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Monday, April 08, 2024

I'm certainly interested in trying Ming Tsai's "Ming Bings". But they are limited in availability - would have to place an order. They look delicious - most likely are. 'Simply' because "Simply Ming" is Simply Most Delicious.

It's been quiet in terms of any new projects for Asian-American actors or creators. I'm sure there are - it's only a matter of time before there are updates on them.

The beauty of music are the possibilities of interpretation. Whatever or however it affects you. I'll say it again. There is no motivation or no point if there is no passion.

I have no idea who Dan Schneider was or is. But he sure does look like a creep haha. Certainly a bag of jello or blob back in the day.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Lazy Sunday tidbits:

How did not I find out about Arnold Chun earlier. He definitely emits that real talent aura. I hope his new project becomes a reality. There are more out there waiting to be found.

Jimmy Zhang can be entertaining, but his thumbnails are certainly misleading haha. They give the impression that he's hookin' up with all these ladies, when the actual video is about traveling and interviewing random folks. Still, they are entertaining (depending on the topic - gaming, anime, etc.).

What they call UFO's, Unidentified or Unexplained, there is usually always an explanation. It is just not evident nor provided for the sake of ratings and drama. I believe in extraterrestrials as much as I believe in pigs flying. At a microbial or amoeba level, it is possible there is life out there in that sense.

World of Warcraft or WoW is pretty much a dead game to me. If queue times for the Battleground Blitz continue to exceed 15+ minutes, it's a no-brainer to quit the game permanently (no more expansions). However - it is possible that all the Horde PvP'ers have temporarily quit until the next season or the next expansion. I've considered other fantasy games such as League Of Legends (free to play), but it is not really a single-player or solo player content. The only saving grace for WoW is that it has that somewhat.

Saturday, April 06, 2024

There is no other father who can 'father' two kids than Tim Chantarangsu, in terms of giving life advice very casually (as if his son completely understood what he was saying, or just drooling about that next snack). And of course - they do have the same big-ass head haha.

What do you get when you combine the dormitory residents from "The Ringer" with "The Bad News Bears"? The cast of "Sweet Dreams" haha. The ragtag crew of lazy underachievers (and mostly fat) haha. Well - it was a surprise to see Bobby Lee in it, but when you consider what it's about. I guess it's no surprise. It'll be fun watching Bobby Lee get hit in the nuts haha. And that's the 'Action Point' haha.

Modest Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" is a monumental piece. Artistic in one sense, nationalistic on the other. It emphasizes the landscape of the composer's homeland at that time through a musical journey of "paintings". Some very atonal or dissonant pieces. But if you are going to describe life, then sometimes that's what it's about. I'm not sure if I'm going to tackle this (perhaps a few). Briefly read through this, or tried to. It requires attention, getting in the mood, and clear expression.

The new "Quantum Leap" sequel was a great show. I'm sure the cast and crew are going to move on to other projects / endeavors. They told a lot of exciting stories within 2 seasons. I'm looking forward to any new projects from Raymond Lee. He clearly has a bright future. But like with other Asian-American actors, only if opportunities are there (which they are not unfortunately). We have to create for ourselves. As Choe aptly points out, it's all about "creative destruction" now when it comes to the status quo.

Friday, April 05, 2024

To view Choe's portfolio, you can visit his Pinterest with a lot of his artwork. And I'm sure there is much more. Why did I not find this guy earlier in my life. The arts (as well as music) is a form of escapism, therapy and pure peace. I always believed - the point of art and music is to become one with it and immerse yourself in enjoyment and inspiration. There is no motivation or point if there is no passion. If you can make money off of it, even better. For some of us at this point doing them as a hobby, it should suffice. It is part of who we are.

My prayers and thoughts for Taiwan. Hopefully, the numbers don't go up.

On a more humorous / light-hearted note, let's turn some negatives into positives with these tidbits.
  • Damn - somebody call The Exorcist for that Spirit passenger lady with hair wilder than Buckwheat haha. The lady never blinked, and kept ranting / raving about some place (maybe Zamunda or some place). Well, at least somebody should hold her hair stylist accountable for that frizzy fro. Dayum.
  • UPS lady - you should worry more about your weight / figure (or lack of haha) than arguing with a rude delivery driver. Just call the damn company to file a complaint. Otherwise, indeed - "what the hell are you doing out there" if you have nothing to say to the driver haha.

Thursday, April 04, 2024

I figured Shohei Ohtani is just warming up. He'll get in the groove. I'm just waiting for all this bullshit / clickbait sensationalism to die down before putting up / updating my Shohei Ohtani fan page.

Speaking of marathons, I think the Video Game Pianist might be training for a few more. When livestreams are conspicuously absent for months, he's busy with something else.

The creative process and music production thoughts / gear thoughts is always interesting. There is only one Andrew Huang.

Is Mike Tyson too old to fight. He's like "Rocky", always coming out of retirement / never knowing when to quit. The fact the fight is labeled "exhibition", is telling. He ain't going to "eat nobody's children" this time haha. This is going to pull in a lot of viewers or audiences. They should actually advertise or market this in Wrestlemania instead. Don't they do these kinds of promos or circus performances now and then.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

An update from Ke Huy Quan - apparently, he's begun filming. And of course - I'm looking forward for further updates on his new film.

The question of the year regarding fast food chicken sandwiches - Popeyes or Jollibee. In terms of spicy chicken, Jollibee all the way. I've enjoyed their chicken sandwiches however. This is just as important as which burgers are go-to: Five Guys or In N' Out. Five Guys, since portion and taste wise they are up there. Also - Five Guys is available across the country. In N Out is limited to only 1 or 2 states. Shame.

I wouldn't be surprised at this certainty - Popeyes > Sungwon Cho's wife's cooking haha. I'd prefer to take my chances with Popeyes.

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Mac Eats, Mac Travels and Mac Observes / Commentates - Raymond Yu is livin' the life. You gotta give credit where credit is due - he is fearless (it appears). And informative, entertaining. And how about that sidekick he has haha.

With that said, "The Adventures In India" - already hilarious haha. Street food over there might be a bit sketchy (but no doubt delicious). You might want to call Dr. Vim from "Harold & Kumar" to give a proper checkup after eating that haha. The food needs to pass "nothing short of proper health standards spectacularly" haha.

