06/26/2021: New "Shang-Chi" Trailer
And it is even more kick-ass. Cannot wait - trailer saved. I am not familiar with MCU characters / villains, so I wouldn't know if any made a cameo appearance or not. But I believe they showed the rings and all its glorious powers.


06/17/2021: Wish Dragon ***
What a fun, cute and amusing film that everyone or anyone can enjoy. The theme of selflessness is something that is not often taught or learned, nor certainly practiced in today's selfish, materialistic society. If you were granted three wishes, almost everyone would wish for material possessions, money, success, etc. This is as much a story about the dragon and his former life, as it is about Din. Also - why are most computer-animated characters fat haha. In this case, they probably ate too many dumplings. Anyway - definitely a funny scene is the dragon vs. dragon during the parade haha. And the "I hate traffic" scene haha.

Go watch it.

06/13/2021: "Wish Dragon" Ranked #4 / #2 Globally - I'm Lovin' It
Congratulations to "Wish Dragon" for ranking #4 US, and #2 globally. I'll watch it eventually (right now, pre-occupied with K-Dramas). Everyone should watch it - every culture has a story, and it's funny, cute and inspiring from what I hear. Defintely a review once I watch it.

05/24/2021: The Paper Tigers ***
It absolutely lived up to the hype and reviews - funny, well-made movie that did not try too hard. It felt realistic and natural. Of course, the martial arts / Gung Fu elements were amplified to pay homage to the type of films back in the day. The banter between the characters were hilarious.

The characters were given dimensions as adults / parents, not just martial artists. That white dude Carter had "villain" written all over him, but they did not go that route. Instead, a new disciple / character - his very presence was intimidating enough. Someone you do not want to 1 vs. 1 with. Anyway - Yuji Okumoto's cameo was hilarious. Inquiring minds want to know - The Paper Tigers vs. Cobra Kai? haha. A sequel might be possible.

05/13/2021: Official "Wish Dragon" Trailer is here!
And it is cute and funny as hell. I plan to watch it - on Netflix 06/11/21. So perhaps the age-old story of a genie in a lantern might be overdone, but every culture can express their own stories. Most importantly for me, it's an Asian-American or Asian story with Asian characters. There is going to be Asian elements to it, so unique and different in that sense. While most would wish for material possessions, "Wish Dragon" appears to be about the intangibles or heart's desires as opposed to material possessions such as wealth. It should be a fun ride.

In addition to new Netflix or Amazon programs / films for Asian-Americans, I've been checking several Asian-American film festivals as well where there could be hidden gems.

There are quite a few Asian-American films that I am not aware of. For AAPI Heritage Month, I wish I could watch most of them. There must be a platform just for that. Anyway, here is a compilation or list of Asian-American films I found from a fan site:

There are probably more unlisted, but anyway. It's quite a list of films that appear to be a must-see.

05/04/2021: "The Paper Tigers" Is Comin' To Theaters 05/07
There have been rave reviews for this martial arts comedy / drama, and I believe them. I also believe it'll become a cult classic / favorite. The background for this film is similar to how "Better Luck Tomorrow" was made, or what Justin Lin had to go through. Essentially, they did not relinquish any Asian-American leads or creative control to studios. But funded the films their own way. Kudos to the production team and the director Tran Quoc Bao. It's a film I have to watch at some point.

Here is a fan review:

05/01/2021: Stowaway ***1/2
What a great film, a great sci-fi one at that. What made it really stand out is that it felt that you were actually in space - and the tension / seriousness of the situation that the plot creates, as if you were there. It had the tense, claustrophobic feel of 1979 "Alien", and the realism of "2001: A Space Odyssey" in terms of slow space movement. I tell ya - even watching the two head towards the other end for some needed oxygen was scary enough. Add to that the spinning motion of the ship for artificial gravity, and the camera angles / close ups. No extravagant soundtrack or music needed - just subtle, eerie music, such as in "Alien".

All I could say is - just watch it. I'd be space sick as fuck if I had to deal with the spinning motion as well haha. But unfortunately, coping with being weightless for months is an issue that needs to be resolved for long-term space travel (unless artifical gravity is feasible, but it does not appear so). I would have to add this to my top three Sci-Fi films ("2001", "Alien"), and a borderline Top Ten of mine.

04/29/2021: I 'Wish' For An Offical "Wish Dragon" Trailer
The Asian-American lineup who's voicing characters in "Wish Dragon" is astounding and well-known. This film might be worth checking out, and is planning to come out in the summer on Netflix. Actually, I plan on watching it.

There are no official or even a teaser trailer released or uploaded yet. Not official ones at any rate.

04/20/2021: Shang-Chi Teaser Trailer
The teaser trailer for "Shang-Chi" is out, and it looks awesome. Simu Liu is the real deal - a lot of kickass action, and he definitely gives that superhero aura from the teaser. This project or film has been kept under secrecy for so long, we've been clamoring for any kind of rumors, news or images. And now we wait for the official trailer.

Mark your calendars - September 3.

04/14/2021: Fast 9 - The Fast Saga is "Fast" Approaching (pending any further delays)
Fast 9 or F9 is comin' out on 06/25/21. That's still a few months off, but why not hype it again now (considering all the delays). In that sense, it is nearing for sure. A new trailer has dropped, with more new scenes. Definitely saving the trailer below. One particular scenes stood out. The crew seemed to be in some kind of Asian town or city, with the attackers being sniped by someone. And there lurks Han Lue in the shadows. My guess would be that this is where Han has been hiding. I hope that the reason for Han's return is some kind of plausible scenario, as in faking his death. But it could be something outrageous or sensational. The Tokyo Drift crew is certainly back.

This one is about a sibling rivalry gone extreme. For once, it's not really about a villain to capture or a heist to pull. The countdown begins.

04/09/2021: Better Luck Tomorrow on Amazon Prime

Happy 18th! From Parry Shen's twitter (who played Ben Manibag). "Better Luck Tomorrow" is the standard for all Asian-American films or should be for future Asian-American films. Not necessarily in content, but how bold and daring it was. It broke stereotypes, and Justin Lin never gave up in being adamant about having Asian-American leads. All Asian-American creators need to stand up and fight to have their artistry, music, film or voices heard. Oh - and gratitude to da hammer for helping to finance it - it was definitely hammer time. And for famed critic Roger Ebert for speaking up for it.

This movie should be playing or streaming anywhere. Unfortunately - society still has a long ways to go.

03/29/2021: Must-See Films
It's time to compile my must-see films - whether there is room to rent these movies remain to be seen (since VOD's have jacked up rental prices - Oscar-nominated "Minari" was worth it however).

F9 (in theaters pending delays)
Stowaway (on Netflix)
Shang-Chi (no trailer yet - whenever that is)
The Paper Tigers (on VOD)
Eddie Huang's Boogie (on VOD)
Raya and the Last Dragon (?)
Justin Chon's Blue Bayou (on VOD eventually I hope)
Coming Home Again (Justin Chon)

That's it for now off the top of my head. There might be more added later.

03/11/2021: Boogie Down with Eddie Huang's "Boogie"

I usually do not give a rat's ass about sports movies, but Eddie Huang's "Boogie" addresses a lot of relevant and important issues in terms of being Asian in sports (basketball in this case / culture clash and such), and the stereotypes of being Asian. Also, the interracial relationship between two minority races involving an Asian is practically never seen or portrayed. But it is prevalent here. Kudos to Eddie Huang making this film. I will need to watch this (rent on VOD at some point) to know more about the story.

Taylor Takahashi's character reminds me of what Jeremy Lin had to go through - strip away the religious niceness from Lin, and you have an Asian with an Attitude. That is what we need.

03/01/2021: "Minari" ***1/2
On-Demand platforms might have jacked up prices for a rental, but I believe contributing to this movie was worthwhile. Decided to rent it yesterday, it lived up to its hype. "Minari" is a very down-to-earth, heart-warming story of living out the American dream by creating opportunities and a life on a farm. It is also story about family, and the Korean-American immigration experience.

I guess Jacob can be seen as any optimistic, self-reliant "Ahjushi" or father by pursuing his dream or ambition on the farm without consulting or approval from his spouse. One of my favorite scenes - when Jacob is adamant on finding his own water source and refusing to pay for it. "We use our minds". I really can't say the same for the spoiled generation of our time, our brains have turned to mush. Including mine somewhat haha. Back then, it was about hard work and sacrifice. Nowadays, everything is handed to us.

The film deserved its nomination - I hope Steven Yeun wins. I'm assuming Minari is not only a type of vegetable or edible, it's also a metaphor in this movie. It sort of reflects the family - being uprooted, and being able to survive and grow in a new environment.

