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Sunday, November 28, 2021

How To Cackle Like A Bobby Lee:

Lean back and let out a hearty cackle Proceed to twist or contort yourself in a position to cackle even more - weirdly The usual head on the table laugh as the final let out hahaha

Damn - Nicocado appears to be damn proud of his "I'm Gettin' Fat" T-Shirt. For sure - color coordinated, and Fat-coordinated as well hahaha:

Friday, November 26, 2021

The holidays begin. Christmas music begins. Leftovers begin haha. It just means another end to another year yikes. But this is the most festive time of the year - it usually brightens the mood or spirit to most fo' sho'.

My Christmas Movie To Watch Or Pick - "Love Hard" with Jimmy O. Yang. I might watch it again.

Improvisation or playing by ear is a lost art. A skillset that only a handful can do well.

I might need to play the Beethoven final movement like there is no tomorrow. That's how intense or melodic it can get. It should be the final video for the year.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Turkey Day or Happy Feasting Day. On this Thanksgiving Day, certainly I give my thanks to the delicious food / meals that we eat. And the leftovers. With that said, I just finished watching the live adaptation of "Cowboy Bebop" and my review:

I loved it. It was fresh and new, while maintaining the spirit of the anime. It was artistic (in terms of visuals and music), and stylish. The show was mostly driven by the amazing visuals, dialogue / banter between characters, humor, and of course - music. Music was like another character in this series. Music was like a theme per episode. It set the mood for each episode. I wish they played "Real Folk Blues" at the end of every episode.

There are a lot of favorite scenes. Some include - Spike hanging upside down from the rooftop of a building (only held on by the mechanical arm of Jet), and the wide shot of him smoking the situation away between two luscious boobs on a poster / billboard haha. Jet catching Faye foolin' around with the Mechanic Lady - "What The Fuck??! - We've got to go!" hahaha. Faye finally using her ship to save the crew at the chapel.

Vicious was really vicious in this one. Julia's role was re-vamped and given a larger role - hence the twists and turns of her character. She is now a villain herself.

I hope there is a Season 2. If so, I would like to see some space battles as there weren't any (neither in the anime however). Also - there are still plenty of bounties and stories to come up with (especially ones that were not utilized from the anime). And the cameo appearance of Ed in the final scene with Spike could be another starting point.

And that is my Thanksgiving Review Of The Day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I might have to create a playlist of "The Choe Show" - I'm feelin' the content. It sort of reminds me of the "Andy Milonakis Show", except more serious and artsy. Choe's content makes you contemplate and think, for once / for real. As weird or unusual it might be. But what is weird? Weird might be the new normal. Otherwise, normal is goddamn boring haha.

I take or derive my inspiration from 3 modern day pianists - Lang Lang, Nobuyuki Tsujii and the VGP (the Video Game Pianist). And then reflecting on my own experiences / emotions. Speaking of the VGP, kudos on finishing the marathon. The most I ever ran or jogged is about 3 miles.

I consider "actually living" or my life actually starting after 40. Before that - I realized it's nothing but a figment of my imagination. A dream. And I just woke up from a bad nightmare. Fortunately, there's only the future to look forward to. However scary and uncertain it might seem.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Simu Liu was awesome / hilarious on SNL. There should have been a "Shang-Chi" skit with Bowen Yang as Lil Ronnie Chieng's character haha. It's been awhile since I've seen or watched an SNL - I forgot how outrageous and raunchy the humor or comedy can get. The dude who kept eating the cake during the baking championship skit - why is he so thin. Perhaps they should've used the fat lady for that role haha.

Quote Of The Day: "I was dreaming. And then I woke up". For sure - my real life / identity began actually when I turned 40. And that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

I began watching the live adaptation of "Cowboy Bebop" last night, and it delivers so far. The visuals are amazing (on par or better than most big budget sci-fi shit), it captures the spirit of the anime for sure, and banter. Gotta love the humorous banter between Spike and Jet. The anime was infused with humor or funny stuff. And Spike is always hungry - why not, since they are bounty hunters on the hunt gettin' scraps or ripped off throughout the Solar System. Which makes it fun. Every episode appears to be a new adventure, new bounty - so they are not necessarily related with each other. Except for the underlying or background stories of the characters. There are some new elements / changes. You can't please everyone. Haters (including the usual racists) hate without really thinking about it (if at all), or any reason, - or any "rhythm" for that matter (tone deaf much I guess) haha. Music drives this series so far, and it has a character of its own. Off to a pretty good start - can't wait to finish it.

