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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

So "Ghost Files" S2 releases on 08/25/23. Why the long wait - longer than waiting for a new season of "Cobra Kai" haha. Well - Post Production, editing, still filming, etc. Blame Suga Shane for the holdup haha.

I'm only beginning to find out who Jason Cheny is, and why not start with finding out that he's Autistic haha. I'd be laughin' at myself in a way. I might have mild symptoms, if not having any interests at all in a lot of stuff (not giving a shit or emotionless) or getting bored / tired quick counts. But that could be just ADHD.

The Pianoorgan! I think the VGP should join Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon in coming up with new instruments and sounds haha. The middle pedal can sustain notes indefinitely or longer than usual, but you'd have to keep your feet on it. Quite creative - if you don't have a super synthesizer that film / sound effects departments use.

Monday, May 29, 2023

As the month of May winds down, so does Asian-American Heritage Month. But it's everyday for me since there's nothing else in this life. I've been enjoying the PBS documentaries on Asian-American personalities, history and the harsh realities of the racism against Asians. Much of society needs "ed-ooo-cating" (haha), but then again - we're living in an Idiocracy that even knowledge, awareness or eduction cannot help nor change folks. They are who they are.

Some Rachmaninoff pieces are going to be the final pieces on the baby grand - as I am going to have to downgrade to an upright eventually. Instruments and sheet music can always be replaced, but Music is always eternal.

Song Of The Day would have to be that Billy Joel song about the Baby Grand - he is truly the Piano Man haha.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

In the world of Culinary Arts, there is "Simply Ming Is Simply Delicious" Ming Tsai and "Yan Can Cook" Martin Yan. Pertaining to Yan, it's like saying, "Bob Ross Can Paint" or "Lang Lang Can Play Piano". One of them, "No Shit Sherlock" deals haha. I guess new "Yan Can Cook" shows are going live stream now.

The Video Game Pianist's new video - was that his own compositions or improvisations. That tempo / dynamic is ideal for meditating, studying or going to bed. He's focused on Marathoning - I think he'll be able to get into the Top 50 runners in a Marathon. Training vigorously / diligently is important to be competitive.

My focus now is polishing or finishing the Rachmaninoff Moment Musical Op. 16 No. 1.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

"Mac Talk with the Back Talks. Always Backin' That Ass Up. Crip Mac Is Back, The Daddy-Mac Back Gettin' some Ass (Fat Ass I guess haha)". A bit of Slam Poetry, sort of hahaha. For sure - I definitely need lessons in this. Jello Pudding Guy - teach us thy ways hahaha.

Nobuyuki Tsujii with the Rach 3. I would enjoy watching / listening another live stream concert if or when available, but they are rare. I think the Rach 2 along with Liszt's "Il Lamento" Etude have two of the most hauntingly beautiful melodies that convey tragedy, melancholy and nostalgia all in one.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Has Collin Morikawa hit a ceiling - he's been finishing tournaments out of the Top 20 in a lot of them. It's already been a few years since he's won anything. Although he's had impressive finishes, it's been the same story in every tournament so far. Having some great rounds or moments, only to falter and fall apart later. I still believe Collin is a great Golfer, but he has not shown it so far. At this point, he's no longer elite (perhaps decent to good at the PGA level). His only potential thus far, is that he's still very young so who knows - he can only go up I guess.

Simu Liu's McHappy commercial might be false advertising. There appears to be a Mc-"Flurry" of Mc-"Temper Tantrums" or Mc-"Hissy Fits" (not to mention Mc-"Fights") at Mc"Donalds" hahah. The "I Want Fresh Cookies Now!" Lady can join the "I'm Not Leaving Until I Get My Sauce" Fat Lady in the Karen Hall Of Shame haha. Or the "You Work At McDonalds. I'm 45. I'm Retired" Guy haha.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

What a treat - a live stream recording of a recent Nobuyuki Tsujii concert performing the Rach 2 (Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 for any newbie or anyone not in the know). I'll be listening to it as much as I can until it is removed. I've always enjoyed Nobu's performances of both the Rach 2 and 3. No. 2 is a bit more appealing than No. 3.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon have been collaborating often, so it is not a surprise that they've come up with a new series called "Sonic Boom". Interesting stuff - including a new hybrid instrument called an Harpejji. "What The Hell" indeed haha. Either way - you can learn more from these guys than any established departments or institutions combined. Facts.