02/24/2021: "Minari" Virtual Screenings and On-Demand
The highly-acclaimed film "Minari" is currently showing as virtual screenings, and I hear it'll be on-demand afterwards. I'm definitely looking forward to renting this at some point. Sometimes, you need a very down-to-earth, inspiring story and "Minari" is a film that encompasses that. There just has not been any worthwhile films to watch. This is exactly the type of film that is worth supporting business-wise.

12/03/2020: Stowaway On Netflix
I can't wait for this - probably the next Netflix film to watch. Daniel Dae Kim plays one of the astronauts on a mission to Mars - with a stowaway seemingly sabotaging the mission, and a battle for survival. Sounds like a cool plot - how it unfolds remains to be seen.

11/16/2020: Mulan (Live-Action) ** 1/2 - ***
First of all, I went in expecting this to be slightly different than the animated version. But it was more or less very much the same in story and scenes, except for a few conspicuous differences. Differences that I did not particularly enjoy. Anyone who watched the animated version in the '90's should already know the story (as well as enjoying the musical numbers that go with Disney animated films). So in essence, you want to look out for "presentation" and "style", how the film is presented.

Presentation-wise, it was mystical and artistically stylish. In terms of being different from the animation, I think they accomplished that. I enjoyed Jason Scott Lee's presence and performance as Bori Khan as well as the battle scenes. What I didn't enjoy or like - the witch, adding the Chi energy or power to the characters (couldn't Mulan just be a kick-ass without such mysticism?), and the score - I felt there should've been more music to the film.

The film had potential, but I would rate it between 2.5 and 3 stars (out of the four stars on my scale). It's pretty decent. I also felt there was a bit too much CGI, and some scenes should've been expanded or have been longer (such as the final fight).

10/28/2020: Over The Moon ***
Step aside 'Over The Rainbow', "Over The Moon" is here haha. What a fantastical, fun film - kind of a tear jerker at the end. I'm glad this was a musical (a lot of catchy songs, including the ping pong battle scene - the kid might be a less fat version of Russell from "Up" haha).

All I could say is, just watch it.

10/01/2020: Minari
Here's another inspirational story or gem to watch - Minari. It stars Steven Yeun (it's been awhile - haven't heard any news about him for more than a year. Or did he get rid of social media) as the father of an immigrant family striving to achieve the dream (all the while navigating through their own family dynamics and struggles). It's a highly anticipated film to watch. Of course, I'll have to rent it once it becomes available. This is definitely a film to look out for.

09/24/2020: Lang Lang's "Journey" To The Big Screen
My first thought of when I heard the news that Maestro Lang Lang's autobiography "Journey of a Thousand Miles" is going to be a film - excited, but why isn't an Asian production company making this. Or has one even considered it. But then again - considering Lang Lang's collaboration with celebrities and such, it is a no-brainer. Plus, there'll be more exposure and most likely more revenue from a hollywood production.

But hollywood has been known for white-washing or over-dramatizing Asian stories. I think we have to trust Lang Lang - hopefully, he'll have some say or creative control. His is a remarkable and inspiring story of overcoming hardships, poverty and a very strict father to become the most celebrated and arguably the most talented classical pianist there is. If I enjoyed "Shine", perhaps I can enjoy this. Still - the original book is going to always be where it's at.

Just a suggestion - consider hiring his friend Jay Chou to play a role or even play the adult Lang Lang himself haha. Jay Chou is quite the pianist himself.

09/06/2020: "Mulan" on Disney+
For anyone subscribed to it, it might be worth renting it. But as in any business endeavor, it is a money-making scheme for the channel. For anyone who do not have the channel, just wait for it to rent on other platforms or VOD.

This live-action film is something I would be interested in watching - Jason Scott Lee, Donnie Yen, others who I don't know about, etc. It's an all Asian cast, as authentic as it gets from that perspective. As for the story and characters, we'll just have to watch it to find out.

08/01/2020: Tigertail ***
It's a beautiful piece with subtlety writtin all over it. Visually relaxing and refreshing, stylish. You do not need to say much, nor have much dialogue in order to get a message across or to be well-directed or filmed. Kind of similar in style or reminds me of "Columbus" (with John Cho), and "Ms. Purple" (Justin Chon directed). My favorite scene is when the young protagonist opens and closes shop over and over - to convey the repetition of the daily grind, and the passage of time / realism.

You have the theme of regret - missing out on an old flame for opportunities elsewhere. The parents end a relationship that was not right to begin with - and with children, the father became estranged with the daughter.

More diverse story-telling needs to be heard, and this is why I watched it. Kudos to Alan Yang.

07/22/2020: IWMYM - Surrogate Valentine 3 ***
Let's put it this way - there was closure. And that's what we wanted all along. As noted previously, the ending of "Daylight Savings" was open-ended, but there was never any kind of intention or indication that there was supposed to be resolution or closure - just a "that's it, that's the end" kind of conclusion. With that said, Boyle stepped away from the series and never planned on a third. Until Lynn Chen stepped in.

This film is seen from the perspective of the three women from the previous films. What I interpret as what this "closure" is - things change, and nothing stays the same. What is not or was not meant to be, still is not meant to be. In the end, Goh has matured and comes to terms with where he is now - he just laughs off the "I felt cheated on / revenge" kiss from Lynn's character.

In the end, he reconciles with his ex. I had sort of hoped he would have gotten together with Yea-ming. In the end, she had issues to work out and are just friends.

As fitting and enjoyable the film was, I wish it was a bit longer and wish it had a bit more drama in terms of the dynamics between all characters. Also, did Goh decide to write music again? Or is he just playing music as a hobby now? Nonetheless, IWMYM gives closure to this trilogy.

07/15/2020: How 'Sweet' It is - "A Sweet Mess"
Daniel Dae Kim is going to produce and star in "A Sweet Mess", a rom-com novel by an up-and-coming author. I no longer read any books (they bore the crap outta me), so I have no idea about any authors. But you have to give the benefit of the doubt to any young author - if it is picked up or considered for a film adaptation, it could be alright or worthwhile.

Talk about ironies of all ironies - if DDK considered Ali Wong for the lead as well haha (considering their characters in ABMM). And Randall Park for a role. More thoughts to come.

I'm looking forward to Daniel Dae Kim's role in "Stowaway". I heard he's also involved in some ghost story? Don't know anything about that.

06/29/2020: Bueller?.....Bueller?

"They say he's a righteous dude" - the secretary lady might have said the quote of the film haha. Other than, "he makes you look like an ass, that's what he does". She was also a car rental lady in her former life on "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" haha.

The film is filled with quotables, and "Reunited Apart" has struck again with a reunion.

"Yep, that's me - Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago". "I better make this count - otherwise, I'll have to cough up a lung next time"

06/25/2020: Gettin' "Over" It with "Over The Moon"
Here's an animated film I'm looking forward to, coming to Netflix - "Over The Moon". It is an imaginative story with animated Asians - although the theme of it (or any morality / thematic tale) can be relevant to anyone with an imagination. And better yet, with actual Asian-American or Asian actors voicing the characters! How rare is that. I always believed, accept only authenticity.

I don't know exactly the details of it - but I'm sure it'll be an exciting and wondrous journey through a girl's imagination and determination. More thoughts to come.

06/06/2020: Mirai ***
This was a pleasant surprise, considering there is nothing else worth watching these days - a cute fillm for kids, with a unique style of visuals and animation. But for us adults, we can enjoy the animation style, story and visuals. The upload was in its original language - subber for life. It's a fantasy tale about a spoiled, ill-tempered boy who learns life's lessons by being whisked into different dimensions or time - meeting his future sister, great grandpa of the past, etc.

The ending when Kun is in the train depot and is about to get his ultimate lesson about running away. That creepy train sequence was quite creepy indeed - but I think it made the film worthwhile. It can't all be peachy, and at some point there must be a climax. When it comes to anime, Studio Ghibli or Miyazaki films are the only thing I recognize. Other than Katsuhiro Otomo. Hope there is more out there.

The next films to watch should be "IWMYM" and perhaps "Tigertail". Haven't decided on that yet (although I did make a watch-list).

05/24/2020: Everything Before Us ***
I am glad that Wong Fu Productions made this available on Youtube, albeit split into five chapters. It is a film worthy of a theatrical release, and superior in quality / content to a lot of mainstream stuff. It goes to show that Asian-American filmmaking and representation is still a work in progress in terms of visibility, and we have to continue to fight the fight and speak out (never be meek about it).

Anyway, the concept of an Emotional Integrity score is a very fascinating one - for sure, very unfair and not practical at all in reality. How fair is it that getting a job as well as keeping a job for one, is dependent on your EI score. But this goes into that as a film - I won't go into plot details, but in essence - the film centers on two couples, with the protagonist played by Aaron Yoo having to deal with his ex in the midst of getting into another relationship.

