Saturday, December 30, 2023

What is going on with the New Taipei Kings - they seem that they are losing their groove. Or they just ate too many holiday donuts haha. But most likely - either they're resting some of their players, or some are injured / not playing. Either way - it's the playoffs that count.

Friday, December 29, 2023

When there's nothing on, there's 'nuthin' better than to watch Asian movie trailers. Since realistically, I cannot watch them due to not having access to international platforms. Booyah!

From my K-Drama page:
RIP Lee Sun Kyun. The western world might have no clue about K-Dramas, but they sure seem to know that one movie "Parasite". Only because it went international, or became globally acclaimed. I know the actor from an underrated but quality K-Drama called, "Nae Ahjusshi". Enough said.

*Thieves asking for a lighter sentence because the items they were trying to steal were "on sale". Are you serious. How about not stealing in the first place. Shaking my head. Hahaha. The fuckin' state of cali (and some others) seems completely lawless - why not have a midnight gathering / party at a store parking lot, and then bum rush it "self-checkout" style (The "All Items Need To Go!" Sale) haha.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The holidays aren't over - between Christmas and New Year's, you can still have holiday music playing and festive decor. So why is the annual "Twilight Zone" Marathon (aka "A Toast To Twilight") only 1.5 days, while in other years it could stretch as long as 2 or 3 days. Probably depending on what day New Year's falls on.

I'm looking to finish the "Danse Macabre" as one of the first videos for the new year. And new music for sure. The Haydn Sonata 48 was selected for my 48th haha. I already had my mid-life crisis actually. Fortunately, the melody was to my liking. "Violet, you're turning Violet, Violet!" haha.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Happy Christmas And A Merry New Yeeaarr! Ha-Ha-Ha. Or a Ho-Ho-Ho. Merry Carbs-mas actually - most of us are stuffing ourselves silly with holiday feasts and deliciousness. Santa Ricky Berwick says to get on his 'Ho' Train - by Ho-Ho-Ho'ing on his Crippazon-Mobile.

Other than baby / toddler age milestones, watching our toddler opening gifts. That's a moment worth cherishing forever.

My recommendation for a modern Christmas film is "Love Hard" with Jimmy O. Yang. Why platforms don't offer classic Christmas movies (other than renting / buying them) is beyond me - not even "It's A Wonderful Life". You'd think at least "Home Alone" or "Christmas Vacation". All other holiday so-called movies (more like bad TV specials), are on auto-ignore / auto-delete.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

I hope Jeremy Lin gets his new podcast thing going - the name of it can even be "No Podcast Name" haha. I'd definitely be up to watching it regularly. While humorous podcasts are fine, I've been focusing more on finding serious, positive ones. If a content creator / podcaster goes completely in a different direction (new, alternate channel or stops creating / uploading altogether), I have no qualms about un-subbing. They'll get new subscribers anyway, and I'll find new creators / podcasters so it all works out haha.

In the end - it's possible that I'll eventually clean house and narrow my podcast subscriptions to just a select few. D-So's instagram skits are hilarious haha. Speaking of which, he should give a piece of his mind to them phonies on the Kids Christmas Songs Station about "trying" to impersonate Kermit The Frog or a muppet. Talk about sucking balls (albeit them singing off-key as well haha). Kids might not know the difference between "authenticity", "the real deal", or "bad impersonating".

Learning and playing jazzy rhythmns (usually improvisational) such as in Vince Gauraldi's music for "Peanuts" isn't easy if you have no experience. However - all music is catchy and felt within. All genres can be caught on if one is so inclined.

Friday, December 22, 2023

A new music video from Jay Chou - it's been awhile, but it's always worth it. Creative music videos, as well as catchy melodies / poetic lyrics.

With the last MacVentures videos for awhile, just savor the final moments at - Sesame Place! Of all 'places' haha. Did Crip Mac call Oscar The Grouch a 'Dirtbag'? haha. Anyone who is a Grouch must be one. Cookie Monster vs. Crip Mac - what a headliner. Samoa Joe who? haha. Sign the petition, and let's support the Free Crip Mac movement.

With Christmas around the corner, enjoy the holidays!

Monday, December 18, 2023

The "Unforgettable" Asian-American Gala is what it's all about. Unfortunately, there is no access to ChimeTV to watch it. Interestingly enough, it's these independent or unique channels (such as A24 production company) that gives new life and meaning in this 'forgettable / stale' world / society. I'm sure there are new Asian-American standouts and personalities I have not heard about being celebrated. I think one of the highlights is when Eugene Yang (from "The Try Guys") was bragging about having 12 Million followers haha. Of course - it's all for show.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

The New Taipei Kings lost? As dominating and unstoppable as they have been, I guess they are still human. There is a new star every game it appears - a team effort.

I just heard about "Alice in Borderland" S3 announcement - and there is still no official teaser. Hopefully soon.

The New Just Kidding News office is cool, awesome. Congrats to the interior decorators haha.

Before the year ends, the Butterfly Etude and Sonata No. 48.

