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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Here's to a farewell to "Fresh Off The Boat" (FOTB) - it was the sitcom about Asian-Americans (as well as being relatable to others), and a hilarious one at that. The finale was hilarious - now we know how Eddie became a culinary foodie haha. And more dancing and karoake next time. I have yet to still catch up on the previous three seasons, which I missed. As I said before, six seasons is considered a success - and who knows, if the show didn't move from its successful time slot, it might have been renewed. But then again - there might've been more whinin' and complainin'.

And now, I'm curious about "Wandavision", Randall Park's next project. But good luck to all alumni.

Friday, February 21, 2020

It's almost the end of February, and still no updates on "Cobra Kai S3" - only major hype for the season finale. Is a Teaser Trailer too much to ask? haha. You can't get any more secretive or tight-lipped than them. I would guess April (the month leading up to the season premiere - the countdown begins). We can only assume that post-production or editing has almost finished or is completed.

Whether it's music, comedy, or skits / parodies, even creators need to take a break. But kudos to anyone who can keep going and going and going. I'm curious if that's a new Andrew Huang beat that's going to be released - out of carrots.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Somebody get Flex Tape or Flex Paste to fix all the political mess or debates. It appears that "we'll live with it" might become a new meme haha. Talk about a complete lame-ass of an excuse. This is why Andrew Yang is the only one worth following - as long as society is mired or stuck in the in-fighting or smearing, as well as the old ways of thinking that are becoming ineffective and no longer work (other than benefiting the selfishness of themselves), there'll be no progress. It requires keeping up with the modern times, and embracing new ideas and thoughts. Perhaps it's time to follow CNN as well.

Clear, sunny weather at last - hopefully, there'll be more drier and warmer conditions ahead.

The Derek Mio commercial with Servicenow was hilarious. Any Aaron Takahashi commercial is hilarious.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

GeniusBrain Podcast Episode - Terrace House Tokyo Edition. I have no interest in watching reality shows, because almost all of them (I think all of them) are scripted to the tee - rarely are they actually "reality" or unscripted. In another words, "scripted" tends to mean that things are planned or intentionally done. However, thanks to the Podcast, I am curious about "Terrace House: Tokyo Edition". Just pucker up, and look like a puffer fish for a photo-op! hahaha.

Flex Paste also looks like marshmellow fluff - but it is not (do not eat). C'mon, do it! Make Flex Condoms happen! hahaha.

Nice reunion - Justin Chon and Curtis Cook, Jr.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

What a Valentine's Day dining feast - but I'm curious as to whether the focus for a lot is actually on the loved one / significant other,....or the food heh.

Guysh, it's Flex Paste - apparently, Phil Swift is now making rubber boats out of chicken wire. There's a new meme floating around - "Flex Paste penetrates DEEP in hard to reach places". Why Phil - I didn't know you were getting all intimate and erotic with it now hahaha.

Flex Paste might look like whip cream or ice cream, but it is not edible.

With that handy tool, Phil Swift can be the "Bob Ross" of the flex world. Nice aim (static cling ain't got nuthin' on dat) haha.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's, "y'all" haha. In addition to roses, chocolates / candies or sweets, or dining out, how about a nice diss track. Nobody does it better than Timothy DLG (other than the king of freestyle Andy Milonakis might come close) - it isn't really a "diss" per se, but he does spit mean rhymes, and I think I did hear him say "Ho" haha.

Who's actually curious to find out what all this Flex Tape World Premiere hype is about - we know it has to do with chickens. Don't lay a dud haha.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

My watch-list for upcoming films - "F9" and perhaps "Mulan" - I think they'll be blockbusters in the making. Other than that, going to find out when "Surrogate Valentine 3" and "Blue Bayou" might release on VOD in the future. Most likely not anytime soon however. Other than that, this year appears to be an empty year for films, more like "Shit-Ain't-Worth-It" type haha.

It's encouraging to hear that supporters and other folks are not giving up, and starting from the ground up to continue the Yang Gang movement and all that Andrew Yang stands for. The dem-tards (turds), media-tards (turds) and corporate-tards (turds) are too prejudiced to include Andrew Yang. I don't see it happening anytime soon - I would hope that Yang can branch off and run as Independent. Either way, the phrase for the day: "Can't Stop, Won't Stop".