Let's get into cameos. Roll call: Randall Park, Ki Hong Lee, Timothy Chantarangsu, Khalif Boyd (I think), among others. Funny moments:

Travis King telling off the bouncer or guard at the club, especially his hair haha.
Randall Park is made for comedic / dramatic roles, so it comes to no surprise that as a DEI clerk, his lines come off as funny to me in a way - "I assign 76% at fault to you Bradley" haha

I usually enjoy live stream commentaries if there is one, such as the Watch Party. Very nice job.

05/15/2020: Quarantine Cast Reunions - 35th Anniversary Editions
Quarantine life can be dull - but online cast reunions can be nostalgic. It's not the typical Q & A from panels at conventions. From Olaf himself, "Reunited Apart" is the first for two classics in '85 - "The Goonies" and "Back to the Future". Here are some of my selections for scenes or quotables (aside from the known ones):

"Sloth...Love...Chunk". Slowly.

"Gee, mister. You're even hungrier than I am", "You smell like ?????", "Pizza?.....Pepperoni.....?"

Sloth reveals Superman shirt

"Mama..You've been bad!" After singing rock-a-bye baby on the treetop, Sloth proceeds to throw mamma off the plank. "Throw Mamma Off A Pirate Ship" as an unintended sequel? haha.

I've always wondered what happened to the pirate ship after it sailed away at the end. It could not have just disappeared as if it were a ghost ship. Could that be an anchor point for a sequel?

Part I: "Let's see if you bastards can do 90". Sometimes, it's tough not to mutter it whenever I'm on the road.

Part III: "Let's make us some wake up juice!" - they gotta sell some 'wake up juice' as a hot sauce alternative.

Part II: "Hoverboards don't work on water." "Unless you have power!"

It's a shame that some actors can't let go or hold permanent grudges. But it is what it is. Was he truly wronged? Probably. Crispin was also peeved at the actor (Jeff Weissman?) who portrayed George in Part II (in addition in using his facial likeness) - something to the effect of, he "can't act for shit" haha.

04/09/2020: Typo's Should Be A 'Noh-Goh'
Well, I heard there was a typo with Goh's name in a recent IWMYM article but appears corrected:

Looking forward to "Blue Bayou" as well.

03/07/2020: An Intriguing Tale, "Tigertail"
This is one to look forward to - Alan Yang's "Tigertail". I'm not sure what role John Cho has, but it should be worth it. It'll be on Netflix April 10th, and looking forward to the trailer.

What is Sung Kang up to? From "Fast" cars, to the "Party Boat" and now to horror comedy haha.

I hope "IWMYM" or "Surrogate Valentine 3" can be on video on demand or other platforms to watch. Bummer indeed.

03/01/2020: I'll Call It "Surrogate Valentine 3"
The third film in this series might have a different title (perhaps an indication that the POV is different as well), but I'll still refer to it as "Surrogate Valentine 3". For an independent film, I'm glad it's getting some kind of theatrical release. I'll be waiting for it on VOD.

Let's reminisce - the first film "Surrogate Valentine" introduces Goh Nakamura as a guitarist / singer / song-writer, and it involves another character he has to baby-sit or supervise for a movie that'll be about Goh. "Daylight Savings" is the second entry, and it involves a road trip to Vegas with his cousin - meeting another struggling guitarist, and another non-committal relationship that didn't develop. The ending of "Daylight Savings" was very open-ended and unresolved for sure - we see Goh sitting there, undecided whether to answer his phone or respond to the ex beside him.

Bottom line - we hope "Surrogate Valentine 3" is going to be the closure or the bookend to this trilogy. I'm not sure how satisfying it'll be, since this one is no longer from Goh's POV but the ladies. Trailer below:

02/11/2020: Pictures Of The Day
It's the "Tokyo Drift" reunion, behind-the-scenes picture from "F9" that's been uploaded on various social media.

I always liked to think that Earl changed his name from Virgil Hu, after recovering from his head wound at the end of "Better Luck Tomorrow", and moved to Tokyo with Han. Or he could be a completely different character. The wonders of imagination.

It's nice to see John Cho up and about. He looks as if he's recovered from his injury. We're looking forward to the completion of "Cowboy Bebop" and other projects of his.

His name is Park. Randall Park. Hahaha. Let us all offer a prayer for Randall Park to gain more recognition and lead roles (such as in "ABMM"). The difference between an "Asian-American" and an "International Asian" is clear-cut. However, it is a problem that still plagues the entire entertainment industry with their stereotyping.

02/01/2020: Fast 9 - Theories and Speculations...
It is exciting news. But there are bound to be theories or just curious as to the "How". Hopefully, it'll be explained in the film or the next one. The news caught most of us by surprise - there was nothing or no information about it at all. Perhaps that kind of secrecy is what makes it all worthwhile when the trailer is actually released.

It is most plausible that Han escaped. Films do not necessarily follow real time, and there are time skips or lapses. Hence, there could have been enough time to either get pulled out, or crawl out on his own. The "fake his death" seems to be reasonable as well. But one thing is for sure, we never did see his body afterwards - only the car erupting in flames.

With that aside, let's get to the story. Apparently, this one is about a sibling rivalry - with the villainous one played by John "You Can't See Me" Cena. From street car racing to taking down bad guys, you can be assured that the Fast franchise is jam-packed with action, stunts, and overall craziness. If I ever see another car airborne again, it'll be too soon heh.

01/31/2020: Fast 9 - Justice Is Coming
I can't believe it - this is really happening. I gave up on the franchise, ever since they turned a villain into a homie-type; that did not make sense, and certainly didn't respect Sung Kang's character at all. The #justiceforhan movement was what we needed, and fortunately - the patience paid off. Justin Lin makes his return as well - fitting too.

And now - I am looking forward to returning to the series with "Fast 9" as a new beginning. Other than "Tokyo Drift" and the original (who doesn't like it, and I'm not talking about the tuna sandwich heh), Fast Five was my other favorite. F6 was alright.

Fan favorite quote: "Life is simple. You make choices and don't look back".

01/27/2020: At The Film Festival

The above pictures are from Sundance, supporting and promoting new films of theirs ("Blast Beat", "Nine Days", etc.). Steven Yeun is also there for "Minari" I believe. That is another film that must be worth watching.

I'm glad to hear that John Cho is up and about - whether he's fully recovered from his injury remains to be seen.

01/17/2020: Be My 'Valentine'...Surrogate Valentine 3
SXSW - that's where it's at. When I rented and watched "Surrogate Valentine" and "Daylight Savings", films based on Goh Nakamura's music with a plotline involving Goh and unresolved relationships or feelings - I was hooked. The ending of "Daylight Savings" was left inconclusive, up to the audience to decide or interpret. Which way was Goh going to go, or who was he going to commit to (if at all)? After being dumped or turned away, anything goes I guess.

In "Surrogate Valentine 3" or "I Will Make You Mine" - Lynn Chen (the woman from the first film) has taken over the directing duties and flips the script - this time from the point of view from the women themselves. Is Goh going to become more conflicted, or do the women have some kind of hidden agenda? I am looking forward to this, and hopefully it'll be available on VOD once it is done with its film festival circuit.

01/09/2020: Ms. Purple ***
The film was beautiful in its visuals, and captured the essence of story without too much dialogue. It didn't need to anyway - the soundtrack or music meshed well with various scenes. Although the film does not go too in-depth of the sibling characters, the point was more of the re-connection of their relationship as well as their different relationships with their bed-ridden father. While the sister stood by her father and seemingly had a healthy relationship, we learn that the brother was the opposite. However, we never find out if he ran away or where he lived (although we have to assume he ran back home later) during the brief flashback as kids.

Kudos to Justin Chon again, in the second of what I deem a "trilogy" of sorts. While his first film was in B & W, the color theme seemed to be purple in this one - with some scenic visuals, the hanboek, etc. Let's find out what "Blue Bayou" is about - his next film. The ending is open to interpretation - was that a ghostly figure of their father finally looking in contentment, or a dream? Although I wish there was more to the ending or a more definitive conclusion or ending, sometimes that's how films or dramas end. You decide.

"Frozen 2" - in a compromise with my wife, I was ok with seeing this since I enjoyed the first one. While the first one might have been about self-identity or coming to terms with oneself, the sequel was mostly about origins, parents. It was fun to say the least - although too many musical numbers. But these are animated musicals afterall. A Frozen 3 is possible - you can come up with new villains or shit.