The burping contest in the "Podcast Wars" episode of "Scissors Bros". They sure would give Booger a run for his money in a new belching contest if there was a new "Revenge Of The Nerds" haha.

Hey Bobby Lee - Stop Yelling At D.Choe! haha.

Friday, November 19, 2021

I didn't know the difference between Acryllic and Oil painting, since I'm not a painter or an artist. I think Bob Ross was a landscape oil painter - not sure about that. The arts (drawing, painting, dancing or music) exists as a means of expression and sharing. Yes - you can do it for money (if you pursue a career that is), but I think it is most beneficial or therapeutic if it is utilized to share and express. But that's just me.

If there are Ad Blockers, shouldn't there be Video Blockers as well. A lot of online publications have auto-play / can't close videos in some of their articles. Hell no. I prefer not to read the article or give it clicks, if it means having to run irrelevant or unsightly crap vids. The recent John Cho interview with GQ is an example. Great interview from first glance or skimming it over. Perhaps on my mobile where the vids are probably more hidden.

I hope John Cho gets more leading opportunities in the future. He worked hard for his role as Spike in "Cowboy Bebop" in terms of getting the martial arts down pat, and being sculpted / toned down. Both actor and character are slender and long, so John Cho definitely fits the role to the tee. It's November 19, and can't wait to finally watch it.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

There are interesting dynamics between Tim Chantarangsu and D-So, resulting in hilarity. "Dudes With The Foods" (nice name as well haha), has been added to new podcast listens.

I'm not sure if the "podcast wars" between the Scissors Bros. and Bad Friends is going to reach the levels of the "wrasslin' wars" (wwe vs. wcw) of the '90s haha. It should be interesting. It appears "Good Friends" drew first blood however haha.

Netflix new addition "From Zero To Hero" was a heart-warming / inspiring film about Paralympian So Wa Wei who broke gold medal records. Perhaps I'll write up a review.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

In two days - let's jam. "Cowboy Bebop" lands on Netflix. Music has an influence in this adaptation, and definitely looking forward to it. From the clips or videos so far, it looks stylish for sure. Music can either set the mood for a show, or become like an integral part of the show like a character so to speak. That's the beauty of music - it has that influence and effect.

Gotta love how Bobby Lee picks on Doc Willis. Oh right - he also looks like Emmanual Lewis haha. Also - Doc sits next to Rudy so he can look larger haha. For next Halloween, I think I'll dress up as Bobby Lee. Have a beanie, just need to buy a hair piece and them oversized glasses haha. I'm gaining weight anyway (and have ADHD as well), so that's been taken care of.

Out here, we get at least 1 power outages during the winter or this time of year. If it's widespread, it takes at least a full day or more for restoration (depending on the severity). Extreme weather is everywhere these days - summers are becoming hotter and drier, autumns / winters are becoming wetter and stormier. Hopefully we'll be somewhat spared for the season, but who knows. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Right now - I should just focus on preparing for next year as opposed to having panic attacks or overly worrying.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Congratulations to Simu Liu for being recognized as "Game Changer" for his performance and character of "Shang-Chi". Also - I hope either Daniel Dae Kim or Simu Liu can win "Man Of The Year" or "SMA" - but just being recognized is a start in what is still a long ways to go. Step by step as they say. "Shang-Chi" is now on Disney plus - go watch it. And don't forget to vote for Simu and "Shang-Chi" for the PCA! See ya, wouldn't want to be ya. Booyah. D.Choe content is refreshing content.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Oh yeah - 88Rising presents "Head In The Clouds '21" concert. The new generation of Asian-American musicians - Rich Brian among others. I'm mostly into Youtube musicians (acoustical, classical or just unique / different or talented as in a Andrew Huang - the Music Production Guru).

An $800 meal? Sounds like them snooty escargot / snail meals - you can buy a decent laptop with that. I "Wouldn't Want To Trust The Goddamn Chef" either haha.

Is there anybody more fitting than Tim Chantarangsu singing these lyrics hahaha: "I don't want anybody else, when I think about ya I touch myself". Hahahaha. Just thinking about Tim singing that is hilarious. Another catchy sing-a-long - the "Pizza Man" song from D.Choe haha. A new superhero we all need and deserve, because who doesn't love pizza.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Just as I was lamenting about the lack of Rom-Coms with Asian-Americans, there is "Love Hard" - just released on Netflix. I haven't seen Jimmy O. Yang in awhile, but what a pleasant surprise - funny and light-hearted with inspiring moments even I should have learned from years ago. Film review forthcoming for sure.