Monday, April 01, 2024

The music video for 88Rising's "Avocado Shake" is quite 'tasty', but I'm not so sure about the actual shake or beverage itself if any haha. Well - I'm sure they'd put sweeteners in it. Rich Brian apparently can be found on 88Rising Youtube. I'm not sure what happened to his personal Youtube - stopped uploading there.

More Choe videos woohoo - between Choe Clips and his own Youtube, there are plenty to catch up on. Just found a documentary to actually watch (explicit one at that haha).

I was inspired to learn Mendelssohn's "Scherzo" by listening to a Horowitz recording. This is a piece driven by the rhythmn, dynamics and staccatos. Essentially, the atmosphere of the piece was my state of mind at that time. Chaotic and frenetic. The dynamic markings, "con fuoco" or even "agitato" usually refers to a more aggressive or high energy approach. Not necessarily speed (that would be allegro or presto). There's a fine line to how much to invest in the dynamics or others. It is definitely open to interpretation. It's actually the tempo and unending chords / phrasing that made this difficult. But all the worthwhile.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Ryan's Guide In Running A Marathon:
1. Don't train haha
2. Just experiment and see what happens a la one of them Youtubers do (result: cramps, sore feet, wobbly / jello legs after mile 8 - but kudos, he did finish). Haha
3. Come back home only capable of crawling

There ya go. But to his credit, he did finish it. Only after 8 Hours. I'm not a runner myself - I get winded right away. We are all out-of-shape. Marathons are about both physical and mental training. You have to have the mental fortitude (as well as being in-shape or fit) to finish it. After all, 20+ miles sounds overwhelming without a car haha.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Congratulations on Tomo Nakayama's 10th anniversary vinyl edition of his first album, "Fog On The Lens". I was introduced to Tomo via Goh Nakamura a few years back. They have the type of music that is down-to-earth, relatable, and just simply - music. No whining or complaining. Other than classic rock, these types of local / indie artists are the way to go. I'll have to check out more songs from that album. But "The Darkest Of Seasons" is a good one. Growing up, the only 'mainstream' bands I listened to was Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins (I believe there was real angst / disillusionment or pain embedded in songs - which makes for better creativity). That's it. Of course - without an identity or knowing who I truly was or enjoyed, I just followed the crowd. It sure sucked. Haha. Other than classical music and indie / Youtube artists, classic rock such as Billy Joel or Elton John. They are still icons with iconic songs. And of course, who could forget Weird Al. That's been like, a consistent / permanent haha.

These days, the quality of music has gone way down. Now it's all a competition of who is the most famous, popular and makes the most money. Go for it. Hahaha.

Friday, March 29, 2024

What a treat. Even for one movement only, it was mesmerizing. Livestreams of classical performances are rare. Either attend in person, or if it is available to stream - you'll have to register (which is going to cost you eventually. In the end, it's to their benefit). I never register, it's as sketchy as pre-ordering. To get the whole picture, you'll have to listen to the entire concert or Concerto. The essence of the entire work is in all movements. Sometimes, there are a lot of pieces with individual movements that can be standalone pieces in their own right. I think Sonatas are like that. Interesting tidbits about various renowned conductors.

What else is new. Pac Arts Movement has a new film festival. Some of the film clips definitely looks interesting. That is all.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Happy World Piano Day! One of the most important days / events of the year (Lunar New Years, Asian-American Heritage Month). Play to your heart's content on this occasion.

Watcher Entertainment also has a new podcast. Might subscribe.

Andrew Huang is not only knowledgeable, but eloquent in words and syntax. His words flow like music, logically sound and making sense at every sentence. Agree to disagree as well, but for the most - I agree. Check out this excerpt from this link ( Some notable passages:
Before e-commerce platforms were anywhere near popular, I built an online business by using eBay to auction my music production services. Before social media existed, I grew an online fanbase by creating unique, audience-participatory work that was compelling to share via word of mouth. When most musicians were still thinking in terms of record deals and touring, I dedicated myself to YouTube. Most people at the time considered it a repository for cat videos and memes, but I saw a level playing field for the arts and a direct and instant connection between any creator and their audience. Who should you listen to? Yourself, with occasional input from someone you trust. A bit of sage advice or constructive criticism from someone who knows your field and knows you is worth the world. A stranger taking 10 seconds to type something negative about you is nearly meaningless. You don t know where they re coming from. How they respond to you or your work is much more about them than it is about you. Assumptions and miscategorizations run rampant in our daily interactions in general; this is only exacerbated by the complications of online communication. Perfectionism might even be self-sabotage. If you call a piece done, then it s open to judgment. If it s never finished then it can never be released, and if it s never released then there s no chance for it to fail. But then, of course, there s no chance for it to succeed. There s far less room for you to grow. If you re spending all this time fiddling with the same aging ideas, how much capacity do you have to let in fresh inspiration and build on your skills? I grew up Asian in a very white Canadian city and was thus treated differently by my teachers and classmates. While it sometimes stung to be excluded or ostracized, I later realized it gave me a perceptive advantage. Others could fit themselves into certain molds to be more accepted by their peers. Because of how I looked, I wasn t able to find acceptance regardless of what I did, so why bother trying to fit in at all? I got a head start on doing things my own way because it was the best option available to me. I spotted countless arbitrary norms or expectations that I simply sidestepped if they didn t suit me. When I eventually brought that openness into my career, it allowed me to flourish.

"Pictionary nation, vocabs amazing, difficulty Asian, shining bright, any night, I'm a man with a plan and I spit it tight" - line from "Rappin' Without The Letter E" (My Favorite Andrew Huang's composition).

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Solo podcasting is a novel idea. No one is really doing it, mainly because having a party of two or more is more entertaining as well as the comfort level in talking as conversations can just flow. I doubt there are a lot out there who can hold their own in talking about a topic by themselves. Almost no one. Most would probably just stutter like myself.