In the spirit of holiday movies (as well as the sheer boredom from no other shit to watch - perhaps next year), here is a list of some funnies to get yer jollies on:
  • Home Alone - "I wouldn't let you in even if you were growing out of my ass!" "Don't you know how to knock, phlegm-wad" "Yeah, and he called me a trout-sniffer". With quotes like that (and other hilarious scenes as well as Christmas music /soundtrack), this makes the list for sure.
  • Christmas Vacation - or how about some nice "Hawaiian Fantasies" instead haha. or Ho! Ho! Ho!.
  • Jingle All The Way - just laugh at the movie, the script, the quotes, etc. Especially Ah-nold in a Turbo Man suit haha.
  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas - they put the "weed" in your holiday stockings haha
  • The Polar Express - for kids
  • It's A Wonderful Life - holiday tradition

12/12/2019: Must-See Update
Here it is:
  • Justin Chon's "Ms. Purple" (on VOD)
  • John Cho in "Tigertail" (TBD)
  • Justin Chon's "Blue Bayou" (TBD)
  • Steven Yeun in "Minari" (TBD)
  • Daniel Dae Kim in "Stowaway" (TBD - 2020?)
  • "Mulan" (March 2020)
  • Goh Nakamura in "Surrogate Valentine 3" (TBD)
Others that might be worth watching include "The Grudge". I liked the official trailer, but the red band trailer pulls no punches for sure. Horror fans might enjoy this modern re-telling of "The Grudge", probably one of them rare remakes that might actually be worthwhile. Remakes are usually terrible no doubt. In comedy, any Ken Jeong character I guess haha - "My Spy" looks hilarious.

Who you gonna call? Re-make Busters! We better call Ricky Berwick in that case haha. "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" - I'm not sold with kids being Ghostbusters, but it is what it is. But finally - a Ghostbusters 3. Better have hired Ricky Berwick as a Ghostbuster haha (his "Reboot-Buster" video below):

I've been wondering what Justin Chon's been up to after "Ms. Purple", which I'm looking forward to watching if or when it becomes available on VOD. Currently, he's been busy with a new film called "Blue Bayou". I haven't read the details on it nor really know what it's about, but should find out about it. Except for this color theme in the film titles, perhaps it's just coincidence or a metaphor.

Besides John Cho in "The Grudge", "Tigertail" is another film to look out for - although not much has been revealed as well (as to the release date, updates or description - you can always look it up in Wikipedia I guess), certainly it encompasses the Asian experience or story.

10/22/2019: Holding No Grudges For The "Grudge"

This film teaser poster of "The Grudge" is darn creepy for sure. You don't need to put or show too much on a poster to say much at all. That's the point of minimalism, and sometimes it says a heck a lot more than being too obvious or cramming shit with imagery or words. John Cho is part of the ensemble in this horror remake or film. I'll take my chances on this one for sure - I know it'll be worthwhile and creepy. Can't wait for the trailer or preview.

Meanwhile, we wish John Cho a quick and successful recovery from his unfortunate injury during the "Cowboy Bebop" filming.

10/05/2019: My Top Five Asian-American Films (In The Modern Era)

1. Better Luck Tomorrow - An ensemble of Asian-American leads who defy stereotypes to rule their school in scams and other shenanigans. As Roger Ebert aptly put it - "They can be whoever the hell they want to be!". Damn right - a classic for sure.

2. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle - I can see why this isn't really considered Asian-American cinema, since only the leads are Asians. It's really a story about weed, misadventures, and the craving for white castle burgers haha. Still, I'll rank this one at the top.

3. Always Be My Maybe - Romcoms are not my thing, but this was important in many ways. Even your everyman actor such as Randall Park can absolutely hold his own as a lead. Hilarious and relatable.

4. Searching - This time, John Cho is front and center (and deservedly so). In a technology-driven society, this was well-crafted and well-done.

5. K-Town Cowboys - This should have gotten more attention, and deserved more releases in theaters. Story of a group of K-Towners who reunite for more of that night life.

Honorable Mention: Ping Pong Playa - how could I forget about this one. It's in my top ten favorite movies list, but as an Asian-American film - it's a Top Ten for sure as well (a close tie with K-Town Cowboys).

09/07/2019: Going For The Color Purple..."Ms. Purple"
Justin Chon's film "Ms. Purple" opens theatrically today. Chances are, independent films such as these are not going to be shown in a common theater. But if you are near a theater that does show it, it is poignant film worth watching that has a down-to-earth, relatable story and characters. I've seen the trailers, and hopefully it'll be shown on Netflix at some point in the future or some other VOD platform.

Justin Chon also stars in "Coming Home Again", which I recently found out.

Who woudn't want to see Daniel Dae Kim as an astronaut again? DDK puts on a spacesuit in "Stowaway". Not sure when that'll release, but it's something worth checking out.

I'm not familiar with Anton Yelchin's work or the person himself, but you have to believe and trust what John Cho says about the person. And when he recommends watching the documentary (other than knowing him through working with the guy). There are only a very few who can be trusted or believed for sure, particularly in this film industry where there are more despicable / deplorable individuals (racism usually is a characteristic of them) or "no-talent asshats" (as the "Office Space" character would say heh) than decent or objective individuals. Instead of wasting energy on irrelevancies, I think it is more important to utilize our efforts in finding support and understanding of our plight, which is out there. Fortunately, there is - just not as evident or conspicuous.

My favorite scene from the first "Harold & Kumar" - after eating or devouring god-knows how many burgers and cherry cokes (after watching it countless times, I still don't remember heh), Harold tells off his lazy-ass co-workers - "You're just stalling because you're too slow to think of a comeback". An empowered Harold leaves the fast food joint to go after his girl. Happy 15th!

07/24/2019: Welcome To The MCU, Simu Liu

Simu Liu is going to do quite well and fits the role to the tee - he has the body, the athleticism (doing back or front flips with ease is a testament of that) and the charisma. It is a monumental moment as he'll be the first Asian superhero in the lead role. I'm not familiar with who Shang-Chi is or usually am not into the superhero genre anyway. But this should be worth the support. Despite the sketchy background or history of the comic, hopefully it'll be updated or tweaked a bit.

Simu had to be persistent in social media, and it paid off. Unfortunately, Asian-Americans or Asian-Canadians have to be even more persistent / aggressive in speaking out or going after things that need to happen or get done due to the amount of discrimination and prejudice they face. Eventually, one would think that the efforts are going to be heard. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed.

A future "Toy Story" idea - the toys eventually end up with Andy's kids (when an adult Andy has kids), and the return of an adult Sid Phillips. Or perhaps that carnival guy might have been him heh.

The teaser trailer for the live version of "Mulan" is out, and can't wait for the official trailer. Puh-lease - this is a live-action epic, not the animated musical from 20+ odd years ago meant for kids or general audiences. This is a live-action film. Fortunately, with an All-Asian cast.

Don't watch it, if you are looking for that satirical or humorous character. Cartoons can brain-wash and leave indelible impressions unfortunately.

The fact that I could watch ABMM over and over gets the four-star upgrade. It was inevitable. Anyway, the response to the film has been outstanding / overwhelming. I highly doubt that there'll be a sequel, but an idea would have Marcus as a stay-at-home father. It would be a few years later, with Marcus and Sasha starting a family. Marcus' band just became successful with impending national tour dates, and new conflicts happen. We can only fantasize.

Another film to check out is Wong Fu Productions' "Everything Before Us" - I forgot that was on Netflix, hopefully it's still there.

I haven't heard any updates on John Cho, but I think he's busy with or currently prepping for "Cowboy Bebop". I'll need to check out his other films that he was in, which could be on Netflix as well. "The Grudge" is something to look forward to as well, but no idea when that is happening.

06/04/2019: Always Be My Maybe **** - Review Continued...
Everyone is still talking about it, and I can't seem to stop talking about it as well. Of course, the fans can't seem to stop talking about Keanu Reeves' grand entrance heh. I think it's well-deserved, since it's been awhile since we've seen his comedic side (but don't fret - Bill & Ted 3 is in the works). He's a one-of-a-kind celebrity for sure, in terms of humility and just being down-to-earth.

I gave my tidbits and thoughts in the previous entry, but I didn't really wrap it up. I felt the characters and the story were really relatable, and everyone just meshed well (especially the leads). Of course, it isn't perfect - I'm sure there were things I didn't particularly enjoy or like - but I'm not one to dwell on that. If you can look past race and not be brain-washed or influenced by stereotypes, it actually works (and even better).

One final tidbit - I never knew what Gubi Chairs were, but apparently - I guess that employee didn't either heheh. I listed some links to articles or reviews on my regular blog page, and here are some more (unfortunately, I can't list everyone and there'll certainly be more or new ones).

06/01/2019: Always Be My Maybe ****
What a fun, hilarious film with a touch of serious drama as well as some life's lessons. What makes a film funny or hilarious has as much to do with the dialogue as does the characters and story. Imagine telling it like it is holding nothing back, and being serious about it. It doesn't work with everyone - some are just not funny as others (so stop pretending to be heh). But I'm convinced that it definitely works with Randall Park and Ali Wong (now I know who she is).