Monday, November 08, 2021

What can be more enticing to get you to listen to or watch a podcast episode than Tim Chantarangsu's story of being caught jackin' off haha. But anyway - this particular No Chaser podcast episode has some sound advice in terms of how not to think when it comes to desiring a relationship. And Tim - please use a mobile and do it discretely this time hahaha.

My Go-To Podcast Channels (some are 'listen at your own risk' type):
GeniusBrain (select guests / topics)
Bad Friends (very situational / select guests if at all)
Fun With Dumb (select guests / topics)
TigerBelly (select guests / topics)
No Chaser (select guests / topics)
Steve-O's Wild Ride (very situational)
That's it for now - more to come as I find more

Back in my day - it was more "Nice Guys Did Finish Last" or "Asian Guys Did Finish Last / Pushed Aside / Excluded". I really hope that things have changed now - I do not want today's generation or millennials of my race / ethnicity to go through or experience that extreme racial stereotyping back in the day.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

I'm usually on the look-out for some good Asian-American Film Festivals - there can be hidden gems. They are not necessarily showcasing full-length films, but also entertaining or fun, informative shorts / documentaries. And Asian-Americans / Asians need to continue to create for themselves to put themselves out there. With that said - Pac Arts Movement or the recent SDAAFF is another one. "Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes" sounded very intriguing.

More personalities to lookout for:
Henry Cho - Comedian
Mike "Strictly Dumplings" Chen - Food Youtuber (who doesn't seem to gain weight - considering what he eats / not just dumplings haha)
Pornsak Pichetshote - creator of the "The Good Asian" comic

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Abstract beauty is in art, music. Art or music is in the abstract. Let's philosophize. Didn't W.A. Mozart quote "music is in the silence in between notes" or something like that. My interpretation or thoughts - the intervals / distances and rests - sometimes, a halfstep or a wholestep (with a bit of finesse and hesitation) can create the ultimate sound. Quote of the day from D.Choe - "Silence is abstract art". I'm lovin' it. Words are limited by the brain and emotions. The arts (music, painting, dance) are expressed by the senses, emotions, spirituality, the body as well as the intellect. That's my take.

Check out Daniel Dae Kim and "The Hot Zone: Anthrax" near the end of the month (if you are subscribed to the channel). It is also recently announced that Daniel Dae Kim is also going to be in a revamped "The Last Airbender". Unfortunately, I do not know anything about this show to give a rat's ass about. But it is very important to reverse the fuckin' white-washing that went on years ago with certain anime. I might check it out. Also - "Cowboy Bebop" in two weeks. Booyah!

The Steebee Weebee Bad Friends episode with Doc might eclipse as my most listened to or the funniest podcast for me so far. Just "Three Little Dudes With A Rudy" making fun of each other the entire time haha. With a side of Billy Dee Williams haha.

Friday, November 05, 2021

I am looking forward to "One Trues Love" with Simu Liu as one of the leads. We need more Asians (Asian-American or Canadian) in a rom-com or a romantic, not since "Always Be My Maybe". Since it's all about dismantling / eliminating stereotypes. There is still a long ways to go, since there is still a dearth or scarcity of it - which is why I'm not at all paying attention to the genre's existence. Otherwise, we need to continue to create for ourselves.

At first - it would be difficult to believe that D.Choe is the "Richest Painter / Artist In The World" from the way he dresses or carries himself haha. But believe it - he has that talent (after looking at some of his works). Great art (like music) is a form of expression in ways that words cannot express. I'll stick with them like-minded indivduals thank you very much, and nobody else. If I had premium channels, I would definitely watch "The Choe Show". I have to settle for Youtube clips on his channel unfortunately. Here's to hoping he'll appear in more podcasts. There's something to be learned everytime.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

That's just too "sa-weet" or how "sa-weet" it is - Simu Liu to host SNL on 11/20/21. Mark yer calendars, and watch it live!

I think Shin Lim is going to give Ryan Hayashi a run for his money. Lim has very fast hands, and it seems that card tricks is his thing. Ryan appears to have a broader range of tricks, with coins being his expertise. They both fooled Penn & Teller, and practically everybody or anyone who does not know magic.

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

*That's just too "sa-weet" - Simu Liu to host SNL on 11/20/21. Mark yer calendars, and watch it live!

