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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I should list my favorite K-Dramas (at least ones on Netflix). We saw one recently "Live Up To Your Name" - about two doctors (one from the modern day / present and one from the distant past / historical era) who meet by fate in a redemptive story arc that has a plethora of messages and drama. I can deal with side comedy and silliness, as long as a drama has good character storylines and other suspenseful elements.

What does it mean to be a doctor? Why become a doctor? A Physician or a Doctor can only do so much, but a patient's determination or spirit to live is also important. There are quite a few thought-provoking ideas here. It applies to other areas as well, such as music. What does being a pianist or a musician mean to me? Why play music at all? Most would answer - money and having a good career. Without passion and the desire or happiness in what you are doing (albeit doing it for the right reasons), there's no point in my opinion. If you can make a living off of your passion, that's what is called a "dream job" or the ideal.

It is the "Year of the Rat" - I think the Lunar New Year is on the 25th. And we're not talkin' about the other kinds of "rats" that plague society (trolls /racists, terrible human beings), "mafia rats", etc.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year! An equally important event (globally) akin to New Year's or Christmas - although I don't really celebrate this, I should be more aware of it for sure. Let the year be filled with music and other worthwhile endeavors.

It is also MLK Day - this year, now is the time to stress the importance of UBI more than ever since it is election year. With that said, here are some things to look forward to and / or reflect in regards to Asian-Americans (as with all minority or ethnic groups):

The PBS documentary: https://www.pbs.org/show/asian-americans/

The best Asian-American films: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2019-10-04/asian-american-films-canon

"My" choice is "Better Luck Tomorrow" as the film of the past two decades so far.

Friday, January 17, 2020

This week turned out alright, the only snow on Monday / Tuesday. Ironically or suprisingly, we had more sun this week than the entire winter so far. But it's not over yet - hoping for sunnier days ahead, but I guess that would be like asking for plenty of water or oasis in the Atacama desert.

I think politicians are petty and sketchy anyway, and they only seek to get elected. They'll try to "talk the talk", but the goal is to become elected whether or not they have any clue on policies. For sure, a complete lack of understanding or awareness of the technological change and the changing times / era. For the greedy, why the hell would they care about the scarcity of opportunities (automation, discrimination, etc.). They'll just sit on their ass and sign shit (basically like doing nothing). Watch as nothing gets done or just ineffective policies. I believe Andrew Yang is the only one who is sincere and competent.

Who doesn't have a 'Bad Hair Day'? haha. I think Daniel Dae Kim should ask Weird Al for some advice.

Censorship sucks. Hypocrisy and double standards suck even more. When there seems to be plenty of tits and asses on social media these days, why can't Fat David be allowed to spread his legs (albeit fully clothed mind you)? Oh wait - there's Bobby Lee haha.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

This is something to look forward to: https://www.pbs.org/show/asian-americans/

I enjoy PBS sometimes - it gives informative documentaries on relevant and viable topics or subjects which are diverse. Plus, there's NOVA.

Congrats to Jonny Y. Kim - even Astronauts are much more relevant and noteworthy than 'any sketchy politician'.

My next recordings might be two Chopin Nocturnes - before going back to a few more Piano Sonata movements. I've meant to record them for some time - they are some of my favorites.

Living with anxiety can be debilitating - whether it's from weather, traveling, or other. It kind of makes you a hermit, and prohibits you from going places you wish to go. I've got my work cut out for me this year in terms of resolutions.

Monday, January 13, 2020

It has begun. Snow makes me nervous (or any wintry precipitation) - thinking about last winter's whoppers or I guess PTSD. We live in the far end of the town - near an area where it can get dumped on. And so, we sort of got dumped on this morning (if you consider even just a few inches or less getting dumped on heh). As a kid, you relish snow days - no school, etc. If there is a silver lining to all this, it's a change of scenery from all the damn rain so far. We just hope that we'll be spared for the rest of the week. We should be grateful for seeing the sun yesterday - that was a pleasant surprise. Rare for winter.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

For anyone not used to extreme weather (persistent / continuous precipitation or storms) or unusually cold or hot conditions, it's a matter of "survival" through it all psychologically (and physically in some remote areas). Anxiety can set it in, and cause a lot of havoc. Last winter was brutal, this year is turning out to be a doozy as well (probably not like last year hopefully). We can only hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The first snowfall, and possibly more to come. How can you trust forecasts? Sometimes you can't. One thing is for sure - you'd hope that the plows and salters would be working extra, but out here - it can be scarce. Might need to move back to the suburbs or somewhere where snow or sleet is relatively absent.

On a lighter note - which spicy Chicken Sandwich place would you prefer to eat from - Popeyes, Jollibee, Wendy's, or how about the Swift Response Poultry Farm haha.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The concession stands and the ticket counter at the movie theater are already being automated away with self-serve checkouts. I'm all for reducing lines, but cashiers are jobs being lost. And I don't see how lines can be reduced (unless you install a bunch of machines), because there are going to be customers who might not be as quick or might still be learning to figure out how to use the damn things - and needing to ask for help which, can cause backups or lines *shaking my head. A concrete example of technology and automation at work - the oblivious and the ignorant ones (the "old establishment") - are still living in the dark ages. Get a time machine and go back there if that's what you want, but you can't stop progress (nor diversity).