I'm not going to go over the plotline or story, as you can go to other film review sites for that. This is a place for just my thoughts. Here are my tidbits:
  • Who knew fighting or arguing at a BK would lead to an instant breakup heheh. It must've been that whopper or the chicken tenders heh.
  • Where can we download the song to "I Punched Keanu Reeves" - it's a must-have for sure muhaha.
  • Quote of the film - did you take a look at yourself (in repair man coveralls heh)..."you look like a homeless astronaut!" heheh
  • Remember to know your chairs, furniture, or just know what the hell you are talking about
  • I never knew pee'ing drunkenly on an amp or two could get you a second chance at an audition
  • I can relate to DDK's character the most - the car scene when he just grunts while texting as a reply or an answer. Yes, sometimes it's just too tiresome (or too lazy heh) to say a word or two when there isn't anything relevant to say anyway.
  • Although it's not a good idea to say "shit" and "bitch" while holding a newborn, it's ok to say "kids like to eat that shit" or scream obscenities while the window is open at the party for all to hear heh.
So what life's lessons did we learn - other than "do not mess with Keanu Reeves otherwise he'll go John Wick on your ass". Well, for me - sometimes sacrifices are necessary to adjust or adapt to someone else's lifestyle. And there are no wrong lifestyles - a person can live however they want, as long as they are happy and does not affect or hurt others. This is a film I can watch over again, and might need to watch it again for sure.

Marcus' father was a pleasant surprise as well - a multi-dimensional figure who we learn is easy-going and doesn't want his son to be a caregiver (but to get on with his life).

This is a must-see for sure. It is practically a four-star movie (a very moving ending), and I'll probably change it to make it into my top ten.

05/24/2019: Or Maybe So...
I'm hearing good things about "Always Be My Maybe". Just as I had to watch "CRA" for its significance, I'm leaning towards watching "ABMM" on 05/31. If I do, I should certainly post a film review on it.

05/23/2019: Maybe, or Maybe Not....For "Always Be My Maybe"
I'll never be into rom-coms, but when you have cameo appearances by KR and DDK - why not heheh. Either I did not see them in any of the trailers, or just missed the ones that they were in.

I'm sure "Bill & Ted" fans are anxious to hear when production on the third fim is going to begin (or any new updates - which there haven't been yet).

I'm looking forward to finding out more details on "Stowaway".

05/22/2019: Hurray for "Stowaway"
I had to read about "Stowaway", and it appears to be a sci-fi thriller. Daniel Dae Kim's addition is going to be grand - you only have to look at his Dr. Jackson Han character on "The Good Doctor" to see how convincing DDK is as a unsympathetically and unapologetically logical (often cold or calculating) kind of person. From what I hear, he'll be playing a similar role (perhaps not to that degree). Add this to my watch list (including "Hellboy" when that comes out on VOD).

I was intrigued for awhile on checking out DDK's funny side in "ABMM". But I'm just not into rom-coms. It's more probable that I'll watch "A Dog's Journey" - something inspirational, light-hearted and certainly family-friendly. We all need that once in awhile. I'll stick with YouTuber Ricky Berwick for comedy heheh.

05/18/2019: Who Is Henry Lau?
I only recently found out about him when I saw the trailer to "A Dog's Journey". It seems to be a cute film for general audiences, or more geared toward family and "children of all ages" type. Pet lovers, not withstanding heh. I've never been one who is into light-hearted, kids' films - but this one should be worth checking out.

Henry Lau is an up-and-coming singer / song-writer, and apparently is already well-known. His single "Untitled Love Song" is pretty catchy and light-hearted - with not too much emotion put into it, but just enough to balance the emotions with the music.

Check out "A Dog's Journey"!

Today is "Hell Day". Get ready to spend a day in hell with... "Hellboy"! Unfortunately, my wife is not into the blood, gore and violence - but I'll most likely watch it at some point (if I have to rent it on VOD).

"The Dragon Painter" - I should check this out as well. Never heard of the actor, but to find out he was one of the early pioneers for Asians in film is definitely something to be recognized. If anything, I need to give Goh Nakamura's soundtrack or compositions a listen.

Another interview with Daniel Dae Kim:

"Hellboy" opens April 12th.

It's the 35th Anniversary of the "Karate Kid" this year. There has been a wave of nostalgia, with "Cobra Kai" and now a new "Bill & Ted" in the works.

"Man who can catch fly with chopstick can accomplish anything" "You beginner luck" - more funnies or lighter moments in the film heheh.

"If Karate used to defend life, honor - then Karate mean something. If Karate used to defend plastic trophy, then Karate no mean anything". But it wouldn't hurt heh.

Or a vindictive kind of reply would be - "You have a problem with that?!"

Daniel Dae Kim's interview on "Hellboy":

It looks like the '80's are coming back. We were treated with a successful Youtube Original series, "Cobra Kai" from the "The Karate Kid" series. And now, a third Bill & Ted movie is in the plans. I would never have thought of it. But for sure, So-crates would approve haha.

Perhaps they'll do a Rufus tribute or some sort of honoring of the character (I don't think they should replace the actor / comic) - it wouldn't have been an Excellent Adventure without...Roooo-fus!.

We watched "How To Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World", and the highlight of it was "The Hidden World". The aesthetics or the artwork, was something else / dazzling. I don't think I'll do a complete review on it (depends), but I did enjoy the film. I was inclined to watch it since I enjoyed the first one.

I'll be awaiting further updates on "Surrogate Valentine 3" and "Ms. Purple", whenever they'll be available.

It's refreshing to hear that Asian-themed films are going to be made. An Asian-casted "Mulan" (not sure if I'd be interested in that however), and now "Shang-Chi". I'm not into that genre, but as a means to support - for sure, it would be worth watching.

I agree - Simu Liu should be a candidate for the main character role.

03/03/2019: Ain't No Doctor
We got a glimpse of DDK's character Daimio from the recent Red Band trailer of "Hellboy" - what a transformation heh. I'm not familiar with the story or the characters, so I would not have known anyway.

I tell ya though - Hellraiser got nothin' on Hellboy haha.

The film opens next month - get ready to get on the highway to hell.

02/02/2019: Burning ***1/2
This was well-crafted, stylish and suspenseful. I don't watch international films that much (if at all), and I don't really look out for them. But this one was making the waves, becoming critically acclaimed so I had to check it out. Fortunately, it was available on VOD much quicker than I expected or thought.

The directorial style feels poetic, intermingling mystery, intrigue and suspense. You can probably divide the film into two acts - the first half devoted to character study so to speak, as we become familiar with the three characters. The second half is where the mystery unfolds, leaving you wondering and unsure of how it's all going to end. Like "Searching", I'm not going to spoil the ending. But the film does leave you with guessing several possibilities as far as how it'll all end or resolve.

Kudos to the cast and director Lee Chang Dong, well-deserved accolades. Another must-see film that is stylish and purposeful is Kogonada with "Columbus" - the theme of that revolves around architecture.

01/25/2019: Let's 'Dance' With "Ms. Purple"
Justin Chon's "Ms. Purple" made it to the Sundance Film Festival, and is another film to look forward to or check out. The film involves a personal or intimate family / sibling relationship seen through the sister's perspective. The story seems interesting enough, and has a tinge or reflects a bit of Justin's personal experiences as well (or so I've heard). He doesn't seem to be active on Youtube anymore (if at all), but becoming a full-time Filmmaker must definitely be a nice career change.

I'm also intrigued with "Surrogate Valentine 3" as well, but unsure when it'll be available to watch.

12/20/2018: Hungry For Some "Bao"?
Aw, what a cute, little short from Pixar. I think from the guys who brought you "Up". I love dumplings (as a food, of course), but in this short - the dumpling symbolizes or is a metaphor for the son who moved out, and the mother missing him. And an overly-protective mother at that.

Please make an "Up" sequel with Ricky Berwick as a character heheh.

I would prefer to watch anime in its original language (Subber for life), and I think any anime would be that much more enjoyable (more authentic without a doubt). With the voices of John Cho and Daniel Dae Kim, "Mirai" tells an interesting story about a boy confronting his sister from the future (when she's a teen). Interesting premise - time travel is made all the more magical through anime.

It's certainly a device used in sci-fi and a lot of stories. I read an interview where the director Mamoru Hosoda says it was more about the importance of familial relationships, and rightfully so. But it should entertain and fascinate young adults and children of all ages.

A hell yeah for "Hellboy"? Since they rectified the situation, all should be forgiven. Now the casting of DDK makes it that much more authentic.

Other new indies or kickstarter projects to look out for - "The Paper Tigers" seems interesting - a martial arts infused comedy.

Right now, Steven Yeun's "Burning" film is making the rounds in the independent scene as an international film - and from reading the reviews, it's becoming another must-see film (if it's available in a theater - but I'll opt to rent it on VOD if possible). Fans should stop type-casting him - he's moved on to more projects (films such as "Mayhem" and now "Burning", "Voltron" series, etc) - and it's better for his career.