The Mike Song story about his father is always inspiring. But scary as hell situation. You have to watch one of them survival programs of how folks have gotten lost for days, but eventually rescued. While adventure hiking or high-risk activities might be an adrenaline rush for a lot, it's something I would never do. I just stick to the cautious approach, even having to err on the side of caution. Even in regular hiking, things can get sketchy or dicey. Just stick with trails or parks where there are clear, visible path and signs. And be prepared before driving to it.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Lawrence Kao in "Ba". The trailer is here, and it looks creepy and tragic - which makes for a quality drama and horror. Add it to my must-watch list, only if it's available on a streaming platform. Hopefully, eventually.

If Brian Tee re-appeared as Dr. Ethan Choi, I'd probably watch the new season. Otherwise, network TV is permanently cancelled for me. Nothing worth watching, everything is on a streaming platform anyway - Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu / Disney+.

"I Have A Dream, That One Day" - that there would exist an Asian-American TV channel or network featuring their films and shows. Not likely to happen. But a fantasy.

If the new "Avatar: The Last Airbender" S2 were to film anytime this year, they'd better do it soon. Or else a time jump would be necessary. Everyone might be out-growing their roles haha. Except Daniel Dae Kim - eternally youthful.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

I survived the trip. Well, more than that. Enjoyed the time with family. And just as important, to refresh my mind, spirit and re-energize myself. I think staying home most of the time and not going out can have a detrimental effect. It can make a lot of folks more anti-social and negative ninnies. This is not to say that I'm comfortable with traveling all of a sudden. It might take awhile.

I believe Shohei Ohtani is innocent (or hope). I have no further comment on this. Is any attention being paid to baseball games. For me, not at the moment.

Film reviews of "Fast X" and "Barbie" forthcoming.

I'm glad to see Justin H. Min in a new film called "The Greatest Hits". I'm not too thrilled about another love triangle theme or story (I have yet to watch Simu Liu in "One Trues Love"), but music is a theme that piqued my interest as well as Justin H. Min (a potential to be a star, but we all know the automatic hate from general audiences and scarce opportunities when it comes to Asian-American leads).

How cool is that. Tim Chantarangsu met Adam Richman at a hella expensive food event. Please - just indulge yourself at a State Fair where the food is hella better for affordable prices. How about meeting Guy Fieri and asking his thoughts on Tim's "Thai Fieri" parody hahaha.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

I'm glad to hear that Maestro Lang Lang's new Camille Saint-Saens album is doing well. I'm not familiar with the composer. I agree with supporting or showcasing lesser known composers or works. I think there is beauty or unique-ness in all genre or forms of music. Some more than others. It's just that, a lot of it is not my type at all. While there might be a reason why certain works are usually never played or listened to, composing itself is not an easy endeavor.

Going back to what the Just Kidding duo of Joe J. and Bart Kwan were saying. Yes - in the end, the entertainment industry is driven by money. But don't think for a second that racism is not involved. It is apparently, in-grained to these people. This is why Asian-Americans have to create for themselves first and foremost. I did not know that they were considered to be in a "In Living Color" re-boot. Interesting.

I wouldn't be able to live on an island. I get sea-sick just thinking about it. Just as I might get air sick thinking about planes.

Monday, March 18, 2024

You can say that Bobby Lee sold out. You can say that Bobby Lee let himself be a butt of jokes. The fact that he's still thriving is a testament to a certain respect fans have. Of course - his style of humor is not suitable for general audiences, nor is it entirely to my taste as well. I'll usually avoid them. I think only Bobby and Tino can go at it each other because they've been around each other for how goddamn long Bad Friends existed. So let's clear up the debate once and for all - what exactly does Bobby Lee look like? A walrus, a barnacle, a worm or a hobbit? haha.

I thought the New Taipei Kings season were over when they were ousted from EASL. I'm certainly not familiar with their schedule. Now that Big Byron's back, they only need Jeremy Lin. Joseph Lin was the hero with 19 dimes. I think he's capable of carrying the team. I guess Fat Guys are not uncommon in basketball. Ever hear of Tractor Traylor or Big Baby Davis? hahaha.

Just when I thought I was gettin' bored of podcasts, Dumbfoundead gets Bobby Lee, the Just Kidding creators, and of course - Rick Lee's big ass head and his baby haha. More thoughts on the Just kidding crew's thoughts on having a career in Youtube and the plight of Asian-Americans in the industry. I agree with some, but I also disagree with some.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" - almost done. This has been a visually stunning, very entertaining / humorous adaptation (and authentic as it comes). Probably my favorite fights or scenes involved Bumi or Fire Lord Ozai (there wasn't enough of this character - yet). But practically every character was interesting - probably would need to watch the original animation to find out how interesting or authentic.

Friday, March 08, 2024

Before there was "Ghost Files", there was Buzz Feed's "Unsolved Mysteries" of the paranormal. Both Ryan and Suga Shane are veterans apparently, investigating quite a few reputable haunted locations. If anything, you can watch Ryan Bargera in all his clean-shaven, youthful glory (looks like 15 year old haha). And Shane being, Shane - a skeptic and a clown haha. The show is informative / entertaining, authentic (I mean, they don't turn a show into a fictional horror movie) and certainly no shortage of humorous banter and dialogue.

I personally think that the paranormal can never be "solved". Either you believe in it, or you don't. There are evidences that suggests that the paranormal exist (no bullshit type of evidences). The evidences that genuinely catch Ryan or Shane by surprise (they might be actually real). Otherwise - they'll banter on with their humor.

Thursday, March 07, 2024

I'm happy to hear that there'll be two more seasons of the new "Avatar: The Last Airbender". And Philip Wang is correct in his Boba interview with Daniel Dae Kim: "We Don't Talk About That Crap". It doesn't exist to me. This new Netflix "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is the only one - authenticity at its finest. Sort of similar to "We Don't Talk About Bruno" from that Disney film.

It seems that the cast were also in on it, as they appeared to hold in their smiles or laughter. I think it's all a skit. Also - DDK's comments gave it away anyway haha.

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

It's time to finish Beethoven's No. 7. Mendelssohn's "Scherzo a Capriccio" is propelled by its rhythm, dynamics and staccatos.

Daniel Dae Kim is both eloquent and direct. Which is why I watch or listen to any or all interviews from him.

