Top Favorites **** :   1. 2001: A Space Odyssey 2. The Shawshank Redemption 3. Jaws 4. Psycho ('60) 5. Amadeus 6. Better Luck Tomorrow 7. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle 8. Searching 9. Ping Pong Playa 10. Always Be My Maybe (2019 - A.Wong / R.Park dir. N.Khan)
Other Favorites ***:   Evan Jackson Leong's Linsanity (The Documentary), Mayhem, Lee Chang Dong's "Burning", Justin Chon's 'Gook', Surrogate Valentine, Daylight Savings, Hang Loose, K-Town Cowboys, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, Finishing The Game, Jet Li's Fearless, The Year Of The Yao, To Be Takei, Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira (The Original Anime), Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories, Katsuhiro Otomo's Metropolis, Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro, Miyazaki's Nausicaa in the Valley Of The Wind, Pixar's Up, Office Space, Beavis & Butt-Head Do America, Idiocracy, The Ringer, Jackass 3, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Shine, The Goonies, The Karate Kid ('84) / Part II ('86), Forrest Gump, Dead Poet's Society, Rocky, One Hour Photo, Poltergeist ('82), John Carpenter's The Thing/Halloween, Saw, 1408, Pet Sematary ('89), The Amityville Horror ('79), The Conjuring, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond, Back To The Future Trilogy, The Breakfast Club, First Blood, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Avatar, Cool Runnings, Field Of Dreams, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The School Of Rock, The Hustler, The Color Of Money, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Rain Man, Fast Five, Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift, F6: Fast & Furious 6, Best of the Best, The Matrix/The Matrix Reloaded/The Matrix Revolutions, The Terminator, Alien, Aliens, Casino, The Godfather Trilogy, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, The Maze Runner Trilogy, Escape From Alcatraz, The Twilight Zone: The Movie, Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight, Fast Times, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Ghostbusters ('84), Monster House, Spaceballs, Beetlejuice, Employee Of The Month, The Usual Suspects, Wreck-It Ralph

The teaser trailer for the live version of "Mulan" is out, and can't wait for the official trailer. Puh-lease - this is a live-action epic, not the animated musical from 20+ odd years ago meant for kids or general audiences. This is a live-action film. Fortunately, with an All-Asian cast.

Don't watch it, if you are looking for that satirical or humorous character. Cartoons can brain-wash and leave indelible impressions unfortunately.

The fact that I could watch ABMM over and over gets the four-star upgrade. It was inevitable. Anyway, the response to the film has been outstanding / overwhelming. I highly doubt that there'll be a sequel, but an idea would have Marcus as a stay-at-home father. It would be a few years later, with Marcus and Sasha starting a family. Marcus' band just became successful with impending national tour dates, and new conflicts happen. We can only fantasize.

Another film to check out is Wong Fu Productions' "Everything Before Us" - I forgot that was on Netflix, hopefully it's still there.

I haven't heard any updates on John Cho, but I think he's busy with or currently prepping for "Cowboy Bebop". I'll need to check out his other films that he was in, which could be on Netflix as well. "The Grudge" is something to look forward to as well, but no idea when that is happening.

06/04/2019: Always Be My Maybe **** - Review Continued...
Everyone is still talking about it, and I can't seem to stop talking about it as well. Of course, the fans can't seem to stop talking about Keanu Reeves' grand entrance heh. I think it's well-deserved, since it's been awhile since we've seen his comedic side (but don't fret - Bill & Ted 3 is in the works). He's a one-of-a-kind celebrity for sure, in terms of humility and just being down-to-earth.

I gave my tidbits and thoughts in the previous entry, but I didn't really wrap it up. I felt the characters and the story were really relatable, and everyone just meshed well (especially the leads). Of course, it isn't perfect - I'm sure there were things I didn't particularly enjoy or like - but I'm not one to dwell on that. If you can look past race and not be brain-washed or influenced by stereotypes, it actually works (and even better).

One final tidbit - I never knew what Gubi Chairs were, but apparently - I guess that employee didn't either heheh. I listed some links to articles or reviews on my regular blog page, and here are some more (unfortunately, I can't list everyone and there'll certainly be more or new ones).

06/01/2019: Always Be My Maybe ****
What a fun, hilarious film with a touch of serious drama as well as some life's lessons. What makes a film funny or hilarious has as much to do with the dialogue as does the characters and story. Imagine telling it like it is holding nothing back, and being serious about it. It doesn't work with everyone - some are just not funny as others (so stop pretending to be heh). But I'm convinced that it definitely works with Randall Park and Ali Wong (now I know who she is).