A piano vibrato is interesting - on a standard piano, I don't think it's possible. Perhaps on a synth or a keyboard. The closest thing on a standard piano is called a "Trill" - usually involves 2 notes (half-steps usually most common) played back and forth really fast. It's an ornamentation in classical music, so Trills are meant to be played lightly most of the time.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day! Let us never take our parents for granted, always appreciate and show gratitude whenever we can. For some - the happiest memories are with mother's. Maestro Lang Lang's journey certainly you can say, began with his mother. And Professor Zhu was like a second mother to him.

What kind of dance is Watcher "Suga" Shane doin'? It's freakin' hilarious haha.

I hate gardening. I'm even too lazy to buy seeds hahaha. Imagining Bobby Lee as a farmer would be hilarious.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Is the A.I. paranoia fo' real, or just an imagination conjured by brain-washing from sci-fi films. I only believe that it is real, only to the extent that at worst - it'll displace the human workforce. Humans are an absolute necesssity in Customer Service for sure. That is a concern. Hey Mac Talk - interested in joining the Yang Gang or The Forward Party? This is the way to go. But to each their own. One thing is fo' sho' - A.I. sure ain't the "A.I. Allen Iverson" that we all used to say as a lame tongue twister or to laugh at haha. A.I. is another term for technology, not a living, self-aware robot. "The Terminator" scenario might be as real as the Quantum Leap Accelerator ever existing, or time travel being a real possibility.

I don't think Bobby Lee has to worry about necks, since he doesn't have one hahaha. And "Juicy". You ain't 'Juicy' - you look dry as fuck haha.

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

The Choe Story of how he made millions off of Facebook stock when the company was an unknown back then, is something actually interesting. And Choe's very relatable reasoning and the aftermath. While any bozo would've selected the guaranteed cash or pay, Choe opted for stocks. Either he must've known something, or Choe was just very fortunate that FB became the social media giant as it is. Either way, Choe hated the attention he received unfortunately. He lost privacy, and he became disillusioned. I would've been the same way. Money might be a necessity, but it doesn't guarantee happiness or make anyone happy (if at all, it is usually only temporary).

If you caught a Door Dash or one of them Fast Food Delivery drivers scratchin' their ass or nuts while waiting for their delivery food, would you ever order food from them again haha. On top of that - they'll probably eat yer food haha. Something Beavis & Butt-Head would do hahaha.

Saturday, May 06, 2023

How cool and relevant is this: "Fighting To Belong: A History Of Asian-Americans And Pacific Islanders" comic-book style. I already have "Rise: A Pop History Of Asian-Americans" as a collectible. That, and Lang Lang's autobiography are the only books I keep. Otherwise - I don't read. I no longer have the attention span. And reading bores the crap outta me hahaha.

K.576 is about ready to record / upload (all three movements - one at a time). I practiced through the "Goldberg Variations" again. Var. 20 and 26 are variations I need to play regularly, but I wasn't too rusty this time fortunately.

Friday, May 05, 2023

Kudos to Tim and Chia Chantarangsu (I'm callin' her that whether Chia gets pissy or not haha) for their down-to-earth birth story of their second child Quest (I'm inclined to call our second child "Dungeon" or "Raid" haha). These days, birth stories are over-sensationalized and just plain stale. And you can take that fuckin' fact to the bank. And of course - Quest hates you Tim haha. The thumbnail is hilarious - Quest photoshopped or placed completely horizontal with no expression haha.

Life can be dull and boring. Nothing much has been going on. For me, Asian-American projects or collaborations / news are always invigorating and energizes me.