For me, the only safe assurance is to stay on the ground - not in air, or water. I guess I wouldn't make the cut as an Airbender or a Waterbender haha. I don't travel (unless I drive or unless I have to). Safety is top priority - which is why delays and cancellations are necessary sometimes. Just shut that company down already.

Sunday, March 03, 2024

I'll need to find out more about Justin H. Min's new film, "The Greatest Hits". He's another actor I haven't heard in awhile - he stars in the must-see film from Randall Park called, "Shortcomings".

It's been quiet - no worthwhile Lazy Sunday tidbits. Usually there is. Except - it might be worth signing up for Ricky Berwick's Patreon just to watch him come up to unsuspecting folks a la Andy Milonakis style haha.

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Another informative and candid article / interview with Brian Tee. Asian-American actors such as Brian Tee and Sung Kang are not really recognized by the Asian-American media or sites. Is it because they are too old (well, there is Daniel Dae Kim), or their repertoire / resume doesn't stand out? Even if so, they are still quality works. It's a damn shame, but then there are supporters or fans like myself who do the supporting and watching instead. Despite that, they have been in some good shows / films (not all). As far as Bobby Lee is concerned - that is understandable however haha. He sold his soul - still, he has that hilarious "presence". Perhaps it's because he might be the first Hobbit Comic.

Despite uploading only 1 new video every 1 or 2 months, Erik The Electric continues to astound in his eating / calorie feats. As well as being as creative as possible. There are just too many mukbang / foodies doing the same old shit - "try all of this at this place". They only take 1 nibble or bite and move on. Lame. Also - I think Erik has other channels to focus on as well.

Friday, March 01, 2024

I can't get enough of Tim Chantarangsu's Jello Pudding Guy impersonation haha - LiL'Q might have thought it was actually that guy. Toddlers or kids are much more braver than I when it comes to traveling or long-distance trips.

So why does Ricky Shucks look like a BBQ chef hahaha.

What I learned from Lang Lang and Gina Alice's live stream - Don't eat too much. Hahaha. Maybe that's been the problem or issue all along.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

The "Quantum Leap" Finale had it all - it definitely delivered. And a villain with a punchable face haha. The presentation was convincing enough. However, he was somewhat of a sympathetic character (hellbent on vengeance - very telling that Ian recited "The Wrath Of Khan"). If this is it - kudos to the cast, writers, directors, and of course - the bosses. There definitely is a lot of exciting new stories to tell. The silence or lack of updates on a new season is never a good sign. If it is the end - the Finale ended in a way that could work as a Series Finale (not completely a satisfying one, since Ben never made it home as well). But both Ben and Addison ended up back together, with new adventures. Sort of how the first "Back To The Future" ended - with them heading into the future. But they ended up with a trilogy.

New Youtube Content Creators galore - "Disguised Toast", Pro E-Sports team owner / manager, Streamer, content creator / entertainer. And they're all twenty-somethings. They are the future. Interesting name - I can imagine Bobby Lee as a Fat "Powdered Toast Maaaaaaan". Propelling backwards in the sky with his high-powered Farts to a breakfast table near you hahaha. Accessories sold separately - sponsored by General Mills and Mattel haha.

Joe Jitsukawa would have made a fine Superman haha. I preferred him in "Acting For Action W/ Sung Kang" - "He Who Sit On Tack, Should Rise Again". Words of wisdom.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I browsed around Video Game Pianist's channel, and found some gems - his Classical Music knowledge and abilities, especially identifying pieces just by looking at or site-reading only a few measures. Of course - multiple choices helps in the process of elimination (especially if the Key that the piece is in, is part of the piece title and you can sort of figure it out that way). I have not listened to a vast array of pieces, so this was difficult. I got only a few right ("Aquarium", and "The Flight Of the Bumblebee", and some other).

A very rare live stream from Maestros Lang Lang and Gina Alice. Due to time zone differences, it wouldn't be possible to join. However - the video should be saved.

How did I not find Kong Pham earlier - is he a Motivational Speaker, Self-Help Guru, Podcaster, Entertainer / Content Creator, or all of this? Probably all of this. His upbringing is relatable or sympathetic. Just one act of kindness from his father changed his life forever. That is inspiring. Ke Huy Quan would've been proud.

Ethan Yau - Poker Player Extraordinaire. He's even younger than Sean Wang (just call us "gramps" I guess haha). The New Gens are rising.

I've been also browsing around "Just Kidding Films" videos again. There are some hilarious skits. If you want to see Joe Jitsukawa in all his bald or hairless glory, that channel is a must. Probably used to seeing him now with his hair longer than Fabio's haha.

"Expats" has become my must-see after "Shortcomings". I think it's worth temporarily subbing for Amazon Prime for this.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

*Thanks again, Daniel Dae Kim. "The Treatment" interview was highly relevant and important -

My new crave - Jollibee's Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal. The fries are on par or better than McDonald's. At least some places - keep fryin' it crispy and salty (and pour them on as Five Guys does).

Thanks, Daniel Dae Kim. Watching behing-the-scenes rehearsing, especially for fights is always interesting. In fight choreography, I'm sure some moves are inspired by or directly taken from real martial arts moves. Or - you can improvise and use them in real life fights. At least the ultra-quick awareness or reaction times.

Daniel Dae-yyy is the real Zadd-yyyyy haha. I'm not sure what this means, but it sounds humorous. Oh yeah - he's goin' to Broadwayyyy as well.

I'm getting ready to log-in and begin watching some Netflix again. Finding the appropriate time - the first thing I'll have to watch is Randall Park's Shortcomings. And then binge on the new / improved "Avatar: The Last Airbender". And then check out "House of Ninjas". The list goes on.

Monday, February 26, 2024

As the song goes, "Say It Ain't So". Rest In Peace, Park ChungHee. The Allentown Pak Family - the only relatives I have ever known. Or at least I don't think there is anyone else. Which family was Joongsun actually. I had some nice conversations with my elder cousin long ago. I'm emotionally numb and stunned. Amadeus' "Requiem" playing in the background.

