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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I enjoyed the offical trailer for "Cowboy Bebop", and I'm sold from just what was shown. The visuals are top-notch, and closely adheres to the original anime. They didn't show much action in terms of space battles, gang fights, individual fights, etc. But hopefully there'll be a lot of them - since the anime has them. The anime has also a lot of slow, brooding moments. I certainly do not expect an exact remake - but at least a decent adaptation in terms of characters and storylines. The anime has 26 episodes clocking at around 25 minutes each. How much did they pack into the 10 episode season (from what I hear) remains to be seen. How fluid or smooth from one story to the next, from one episode to the next is the question for me (or how they can seamlessly integrate them).

The hacker mischief of a child Ed is sort of a cute, comic relief in the anime. If the character is present, this should be one of the surprises of the series.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

I'm well into watching the entire "Cowboy Bebop" original anime with original voices. It's very intriguing, with every episode a different story and action (Spike's backstory unfolding as the episodes progress). It's stylistic and unique in its own right. I can imagine how a live-action can be a "make or break" type of deal. It would be easy to fuck it up. With the official trailer releasing today (I think), it's a wait-and-see. But we are very excited. Gotta love anime titties and asses haha.

Classical music or piano isn't for everyone. I've always believed - you pursue or listen to the type of music you enjoy. That's most important. I didn't exactly enjoy classical piano earlier in my life - but fortunately, finding that passion and enjoyment now is sort of like a re-birth for me. The subject matter of social anxiety is such a relevant topic - it was debilitating for me. I believe it's improving now - step by step.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

If you look up or do a search on Randall Park, you might find a rare update of what he's up to. He has his own production company, so I'm sure he's busy with various projects. But once in awhile, he'll re-surface on a podcast such as the recent "Fun With Dumb". Still - the Bobby Lee guest appearance was epic because he didn't know it was live, and had a staring contest (or no laughing contest) with Rick haha.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Congratulations to Yul Moldauer and US Gymnastics team at the Worlds Championship - Yul placed fourth I hear. Like so many of today's generation of exceptional talent, Yul has potential to improve and be even greater. Hopefully in the near future, he'll be even better. In the meantime, here's to "Yul-Sanity" as well haha. Ohtani-Sanity, Morikawa-Sanity, and now Yul-Sanity. We Asians got it covered in sports now.

There are a lot of exceptional pianists and musicians - a lot being produced from Lang Lang's Foundation. In particular, the Little Pianists series. If you can develop passion, discipline and technique early, that is ideal.

"The Movies That Made Us" is docu-series on classic films or movies that we grew up on ('80's or '90's). Movies that have quotables and are embedded in society as iconic. I found it informative and hilarious. The trifecta of horror movies - "Halloween", "Friday The 13th", "A Nightmare On Elm Street". Damn - they actually showed the blood and gore up close. Why not I guess - since I think by now, the scenes that are usually cut due to the graphic nature are tame to today's standards I guess.

Friday, October 22, 2021

That is damn cool - voice controlled instruments, or instruments controlled or played by voice. This might be ideal for a Ricky Berwick haha.

Between Bobby Lee and Doc in the context of "The Wizard Of Oz" - Bobby Lee would have played a "Fat Munchkin" and Doc a "Lollipop Kid" haha.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

John Cho has that slender, lean build that fits the role of Spike Spiegel to the tee. And that hair haha - I nearly did not recognize him when I first saw the image of him in character. As for the other characters, not familiar with the anime. Gotta watch it before this releases.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Oh yeah - official teaser for "Cowboy Bebop" (at least a promo filmed separately from the series), with the trailer in one week. Netflix tends to release the official trailer within a month before the release of a show. With that said, I guess we can expect the "Cobra Kai" S4 official trailer in early December. *Update - Netflix is going to air the original "Cowboy Bebop" anime apparently. Woot!

Liszt's "Il Lamento" Concert Etude No. 1 has also like a Nocturne or dreamy atmosphere or ambiance. But the themes / melodies or motifs are more on the emotionally heavy, mysterious side. It depends on one's experiences or personal interpretation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Here is another mudda funny - Nomad Guru Joe Jitsukawa on his secretive hiking spot wregh! hahaha:

Sunday, October 17, 2021

I'm just havin' fun with these new pics from Daniel Dae Kim's social media - scenes from "The Premise", although I do not know what this scene is about (or the show):

As part of the Job Displacement / Assessment Team: "So you want a raise, huh" "Let me think about it. You might deserve a raise actually" "Nah. We already decided you're fired" (service with a smile hahaha)

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Classical concerts or recitals are usually only available in person or live - almost never streamed or televised (in rare situations that they are, online tickets need to be purchased). Such is the case with Maestro Lang Lang. There was probably one time where a recital was streamed live for free - a program consisting of Tchaikovsky's "The Seasons" several years ago. A very rare occasion.