I'm thinking of a Tchaikovsky piece or some Mendelssohn pieces. They can be sublime.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I can't wait for the "Diss My Wife" track haha. Although from the preview, it didn't really sound like a diss, more like a "disguise" as a diss. How about adding - "you so fat, you can't even see your own coochie!" haha. But you can't judge a track just from the preview - gotta watch the entire or full video. So when is the "Danger Boyz" theme going to release - that is the question.

Sung's Garage - it'll be interesting to see how that's pimped out. A lot of useful advices to implement.

Let's fast forward to Yang 2024. Andrew Yang has tons of great ideas / policies, all surrounding the theme of "Humanism" or "Human-centered economy". UBI is his biggest ideal, and is going to be necessary. Until then, I foresee things getting worse or stagnant - with further job losses, discrimination, hardships, etc. Andrew Yang was a proponent for us all - from all walks of life (regardless of race, gender, status, etc). The movement has just begun, and I'm sure Andrew Yang is going to find a way to build more momentum and gain more supporters. But certainly a huge gratitude or thank you is deserved to all his supporters and for the tireless efforts of fundraising and donations. I absolutely blame the prejudiced media (except for CNN and perhaps ABC) for stifling or phasing out Andrew Yang - but it's certainly not the main reason. Right now, there's too much prejudice in this society - and antiquated, old and ineffective ways of thinking that need to be eradicated.

I recommend watching Lang Lang's playlist of lessons - very helpful tips, and you can add a few of your own as well. Remember the three C's - stay calm, cool and collected. And don't stop heh. At some point, you should reach a level of musical awareness - which doesn't happen overnight.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Sunday is usually my podcast day - today, D. F'N Choi! episode haha. Haven't heard from the guy in years - he stopped creating music to work on a new video app so I heard. Fo' Sho' - we need a new alternative.

Another wind storm, another outage the other day. Again, kudos to the field crew working around the clock. We live in a remote area where it does not get priority to service (or it appears), or might be difficult. But it is something we might have to get used to, as future winters or other weather events might become the norm or regular with further climate change (hopefully not). Or just move to the desert.

Apparently, the telescope that I got is a dud or a defective (or the brand is just a scam). The magnifier lens blurs instead of magnifying - our binoculars work better. Unfortunately, I was not diligent enough to return it for a refund or credit back to the gift card.

The two Chopin Nocturnes recorded / uploaded are my favorite Chopin pieces (and up there with some of my favorite pieces overall). I was working on two more actually, but unsure if I am going to record them. Who knows.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Chopin's Nocturne Op. 27 No. 2 is one of my favorite pieces. Most likely up there with Piano Sonata K. 498a now. I should keep playing them til the end of time. It's a difficult piece, and it required a lot of practicing. But it was worth it. The subtleties or intricacies of the phrases can never be underestimated, and one thing is for sure - it is quite euphoric when you reach the "dulce" or "sweetly" phrases after a frenzy of melodies. It is the most melodic and has the most Nocturnal feel out of all the Nocturnes, in my opinion. Op. 72 No. 1 "Posthumous" - dark and brooding, but hauntingly melodic. More thoughts to come on my classical piano blog.

Looking forward to drier weather soon. A lot of precipitation is one thing, but too much is another.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Podcasts are both informative and fun (whether they're in video or audio format) - and there are a lot out there. I just found a new one - Sung's Garage. Not that I'm a car enthusiast, but hopefully they'll shed more light or talk more in-depth about the new F9 film. Certainly some recommendations - GeniusBrain, Off The Pill, No Chaser.

It's great to see the "Tokyo Drift" crew back. How about a possible Takashi cameo (the old DK)? The new DK, "Who the hell is Earl", and who else haha.

"Parasite" - I am not going to review the film but I enjoyed it for what it's worth. It's a dark satire on the dynamics or relationship between the wealthy and the poor. But in a way, it can also be seen as a social commentary on how piss-poorly humans treat each other - how the wealthy view the poor, and vice versa. It can certainly be extended to race / ethnicity as well.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

It's time for Social Media Pictures of the Day. I should create a ProZD (Sungwon Cho) fan page.


JUSTICE FOR HAM (Courtesy of Stevie G.)

Good luck to Aaron Takahashi and his new journey as a father!

It's almost curtain call for "FOTB" - one hour series finale on the 21st.

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