Sung Kang - it's rare that you'll find interviews with the iconic "Tokyo Drift" star. I know he's been busy with car projects, car shows, podcasts, endorsements, etc. The interview with Dumbfoundead is candid as they come. I definitely believe that Sung Kang had the talent to become a prolific actor. In white hollywood however, Asian-American actors are practically never considered or usually passed over (characters not created for them other than minor or sidekick roles). All the award-winning films with Asian-American leads or Asian-American films that tell our story have been created by us. Created by Asian-Americans. Believed in by prolific / quality companies like A24 or receiving funds through fans / winning in film festival. Facts.

I'd have to side with Gina Alice for the most part - Coffee (all day and everyday), Minor keys, can't decide on composer (depends on my mood). However, I disagree with both Lang Lang and Gina when it comes pets. Cats all the way. Or more preferrably, no pets. I might be more suited for stuffed animals, since pets are a more tiring responsibility than babies or toddlers.

I'm getting ready to log-in and begin watching some Netflix again. Finding the appropriate time - the first thing I'll have to watch is Randall Park's Shortcomings. And then binge on the new / improved "Avatar: The Last Airbender". And then check out "House of Ninjas". The list goes on.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Steam Deck - what a portable gaming system. How many games does it have. The cost of it is just not affordable - it's as much as a decent laptop or as much as 3 billing periods of a utility bill. Sheesh - perhaps, if we won the lottery or something.

What a track / beat - Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon's "Pizza Blades". Catchy beats, and spittin' rhymes like no one else. I've been waiting for something like this for awhile, not since "Rappin' Without The Letter E". By the way - can I get extra cheese with that? (for my pepperoni-lookin' ass if anything) haha.

Disneyland - The Happiest "Crips" On Earth haha. Things always get more interesting when the Double Macs come to town. Since there is nothing going on these days, I just went back to watch some old "MacVentures TV" episodes (even if it's the end of it given the current, unfortunate situation).

Even when I'm talking (which I usually hate to do), I'm still so goddamn lazy so I shorten phrases as much as I can: "Nawumsayin", "usaysumthin", or how about - "Watchutalkinabout, docwillis". Splendid t-shirt ideas haha.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Here is an informative article:

"Expats" is certainly a show that would be worth "renting" (only available on Amazon Prime). It is getting rave reviews, especially the performances (in particular, the leads). Brian Tee seemed in awe as well. His performance was exceptional from the clips seen.

The new "Shogun" appears interesting. It's unfortunate that all these programs are on premium channels. I already said "Goodbye To The Cable Guy" haha. Increasing fees and rates would have most unsub or delete. I wouldn't watch network TV even if it were free.

When approaching Mendelssohn's "Scherzo a Capriccio", I think about the Super Mario Bros. main theme (light and bouncy opener) with some other intense piece. There are sections that really have that "scherzando" atmosphere - the trick is to approach it that frenetically without compromising any notes or the tempo itself (if my fingers can allow it)

That Fat Mamma throwing a hissy fit at the bus driver might need lessons on how to talk to her daughter in front of the driver as well haha (if her vocals went any lower, I could have sworn it was some Fat Dude having a tantrum).

Friday, February 23, 2024

John Cho has been noticeably absent from any updates or news. I'm curious as to what he's been up to - "Harold & Kumar 4" updates has disappeared for now. The creators are currently busy with Cobra Kai S6. I think John Cho is busy with a project - I did vaguely hear about it (some kind of kickass horror film).

Lawrence Kao and "Ba" - I need to find out more about this. Stills look creepy.

There are a lot of technically astounding pieces out there. And there are a lot of technical wizards / pianists of all ages on the piano out there. You pick what suits you well. Mendelssohn's "Scherzo a Capriccio" is another intense piece. Probably too intense at this point to go back to. I think it's all in the approach - you don't want to get too emotionally invested as well. Somewhat of a balance is needed, with perhaps adding a bit more flavor to it.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

I have no comment on Simu Liu's hosting duties at the People's Choice Awards, but I'm sure it was eloquent and entertaining. I'm more interested in any "Shang-Chi" updates, which there isn't any. Simu says the sequel is still planned, but it might be awhile. At this rate - 2030? Is the world going to even exist by then.

So a new Question Of The Year is: when is Jeremy Lin going to play? It appears New Taipei needs his playmaking skills.

The new and improved "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is available today! From the clips and trailers, the visuals look astounding (as if the animation really coming to life), the fight sequences awesome, and the casting authentic (everyone looks the part). Kudos to the cast and crew, can't wait. As far as the story is concerned, it's a wait-and-see.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Quality and reliability always decline when there is no competition - case in point, search engines and even the operating system. For search engines, use a different one such as Duck Duck Go. It might not be as prolific, but more accurate at least. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about Youtube even if it's going down the shithole. I avoid the homepage at all costs. I'd much prefer typing or copy / pasting the exact URL or link I'm lookin' for.

I'm lookin' forward to new updates with Shohei Ohtani, now that the season is near. It's been awhile, and I've been in slumber. Perhaps time to create a new fan web page.

Forget, Yelp. You can count on C-Mac Raymond Yu for an "In-Your-Face" food review haha. I pull no punches as well - I'll facially express or say if something is disgusting or not.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I didn't find any Jay Chou's "J-Style Trip" S2 trailers. I'll have to settle for Youtubers uploading content, despite there being no translated sub-titles. Or when I can re-log into Netflix again. It's one of a few Netflix shows / films on a must-watch list, as I listed in a previous entry.

The S2 Finale for "Quantum Leap" - I can't wait. It's been very entertaining - and added elements to it that didn't make it a carbon copy of the original but a direct sequel. Usually, when there are no words or confirmation on a new season - it is not good news. But it's a wait-and-see. Either way - it's been a ride, and I would watch reruns until the show is picked up again or saved.

"The Good Doctor" had a very nice run, as it's gearing up for its final season according to Daniel Dae Kim. Kudos to them, and for the regular viewers. I only watched some episodes where DDK guest starred.

Monday, February 19, 2024

I just heard about Sean Wang - he has the potential to become a prolific filmmaker, and is currently the sensation at Sundance. I'm looking forward to finding out more about "Didi" and the Oscar-nominated short doc "Nai Nai And Wai Po". From the brief synopsis or from I know about it, it's generally about adolescent experiences as an Asian-American from the all-too-important POV of that kid in "Didi". And being teased, bullied and alienated / excluded. It is all too real. Although I never went through that degree or severity, it was still tough. Back then, I didn't have self-esteem. All I had were invisible / imaginary friends. Except there was Felix. What happened to him. That is all. Haha.