With Andrew Huang known for his prowess of creating music out of ordinary or everyday sounds, he's also known for finding interesting gadgets or devices and extracting music out of them. For anyone into music production, his online courses are highly recommended.

Bobby Lee-And-A-Half has a nice ring to it, if Doc is Half-A-Man hahaha. But we get it - Doc also looks like Gary Coleman - "Doc Watcha Doin' Doc??!!" haha

I was wondering if someone could ask The Shat if he had the chance to look out the plane window and if he saw a Gremlin or a Man out there haha. The Twilight Zone in space haha.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Funny Images / Pics from social media of the day:
Just Call Him "Fat Man" haha Tim Chantarangsu Look-A-Like Or Is It Really Tim? (It's The "Low Voltage Job Guy")

Maestro Lang Lang is now on his way to his concert tour in Europe. Var. 21 and 25 are hauntingly beautiful variations, No. 25 in particular is tricky or difficult to express due to the rhythm. The subtle nuances / dynamics - I can sense the deep, passive emotions expressed in them. The power of music - when you're completely immersed, relaxed and in-control in a performance. Concert performers or musicians can deal with nerves or being nervous due to their experiences. I always wondered if I can perform in front of at least a few persons (recording in front of a camera does not count).

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Kudos to the cast and crew of "Blue Bayou", and especially Justin Chon. A powerful film, with powerful performances and absolutely relevant. His best work yet in my opinion. A film review posted on my Film Forum page.

Ever heard of a Booty Call? How about "When Foodie Calls" haha. That works for me. It's always hilarious to watch D-So's reaction when he goes on a ride that he has a phobia with - zip-lining, and now the former "Tower of Terror" haha. Hell - I wouldn't go on them even if you paid me.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

It's that time of the year for haunted houses, classic horror films, and dressing up as Phil Swift haha. Speaking of which, Flex Music?? Well, I noticed that some channels seem to be only airing 5 or 10 seconds of Flex Seal commercials before cutting away hahaha. "Now that's a lotta bullshit". Nonetheless, they've become viral and separate entertainment entity of its own.

It's also that time of year of playing Liszt's "Danse Macabre". This time, learning / playing the notes correctly. Liszt transcriptions can be particularly difficult due to massive jumps and chords, but all it takes is proper conditioning of both hands and they'll cooperate or automatically find the notes.

The more I practice / play Liszt's Concert Etude No. 1, the more I believe that the title is fitting - "Il Lamento". It really has that tragic / melancholy sound or melody - played throughout several different keys in both hands.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Congratulations to Simu Liu with his new project - "One True Loves". I hope he's one of the main leads. Because you know that I'll watch it if so (availability pending however on VOD). Other new projects: John Cho's new film I heard about (forget the title), and the collaboration between Daniel Dae Kim and Randall Park. By the way, whatever happened to Randall Park? He deleted his social media long ago, so updates are rare (gotta find out through others).

I'll be focusing more on Beethoven.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

How the hell did Bobby Lee get this fat haha - I mean, HFC-Fat hahaha. Anyway, from pics shown on the podcast with Steebee Weebee (even he was like - is that really Bobby Lee?). "Here is a very fat Bobby Lee in his natural habitat being fed":

John J. Rambo as a Jawah in Star Wars? Then Bobby Lee would've played an alternative Yogurt in Spaceballs. That image is just hilarious hahaha.

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

I'm glad to hear Maestro Lang Lang returning to perform J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations again. I've been inspired to practice this piece in its entirety recently (since watching his playlist of videos on them), and you can pick up nuances once you get the hang of it. Var. 11 and Var. 13 are my favorites (and a few more) - I just get the feels or chills from playing certain passages. A few variations including No. 20 are still giving me trouble, but would need to focus more on them. To coincide, I might play through it again on that recital day.

Bobby Lee vs. Steebee Weebee. You can't get any more dramatic / hilarious than these two, perhaps more than his beef with D.Choe haha. Speaking of "fucked up bodies", Doc is definitely like a skin tag or an oompa loompa hahahaha. It's ok - most of us have some kind of degree of a "fucked up body" including myself (if hernias count) haha. Also - it might just be me, but Rudy sounds kinda slow haha. It's ok - I have adult ADHD.

