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Friday, January 22, 2021

The Video Game Pianist's live streams have become 4+ hours - but a lot it is hands-on transcribing on the spot, as well as interacting with the subscribers in chat for "guess the theme" games. I certainly would not be able to identify most of them.

It is tough to troubleshoot internet issues - whether it's the signal, the modem or other. I should have figured that the modem needed to be closer. Either that, or upgrade to 5G. I still run out-of-date OS and other drivers, but they're all still hella expensive. In this digital age, it is imperative to have a stable, fast connection.

I might need to get a surveillance or security camera for some investigating.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

I'm not sure how much you can trust foundations, or charitable organizations. But I'm certain a lot of them have worthwhile causes. For me, AAPI causes are priority above all else - simply because we need changes in this damned society the most. And then music.

The Lang Lang Foundation has educated a lot of up-and-coming pianists - I enjoy their collaborative activities and events, such as the mulitple piano / pianists performances. Music is for everyone - should never be limited to what is offered out there (pigeon-holed only to the privileged and the biased). There are plenty of hidden talents on Youtube or other social media platforms. Go find them.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

I also became a bit fat because of "Funny Fat Fit", or D-So's vlogs - "I Hate Diets" haha. And by the way - Santa IS Asian apparently. Both Randall Park and D-SO can attest fo' sho'.

Daniel Dae Kim on Nat Geo - do not have that channel unfortunately.

Underrated / Surprise K-Dramas that I found myself actually liking - "Was it Love?" and "My Dangerous Wife". I'm mainly into dramas / thrillers (as well as some supernatural or interesting stuff as well - "Strangers from Hell", "Sweet Home", "Counter" - for example). But there can be one or two surprises in genres that I usually dislike. To each their own.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Here is actually a good cause - from Jason Tobin's twitter, help spread the word and get "Warrior" renewed for a third season. I filled it out (hasn't been anything worthwhile these days): https://help.hbomax.com/feedback

There are plenty of great talents on Youtube and social media platforms - Andrew Huang, the Video Game Pianist, Sungwon Cho, Nobuyuki Tsujii, etc. Never accept the discriminating status quo - it pays to go above and beyond the stereotypical fare, and to broaden your horizons by finding new, hidden talents out there.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

I have a lot of catching up to do in regards to the Video Game Pianist's piano streams. If not already, have a listen or watch VGP's performance of Beethoven's 32 Variations. Countless listens or views for D-So / Ed Park's "Being Fat" podcast hahaha. Must be my absolute favorite. "Cute in the face, big in the waist". There hasn't been anything worthwhile these days fo' sho'.

Here's a very informative article on "Warrior" and the episode "Enter The Dragon":


And an interview about the "Minari" film:


Friday, January 08, 2021

Congrats to Sungwon Cho aka ProZD for surpassing 3 Million subscribers. Ricky Berwick - you are on your way.

One of my favorite Sungwon's videos - "Goofy sings Snow Halation" (saved on my playlist), and his skit compilations of various snooty characters. Not to mention - his renditon of Peter Pan from memory.

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Apparently, F9 is aiming for a theatrical release come 05/28/21. I think it's worth it - the "Justice for Han" is coming full circle. With Covid protocols in place for theaters, it might still work. Just don't crowd the lines at concession stands. Justin Lin has also recently tweeted that there are no plans for any new seasons for "Warrior" (for now - I think it's still pending), but the folks at hbomax have to get their shit together and renew the show.

Check out Yuji Okumoto's interview (talking about "Cobra Kai", "The Paper Tigers", and his family / Kona Kitchen:


Friday, January 01, 2021

2020 was a year the entire world would just like to forget - but it also exposed the worst in humanity. For us Asian-Americans and all Asians - it should always be a "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" when it comes to fighting the fight and continuing to speak out against racism and discrimination. I can't and won't speak for others, but I'm more than happy to support all Asians simply because - unity, and "strength in numbers".

Films or activities for the AA in 2021 to look forward to:

Sung Kang in "F9"
Daniel Dae Kim in "Stowaway"
Simu Liu in "Shang Chi"
Steven Yeun in "Minari"
Justin Chon in "Blue Bayou"
Any or all Asian-American Youtubers (congrats to D-So on "Leftovers" - I'm on my tenth listen for the "Fat" podcast episode haha)
That's it for now, unless there's something I'm forgetting. Hopefully, John Cho has something in the works.

Oh yeah - Cobra Kai S3 has finally arrived. Watch at your own pace.