I'm very proud of the real me - more at peace, happy and proud to be Asian. I absolutely do not think about these things at all anymore - I'll like what I like / support, and I'll not even bother with the existences that I dislike or do not give a rat's ass about.

Tomo Nakayama's new track for "House of Ninjas". It's a soothing song.

Creativity is stifled if a person can't think for themselves. Of course - life needs guidelines. In terms of ethics - there has to be moral guidelines, otherwise there'll only be chaos. Ideas - that's why they call it brainstorming. Don't think too much about coming up with ideas. Just let if flow. Andrew Huang is full of knowledge and wit. Buy his new book.

Oh yeah. It's not a conspiracy, D-So is right - biden is an alien. Hahaha.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Mikey Chen - livin' the life by eating scrumptious foods and earning a nice living. Ming Chen - attending every single Con there is haha. You absolutely can't have a phobia about traveling for this kind of career. I think he can have a second career as a standup for his short jokes if anything.

New season of Mystery Files. I'm lookin' out for any announcement for a new Ghost Files season.

Prelude in E-flat is a contemplative piece - a lot of twisting and turning of the melodic line in the left hand, while chords dominate the right. This is probably my favorite Prelude, and then the D Minor.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

I'm glad to hear that Mac Eats and Mac Travels are back. If I'm going to feast well, I'd go to Asia (avoid the tourist-y spots however). I would not give it a second thought - if I did not have a phobia about traveling. I'm always hesitant about long distance trips. I prefer to remain on the ground.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Justin Chon is a filmmaker I haven't heard in awhile, not since "Blue Bayou". I'm curious as to when "Jamojaya" released. I found a scene or snippet for the film - the visuals says it all. You don't have to say too much to convey emotions or messages. Unless you need "Hooked-On-Phonics" or "Stylish / Metaphorical Films For Dummies" as guides haha. Chon's trilogy which included Ms. Purple and Blue Bayou, were visually stylish and conveyed meaning through them. And oh - watch "Jamojaya" since Rich Brian is in it haha.

Joe Jitsukawa was referring to Dr. Now when he was talkin' about "some old guy talkin' with fatties" haha.

I found out through Paul S.H. Lee's social media (who played Captain Carson Teva in an episode of "The Mandalorian" and plays Uncle Iroh in the upcoming "Avatar") about Carl Weathers. I don't know any "Action Jackson" quotes or "Predator" quotes ("get to the choppa" doesn't count). But here are some of the "Rocky" ones:

"If he can't fight, I bet he can cook"
"I'll drop him like a bad habit"
"The man's tongue didn't go through his cuspids!"

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

I might need to watch "House of Ninjas". Just found out from Tomo Nakayama's instagram. Did he really compose / score music for it - that is cool. And it is sub-titled, so we can hear it in all its glorious, beautiful / original language. It's unfortunate that a lot of must-watch shows or films are on various platforms that you have to subscribe to. Netflix has so far, been gaining ground in terms of interesting things:
  • Expats - Amazon Prime
  • Randall Park's "Shortcomings" - Netflix
  • House of Ninjas - Netflix
  • Justin Lin's Warrior (original vision) - Netflix
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender - Netflix
  • Cobra Kai S6 - Netflix
  • The Tiger's Apprentice - I forgot which one it was
There are others missing from this list, but need to remember them to add them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Whatever Sungwon Cho decides, he is still going to thrive. His profession is voice acting first and foremost - and he's remaining busy. He also has social media - so you can always check there.

Who the hell goes to a social media platform's "homepage". I've never been there - only saving subscriptions sites, playlists and videos. It's worse than twitter's "trends". If there's a silver lining, trends don't last. Nothing lasts forever. I don't even know they exist.

The Return Of Jeremy Lin. Booyah! Caption this: it appears the Fat Guy had too much fun during the Lunar New Year's buffet haha.

*That cheating pastor looks like the same pastor who had that Walmart hissy fit, yelling "Bring it!" while flexing his "Fat" haha. Apparently, he didn't get away "Scott-Free" as the punishment fit the crime.

Monday, February 12, 2024

I guess you can call Prelude Op. 23 No. 3 the "Rach 3" Prelude - same key (D Minor), number as the famous Concerto haha. Perhaps just a warm-up to the Concerto. Preludes are just warm-ups or introduction-type pieces (or so I think). This is one of my favorite Preludes. No. 2 is the most difficult. In any endeavor, both hands need to be conditioned well to tackle difficult phrasing comfortably.

Image Of The Day (thumbnail from D-So's instagram): In a robotic voice: "Uh. I. Just. Finished. Reading. The. Shattering. Yest. Ter. Daaeey" (oops - I'm confusing this guy with someone else. I guess I have no idea who this "guy" is):

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Jimmy O. Yang made the correct decision haha. I wouldn't have given it a second thought about it myself - the Hong Kong Festival > awards shows. Booyah!

Simu Liu has a lot of clickbait articles. Hell no. Nobody knows what is going on with "Shang-Chi 2" - the only certainty is that it is not happening anytime soon. The MCU is on the decline anyway.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Happy Lunar New Years! Make sure to purchase a copy of "Fighting To Belong: A History Of Asian-Americans". And make sure to feast well haha.

For sure, state fairs have some of the most delicious concoctions that anyone can crave. Carbs and calories galore - what you crave: deep fried / greasy as well as all them sugary goodness.

"Keep Smiling" - hidden message: knowing you'll stuff yourself silly with mountains of food haha.

Friday, February 09, 2024

Happy Lunar New Year's - we celebrate Lunar New Year's tomorrow. Booyah! - the next most important holiday or event - aside from Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Asian-American Heritage Month in a few.

"Fighting To Belong: A History Of Asian-Americans And Pacific Islanders" just released. This is worth getting as well - highly recommended. It's different than "Rise", as it is perhaps more about other contributors among Asians not in entertainment. I have to read about it more. This is still an on-going fight. It's a life-long, generational endeavor. Things are not going to permanently change in one's own lifetime, but we always have to have that conviction, determination and spirit.