Monday, October 04, 2021

I'm glad to hear that a second season is currently in production for "Alice in Borderland". I have to give the edge to "Alice in Borderland" - this and Ohjingoh Game are both well-executed and excellently directed / presented in what they were trying to tell. I feel however, "Alice in Borderland" appeared to be a bit more layered and sympathetic / suspenseful without getting too bloody or showing gratuitous gore. Here's to hoping for another season for Ohjingoh Game however.

More notable tidbits from the Tim C. / D-So seafood Mukbang:
  • "...lookin' like a piece of Hawaiian bread" LMAO
  • the duo do a better impression of the Jello Pudding guy than the Jello Pudding guy himself LMAO
  • Tim Chantarangsu givin' a hearty burp or belch before ending or concluding the Mukbang video LMAO
  • who doesn't love the Jackin' Off story LMAO

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Congratulations to Philip Wang and his wife for expecting - you gotta share these things. And about that pregnancy pillow haha.

As they say - food, folks and fun. Except if you're the HFC, it's more like - eating for two, or three, or five, or.....hahaha. Mukbangs are not only for good eats, but to talk shit / smack and laughin' yer ass off. What parent actually looks forward to diaper duties - but that's all part of early parenting (Man, David So looked and sounded as scared as he was when he was about to zip-line with Tim Chantarangsu in that Vegas foodie episode). That, and sleepless nights. I've slept so much in my life, I might be the next anointed "Slept King" haha. It's as they say, a life-changing experience.

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Although Jonny Kim is currenly a NASA astronaut, he was previously a Navy Seal and a physician / doctor as well? What careers. I can see how the skillset of both being in the military and science would carry over well as an astronaut, but to be able to hold careers in these fields is an achievement that is practically unheard of or extremely rare. I wouldn't be surprised if Asian-Americans had posters or pinups of the ultra-talented person.

Yes, Andrew Huang - you still got the classical music chops. His modest composition for his finale in the Spacetime saga reminds me of Chopin. Or has that Chopin aura - the Nocturnes in particular. Classical Music influences almost every musican. Nocturnes and Waltzes are my favorites - which I have get back to.

Here's another given - Bobby Lee might be a bit tone-deaf as well (to be fair, everyone on that podcast that tried to sing were a bit tone-deaf and butchered the lyrics haha). Tryin' to sing "Do-Re-Mi" from the "Sound of Music"? haha. Well, it was a fitting situation since the guests "looked like" the Von Trapp family to begin with (that is a given hahaha).

Friday, October 01, 2021

With the Netflix hit "Ohjingoh" (Squid) Game currently the most talked about K-Drama, I decided to check out "Alice in Borderland" (currently watching). It's a Japanese Netflix thriller that came before Ohjingoh Game. The premise was somewhat borrowed from "Alice in Borderland", but there are differences. Ohjingoh Game is more horror and bloody, while Alice in Borderland is more Sci-Fi (gotta love the single laser beams off'ing contestants). While Ohjingoh Game is about choice, the contestants in Alice are forced to play survival games - with random participants whisked away into the alternate reality of a deserted / empty Tokyo - where it becomes the game grid for the contestants. It's still as edgy and violent - but so far, it is highly fun, intense and enjoyable.

Speaking of game shows, remember "Deal or No Deal"? Jesus F'n Christ - who would pass up 60K? Right - that very first contestant to get a boob job with 5K haha.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

I can't wait for the thrilling conclusion to Andrew Huang's "Spacetime Odyssey" - apparently, he did spoil that he made it back to Earth. So how's Horace doing? haha.

The key to a hilarious, or a must-see / must-hear podcast is synergy and good energy (yeah - somebody get Khalyla that guy with pecs - that pic seems to perk her up haha). Unless it's a serious topic / subject matter, the conversation should just flow without trying too hard as if you were "reading a script". Sort of like improvising and saying stuff on the spot. This is why I've been hooked on Bobby Lee, aside from having a lot of commonalities with Bobby Lee (except that I don't look like a Hobbit haha). He's coming from a Comedian or a Comic POV, so points of views are different in terms of what should be tolerated or not. I do not condone or have zero tolerance with racial humor (using slurs or racist gestures for example) from other races. Although it might be ok with Bobby Lee ("and I get that"), keep in mind however that everyone is easily influenced or brain-washed to think it's ok. And that kind of problem just perpetuates like a wildfire, which is one reason why stereotypes / racism continue to stick or thrive.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Collin Morikawa clinching the win in the Ryder Cup for the US. Congratulations, and good luck to a new season for the Golf phenom. He didn't finish the previous season well, perhaps due to an injury he incurred from playing in the Olympics from what I heard.