Quotes Of The Day:
"What I Don't Pay Any Attention To, Doesn't Exist At All" - Me
"Nothing Else Matters" - Dustin Nguyen

Saturday, December 16, 2023

I could see Simu Liu's singing career taking off. His collab with AJ Rafael - they are compatible, when a lot of working relationships are not. I also could imagine Jeremy Lin having a hip hop career with MC Jin "Justice For Jimmy" haha. I'd buy their albums in a heartbeat. I've always felt Simu had a decent voice, compositions (they are nice enough to have a career). The subject matter or lyrics are not my type however. Why can't modern musicians sing about simple things in life like Coffee, or something hilarious as a parody? Instead of whining and complaining about relationships and sheeeiit. This is why I just stick with the likes of Tomo Nakayama, Goh Nakamura, Andrew Huang, etc.

Jay Chou, "The Model"? That has a nice ring to it haha. He could have a pro career in modeling, in addition to being a Magician / Illusionist. As well as the title, The Global Ambassador.

Friday, December 15, 2023

*So Shohei's $700M contract structure allows him to get paid without having to deal with taxes, which can take a huge bite out of it. According to an article, he'll get paid the rest way into the future - sometime when he'll be around my age now. A good investment, retirement plan. Shohei - Sho' Us The Way. Haha.

*I have no interest in talkin' about Shohei's $700M contract (other than that it's well-deserved), but it does boggle the mind about the deferring. Where and why the hell did Shohei just defer all that money to? I'm quite ignorant. Shohei is getting only paid 2M per, deferring the rest apparently.

We'll have to wait until midseason break is over until "Quantum Leap" resumes, and I thought it was the week before Thanskgiving (they had us wait two weeks for a new episode). Here's the thing - if a mission actually failed, what if Ben Song was permanently trapped in that year and in that body. And what would happen to that actual person haha. He's be stuck in the "waiting room" for eternity. My "soul" would certainly would not be one happy camper haha. On-location shooting, especially visiting the Pyramids, must have been like vacation. If them East Germans didn't stop to take off their shoes, they might have caught Ben earlier haha. Anyone notice Lou Diamond Phillips cameo? He was unrecognizable, until further inspection. Viva La Bamba haha.

For my 48th, I'm enjoying playing Haydn Sonata No. 48. Again - some recognizable melodies here.

Quotes Of The Day:
"What I Don't Pay Any Attention To, Doesn't Exist At All" - Me
"Nothing Else Matters" - Dustin Nguyen

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

*Crip Mac has to think about what fatherhood entails - it's not just about buying food, toys or clothes. It's a mindset as you've got to be prepared to take care of the child - something I've been struggling with or learning as I go. So how about Lupe laughin' at that Dr. Now magnet (perhaps because of his hair haha).

Sometimes, we get so absorbed by emotionally beautiful pieces, we forget the others from other periods. Classical pieces such as Haydn. They do not elicit any deep emotions nor any inspiring melodies. They are just bright, fun and melodic. That is all. And sometimes, that is enough. Also - we forget about pieces from musician's early repertoire, or what shaped them - Children's pieces.

I'm anticipating more details or updates on Daniel Dae Kim's new project, "Butterfly". In the meantime, check out "Avatar: The Last Airbender" when it releases 02/2024.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Thanks, Tim Chantarangsu - for the "Chia Annoying The Hell Outta Me" stories on the new "Dudes Behind The Foods" podcast haha. "C'mon, quickly get outta bed. I need you to do something". Uh, how about a "good morning"? We all know that D-So talkin' about his SO hahaha.

If Tim Chantarangsu could hear D-So's father mutter "290 lbs", you know it was an intentional "U Fat" moment hahaha. Otherwise - it could have been said in Korean - "Ee baek koo sheep". Dayum. Hahaha.

So how about that new BK theme - what about having the "Ding Fries Are Done" Guy sing the "BK, Have It Your Way" theme hahaha.

Monday, December 11, 2023

I heard a bit of the symphonic "Danse Macabre" in Lang Lang's new album trailer. There probably is some kind of piece or track on it related to it. I've been side-tracked from the Liszt transcription of it, but can't wait to get back on it (inspirations from the new album descriptions). Sometimes, a melody is so beautiful or inspiring - a person or a listener can run out of words to describe it. In the end, it all becomes the same: "one of the best", "the most", the grandest", etc. I just don't even try anymore haha.

Both Bobby Lee and I most likely have "relaxed brains". Laziness might just be part of us, but also a result of deletable / forgetable experiences in life. I'd fail an IQ test. Anyhoo - aside from being incels, we both need Sesame Street education haha.

"Suga" Shane Madej dressed as Santa is as creepy as the Santa in the cult horror film "Silent Night, Deadly Night". But don't take my word for it haha. I'll check out some of the new Watcher videos. Please have some news on "Ghost Files" S3.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Crip MacVentures at Legoland! Roll call:
  • Legoland Red Shirt Guy - meet Crip Mac "The Blue Shirt Guy" haha. They look like they weigh the same hahaha.
  • Legoland Lady is definitely a Blood
  • Crip Mac trying to build something at that Lego Space Center - what the hell was that, a heli-space vehicle or Carrot Top?? hahaha
  • Crip Mac apparently terrified of the Lego-Coaster haha.
Bobby Lee might look like an otter, but I'd imagine a Snorlax would be more fitting haha.

I don't know what the hell happened with Crip Mac (or The C Mac), but fan solidarity or support for C Mac is there. I was just beginning to enjoy MacVentures TV - well, at least whatever remaining episodes are left.

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