A handful of "Quantum Leap" episodes left - I'm wondering how this new villain is going to shake up things.

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Damn - pen spinning should be an Olympic sport. It sure as hell more of a "sport" than synchronized swimming. Aren't pens and pencils obsolete - I completely forgot how to hand write or write cursive properly. Aren't we all just typing and typing away - either on mobile, desktop or laptop. With that said, watch Rich Brian's new track "Light Rails". It is the new Music Video Of The Year.

When you have a podcast of all Lin Brothers (Jeremy, Joseph and Josh - the Triple J's haha), I immediately save the podcast to watch when there is time.

Perhaps the "Dudes Behind The Foods" guys better eat more scrumptious deliciousness often to elevate their singing. For once, they were not off-key haha.

Sunday, February 04, 2024

Mamma Cho is becoming a regular on Sungwon's channel - we need more cooking shows haha. Mamma Cho might become the next Martin Yan or Ming Tsai.

The film "Yolo" 'looks' hilarious. Some fat, out-of-shape lady training to become in-shape for some competition. What competition - eating and slouching at a game room? Or sleeping on the couch? haha.

Saturday, February 03, 2024

"The Tiger's Apprentice" appears interesting. It sounds like a prequel to "The Paper Tigers" haha. But it's actually a computer-animated film about zodiac signs? Gotta check what it's about more. Speaking of Yuji Okumoto, hopefully there'll be more updates or sneak peak for "Cobra Kai" S6. It's been too long - I completely forgot about this.

It's cool to find out that Sungwon Cho voiced a character in "Gods Of War: Ragnarok". Life is full of surprises sometimes. Who knows - he might have actually voiced that Candy Cop character in "Wreck-It Ralph" haha. Or perhaps the sound effects for King Hippo in Punch-Out.

Life is also a "Journey Of A Thousand Miles". I've read Lang Lang's autobiography quite a few times, before permanently quitting reading (since I hate to read - it bores the crap outta me. The exception of course, is sheet music). It's the story of perserverance and hardships. Nothing compares to this.

Andrew Huang has a wealth of knowledge. You do not have to be a strict Classicist or Classical musician. The beauty of music, is that you can create or compose your own. You can learn and develop on your own, or through a different avenue than the traditional establishments. The problem - there are not a lot of music that is unique or can sustain interest / attention. They'll eventually all be forgotten. "Whilst" - a lot of classical pieces can be played / listened to over and over. Or what they call - Ever-Lasting.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Randall Park and Jordan Peele. I am intrigued by this - I am looking forward to hearing about their new project / film. I haven't heard from either of them in awhile. Not since Jordan Peele's "Nope" (it would be a "Yup" to watch haha), and Randall Park's "Shortcomings" (I have yet to see as well).

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

"Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth" is worth playing when you have Daniel Dae Kim, Rich Ting and even Sungwon Cho (I think) voicing characters. Unfortunately, I don't play consoles nor have the time. But I sure believe that Sony Playstation and Nintendo are on top - they sure have fun, quality games. I can no longer afford PC games nor have the time either. Other than a survival horror such as Outlast, games I would have liked to play: Wii's Punch-Out (as colorful as the characters they are, right Disco Kid? haha), and one of the GTA.

The second half of "Quantum Leap" S2 begins - looking forward to it. My favorite leaps - can't decide (they were all entertaining).

D-Choe or Munko Choe is my guru. My inspiration or guidance in life. More thoughts on the Choe Show Fan page soon.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

With the return of MacTV, hopefully there'll be regular content. I'll stay subbed to MacVentures as solidarity for Crip Mac support. Also - a lot of hilarious stuff I still haven't watched yet.

I haven't heard anything about Brian Tee in awhile. So that's what happened to the "Drift King" - he fled Tokyo after his loss, took a detour working in a Chi-Med hospital, and ended up in Hong Kong with an expat haha.

Another new, badass image of Fire Lord Ozai (Fire Nation Forever indeed). I can tell ya for sure, Daniel Dae Kim looks ready to kick ass haha:

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Here's the poster for "Avatar: The Last Airbender", and the official trailer is also out:

With Steven Yeun dropping out of "Thunderbolts" (MCU is declining anyway - only a "Shang-Chi" sequel can save it haha. Make it happen!), I heard he'll be in an independent film. A lot has happened during the strike. I still have yet to watch Simu Liu's "One Trues Love", added to the must-watch list eventually. The other two: Randall Park in "Shortcomings" and Dustin Nguyen in "The Accidental Getaway Driver".

Sunday, January 21, 2024

I never use public toilets (takin' a dump that is), unless it can't be helped. It's quite simple - unload your load at home before going out dammit haha. Ever hear of Dunkin' Donuts' "America Runs On Dunkin'" - more like, "America 'Runs Away' From Dunkin'" - toilets that is haha. Dunkin' is disgusting - except their muffins. There are tastier donut shops anyway - I'd go to the local donut shops. Or even your grocery store bakery donuts.

I think I'll have to create a new playlist. Suffice it to say, a common houseplant is more interesting than a typical human being (albeit a genetically engineered one).

Who's the real MVP of New Taipei. It ain't Jeremy Lin. It ain't Tony Mitchell. It's - Fat Dude! hahaha.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

The greatest chapter in Jeremy Lin's career is currently with the New Taipei Kings, where he is allowed to play freely.

It's been quiet. I think we'll have new, relevant updates on Shohei Ohtani once the new baseball season begins. Or when training begins. In the meantime - feel free to browse through his personal endeavors, including advertisements, sponsorships, etc.

The "existential quandary"-type question of the year: has anyone memorized the lyrics to Weird Al's "Hardware Store"? This is more difficult than completely memorizing all the digits to Pi. Hahaha.

When companies who are monopolies keep adding new fees, charges to equipment rentals and other hidden fees - it's time to cut back and permanently remove certain services. We don't watch TV anyway - it's all on your Smart TV streaming or Youtube. Why did it take this long to realize that Firewalls "block" internet access. It could also be operating system issues.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Has anyone watched or seen "Kids Say The Darndest Thing" - neither have I. Hahaha. Apparently, Lil' Veyda thinks "K" is a "T" or might just happen to know what the word "Titties" are.