I haven't heard from Justin Chon in a while, but apparently he's directed a new film called "Ms. Purple". I only recently found out about it. I have no doubt this is going to be good film as well, and another Kickstarter project I'll have to watch alongside "Surrogate Valentine 3".

I've seen "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" so many times as well as quoting from it, the name Danny Leiner became familiar - maybe not a household name but familiar. With that said, rest in peace. I wish he directed the other two installments but they held their own.

If I get a chance to watch "Gemini", "Burning" or the "I'm Sorry To Bother You" flick, I'll review that. But it appears more likely that it'll be "Surrogate Valentine 3". If it becomes rentable, for sure I'll watch it on VOD.

09/04/2018: Searching ****
First off, props and kudos for Aneesh Chaganty and the film crew for making this happen. And for not taking "no" for an answer from John Cho heh. The film certainly lives up to its hype, and probably surpassed it in some ways. "Searching" meticulously tells the story through the lenses and screens of cameras, mobile devices and computers. It takes the audience on a ride to piece together the puzzle, and make sense of things from the texts, the images, the videos, the surveillance, etc. It is a cerebral type of film, and certainly a breathe of fresh air.

I'm certainly not going to spoil the plot. However, the story seems very straight-forward: David Kim becomes increasingly distraught over his missing daughter and what appears to be the inevitable. The film takes a turn that I would not have guessed at all. There are hints and clues throughout, if you can pay enough attention to everything that is on the 'screen' (the theater screen, or the in-the-movie screens, whatever heh - etc). I definitely need at least another viewing or two. But it's a type of film that you can enjoy watching it over again.

Although you can say that the devices and computers take center stage in this, I felt that the cast brought a certain realism and believability to their characters (without having to overact - which typefies the current as well as dull industry). The only hint I'll probably give is to think about this - watching Hitchcock's "Psycho" for the first-time without hearing anything about it. I'm not saying there is any similarity (far from it), except when it comes to the suspense and tension however.

Highly recommended.

08/22/2018: Crazy Rich Asians ***
First of all, I have never been into rom-coms at all. However, most seem to enjoy it and appears more mainstream than other genres. Unfortunately, the genres of horror, sci-fi, etc. have been just as bad or even worse in the lack of Asian representation department. Anyway, onto "Crazy Rich Asians".

The deciding factor for me was its cinematic significance and breakthrough in regards to an all-Asian cast of a studio movie.

The film is based off of Kevin Kwan's book, and I heard it stayed true to the story. I don't read books so I wouldn't know heh. But this much was certain - it takes place in Singapore and the characters are Southeast Asian. Well, it's a start.

At this point, we all need to support each other and continue to create. I usually don't go over the plotline or story of the movie in my reviews, but just thoughts that come to mind (or came to mind).

So what did I like about it? Other than an all-Asian cast for once, the different characters between both families - their quirks, intricacies and personalities. The theater seemed to mostly laugh from Awkafina's character - not necessarily a comic relief, since this is a romcom afterall. It's supposed to have humor.

Who else wants to enter in a Mah-jongg tournament? heh. I have no idea how to play, but that scene with the mother at the end might have been the scene-stealer.

Ken Jeong, Ronny Chieng, and Jimmy O.Yang should've had more scenes. I don't think I can say enough about the city of Singapore and its architecture - it's spectacular and dazzling. I don't pay any attention to the news, so I am pretty ignorant of keeping up-to-date to what's been happening around the world and such.

Kudos to the two leads of the film - they had chemistry. I'm ambivalent about watching a sequel - this can be a standalone film in its own right.

Next review - "Searching".

08/09/2018: At CRA Premiere

It is a momentous occasion for sure, as Asian-Americans from all over are supporting and celebrating its big screen premiere; as well as its significance when it comes to Asian-Americans in the industry. From the reviews and previews, the film certainly appears elegant, stylish and a story that all could enjoy. The only difference? The cast is all Asian - for a change. And they are in non-stereotypical roles - that should be intriguing to watch for anybody as well as being a breathe of fresh air. There is no doubt that Asian-Americans are above and beyond the stereotypes and typecasting. Those days are long gone, but progress has been slow.

"It's more than a movie, it's a movement" - John Chu, Director

07/26/2018: H40 - Halloween Re-Visited
For classic horror fans, rejoice...I think heh. If I had a dime for every horror sequel and remake / reboots that are out there, I'd be a millionaire. Naturally, I thought - Goddamn, another "Halloween" movie? Enough said. The original '78 was minimalism at its finest - proving you do not need to show blood and guts to be effective. Just some eerie music and camera angles.

Apparently, the 2018 version forgets about all the sequels and takes place 40 years later after the original. And it's Carpenter-approved, which I'm sure it's important to fans. In this one, Laurie is portrayed as a 'heroine' and not the 'victim'. Take it for what it's worth. It's not October yet, but I suppose there's something new to watch for fans besides the Halloween marathon.

06/19/2018: Looking Forward To "Searching"

For me, this is the movie poster of the year - simple and direct. In an industry where they try to do too much (with blah results), this is certainly welcoming. However, nuanced themes and ideas can also be interesting (which might require thinking). In a way, I guess this poster has a bit of that as well. Less is obviously more.

06/11/2018: "Action Point" Probably Needs More "Jackasses"...

Was there a point to even making "Action Point"? This ain't no "Jackass Presents..." unfortunately. I saw the trailer, and initially thought it might be funny. But after some thought, it did not seem to have the usual hilarity or energy of a 'Jackass'- produced movie. Still, there are some scenes you can't help but laugh.

Perhaps Bad Grandpa 3 or The Ringer 2 should have been preferable to make muhaha.

Brought to you by the Flex Tape guy, "I can see the whole operation falling apart, I'll fall into the water....!!!" muhaha

05/21/2018: "Can You Read My Mind?"
We should all know Margot Kidder from the "Superman" movies. I always thought Christopher Reeve & Margot Kidder were one of the more memorable on-screen or cinematic characters or couples there ever was.

The next film to review might be "Searching". Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch some films that were not readily available in theaters - probably have to wait for them to be on VOD.

02/04/2018: Maze Runner: The Death Cure ***
A fitting end to the trilogy, and a fun movie to watch. It was a long movie at 2 hrs and 20 minutes almost, but it kept your attention. Some of the action sequences were a bit absurd (but then again, that exists everywhere), but what can you do when it comes to computer-generated images. In this finale, Thomas and his friends are on a rescue mission and to do it, they'll have to break into the city where WCKD is located - a city that only allowed a select population in while discarding the rest.

We encounter a familiar face from the first movie who re-unites with the group to help with the rescue efforts. All the while, poor Minho. He was seemingly tortured and experimented on, but I was happy that he eventually fought his way out. Unfortunately, Newt succumbs to the virus and another sacrifice is made at the end.

Not all films have happy endings - this sort of was - at the cost of more lives. It turns out that Thomas' blood was the cure for the virus.

Not all films have happy endings - this sort of was - at the cost of more lives. It turns out that Thomas' blood was the cure for the virus. Had he willingly cooperated from the beginning, perhaps none of this would've happened. But from first Maze Runner film, the organization's motives and intent remained enigmatic and unclear - they were only a shadow of what was thought of as an evil organization using some youngsters for experiments. In any event, this was a fun movie to watch. But as in most trilogies, the first film is usually the most gratifying. I'm not sure how closely these films followed the books, but I'm sure it did for the most part.

"Why are you helping us? I put a spear through your chest" heheh.

12/15/2017: Ger Yer Jollies On, With "Jingle All The Way"
It's that time of year or season, when the usual Christmas movies crop up. Once again for this year, it's the 'why did they even make this movie' type of funny - "Jingle All The Way"!

Santa says: "Ho Ho Ho" We say: "Hahahahahahahahahah, Hahahahahahahaha, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, and on and on, - etc"

Remember to get your kid a Turboman (or dress up like one) or a Johnny Omega, and you won't spoil the Yuletide season muhaha.

I'm looking forward to more projects from actors such as John Cho, Steven Yeun. They've been pretty busy so I heard. I've been also searchin' for "Seoul Searching" on VOD. If that is available somewhere perhaps that that'll be the next film review; or "Gemini".

The independent scene is the way to go - better quality movies for sure, and a touch of realism.

11/15/2017: Columbus ***

I finally got to watch this on VOD. What can I say - a poignant, artistic film with the central theme of architecture. I don't really give a rat's ass about architecture myself, but I thought it was interesting how it was intertwined in the story as one of the focal points in the film and the character's interests. John Cho's character of Jin seemed to play the role of a guidance counselor to the young girl who seemed destined to remain in the town taking care of her deadbeat mother for life. But with the rapport and kinship that follows between the two, she eventually makes the decision to leave to pursue her achitectural goals thanks to Jin's guidance.