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Congrats, Erik - 70,000+ likes, now go do the same challenge for 7 days haha. Still - eating everything on the menu from 7 or more randomly selected fast food places is definitely unique or different. He's failed some crazier challenges, but finished this one. I guess he prepped well - he hasn't posted a new challenge in quite some time. I can imagine if he were to do a 150K calorie challenge, he'd need at least a few months off or break to prepare.

Speaking of exercising, I'm beginning to jog again (whenever I can). I'm quite out-of-shape. But holding my own. Still - I guess it helps seeing fat, out-of-shape parents around as motivation haha.

How cool is Sungwon Cho aka ProZD voicing the Riddler. The New Riddler. An Asian Riddler. Can't get anymore cool than that. Check out his new interview.

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Damn, Simu Liu - lookin' like a charismatic 007 villain haha. One of these days, we need to create our own Asian 007. How about Aaron Takahashi? haha. He hit the spot in that commercial. Or Donnie Yen. Because his name is Yen. Donnie Yen.

Ke Huy Quan's continued popularity and coverage is a "career" in of itself. And his 1.2 Million+ followers. Ke is too nice and humble to speak out. Very Jeremy Lin similar. Which is why the industry or hollywood had been planning to shut him down / kick him out, regardless of awards won. AAPI industry needs to create for him. Still - Ke was very wise to quickly accept the Loki S2 role (this was before EEAAO became an award-winning machine).

Monday, May 01, 2023

*My favorite part of "Dudes Behind The Foods" new podcast - Chia eating tiny bites, and Tim pissing off Chia. Every. Damn. Time. hahaha. However - they are a happy couple with a cute kid and a newborn. Life's swell, ain't it? Oh yeah - and D.So's story about putting his hands down slightly down his pants. Hey - Al Bundy does it all the time haha.

It's Asian-American Heritage Month! Well, for me - everyday is Asian-American heritage day. It's kind of ingrained now or innate, since we're treated as invisible and have to endure racism regularly (at least for a lot of Asian-Americans). Being prideful doesn't mean being hateful. You can feel pride of who you are, even being proud of being ugly or tiny haha. Unfortunately, hate apparently is automatic for a lot of folks.

With that said, I'm laser-focused on finding more Asian-American projects or personalities to support. That's all that matters to me - nothing else exists. Of course - it comes with the territory. For anyone sympathetic and supports our cause (regardless if it's a publicity stunt or not), it's only natural to support them back (or provide some exposure or marketing for them as well).

K. 576 is going to be the final Sonata. However - never say never. I usually find a movement that I haven't heard before or forgot about, and end up learning them (or re-learning pieces that I forgot about).

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Some folks might just eat to live, and most (like myself) live to eat apparently haha. I enjoy food too much I think. But it's also a coping mechanism - and it's not relegated to just the fat ones. You think only fatties have issues - then think again. Perhaps they just enjoy food more than anyone else. It could just be a simple reason as that. Eating unhealthy, over-eating junk food - these are some symptoms of something other than "enjoying food". If you can balance working out / exercising, then I think it's alright to eat junk food. Only fitness gurus or health nuts completely cut out junk food. That's an impossibility for me, since I enjoy junk food too much.

A lot of the content creators I'm subbed to are at least 12+ years younger than me. But that's just fine - mentally and emotionally, I'm about their age anyway since I'm damaged / scarred to begin with. Or the maturity of a 5 year old like Bobby Lee haha. We're both manic and a bit insane, but in terms of lack of maturity. I think we're both healing as well, and more at peace. Well - I'm not sure about Bobby Lee's path. D.Choe - I appreciate his unique talents in art, and perspectives. It might be a bit unusual or eccentric, and I don't prefer it any other way.

By the way, the past or memories from the past can be deleted / erased from your mind. Fortunately for me, it's like I woke up from a bad nightmare as if my life never existed before 40 years. The only thing I can remember, is that I wasted time going to elementary, middle, high school. And college. And that's it. And some eccentrics (the "Book of Yiddish" guy and a high school pal - we'd make fun of the pieces we'd sing in a choir (and being made fun of). Well - I had to do an extracurricular activity at that time. I was too ordinary or plain, even if I had a soft-ass voice).