Andy Kim is a true people's champion. He actually brings results. Although I consider myself an independent (if at all - I just operate on the reality that politics does not exist), Andy Kim does restore my faith in the dem party - only by about 1%. Haha.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

"Quantum Leap" returns on 01/30 - looking forward to it. Mid-season breaks tend to take a long time - it's sort of like school vacation, except the crew has to go back to work on new episodes. The 2-Hour finale - could this be it? I hope not. I think two seasons would be considered a moderate success.

The bitter-cold / arctic temperatures and wind storms. I think they are expected every winter now. Piece of the day - Chopin's "Winter Wind" Etude (arguably the most difficult Etude, no plans on learning this anytime soon). Come back "El Nino" haha.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Andrew Huang never ceases to amaze in creating music out of ordinary sounds, including lip vibrations haha. Is there any correlation to lip size and sound volume? Even more hahaha. Andrew Huang also never ceases to amaze in his facial expressions for his thumbnails haha. Oh yeah - congrats on his second child.

Good luck to the New Taipei Kings, I hope they win it all. It appears there's a new star every game, which is an indication of a well-rounded roster. As long as they don't let that Fat Dude eat too many donuts.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Jay Chou's "J-Style Trip" Season 2 just released a few days ago? I didn't even find a trailer for it. Certainly for sure - this is a must-watch. Altough I do not give a shit about locations, it's the banter between Jay Chou and his crew as well as the magic tricks / illusions he performs makes it worthwhile.

"Where's The 'Beef'"? It's on Netflix haha. It deserves all the accolades. Also I might add - I'm sure the supporting ensemble cast and their excellent performances would make it worthwhile to watch.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I saw Tim Chantarangsu pass by and cop-a-look into the camera (sort of a cameo) during an interview going on from the Unforgettable Gala. That was hilarious haha. At least he didn't cut in front of the camera, else they'd roast his flat ass hahaha.

Congratulations to the "Beef" team. I have yet to see it - the sensitive nature of the subject matter is what I've been hesitant about. But no doubt that "Beef" had all the elements that made it intense / dramatic, well-acted and a bit 'believable' (that is lacking in a lot of films or shows). Steven Yeun should have won for "Minari", but this was a feel-good moment or redemption.

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Most of us get frozen foods or frozen dinners because either we hate to cook, or cooking takes forever / just lazy haha. Didn't you get the memo - microwaving is also considered 'cooking' hahaha.

Some of the haunted scenarios or locations in horror video games seem creepier than real-life haunted locations.

It's time to catch up on some new Unforgettable Gala videos from Character Media.

Sunday, January 07, 2024

Frozen Kimbab. Let's get real - frozen anything does not really sound appetizing (especially when the food is packed lookin' like a cookie dough packaging), but I'll certainly take it over pineapple pizza or escargot.

My condolences to the earthquake tragedy in Wajima. Piece of the day (Nobuyuki Tsujii's Elegy). I found this piece fitting for any tragic events:

Caption this. "Thanks for the loss, Mr. Fat Dude and Mr. Lanky Guy With An Awful Hair Dew / Cut" haha. But to be serious, I think New Taipei is playing their support players more, or their full roster. Otherwise - they might be losing their groove:

Friday, January 05, 2024

I'm glad to hear about Ke Huy Quan's new film or project called, "With Love". It is being described as an action film. Perhaps the word 'love' has different meanings. When you put your passion into something, or a sarcastic way of dealing with a situation and getting the last laugh haha. Who knows - perhaps it's completely unexpected. Either way - I'm looking forward to more details about it.

"Hey, Stanley - Your 'Sippy Cup' Is Apparently Causing A Lot Of Hissy Fits" haha. I wouldn't even pay a penny for it - I'm the only one apparently, who has no idea what that is. Other than it's some kind of cup. A cup. A lot of these video clips are just petty disputes that happen everywhere - not really hissy fits.

The lady having a meltdown over a lost phone before getting arrested (in a pig sty of an apartment like that, perhaps that fat dude was sitting on the phone) - now that's a Hissy Fit haha. The Lil' Missy has something to think about in the slammer.

Thursday, January 04, 2024

We're still listening to Christmas music haha. I think we need it to keep the holiday spirit alive, at least for most of January.

The "Flight of the Bumble-bee". I put this off as well, completely forgot about it. Until Lang Lang recorded a clipping - I thought playing a Chopin Etude with an Orange was astounding. Right, Jay Chou? At any rate - I'm inspired. I'll have to memorize this one if I intend to record it. There's no way I can use the sheet music due to the speed. Such as the "Danse Macabre", it's playable now. Whether it's the Rachmaninoff-Style, Lang Lang-Style, Nuoc Mam-Style or Byuntae-Style, haha - "Flight of the Bumble-bee" is just catchy and fun.

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

The Video Game Pianist's "Guess The Theme" is back - it's been awhile, although I can never identify any of them (except the classic SMB melodies).

You have to ask yourself, "are flat asses really badasses, or 'bad' asses" hahaha. It goes in line of the sayings of, "Bros before Ho's" and Homer Simpson's "No Fat HFC's" haha.

Monday, January 01, 2024

I think I have the holiday blues - a slight depression from the holidays being over. I definitely feasted well - carbs galore haha. The holidays can still last until mid-January for a lot.

Another year coming and going, another year arriving. With every new year, it's like a reset. Just set your goals or resolutions for the year and don't look back. Other than replying like a bot - "My Goal Is To Lose Weight". Isn't that everyone's automatic response if we can't think of anything to say hahaha. For me - it's to be more proactive in being a father / parent.

Also - overcoming phobias which has prohibited me from traveling or experiencing new things. This is the most difficult. While there is reason to be concerned (due to society's slacking off in prioritizing safety when it comes to public transportation), Phobias are irrational fears that can be very stifling.

*With comcast xfinity removing channels (or channels removing programming) without warning, cancelling TV is planned. Nobody watches TV anymore - everything is on your SmartTV apps (Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, AppleTV).

Here's a known, catchy melody from the Peanuts theme from the Vince Guaraldi trio (an appetizer before the main course - the 'Danse Macabre'):