at all - Thanks, Ricky! heh. But then again, I usually feel lazy and am completely home-bound most of the time. It's difficult when you suffer from anxiety or just feel apathy and unmotivated most of the time. It's been a hindrance and an obstacle for sure that I still haven't overcome. Since moving out here, I haven't gone out and exercised as much unfortunately - with places that much farther away being a reason. But it certainly shouldn't be an excuse. When it comes to cardio as well as exercising, there is no excuse. But I guess I'm just a computer or online addict.

The classical repertoire that I play or go through during my sessions or practices always lifts my spirits and invigorates me. I have to say that today's practice seemed to be the most productive and satisfying so far - I went through some new pieces as well as some full Piano Sonatas properly (without having to pause or stop often).

It is possible that "Searching" might move into my Top Ten list. We'll find out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

For sure, "Searching" was absolutely a meticulous endeavor in terms of capturing and putting together all the images of screens, browsers, device desktops, etc. Not a lot of films can boast that, and still tell a compelling story or thriller. This film might require some critical thinking skills or patience, and it's not for anyone who wants just mindless, instant action or a millenial type of film (no thanks). Fortunately, some audiences are getting it. I'm curious as to what the twists are (apparently, not as obvious as thought), but we should find out. I'm staying away from any spoilers if at all.

There were a few more Hisaishi pieces I had in mind, but for now - the ones recorded and uploaded serve an underlying theme or purpose. It's time to go back to Mendelssohn, for two or three more pieces.

My Weird Al fan page and Beavis & Butt-Head page are pretty much retired, as I had not updated them in several years. But they are on my home page with playlists and other juicy tidbits, for nostalgia purposes. Wanna run with my crew, huh? Weird Al gets the 'star' treatment heheh.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Oh yeah - Anime Crimes Division S2. Perhaps I should binge watch S1.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

I never tried playing the piano with my body facing away from it. I've seen the Video Game Pianist attempt it. It's not easy - but you have to get accustomed to thinking the opposite way; your right hand is in the bass, and your left is in the treble. If natural cross-overs in a piece is something you're used to, this shouldn't be much of an issue I suppose. However, some experienced guitarists can solo riff their shit on the back of their head like its nothing haha.

You just have to find like-minded individuals. The only ones who are worth the effort to convince, are ones who have not taken a stance or are objective (unbiased).

I'll gladly put my money where my mouth is, and watch "Searching". Pray tell that it expands to even more theaters. Again - go watch it!

Friday, August 24, 2018

I began to record some Hisaishi music from the Studio Ghibli anime films. I didn't have much lighting, so I was going for the silhouette effect heh. It works in a way, but I would certainly prefer some lighting. Anyway, the music is so hauntingly beautiful (especially the key changes - F to D-flat), I hummed a bit in the "Nausicaa" piece. I tried to channel my inner Hisaishi into them haha, as I was inspired by the Budokan concert. More to come, as well as further thoughts on my classical repertoire page.

"Searching" is a must-see for me. From all the articles I've read, two salient points - it's not a gimmick, and it's very Hitchcock-like. Go see it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We've been going to a lake for a swim as well as a picnic frequently this summer - and today might be the last day before temperatures begin to drop again as we head into Autumn. Just another realization that the summer is almost over.

We saw "Crazy Rich Asians" yesterday, and enjoyed it. A review and some thoughts on it on my film page. Overall, it makes you want to visit Singapore for the dazzling and stylish architecture - if not for the food heh. The cast, the director and all who worked on it deserve all the success, and I wish them future successes in their endeavors. This is just the beginning. Next up, I am absolutely looking forward to watching "Searching", especially since it is a thriller genre that is told through an unsual way - from the point of view of our everyday devices and technology that we use.

Let's face it. Genres such as sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc. are not necessarily mainstream so I do not give as much of a rat's ass about the lack of representation there (although the problem is even worse unfortunately, and should be rectified). Well, John Cho is going to be in "The Grudge" - which I believe is a horror film.

In the tradition of sharing ticket stubs, here it is:

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Here is an article on an influential Asian-American actor who also paved the way, and helped find East-West Players (as a result of his experiences of racism):


I might need to create a Ricky Berwick fan page a la Andy Milonakis - instead of beats, share his hilarious skits and videos.

The Try Guys should try the new Yukon Striker that'll open next year. Or one or two 300+ FT dive coaster. If they do, I'll sub for life heh.

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