Tomo Nakayama and Goh Nakamura are two examples of music that I love to listen to - singers, song writers, guitarists. They sing about everyday things, and their music is filled with beautiful nuances and subtleties. I heard about Tomo via Goh. You do not need to whine and complain about broken relationships or rant like a crazy person, but to each their own I guess. Can't wait for Goh's current project - scoring the music for "Be Water".

Reviews of "Ms. Purple" and perhaps "Frozen 2" forthcoming.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The onslaught of precipitation - it is the wet season during winter, I was hoping for a drier season since we were slammed in '19. But to no avail - sometimes you have to just be prepared for incliment weather. Perhaps the recent spat of extreme weather is making a believer in most of us of actual climate change.

Da "Danger Boyz" - looking forward to find out what that's about. "We're the danger boyz, from da six-two-six. If you diss our clique, you can suck mah..." haha. At least release the soundtrack.

A review is forthcoming for "Ms. Purple". Well, I convinced my wife that if she watched "Ms. Purple" with me, I'd go watch a film of her choice (well, I can tolerate Pixar ones at least). Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made I guess.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Flex Fans! What kind of plan is Phil Swift and the Flex Seal team 'hatching'? (pun hell intended haha). Flex Egg, Flex Chicken, Flex...A New Video? Add another one to my resolution - purchase Flex Glue. Why not - dressed up with a custom-made Flex Seal polo shirt during Halloween anyway heh.

The Video Game industry can be fickle - especially the E-Sports scene. I haven't heard any kind of hype for any one particular new game (if there are any), except for "Doom Eternal". If I could fit that into my budget or make time for it, I would purchase it. I don't keep up with the console industry at all, but Nintendo is really getting its game on or getting ahead of the game in terms of portable gaming. Gameboy 3DS? Enough said.

Unfortunately, there won't be a Hawaiian Vacation this year. Kudos and props to Justin Chon for working his ass off (as well as his colleague he gave much credit to) in Hawaii - in addition to enjoying the beach and the sun with his cute kid. Definitely looking forward to watching his films when it becomes available on VOD or other platform.

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Our prayers that the bush fires in the land down under can be eventually contained or for favorable conditions so that it can be contained - and eventually extinguished. The poor koalas - don't want to even look at the pictures. When it gets to that extreme (extensive loss of wildlife and such), it should affect us all. The environment should be taken more seriously, and we shouldn't be learning harsh lessons when it actually happens. It should always be about prevention and caution. Get rid of, or remove the damn 'politicians' who are a detriment or a danger to humanity.

His name is Ting. Rich Ting. Not Jason heh. I checked out some of his roles in previous TV shows over the years - never knew that, just only found out about him. One of many Asian-American personalities found in '19.

The Character Media E-Magazine is beautiful in presentation and content - a true FUBU.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

"A Toast To Twilight" - Gotta love the annual "Twilight Zone" marathon haha. I should list my favorite epidoses one of these days. It's been awhile, but went through a mini-marathon of sorts. Back then, it was two days all the way, stuffing myself with pizza pies and snacks. Those were the days I guess. What a New Year's feast - always appreciate and grateful for all the delicious eats.

It's always been my credo and belief to never waste your energy or time with anyone who is not worth it or in general, a miserable person (trolls, racists, anyone who seem to obsessively hang onto your nutsack without minding their business, etc.). They crave attention - that's point number one to recognize or realize. I know who I support or pay attention to, and it'll always continue that way. In time, things are forgotten and just disappear into nothingness. Remember to just focus on your own success, happiness and growth - and to support or acknowledge those that you do support or are fan of.

Another New Year's or holiday wish - please at least give us fans a sneak peek of "Cobra Kai" S3 soon. Words alone don't do it justice.

Again, Happy Holidays and be safe.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

New year, new decade - let's make it a new beginning as well or certainly a new era in making our lives safer, hopefully healthier and better than before. Before I get to my resolutions, definitely kudos or props to all the Asian / Asian-American Youtubers and other personalities - my playlist lists some of them. The growth and success of them are well-deserved - they kept on-going and worked hard, put themselves out there - despite any obstacles or adversities.

Sometimes, it's difficult to believe that it's already 2020. But as we get older, time just passes quicker it appears - seems to be a no-brainer. We are living "in the future", from the perspective of several decades ago heh. Anyway, I'm not going to go in depth to bore the crap out of anyone, so listed points:

  • We hope it is the era of Andrew Yang. But the "establishment" is doing what it can to bring him down or phase him out. We might as well vote Republican if not fully Independent. Sarcasm aside, the Freedom Dividend is the ticket.
  • The continued growth and success of all Asians and Asian-Americans across all industries - it is a continuous fight, and we need to continuously speak up or fight. Gladly.
  • I need to eat healthier, go out more, have more give and take with my wife (it's as if I'm married to my computer or piano instead haha).
  • How to curb or eliminate anxiety - public transportations, heights, social settings, etc. It's never easy, and but some things I just prefer not doing at all or avoiding at all costs. Still, just chip away at it.
  • New repertoire or find new projects to do with Music. Music is for everyone - and it never stops or quits. It's our passion.
I think there is more, but at another time. Enjoy the holiday, and be safe.