I'd listen to Joe Jitsukawa anyday over Dr. Phil. More practical and the truths. Lump Dr. Phil with the likes of Jerry Springer - "Now Dat's Dem Mudda Boolsheeet!" hahaha.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

"Ghost Files" winning the Webby's. That's where it's at - a lot of "Go-To" content is from the web - not through the "Same Old Shit". Looking forward to S2.

Monday, April 24, 2023

To add to Joe Jitsukawa's thoughts or advice: if you want to get into the Youtube business, realize that it's not going to be easy and to never give up. It's much more difficult to gain and sustain viewership than getting haters haha. Well, hate goes with the territory. Seasoned / popular Youtubers already know how to deal with them - you just don't (as if they don't exist at all. Well, I'm sure they know how to other than blocking / deleting). For me - it's definitely not for me. I don't know anyone, and don't have the networking advantage to gain any viewers. Also - my creative juices and energy just isn't there (too lazy I guess).

I have to use this site as a springboard at some point. I'm only a Classical Pianist as an enthusiast / hobbyist, but who knows.

"Free Chol Sool Lee" on PBS - a must watch. Corky Lee - there are quite a few Asian-American stories of individuals suffering injustice or being victims to the racism of society.

What a line of Jeremy Lin - 50 PTS / 10 blocks / 11 assists. I bet he didn't even break a sweat haha. So Joseph Lin is on New Taipei. Jeremy Lin vs. Joseph Lin - the new rivalry for the ages or the rivalry of the decade.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

With Asian-American film festivals such as CAAMfest and Pac Arts Movement showcasing new films, there usually is bound to be interesting ones. These film festivals are what it's all about or where it's at - simply because there is nothing else in this life.

Congratulations to Simu Liu for the 2023 Radius Award. I have no idea what that is - Canadian awards are definitely new (unless you're Canadian of course). Paul S.H. Lee is winning his fair share as well.

Two top mainstream / clean comics or comedians: Henry Cho and Jimmy O. Yang. Bobby Lee would definitely be jealous haha - perhaps he should stop trying to be the "Naked Guy", and try being a "Funny Guy" for once haha (oh wait - he's already the "Fat Guy / Hobbit" haha). Open mics are interesting. Sometimes, if somebody doesn't mean or doesn't intend to be funny - it ends up being funny anyway. But that's just me. Or - Ming Chen's "Short Guy" jokes haha.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Tis the season for film festivals. In particular, Asian-American Film Festivals. Roll call: The Accidental Getaway Driver, Starring Jerry As Himself, Dealing With Dad, Liquor Store Dreams, NJP (abbreviated - interesting documentary on cutting-edge artist back in the day).

I haven't visited Philip Wang or Wong Fu Productions in awhile. While I've been a fan of them for awhile now, not everything is to my taste. So I stay away sparingly. However, Philip Wang recently brought up Arby's. Arby's is behind Wendy's in terms of fast food, but it is nostalgia. They have decent roast beef. Where the hell is an Arby's these days.

Friday, April 21, 2023

A Henry Cho poll (as well as the most important question of any year): What is the best burger place? In'N Out, Shake Shack and Five Guys have always been on the list. For me - Five Guys (just delicious burgers and them damn cajun fries). In 'N Out is only available in just a very few states, so it doesn't count.

Have you ever seen Bobby Lee try doing Tai Chi haha. That shit is hilarious. It's like watching a Jello Mold or a blob bobbing up and down hahaha.

I have no further comment on Michael Jackson. But my opinion - a person can comment on bouncy jugs comically, and still be a child molester. It's called - "Making An Observation Or A Joke".

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Daniel Dae Kim has a new "untitled" project at Amazon. I'm not sure if this is the "Butterfly" series, or completely something else. Otherwise - it might have just been a temporary title. With that said - good luck to all the applicants to star alongside Daniel Dae Kim. I'm looking forward to the new "The Last Airbender" - now this is worth it.