Rich Brian in "New Tooth". In two days, we'll know what that is about. Either a music video or a movie. I'm guessing music video. But how can you top "Edamame" - that shit is just catchy and my choice for Music Video Of The Year.

The "Magic" of Shin Lim - I don't know many magicians or illusionists (if at all - although Jay Chou and some of his buddies are known to be quite the illusionists / magicians), but I think I better take a look into this guy. Retribution for Shin Lim for sure - call out to all the mediocrities for stealing Shin Lim's act haha. It's ok, Doc Willis - I suck at shuffling cards too haha. Well, at least I can keep the cards in my hands.

Reading the synopsis of Kal Penn's new book, it sounds as if his life unfolded or is similar to his on-screen character Kumar Patel. Here's still to hoping for a "Harold & Kumar 4".

It's November already. Two more months left - next year should be a life-changing year. I better get all my silliness, immaturity and horniness out before that haha.

Monday, November 01, 2021

The previous Halloween was a home-made Phil Swift costume. This year would have been Shang-Chi. It's nice seeing all the Shang-Chi costumes worn by many - anyone can dress up as any character from any superhero movie. It's probably just rumors at this point, but a sequel to Shang-Chi is in early development I hear. I'm looking forward to an official confirmation to a "Shang-Chi 2" but at any rate - production won't begin until another year later.

Here's another Sung Kang interview (let's put it to rest - he can't talk about his role in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show) - https://www.looper.com/644283/sung-kang-talks-snakehead-star-wars-and-the-importance-of-asian-stories-exclusive-interview//

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Aside from the classic horror films, my recommendation of the day for Halloween is the K-Movie "Ghost / Grotesque Mansion". Watch it in the dark, and it is creepy as hell.

The rest of the year is over for me in terms of any new movies - nothing to watch. After "Shang-Chi" and Justin Chon's "Blue Bayou", there is Evan Jackson Leong's "Snakehead". Other than that, nothing.

I'm thinking about Beethoven's late Piano Sonatas. His Piano Sonatas from No. 1 - No. 15 have some well-known melodies, but after No. 20 - it is not as known or played but certainly there are hidden gems there.

It's simple math I guess when you try to combine or fuse the two haha: D-So + Bobby Lee = A Very Hungry Fat Guy

+ =

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Finished watching the Cowboy Bebop original anime - loved the vibe, the colors. And I certainly enjoyed singing along to the ending credits song of each episode - if they could somehow integrate that into the live-action. The finale (or the final two episodes) is dark or grim. I felt the ending was kind of unclear or uncertain - but it certainly isn't a clear-cut happy ending for sure. The creepiest episode - "Pierre Le Fou" (something out of that '90's animated Batman series with the Toy Maker). I certainly can't select favorites, since they are all entertaining and fun - perhaps the ones with space battles, Spike's flashbacks, ones with a lot of boobies / skin haha, etc.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Awesome new character posters. Presenting the Cowboy Bebop crew:


Thursday, October 28, 2021

The only nominees to vote for (for the PCA) are: Simu Liu, "Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings" (any other characters in it), and "Cobra Kai". That is all, all day / everyday - I just immediately go to them, and block out everything else. Booyah.

I can imagine how extremely difficult adapting an anime to live-action is. The official trailer to "Cowboy Bebop" looks awesome however, and official trailers don't show everything or usually don't show the juicy stuff anyway. The exception might be "Shang-Chi", where early trailers teased or showed the fight scene in the bus - which is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I enjoyed the offical trailer for "Cowboy Bebop", and I'm sold from just what was shown. The visuals are top-notch, and closely adheres to the original anime. They didn't show much action in terms of space battles, gang fights, individual fights, etc. But hopefully there'll be a lot of them - since the anime has them. The anime has also a lot of slow, brooding moments. I certainly do not expect an exact remake - but at least a decent adaptation in terms of characters and storylines. The anime has 26 episodes clocking at around 25 minutes each. How much did they pack into the 10 episode season (from what I hear) remains to be seen. How fluid or smooth from one story to the next, from one episode to the next is the question for me (or how they can seamlessly integrate them).

The hacker mischief of a child Ed is sort of a cute, comic relief in the anime. If the character is present, this should be one of the surprises of the series.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

I'm well into watching the entire "Cowboy Bebop" original anime with original voices. It's very intriguing, with every episode a different story and action (Spike's backstory unfolding as the episodes progress). It's stylistic and unique in its own right. I can imagine how a live-action can be a "make or break" type of deal. It would be easy to fuck it up. With the official trailer releasing today (I think), it's a wait-and-see. But we are very excited. Gotta love anime titties and asses haha.