Have you heard of Eden Kai? Neither have I haha. I found out who he was via a collab video with AJ Rafael. Eden Kai appears to be a Ukelele / Guitar virtuoso - I'm on the lookout for any other virtuoso musicians, as I am sure there are more from the Asian persuasion. I don't watch reality shows at all, but perhaps "Terrace House" Aloha State or Tokyo seasons might be worthwhile.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Congratulations to "Shang-Chi" for still being No. 1 - four weeks in a row and counting. I've been staying away from any Simu Liu controversies. The bottom line is this - practically everyone in the entertainment industry has some kind of dark or hidden secrets (whether they are racist yet to be exposed, said something dumb years and years ago, etc.). For any racists / haters - it would be very convenient to dig up something from Simu's past - simply because he has succeeded in becoming blockbuster superhero with a blockbuster movie. And you know they hate to see an Asian succeed in the entertainment / film industry. A sequel should be inevitable. And I hope Simu returns to social media.

The new "Cowboy Bebop" opening looks awesome - can't wait Nov. 19 for sure.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Rich Ting is - "Dynamite Davenport". Then who is "No Name"? hahaha. This appears intriguing - an old western with bounty hunters. I'd like to think this was color-blind casting, since it is highly doubtful that Dynamite Davenport is Asian. But as an Asian-American, Rich Ting is a very versatile actor with a body of a veteran weight lifter.

Video Game movies, or movies based on Video Games, tend to suck ass anyway. But this Super Mario casting fiasco is a "you've got to be fuckin' kiddin' me" kind of deal. For me, it's more like "Who The Hell or Fuck Is That 'Actor'??" haha. Gotta love Sungwon Cho aka ProZD and Ricky Berwick skits on this haha.

Friday, September 24, 2021

What a collab - Tim Chantarangsu and Paula Abdul eatin' Taco Bell in an upcoming video. And Tim probably thinkin' in this pic from his Twitter - should I try to cop a feel? hahaha. Nah - Tim is married and is classy. Or not. Might as well just give him a parody show called "Master of 'Puns'" haha. Simply because he is the Pun Man.

According to evolution, homo sapiens evolved from primates. But yeah - even at a zoo, that is quite inappropriate haha. Shame on you gorillas!

I had to watch Bobby Lee's guest appearance in a recent podcast to know what the word "incel" meant. From an incel, to a fuck machine - good job, Bobby haha. But our common base - we're both broken, and we do not give a rat's ass. But I was always broken.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Justin Chon's newest project or film involves hip hop artist / sensation Rich Brian (his beats are fly, although I cannot say the same for R & B - I just detest that genre). It's very heartening to hear that Justin Chon is going out of his way to tell stories from different Asian ethnicities (not just East Asians). Although East Asians are the least represented and most over-looked, simply because we do not look "white" at all (as opposed to some ethnicities that look more "white" or try to have "white / western" features. Fuck dat). We are very proud of what we look like, and we wouldn't want it any other way (just get a daily affirmation from Bobby Lee - we're similar in that sense, not giving a fuck haha). We'll let our talents shine eventually.

"Shang-Chi" arriving on Disney+, as well as the new "Obi-Wan Kenobi" show. Is that enough to subscribe? Our budget wouldn't allow any premium channels however. I just want affirmation that Sung Kang's role is juicy. Otherwise - too often, these kinds of characters are only seen in 1 episode or just a few scenes. Fuck dat.

I'll be focusing on Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 5, W.A. Mozart's K. 311 Piano Sonata, and Liszt Concert Etude No.1 "Il Lamento".

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Sung Kang's character "Rambo" from the sleeper or indie hit "Snakehead" could have been an alternate pathway for his other character Han Lue from "Better Luck Tomorrow" - in the sense that Han could have become that kind of character or personality (if he didn't join up with the Fast crew that is). After all - he was part of a gang in high school in "Better Luck Tomorrow", and I could imagine that actually. Instead, Han joined the "Fast" crew, with his famous "Tokyo Drift" sayings - "Life is simple. You make choices and don't look back" and "I need character around me". Likewise, I could imagine Earl as the new name for Virgil Hu.

Sung Kang also hinted at wielding a lightsaber for his role in "Obi-Wan Kenobi". I don't give a rat's ass if he's a Sith or a bounty hunter. As long as it's a juicy role - it might be worthing subbing to that channel for awhile.

With that said, go watch "Snakehead" (in October) and "Blue Bayou" (out now).

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