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Monday, January 15, 2018

It's tough to keep up with all the Video Game Pianist's streams, but I try to watch whenever I have time. In particular, I recommend joining in his Sight-Reading Saturdays or PianoChess streams. Not only do I find out that the Video Game Pianist is a world-class chess player, but he's also a bassist? Well, I guess only an experienced bassist can reserve judgment on that. As for chess, I probably could have accepted his challenge in a friendly match - but only if I were years younger. I'm not much of a chess player now, since I've lost a lot of the basic strategies and quick thinking that is required of chess.

I'm in Hawaii now, where hospitality, weather and the surf 'n turf are just second to none (possibly food as well). It's definitely an escape, where everyone from all walks of life can just relax and enjoy what the island has to offer. In essence, leave the negative baggage at home. I certainly had to try but it's a work in progress. Ultimately, I just think about the pieces that inspire me the most - and allow the music to just flow within me; probably my most potent therapy and technique.

To further reflect on this day, I believe that you can't fight hate with hate and expect to win. It should not be about winning, but being compassionate and understanding. I've somewhat lost faith in humanity - all the violence, corruption and bigotry in this country and around the world - I can only focus on supporting my own and my loved ones at this point. I've always wanted to upload a web page of Asian-Americans across all industries of whom I support, but I think the Youtube personalities that I subscribe to is somewhat like that. And honorary Youtubers who are actually good human beings with viewpoints I agree with - some of them.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

To truly appreciate what a pianist or any instrumentalist plays or performs, the listener should be able to comprehend the difficult sheet music as well to follow along if necessary. It is not the ends to the means of course, but just an opinion. Anyone can listen and enjoy the sounds of music that they hear - whatever suits their tastes and preferences. But the skill of comprehending and reading difficult music (as well as transcribing or playing by ear) are assets that are not common at all.

Exploitative and disrespectful / offensive content should never be tolerated on Youtube and other media platforms. Morality is gone, and shock value is in. Unfortunately, the ship needs to be righted and apologies should not be as forgivable. No, I did not watch that. But I had to hear it from others that I follow to just....shake my head in disgust /smhid.

I never knew what prosciutto was, nor do I give a rat's ass heheh. "...tell me what you need and you won't get none of it" - Milonakis verse.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The recent controversy on Youtube surrounding a viral video on what appears to be making light of a suicide victim is despicable and exploitative. But then again, exploitative material is nothing new. Absolutely horrid. No matter how grim, dull and depressing life can get, nobody should take their life. But these thoughts can happen to anyone, because negative thoughts happen. We only get one chance at life, and there's always that possibility to turn your life around with the right attitude and determination. Things can get overwhelming and too much however. But we just need to figure out how to deal with it in a healthy way.

Empathy and diplomacy - learn it, live it...know it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Every new year can be a better year than the previous, but that is not that case all the time. Some years, it feels as if nothing has changed. But for me, I have to make myself look at the positives (although there might be more negatives), and think that I've made progress step by step or a bit at a time. "The Twilight Zone" marathon is always fun to watch all the way through, although this year didn't get to watch much. As for the half hour versus hour format, I think the hour-long episodes work as long as the story is worthwhile or captivating(Season 4 which some were intriguing).

Adding to the list of resolutions or convictions for the new year is to make concrete or final decisions more. That has always been my peeve, and indecisions usually originate from disinterest or laziness. Either that, or just the inexperience. With more experience and research in certain situations, it'll get easier hopefully to more bold and confident in decision-making as well as knowing what we need or want.

For all the musicians or instrumentalists out there, hopefully this year'll be very musical regardless of repertoire. I need to look to branch out in my endeavors.

Affordability is usually a term used very loosely. There are tons of hidden fees and unnecessary add-ons that are not advertised, which actually accumulate to an end price which is higher than it is supposed to be. Do not be thrown off by that, and stand firmly of what you know and want (unfortunately, I'm a novice in terms of that).