I'm not going to go over the plotline or story, as you can go to other film review sites for that. This is a place for just my thoughts. Here are my tidbits:
  • Who knew fighting or arguing at a BK would lead to an instant breakup heheh. It must've been that whopper or the chicken tenders heh.
  • Where can we download the song to "I Punched Keanu Reeves" - it's a must-have for sure muhaha.
  • Quote of the film - did you take a look at yourself (in repair man coveralls heh)..."you look like a homeless astronaut!" heheh
  • Remember to know your chairs, furniture, or just know what the hell you are talking about
  • I never knew pee'ing drunkenly on an amp or two could get you a second chance at an audition
  • I can relate to DDK's character the most - the car scene when he just grunts while texting as a reply or an answer. Yes, sometimes it's just too tiresome (or too lazy heh) to say a word or two when there isn't anything relevant to say anyway.
  • Although it's not a good idea to say "shit" and "bitch" while holding a newborn, it's ok to say "kids like to eat that shit" or scream obscenities while the window is open at the party for all to hear heh.
So what life's lessons did we learn - other than "do not mess with Keanu Reeves otherwise he'll go John Wick on your ass". Well, for me - sometimes sacrifices are necessary to adjust or adapt to someone else's lifestyle. And there are no wrong lifestyles - a person can live however they want, as long as they are happy and does not affect or hurt others. This is a film I can watch over again, and might need to watch it again for sure.

Marcus' father was a pleasant surprise as well - a multi-dimensional figure who we learn is easy-going and doesn't want his son to be a caregiver (but to get on with his life).

This is a must-see for sure. It is practically a four-star movie (a very moving ending), and I'll probably change it to make it into my top ten.

05/24/2019: Or Maybe So...
I'm hearing good things about "Always Be My Maybe". Just as I had to watch "CRA" for its significance, I'm leaning towards watching "ABMM" on 05/31. If I do, I should certainly post a film review on it.

05/23/2019: Maybe, or Maybe Not....For "Always Be My Maybe"
I'll never be into rom-coms, but when you have cameo appearances by KR and DDK - why not heheh. Either I did not see them in any of the trailers, or just missed the ones that they were in.

I'm sure "Bill & Ted" fans are anxious to hear when production on the third fim is going to begin (or any new updates - which there haven't been yet).

I'm looking forward to finding out more details on "Stowaway".

05/22/2019: Hurray for "Stowaway"
I had to read about "Stowaway", and it appears to be a sci-fi thriller. Daniel Dae Kim's addition is going to be grand - you only have to look at his Dr. Jackson Han character on "The Good Doctor" to see how convincing DDK is as a unsympathetically and unapologetically logical (often cold or calculating) kind of person. From what I hear, he'll be playing a similar role (perhaps not to that degree). Add this to my watch list (including "Hellboy" when that comes out on VOD).

I was intrigued for awhile on checking out DDK's funny side in "ABMM". But I'm just not into rom-coms. It's more probable that I'll watch "A Dog's Journey" - something inspirational, light-hearted and certainly family-friendly. We all need that once in awhile. I'll stick with YouTuber Ricky Berwick for comedy heheh.

05/18/2019: Who Is Henry Lau?
I only recently found out about him when I saw the trailer to "A Dog's Journey". It seems to be a cute film for general audiences, or more geared toward family and "children of all ages" type. Pet lovers, not withstanding heh. I've never been one who is into light-hearted, kids' films - but this one should be worth checking out.

Henry Lau is an up-and-coming singer / song-writer, and apparently is already well-known. His single "Untitled Love Song" is pretty catchy and light-hearted - with not too much emotion put into it, but just enough to balance the emotions with the music.

Check out "A Dog's Journey"!

Today is "Hell Day". Get ready to spend a day in hell with... "Hellboy"! Unfortunately, my wife is not into the blood, gore and violence - but I'll most likely watch it at some point (if I have to rent it on VOD).

"The Dragon Painter" - I should check this out as well. Never heard of the actor, but to find out he was one of the early pioneers for Asians in film is definitely something to be recognized. If anything, I need to give Goh Nakamura's soundtrack or compositions a listen.

Another interview with Daniel Dae Kim:

"Hellboy" opens April 12th.

It's the 35th Anniversary of the "Karate Kid" this year. There has been a wave of nostalgia, with "Cobra Kai" and now a new "Bill & Ted" in the works.

"Man who can catch fly with chopstick can accomplish anything" "You beginner luck" - more funnies or lighter moments in the film heheh.

"If Karate used to defend life, honor - then Karate mean something. If Karate used to defend plastic trophy, then Karate no mean anything". But it wouldn't hurt heh.

Or a vindictive kind of reply would be - "You have a problem with that?!"

Daniel Dae Kim's interview on "Hellboy":








"Old Faces, New Places" K-Town Cowboys Trailer

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Dubya Gettin' His 'Weed' On With Harold & Kumar in 'Harold & Kumar 2'....

This shit is hilarious, basically my favorite scene in the second film of the series 'Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay'. H & K parachute into Dubya's ranch house unbeknowest to the duo, and some funny dialogue ensues with Dubya's usual idiocy and southern drawl; "Oh shit it's Cheney, that guy scares the crap outta me", "Haw, haw, haw, I thought you guys were terrorizers", "Oh fuck G-bay", "Mitsubishi-Wah", "Well, Kumar. That makes you a hypocriticizer too".