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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Another informative and candid article / interview with Brian Tee. Asian-American actors such as Brian Tee and Sung Kang are not really recognized by the Asian-American media or sites. Is it because they are too old (well, there is Daniel Dae Kim), or their repertoire / resume doesn't stand out? Even if so, they are still quality works. It's a damn shame, but then there are supporters or fans like myself who do the supporting and watching instead. Despite that, they have been in some good shows / films (not all). As far as Bobby Lee is concerned - that is understandable however haha. He sold his soul - still, he has that hilarious "presence". Perhaps it's because he might be the first Hobbit Comic.

Despite uploading only 1 new video every 1 or 2 months, Erik The Electric continues to astound in his eating / calorie feats. As well as being as creative as possible. There are just too many mukbang / foodies doing the same old shit - "try all of this at this place". They only take 1 nibble or bite and move on. Lame. Also - I think Erik has other channels to focus on as well.

Friday, March 01, 2024

I can't get enough of Tim Chantarangsu's Jello Pudding Guy impersonation haha - LiL'Q might have thought it was actually that guy. Toddlers or kids are much more braver than I when it comes to traveling or long-distance trips.

So why does Ricky Shucks look like a BBQ chef hahaha.

What I learned from Lang Lang and Gina Alice's live stream - Don't eat too much. Hahaha. Maybe that's been the problem or issue all along.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

The "Quantum Leap" Finale had it all - it definitely delivered. And a villain with a punchable face haha. The presentation was convincing enough. However, he was somewhat of a sympathetic character (hellbent on vengeance - very telling that Ian recited "The Wrath Of Khan"). If this is it - kudos to the cast, writers, directors, and of course - the bosses. There definitely is a lot of exciting new stories to tell. The silence or lack of updates on a new season is never a good sign. If it is the end - the Finale ended in a way that could work as a Series Finale (not completely a satisfying one, since Ben never made it home as well). But both Ben and Addison ended up back together, with new adventures. Sort of how the first "Back To The Future" ended - with them heading into the future. But they ended up with a trilogy.

New Youtube Content Creators galore - "Disguised Toast", Pro E-Sports team owner / manager, Streamer, content creator / entertainer. And they're all twenty-somethings. They are the future. Interesting name - I can imagine Bobby Lee as a Fat "Powdered Toast Maaaaaaan". Propelling backwards in the sky with his high-powered Farts to a breakfast table near you hahaha. Accessories sold separately - sponsored by General Mills and Mattel haha.

Joe Jitsukawa would have made a fine Superman haha. I preferred him in "Acting For Action W/ Sung Kang" - "He Who Sit On Tack, Should Rise Again". Words of wisdom.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I browsed around Video Game Pianist's channel, and found some gems - his Classical Music knowledge and abilities, especially identifying pieces just by looking at or site-reading only a few measures. Of course - multiple choices helps in the process of elimination (especially if the Key that the piece is in, is part of the piece title and you can sort of figure it out that way). I have not listened to a vast array of pieces, so this was difficult. I got only a few right ("Aquarium", and "The Flight Of the Bumblebee", and some other).

A very rare live stream from Maestros Lang Lang and Gina Alice. Due to time zone differences, it wouldn't be possible to join. However - the video should be saved.

How did I not find Kong Pham earlier - is he a Motivational Speaker, Self-Help Guru, Podcaster, Entertainer / Content Creator, or all of this? Probably all of this. His upbringing is relatable or sympathetic. Just one act of kindness from his father changed his life forever. That is inspiring. Ke Huy Quan would've been proud.

Ethan Yau - Poker Player Extraordinaire. He's even younger than Sean Wang (just call us "gramps" I guess haha). The New Gens are rising.

I've been also browsing around "Just Kidding Films" videos again. There are some hilarious skits. If you want to see Joe Jitsukawa in all his bald or hairless glory, that channel is a must. Probably used to seeing him now with his hair longer than Fabio's haha.

"Expats" has become my must-see after "Shortcomings". I think it's worth temporarily subbing for Amazon Prime for this.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

*Thanks again, Daniel Dae Kim. "The Treatment" interview was highly relevant and important - https://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/the-treatment/daniel-dae-kim-sam-esmail-david-oyelowo/avatar-the-last-airbender-interview

My new crave - Jollibee's Spicy Chicken Sandwich meal. The fries are on par or better than McDonald's. At least some places - keep fryin' it crispy and salty (and pour them on as Five Guys does).

Thanks, Daniel Dae Kim. Watching behing-the-scenes rehearsing, especially for fights is always interesting. In fight choreography, I'm sure some moves are inspired by or directly taken from real martial arts moves. Or - you can improvise and use them in real life fights. At least the ultra-quick awareness or reaction times.

Daniel Dae-yyy is the real Zadd-yyyyy haha. I'm not sure what this means, but it sounds humorous. Oh yeah - he's goin' to Broadwayyyy as well.

I'm getting ready to log-in and begin watching some Netflix again. Finding the appropriate time - the first thing I'll have to watch is Randall Park's Shortcomings. And then binge on the new / improved "Avatar: The Last Airbender". And then check out "House of Ninjas". The list goes on.

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