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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving is around the corner - food, folks and fun y'all!

I should have known that it would take a few episodes (at least two) for the exorcism to resolve or end - and what a battle. Demonic or evil influences can certainly prey on a person's weaknesses to turn them into something they are not. It is far more than looking grotesque and the supernatural - but also involves internal conflicts and turmoil. In this case, it was revealed that Andy Kim finally made a decision thanks to an unkindly influence. How all this is going to be resolved remains to be seen.

I was planning on at least four Chopin Etudes - but now it is just two for sure. I prefer the Op. 25 Etudes, but the Op. 10's have some quite difficult and interesting pieces as well.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Apparently, Andy Kim falls under the influence of a demonic presence. I'll have to watch the recent episode of "The Exorcist" since I only caught the final fifteen minutes or so. I did think that it would have been one of the kids that gets possessed - but ever since the movie, it doesn't really come as a surprise for anybody to think that way. Anybody who is either spiritually vulnerable or susceptible to negative energies / hallucinations are game to evil spirits. However, who knows if there'll be a twist or another curve as the season progresses and winds down to the finish.

I watched and reviewed "Mayhem" on my Film Forum page, a deliciously cathartic and fun satire of the state of our emotional well-being or lack thereof heheh. In all seriousness, it can pass off as a serious action / comedy as well. I'm seriously considering buying this film as well.

Monday, November 06, 2017

It's been pretty darn cold, and we were even treated to some early snowfall woohoo! It beats a downpour any day, but snow is never fun to drive on however. Our hiking season might be over due to the weather, but at least I'll try to jog once in awhile when it's clear. With Thanksgiving coming up and the Yuletide season afterwards, it's a time for food, folks and fun of course. One thing that I have not learned to control are my eating habits. I certainly still eat a lot and when I feel bloated, it's easy to feel lethargic and lazy. Thanksgiving is an excuse however heh.

The current season of "The Exorcist" has been intriguing, and certainly gettin' creepy - in particular John Cho's character Andy. Either he's hallucinating from being under the influence of a demon, or the demon is going to possess him. I hope folks had a safe and enjoyable Halloween - either partying or trick 'r treating. I probably should have dressed as Harold Lee with that shirt after eating a tray-full of White Castle burgers heh.

I'm planning on some Chopin Etudes next.

It's easy to become pessimistic or feel depressed when things do not seem to change for the better or the same old conundrum and quandaries that might continue to plague our existence. It's very difficult to remain optimistic - especially without some type of strong faith in life. Otherwise, we would fall into despair easily and give up. But we just have to keep our heads up and look at the brighter things in life. Empower and enforce the positives rather than negatives.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I certainly don't stretch enough if at all (sitting at the computer for long stretches at a time), which is why my lower back can flare up when I bend. Fortunately, it is not a frequent occurrence. So far, they've been only happening when I reach for my shoes when I don't really bend. Then again, a lot of things I do turn out as lazy heh.

It's amazing how some can turn the other cheek when they are the victims of racism or discrimination - while most of us would fight racism with racism. It seems this only applies to Asian-American athletes recently. Jeremy Lin with his hair, and now a baseball player - as boring and un-interesting as the sport is. With so much hypocrisy even coming from other ethnic minorities / gender, I cannot take sides at all but for our own.

The punishment is not enough in my opinion, but it is what it is. Although folks are entitled to do whatever they want, perhaps they should be more discreet about it. Asian-Americans should continue to speak out against this in all industries, because folks are going to continue to think that they can get away with it or think that it's not a big deal against a 'model minority'. Sports is decaying quicker than a bad tooth, and it's catching up quick or has surpassed the mainstream film or entertainment industry in moral decay and incompetence.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I would've expected more horror films at this time of year, but unfortunately there does not seem to be enough. I always get a kick out of the holiday-themed horror films and sequels.

Saint-Saen's "The Swan"- very Nocturne-like. But the melody certainly describes or suggests fine elegance from the animal well. There are quite a few repertoire out there that I am not aware of. Liszt transcriptions are quite difficult, and certainly a chore for the hands. Two of my favorites happen to be "Danse Macabre" and "Reminiscence", and I would certainly have to devote most of the practice time to one of them.

I think the sports industry is decaying faster than a tooth muhaha (fixed games, prejudices, organizational corruption, etc). However, fighting and drama is usually entertaining and humorous nonetheless if there is a silver lining. C'mon, fight! as Rocky would say heheh.

With the year winding down, I can only look forward to another year with more determination in my goals - although it seems that progress has been only at a snail's pace if at all. I certainly need to be resolute in making decisions, and to know what I want or makes me happy without hesitation. At the same time, to be more self-less as I tend to still have habits as if I were still single. Although I still suffer from minor anxiety and some phobias, I have to admit that some of it has do with my laziness heh (a trait or habit that is common to most of us if not all).

Sunday, October 22, 2017

One of the local delicicies to eat is the loco moco. I had the gravy-licious goodness in the food court at the mall however - mind you, it was an international food court. Hawaii is a melting pot anyway so no surprise there.

Sundays - our weekly brunch consists of pancakes, eggs - bacon, fruit, (and / or scones as an added bonus). A very sound advice that anyone can receive on Sundays - "Don't do shit" muhaha.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I'm subscribed to Jason Chu's music, but how I missed this is beyond me. Gotta love the lyrics and fly beats. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal with family and friends...at Grandma's Kitchen! This definitely went to my playlist on my phone, USB drive, etc.

Grandma's Kitchen (LUNAR NEW YEAR MUSIC VIDEO!) - From JasonChuMusic

Without Lin, what else is there to look forward to? Onward to Blizzcon '17 and the announcement of the next expansion! You know I'll be updating something about that on the WoW page.

I remember going on one of those catamarans in Hawaii over a year ago with family - snorkeling and waiting for some dolphins or whales to appear; unfortunately, none that I saw. I hope we can return there at some point, with the onset of wet weather now.

Remember, folks. If you see what looks like a beached whale on a catamaran (or something in a fetal position on a zip line) and wonder what the hell is that, do not worry. It's just David So muhaha.

Friday, October 20, 2017

I'm looking forward to watching "Mayhem" when available. They certainly don't make horror movies like they used to. Sometimes, cult classics are more creepy than today's offerings. The only decent one that really had that creepy atmosphere was "Trick 'R Treat" in '09. I should write up a review on my Film Forum page as just a throwback.

It'll take awhile for the shock to wear off, but it's good to hear that Jeremy Lin is in bright spirits (considering the emotional anguish and pain when Jeremy realized about the severity of the injury on the court - it was heart-breaking for us all). I'm glad to hear that the surgery was successful, and there is hope that he'll return healthier and better than before. This time, he really has to consider changing his playstyle - as he should not go full speed anymore. Driving and making plays is his bread and butter, and he should not completely abandon that. It's going to be another long season without Lin. However, the team has the opportunity to step up and other guys are going to have a chance to develop even further.

Immersing myself or practicing some Chopin music (in particular some Nocturnes) have been therapeutic in terms of the emotional release. There definitely are pieces that just takes you away from reality into another realm, as an escape from the everyday horrors and decadence of today's society. With that said, some Chopin pieces are next for recording and uploading. Perhaps a few more Bach Sinfonias.

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