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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Six seasons of a show is considered a success. It's unfortunate to hear about "FOTB", but it was definitely a nice ride. Although it would've been awesome to have another season or two, the recent blemish or controversy put a damper into it anyway - plus, Hudson Yang might be a bit tall to play Eddie Huang now haha. I'll continue to follow to find out what Randall Park is up to, and future projects of his.

I'm looking forward to uploading the Variations, part of a Piano Sonata. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I can get to it before Thanksgiving - with the house becoming crowded again. Well, if anything - looking forward to the holidays! My mind is already thinking of "Feast Day" haha.

Guysh, Phil Swift is getting the jump on Christmas already. Does he have a new fetish for Santa Sleighs and Flex Seal Mini's? "It's freakin' adorable!" Damn - don't get that close haha.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

What is up with the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich craze. I had to check it out, but on Monday around noon - the drive-thru line was out the entrance, and today - the sandwich was already sold out. Apparently, they have a certified winner there. Why not expand, hire more workers, focus on the sandwich, etc. Nonetheless, settled for their combo meal instead. Please, folks - as hype as the sandwich is, it is not worth fighting over.

The most important tagline in an advertisement - "not a politician" haha. Love that - that's the very definition of "change" - a new way of thinking with real, practical ideas and solutions - and the way is forward.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

With only a handful of days left, Blizzcon '19 is almost upon us. I'm most anxious about the new expansion announcement (Return of the Lich King?), as well as the AWC Tournament (on Saturday apparently). Also, what new Red Shirt Guy might save the day or panels? haha.

It's awesome to hear about the UBI March the other day. The movement is growing - and for sure, it is just the beginning.

Damn - Ryan did sound like Bob Ross. All he needed was to put on a Fro haha. "There is no such thing as a mistake. Just happy little accidents" haha.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Apparently, Phil Swift is at it again. Phil's fetish for boats, tonka trucks and 4 x 4's knows no bounds haha. This time, it's Flex Glue Clear! Wow, Phil - a clear boat, nice invention hahaha. It's Halloween season - better put on that Flex Seal polo shirt and make a Phil Swift face mask. Grab a sledgehammer. What a costume.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Here's to a successful, and quick recovery for John Cho - it's unfortunate to hear that he was injured, probably the reason for some enigmatic tweets. I would guess that it happened while performing an action sequence from "Cowboy Bebop" - and this was something I was looking forward to. Might as well try to binge watch the anime at some point if available.

The "Ask Andrew" Q & A live stream on Youtube is a testament to how relatable Andrew Yang is, and how much he is sincere and genuine about issues that affects us all. Whereas your typical 'politician' would have a self-serving agenda, and do not really give a shit about serious issues that affects an individual - such as wealth inequality / poverty, disappearing jobs, and the plight of the middle class. He's funny as hell as well haha.

If a conversation drags on (even for just five minutes straight), I lose interest or become bored easily. My attention span isn't exactly one that can be sustained during an hour long lecture fo' sho'. I'm more of a visual type, and even reading bores the crap outta me. But I absorb information by bits at a time - find enough here, there and everywhere, and if your mind can process / formulate information quickly - it all adds up and can equal or even surpass folks that read traditionally (hard copy books, manuals, etc). "To each their own".

My philosophy in life - "Whatever, Dawg" (Kyler from Cobra Kai S1) haha.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I've had my fill of pizza and burgers. Since there isn't an In 'N Out around here, Five Guys has been my recent craving.

There are quite a few Youtubers who indulge in the interesting world of eating - from Mukbangs to Food Challenges. I'm astounded at the amount of views they get - but word certainly gets around, and these guys know how to put on a show. There seems to be a lot of food or eating videos these days - probably just as common as catching Guy Fieri at a Donut Shop hahaha.

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