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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

There's something to look forward to for WoW's next expansion "Shadowlands" - class changes or unpruning. Although it isn't exactly going to be the way it was, at least more abilities are going to be returning. Max level content is still an issue, and that remains to be seen. More thoughts on my WoW page.

Booty for the Foodie, or Foodie for the Booty? Booty for the Foodie fo' sho' - I'd definitely go after the food myself haha.

Monday, April 06, 2020

What is this fascination with "Animal Crossing". To me, it appears to be just a damn kids game but what would I know - since I haven't played much outside of a handful of games (with WoW being the only one these days). I understand the "Doom Eternal" hype - that game looks badass.

Might I add to the "shit that annoys my SO" - eating or chewing with my mouth open. I don't do it all the time, only when I look possessed when eating a delicious meal haha. It's her biggest grief or peeve against me.

I'll have to schedule the next recording, not sure when (but it's about ready). Practicing or playing is fine, despite everyone quarantined. It'll make it a bit difficult, since I'll have to make sure they are outside. Unless I had a sound-proof room, door shutting and footstep stomping can easily be filtered through.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Fortunately, nicer weather ahead. For awhile, there was another round of on-and-off precipitation with some hail. Hopefully, just a stretch of sun would be nice.

Here's my take. There is a difference between "being responsible" and "doing favors". Responsibility is something that you are obligated to do. Doing favors is an act of voluntarily doing something out of your own decision. For example - I take out the garbage regularly as well as washing dishes. If you are busy and can't do it on a day, you'd ask someone else who usually doesn't do it to do it as a favor just one time. In that regards, that should be fine. Also, women - fuckin' ask nicely if you want us to do a favor in terms of a chore haha. If a favor is in the selfish interest of another, then hell no - I never do favors, and I never have. I'd be just as happy to tell 'em to go fuck themselves over and over haha.

Gotta love couples drama and squabbles over issues such as toilet seats haha. How I annoy my SO for one (other than picking my nose, scratching my ass and other habits) - it's when the urine sprinkles or sprays on the floor depending on the flow of the stream.

Friday, April 03, 2020

In the face of racial persecution, who can you turn to? Learn self-defense techniques from shifu wuhan Steve! muhaha.

I might need to create a social media funnies web page. For me, classical piano / music, humor and gaming is getting me through this.

The holistic approach of postitivity and maintaining a stress-free demeanor is very important for health for sure. But that does not mean to disregard quarantine, mingling, or doing whatever. Kudos to some of the most important humans right now - medical / health care workers, workers in the food industry (groceries, to-go restaurants, etc)., and delivery workers / shippers.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

For all the horny toads out there, here's something to do during quarantine - watch Timothy DLG's new music video with RUSSELL called "Homegirl". Fresh 'beats' and rhythm fo' sho'.

Friday, March 27, 2020

"Piano Day" - it is a wonderful instrument, and deserves its own celebration. I should play / practice a full repertoire tomorrow. Unfortunately, I do not have social media. But there are plenty of pieces to play - it's difficult to select, but probably something not as common - I would select what I would consider my encore or introduction piece - Mendelssohn's "Song without words" (Posthumous) or perhaps Schumann's "Traumerei" from "Scenes from a Childhood".

I'll be watching the Video Game Pianist live stream now and then. He's also transcribing by ear on the spot - how cool is dat.

Teach us, J. Jitsukawa, thy martial arts prowess with your bags of fruits whipping around gracefully hahaha.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I don't know which is worse or more embarrassing - recording a candid camera moment of your significant other singing in the shower (albeit off-key haha), or your significant other knowing you're already there and singing along to terrible boy band music haha.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

I'm sure the VGP (the Video Game Pianist) has been busy with performing, teaching, etc. But during quarantine, subscribers are going to be treated to frequent live streams! These days, online entertainment is where it's at now. I'm looking forward to more D-So Comedy shit haha.

I gotta make a Chappagurri at some point - remember Buddae jhegae anyone (however you spell that)? You should stick with a healthy diet during this time, but once in awhile - you can treat yourself. Wee wee haha.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Here is an article with Brian Tee aka DK from "Tokyo Drift", and his role with "Chicago Med" (their 100th episode celebration):


Talk about it's a hard-knock life, it be more like it's a quarantine-life heh. In quarantine, I guess couples are going to have to put up with each other more - don't let her eat all them bon-bons or eclairs haha.

It's mind-boggling to think that there are some who are taking this situation lightly. We do not need a wake-up call to realize that - it should be apparent now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Asking which classical music composer you would like to meet or talk to, would be similar to asking what your favorite pieces are. That is difficult to answer because there are quite a few, depending on the moment.

Well, I have music to play, video games to play, K-dramas to watch (other than trying to exercise more often). To each their own with leisure - Sungwon Cho aka ProZD seems unfazed at all with all the paranoia and irrationality going on. Yep - board games and anime does the trick heheh.

Monday, March 16, 2020

We all need to calm down a bit (especially with all the hoarding of supplies). Of course, never take this situation lightly (always be cautious). Anxiety and panic usually can worsen one's health, as with negative energy for sure. Instead of taking a stress pill, how about some more Vitamin C? Everyone should get in the habit of eating healthier and more vitamins.

With that said, always remember to sanitize, keep your distance, and don't touch your face! heheh. Folks shouldn't be afraid to go out once in awhile. Unfortunately, there are always going to be folks who don't listen and do whatever. This is why bans and lockdowns are happening. But restaurants should offer take-out options if possible.

With a lot of "doom and gloom" and "over-sensationalism" that is going on, I won't blog about this that much anymore. Although a bit of humor always helps.

GeniusBrains' recent podcast "Living a life of gratitude", it touches on the subject of stereotyping in terms of different race relationships. A salient point that certainly was relevant to me was that we tend to either form cliques, or keep to ourselves because of being outcasts (or exclusion - something along those lines). I don't believe that any particular race or gender should be obligated to initiate a conversation or contact. The problem is, we are selfish beings and we usually tend to expect others to do all the work or initiate. Fuck No.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Flex-cellent advice from Phil Swift at the Flex Gym of all places - "Sanitize / wash your hands, keep your distance (and might we add to not shake hands heh), do not touch your face!":

A temporary UBI is absolutely necessary at this point. Businesses or shops / stores should mandate a sanitation requirement of their places.

I think it's still alright to go out, as long as proper individual precautions are taken.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell the scientists are doing, other than sitting on their asses. They need to be on this 24/7.

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