Apparently, Jin seemed to be in an emotional turmoil of his own. With the advent of his father's hospitalization, he seemed emotionally out of it as it was revealed that their relationship was certainly not on good terms. I'm not sure if his situation was actually resolved at the end, but the film ended with the girl leaving. It certainly left us ponder or wonder if there ever was going to be a reconciliation or an emotional resolution. Perhaps another viewing would be needed.

Do not expect a fast-paced film - it is a movie that plays out as if you were actually there observing the interactions and the buildings. I felt there could have been more depth to the characters or story, but overall it was effective. I definitely have to give my thumb's up to the cast and director for what it's worth.

11/11/2017: Mayhem ***1/2
What a fun, wild movie. At first, I was under the impression that it was going to be a horror movie from all the blood - but it was more of an intensely violent action / comedy or satire. So to speak, what would happen if everyone's inhibitions, anxiety and pent-up rage were let loose all of a sudden. That's really the premise in a nutshell, with the virus as the instigator. Steven Yeun was smooth and bad-ass, and he certainly kicked-ass as Derek Cho. It's a welcome change from the passive or pacifistic Asian characters we usually see - it really breaks free from the 'model minority' stereotype. I'd like to think that the character's actions were part of his hidden personality and not because of the virus.

The directorial style and narration of the film flowed smoothly, and the action intensified until the end (as in a musical composition - where a piece can crescendo to a climax). I take this movie as a satire of some sort of the stuffy corporate environment. And satires are meant to be exaggerated for sure. I certainly felt it was well-done.

We are introduced to Derek Cho, who has slaved his way to a promotion but yet is still over-worked and under-appreciated. He then gets framed for a case (in what seemed to be a corporate conspiracy against him), and gets unjustly fired. The tensions around the office mount as the virus spreads, and the building is eventually quarantined for eight hours. All hell breaks loose within that eight hours. Derek and Melanie work their way up to the 'top' (literally and figuratively) to get even or revenge against the head honchos.

I enjoyed Derek's smooth and clever way of getting the best of his enemies as he topples them; a few floors at a time. That's what I call "lovin' it when a plan comes together" muhaha. This is a film worth purchasing it as well. I recommend renting it on VOD in the meantime, or going to a theater if available. Disclaimer: graphic violence, foul language, compromising situations,...all the good stuff heheh.

08/26/2017: Gook ***1/2

I'm keeping the ticket stub, and the quality is worth purchasing the film digitally as well when it's available on VOD. I've read the interviews as well as the reviews, and my sentiments are very similar. What needs to be more said? This is as intense and real as it gets, and quality films don't get made anymore.

Misunderstandings and the highly-charged emotions of the moment can lead to racial animosity and violence. The raw emotions captured in this film felt real and natural, and I applaud the efforts of the cast.

A beautiful relationship develops between Eli and Kamilla, amidst the backdrop of the LA riots and seems to serve as one of the central plot point or themes through the film. All the while, Eli has to deal with managing the shoe store, his brother's 'fat ass' (joke), Kamilla's emotionally-charged brother, and the ensuing chaos of the riots that continue to spread closer.

Mr. Kim. Props to Justin's real-life dad. The character definitely added a necessary element to the film, which provided more realism and drama. The ending was sad and tragic, but happy endings are seldom in situations like this.

The film has also light, humorous moments that lead up to the climax. Of course, one of my favorite scenes was in the car near the end when Daniel throws out his demo tape (I couldn't help but laugh with Eli muhaha). Or the impromptu dance sequence. But that's how it usually is, because that's reality.

I give props and my congratulations to Justin Chon and the ensemble cast. I wish them well in their future endeavors, and hopefully we can see more films with diversity and good story-telling. Really. The bastards that praise diversity yet continue to discriminate against Asians are similar or even worse than the extremists. We just have to continue to support and empower each other.

I'm going to have to rent "Columbus" if I don't have time to find a theater for that. The films to watch next in theaters would be the third "Maze Runner" film and a film called "Taipei", whenever they'll be released. Perhaps "Gemini" as well, but I have to find out more about it.

08/05/2017: I'm On A 'Party' Boat...
Not your typical 'House Party' muhaha. Sung Kang has a part (it seems just only a few scenes), but he's gettin' his dance on 'da' Party Boat muhaha. It's a comedy from Crackle, never heard of them but it seems like a novelty comedy channel that is not mainstream (thank god).

I'm glad that "Snakehead" met its post-production goal, or I think. Unfortunately, I would have contributed but I've already donated toward two Kickstarter / Indiegogo projects already.

07/22/2017: "Wish Upon" **1/2
I'll just say it from the start that I enjoyed the film. I did have some misgivings since it seemed like another teen flick - the entire cast practically being young actors and the characters are high school students. This being a horror/ suspense film, and Ki Hong Lee having a major role is why I decided to watch it.

The film centers around a teenage girl who receives a music box that grants wishes. And after starting to make a few of them, all hell breaks loose with some deaths. As the expression goes, 'there is a blood price to be paid'. This story might have been derived from "The Box" (not sure who wrote it), but I'm sure there have been some films based on it as well. Combine that with "Final Destination", there ya go heh. Like other updates or re-imagining of another story or film, "Wish Upon" certainly works in terms of catering to the new generation of viewers.

I think Ki Hong did a good job - the acting seemed natural (over-acting and superfluous-ness/fakeness is common place in the industry).

Now, what could have been done better? I might have given this a full three stars if there were better scares and that the ending was re-done. That was just too similar to a typical ending of the 'Final Destination' series. And although it was inevitable (the box claims the soul of using all the wishes), the nature of it was predictable. Overall, I would certainly recommend watching it.

"Maze Runner: The Death Cure" cometh? This is one to look out for. I checked Ki Hong's Instagram, and there he was alone on one of the actor's chairs. Poor Asian guy still has to work while his co-worker's have their time off muhaha. Anyway, I checked Wikipedia and his character Minho is supposedly still alive and well according to the book at least. We'll see what the situation is for any further updates.

*He will also be in a new movie called "Wish Upon". If you're the type that likes to get a good scare in a dark movie theater, perhaps this is worth checking out. I'm a horror fan somewhat, but the only other time I saw one in theater was a 'Saw' sequel. The rest, perhaps in the comforts at home.

06/25/2017: Columbus In Theaters....August 4th.
John Cho is starring in a new drama, and it is going to be released Aug. 4th. I'll certainly have to check it out once it's in theaters. I'm glad to see Cho tackle his dramatic side, after playing Harold in a cult comedy favorite "Harold & Kumar" and Sulu in the science-fiction genre of "Star Trek". That begs to questions, is there going to be a 'Harold & Kumar 4'? Probably not, but never say never.

I saw the preview, and it seems to be an interesting story as well as a character study of a chance encounter and the ensuing rapport between the characters. Not to mention the intriguing style from the famed director so I hear. I'm usually not into dramas but with the lack of quality films these days, it should be worth it. Also, Justin Chon's film festival award-winning film is going to be released in theaters on the 18th. Hopefully, I can catch that as well.

05/03/2017: A Whole Lotta 'Mayhem'
This is a neat movie poster. Steven Yeun's character looks like he's ready to kick some ass. Or he already has kicked some ass muhaha. It's been awhile since I heard any recent updates from the actor, but it's good to know that he's been busy with some projects. I have yet to find a trailer for this film.

I read the synopsis, and it seems to be another dire straits situation he finds himself in and has to get himself out of. Hopefully, he comes out victorious. All hell is going to break loose? I'd bet my money on 'Mayhem'.

04/25/2017: Let There Be Justice...
I stopped watching the Fast series after 'Fast & Furious 6' for several reasons - the departure of both Sung Kang's character as well as Director Justin Lin (of course, a new director could be a breathe of fresh air sometimes in style). Anyway, there have been rumors that Sung Kang's character might return in some capacity (they are surely not going to resurrect another deceased character so I hear). I also heard about the controversy in turning a despicable villain into a face, which doesn't make sense if the series had any honor to its family theme. If that is the case, why not do the impossible as well (perhaps somebody was able pull him out in time).

Perhaps they're following this popular quote from "Tokyo Drift": "Life is simple. You make choices and don't look back".

Congrats to J-Chon! There actually might be a film to watch in theaters again:

04/15/2017: "Better Luck Tomorrow" 15th Anniversary
Happy 15th to the ground-breaking Asian-American film "Better Luck Tomorrow", in which there'll be an anniversary screening on the 27th co-presented by YOMYOMF. I wonder if they'll have an HD or Hi-Def treatment of the film, since the download that I purchased years ago could use an upgrade. Otherwise, the film continues to stand the test of time. Some notables from the film: "How does it feel being the token Asian guy on the team?" "I didn't include it because he didn't say what I wanted him to say". There's probably some personality traits of each character in all of us.