Classical music or piano isn't for everyone. I've always believed - you pursue or listen to the type of music you enjoy. That's most important. I didn't exactly enjoy classical piano earlier in my life - but fortunately, finding that passion and enjoyment now is sort of like a re-birth for me. The subject matter of social anxiety is such a relevant topic - it was debilitating for me. I believe it's improving now - step by step.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

If you look up or do a search on Randall Park, you might find a rare update of what he's up to. He has his own production company, so I'm sure he's busy with various projects. But once in awhile, he'll re-surface on a podcast such as the recent "Fun With Dumb". Still - the Bobby Lee guest appearance was epic because he didn't know it was live, and had a staring contest (or no laughing contest) with Rick haha.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Congratulations to Yul Moldauer and US Gymnastics team at the Worlds Championship - Yul placed fourth I hear. Like so many of today's generation of exceptional talent, Yul has potential to improve and be even greater. Hopefully in the near future, he'll be even better. In the meantime, here's to "Yul-Sanity" as well haha. Ohtani-Sanity, Morikawa-Sanity, and now Yul-Sanity. We Asians got it covered in sports now.

There are a lot of exceptional pianists and musicians - a lot being produced from Lang Lang's Foundation. In particular, the Little Pianists series. If you can develop passion, discipline and technique early, that is ideal.

"The Movies That Made Us" is docu-series on classic films or movies that we grew up on ('80's or '90's). Movies that have quotables and are embedded in society as iconic. I found it informative and hilarious. The trifecta of horror movies - "Halloween", "Friday The 13th", "A Nightmare On Elm Street". Damn - they actually showed the blood and gore up close. Why not I guess - since I think by now, the scenes that are usually cut due to the graphic nature are tame to today's standards I guess.

Friday, October 22, 2021

That is damn cool - voice controlled instruments, or instruments controlled or played by voice. This might be ideal for a Ricky Berwick haha.

Between Bobby Lee and Doc in the context of "The Wizard Of Oz" - Bobby Lee would have played a "Fat Munchkin" and Doc a "Lollipop Kid" haha.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

John Cho has that slender, lean build that fits the role of Spike Spiegel to the tee. And that hair haha - I nearly did not recognize him when I first saw the image of him in character. As for the other characters, not familiar with the anime. Gotta watch it before this releases.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Oh yeah - official teaser for "Cowboy Bebop" (at least a promo filmed separately from the series), with the trailer in one week. Netflix tends to release the official trailer within a month before the release of a show. With that said, I guess we can expect the "Cobra Kai" S4 official trailer in early December. *Update - Netflix is going to air the original "Cowboy Bebop" anime apparently. Woot!

Liszt's "Il Lamento" Concert Etude No. 1 has also like a Nocturne or dreamy atmosphere or ambiance. But the themes / melodies or motifs are more on the emotionally heavy, mysterious side. It depends on one's experiences or personal interpretation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Here is another mudda funny - Nomad Guru Joe Jitsukawa on his secretive hiking spot wregh! hahaha:

Sunday, October 17, 2021

I'm just havin' fun with these new pics from Daniel Dae Kim's social media - scenes from "The Premise", although I do not know what this scene is about (or the show):

As part of the Job Displacement / Assessment Team: "So you want a raise, huh" "Let me think about it. You might deserve a raise actually" "Nah. We already decided you're fired" (service with a smile hahaha)

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Classical concerts or recitals are usually only available in person or live - almost never streamed or televised (in rare situations that they are, online tickets need to be purchased). Such is the case with Maestro Lang Lang. There was probably one time where a recital was streamed live for free - a program consisting of Tchaikovsky's "The Seasons" several years ago. A very rare occasion.

With Andrew Huang known for his prowess of creating music out of ordinary or everyday sounds, he's also known for finding interesting gadgets or devices and extracting music out of them. For anyone into music production, his online courses are highly recommended.

Bobby Lee-And-A-Half has a nice ring to it, if Doc is Half-A-Man hahaha. But we get it - Doc also looks like Gary Coleman - "Doc Watcha Doin' Doc??!!" haha

I was wondering if someone could ask The Shat if he had the chance to look out the plane window and if he saw a Gremlin or a Man out there haha. The Twilight Zone in space haha.

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