To be labeled or nominated as the "Laziest Youtuber" or the "Laziest At Anything" is considered a compliment nowadays haha. One can still accomplish a lot, and not do much. It's called - "Work Smarter, Not Harder". Joking aside - although this is true in a lot of situations, more often than not (and the reality is) - a lot of endeavors require hard work and a certain degree of luck.

I think there should be an age limit restriction to driving - at a very old age, you're basically "Driving While Judgment Impaired". Unless you're Bobby Lee - who might be always impaired haha.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Damn - don't mess with Lupe hahaha. Mac Talk is quite the moderator. That fat lady easily won that argument - that's real "Latino Heat" right there haha. Also - why is it that you don't want to get into an argument with the fat ones hahaha. "Do you want a cookie?" Do you want a cookie??" hahaha.

Gotta respect content creator / Youtuber / entrepreneur Joe Jitsukawa - he keeps it real, and keeps it tacky / funny haha. One thing is certain - when activities or the daily grind becomes a routine, then it becomes useless or meaningless.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

That slide whistle is quite funky haha. For comedic effects hahaha. But producing a song in an hour is quite a feat - only Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon. The dynamic duo of music production.

Hey Mac Talk - if you decide to pick up Crip Mac or take him out again to Chuck E. Cheese, just make sure to drive a car that's not pink hahaha.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

What the hell is a 'Durian' - only the most foul-smelling, rancid / disgusting fruit (or whatever the hell it is) haha. Imagine a band called 'Durian Durian' hahaha. I'm curious as well as to what the hell is wrong with "our people" (but that's the only exception). Because there's plenty wrong with "everyone else's people" as well.

I haven't heard from John Cho in awhile, other than being in a new horror film. "The Afterparty" S2 - only if Apple were affordable. Otherwise - there is Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix (for me - it's situational depending on what enticing Asian-American shows or projects there are). Again - watch "Beef". I hear D-Choe stole the spotlight in this one. Although Steven Yeun and Ali Wong brought their A-Game.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Check out Eddie Huang's recent podcast episode with Dr. Woo - it's a "What's Your Favorite Eats / Eateries" episode. After all - Eddie Huang is a chef, foodie, and just has a taste you can trust (well, not everything haha). Go watch "Huang's World" reruns (he used to operate a successful "Bao Haus" restaurant). A dish doesn't have to be presentable or precise. Taste is the most important - so a dish can look sloppy, but it can taste infinitely more delicious than all the grotesque / disgusting escargots of the world "hee hee hee haw haw haw" (laughing while miming).

"Aww Shucks" - Ricky Shucks and Tim Chantarangsu enjoy staying fat and lazy. Fat and Lazy. Same haha. Remember - it's always "Bro's Before Ho's". Good riddance. Nice advice - get fat, so your head won't look as big hahaha.

New article on "Better Luck Tomorrow": https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/better-luck-tomorrow-helped-change-hollywood-saw-asian-americans-rcna78368

"He's Back" - well, he's back filling potholes haha. With the new video from Ah-nold going viral, I found an old video of "The Terminator" reciting lines from his old movies haha. The funniest ones are from "Jingle All The Way" and "The Running Man".

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Has it been 20 years since "Better Luck Tomorrow" released. What a pivotal moment in Asian-American film history in the modern era. Literally turning stereotypes upside down and telling the industry to stick it. Our only supporter at that time - Roger Ebert, who stood up to say we can be whoever the hell we want to be. We sure have the capabilities - just don't make them too obvious. Being under-estimated has advantages.

Andrew Huang's "Sparkle Mountain" - what a creative song / video. It's quite a trip for anyone trippin' on hallucenogens haha. The only disconcerting thing are the CGI figures - they look a bit creepy.

Would the first question you would ask your kid (once they know how to speak) be: "Do you want to go to McDonald's?" haha.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

I'm looking forward to "Ghost Files" S2. I hope they'll reveal the locations at some point. I think there might be some known haunted locations, but some that are not as known or just unknowns. For sure - I had no idea about Hobo House haha. I think the name itself would scare off ghosts hahaha.

Mac Talk is really gettin' into beefs, rivalries - he's into one himself. He had the ultimate comeback however - the last word and the last laugh is what Mac is all about.

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