The rundown of films to look out for or watch:

Bobby Choy "Fiction & Other Realities" (new kickstarter film)
Justin Chon "Seoul Searching" / "Gook"
John Cho "Columbus" / "Gemini"
Sung Kang "Snakehead" / "Code 8" (If that ever gets made. Have not heard of any updates recently)
Ki Hong ("I hope Minho lives and that there'll be another Maze Runner if at all" muhaha). Really, if there's ever an Asian-American or a minority in a horror or sci-fi film, they get off'ed unceremoniously.
Wong Fu Productions "Everything Before Us"

I'm sure there are other notable films that I haven't heard of yet, but it would take a bit of researching through AA Film Festivals, Kickstarter projects and Youtubers. Besides film, there also got to be a plethora of projects on other platforms that feature prominent AA actors.

Other than Justin Chon's films, I'll be on the lookout for more Asian-American involvement in films as far as steady, positive roles are concerned. I heard that Ki Hong Lee is supposed to be appearing in a horror film soon. It doesn't seem to be a hefty role, but who knows. As for Youtube sensations, Ryan Higa was in a flick which I should probably check out eventually. Speaking of Ki Hong, I've wondered what happened to his character in the Maze Runner. Since there hasn't been any updates on a third film or what the ending of the second film suggests, it's probably over or a moot point anyway.

Sung Kang is appearing on 'Snakehead', from the director of 'Linsanity'. I'm not into subject matters such as smuggling, but if he has a sizeable role in it, then I'd consider watching it. I'm waiting for 'Code 8', but no idea if that'll start filming anytime soon. No updates on that.

I'm sure there are more Asian actors I don't know about, it's just a matter of finding them.

Congratulations are definitely abound for Justin Chon's new film at the Sundance Film Festival, which won the audience award. It's something I have to check out at some point when available. I already have a growing list of independent films to watch if I can. Aside from the controversial nature of the title of the film, I admit it takes getting used to. But who better than an Asian-American himself to use a 'racial slur' as the title and re-define or make folks think differently for a change? Nonetheless, it only tells part of the story from the perspective of Asian-Americans during the race riots of that era. I'm glad to see the transition of Justin (known for his 'Twilight' and '21 & Over' teen flick roles) to a more serious and dramatic side in films. Could this also be the start of Youtube comedian D-So's new film career? Who knows muhaha.

I doubt there is going to be anything worthwhile watching this year, but who knows (unless another Star Trek sequel is in the works). With that said, it's time to focus attention again to the independent scene or film festival movies. One noteworthy film to check out is Justin Chon's new film about Asian-Americans during the race riots of that era with a shoe store as the backdrop. It is really a movie about a slice of life nobody really has understood, and seen through the perspective of Asians for once. Yes, even they are victimized and go through turmoil.

Chon also can be seen in "Taipei", but as a co-star. I heard about John Cho's new film as well that's making the film festival rounds. When these films are released on VOD or other viewable platforms, I'll rent or even purchase them for sure. Add them to my list.

I'm not going to review "Rogue One", but the ending with Darth Vader was nostalgic.

08/05/2016: Star Trek Beyond ***
I thoroughly enjoyed the film, as it was dynamic and fun-filled replete with the usual familiarity of the original Star Trek that we know. After completing three years of the Enterprise crew's five year mission, they head to a what is sort of like a starbase or outpost to recharge. They are dispatched once again to respond to a distress call, only to find themselves ambushed by thousands upon thousands of mini-ships that completely destroy the Enterprise. Escape pods are jettisoned, and crash land on the planet below. They meet an ally in a new female alien to combat a former starfleet Captain-turned villian (Krall), who planned to use the artifact he stole against the Federation.

The action was dynamic, and this felt like 'Star Trek' again with the familiar banter between crew on the ship and planet, the use of communicators, Captain heroics, etc. I suppose that's why they paired Spock with McCoy, because we knew the conversation would get interesting heh. I thought there were some nice homage to Leonard Nimoy, by indicating the passing away of Ambassador Spock. And also showing a picture or image of the original crew at the end.

We definitely have to remember that this was an alternate universe created in the first reboot, as a lot of things have changed. Although I believe that they should've kept Sulu straight even in this alternate reality, the focus was more on the story and action so it wasn't made a big deal. Of course, there are some things I didn't like. The villain should've been kept as an alien and not as a former starfleet officer, and I think a lot of the action seemed very 'Fast & Furious' like, but that's Justin Lin for ya. It still worked.

NCC-1701-A. There's bound to be another sequel, hopefully they'll consider adding a Klingon or a new species as the villain. Here's to hoping Justin returns to direct as well.

I'll have to do some soul searchin' to decide whether I should watch "Seoul Searching", which I heard was going to have its own theatrical release next month. But it's worth supporting by watching, and it might be good. The only way I could probably watch it is via VOD or a video platform that I have an account with. But if you're in an area where the film is going to be in a theater, go check it out.

"Real Asian actors playing real Asian parts" Hell Yeah.

Youtube Seoul Searching Promo / Theatrical Release

05/22/2016: Justin Lin and Beyond Star Trek..
When I heard that Justin Lin was going to direct the new Star Trek film and leaving the Fast & Furious franchise, I was skeptical. That first trailer re-affirmed the potential awfulness of the new Trek franchise, although the first reboot was good but that's it. At this point, I might watch "Star Trek Beyond" as more info on it and a new trailer completely changed things a bit. It certainly can't be worse than the previous sequel; which I'm glad I have not watched.

Justin Lin's style is fast-paced and dynamic for sure. He is cutting edge and knows how to direct, and Lin certainly revitalized the Fast & Furious fanchise back into life. In my opinion, "Better Luck Tomorrow" stands out as my favorite Justin Lin film. And reading the story behind it, I'm glad that he stood firm and held onto his vision which made the film work and succeed. Film critic Roger Ebert even exclaimed; "Asian-Americans can be whoever they want to be!" to the opposition. With a plethora of Asian talent, they should not be pigeon-holed but expanded to portray more unique as well as major/ leading roles. There hasn't been any films worth watching recently, which is why I've been looking more on Youtube and kickstarter or indie projects for more diverse and unique films. Anyway, recent article on Justin Lin is here:

With that said, "Star Trek Beyond" seems interesting with a new villain. And with Lin at the helm, it'll be dynamic. As long as it retains the 'Star Trek' familiarity as fans have come to know, it should be fun. After all, this is Star Trek's 50th. Here are some quotables muhaha, I might have to log in an entry on the fan page as well.

"Spock, you haven't changed a bit. You're just as warm and sociable as ever" -Star Trek: The Motion Picture
*yawn* "Keepin' you busy?" -Sulu, Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.

03/29/2016: K-Town Cowboys ***
I finally watched the "KTown" movie the other day on VOD, and it's something worth purchasing. All in all, they did a good job interweaving each individual's stories and issues while introducing the world to what is known as K-Town; the night life, the hangouts, the 'activities' heh. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of it all is going from spot to spot throughout the night (something that was detailed in the web series), drinking the shit out of yourself with soju and hite. As well as attempting to pick up girls.

Although the movie was released in theaters in only four cities, it's still an accomplishment in of itself considering that it was developed from a web series. I'm happy that the movie did well in the film festival, which led to the theatrical release. "Better Luck Tomorrow" however is still my favorite Asian-American film albeit one of my favorite films. But that was over ten years ago, and there hasn't been much since.

It was nice to see some alumni from "Best of the Best" involved in this project although cameos. My god have they aged, but then that film was over 30 years ago. Also, props to cameos by Daniel Dae Kim and Ken Jeong (exec. producer- knowing the guy, he likes to plug stuff anyway heh).

For those that haven't seen yet, do so. Get yer soju fresh on, and always remember 'bro's before ho's' muhaha.

What else is there to watch now? I'll be waiting for updates on "Code 8" for now.

I watched the short film that Sung Kang participated in called "Code 8", and I think it's pretty f'n cool. I heard it'll be made into a feature-length film eventually. Hopefully, Sung Kang's character is going to be a major part of it. Otherwise...anyway. So folks, go and support! I certainly appreciate film and music projects that develop from Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Some are definitely worthwhile. Anyway, check it out:

Code 8 Short Film - Youtube

A prequel to "Tokyo Drift" would be a pretty cool idea, and it should be a stand-alone or separate from the series. It definitely would be feasible, and perhaps the only way to bring back the iconic character from the "Fast & Furious" series.

In a few days or whenever I have time, I'll watch the new "K-Town" flick through VOD and definitely write some thoughts on it. Congrats to the crew for their theatrical release.

Oh yeah, the K-Town film arrives March 18th in select theaters and on VOD on the 25th. Although I'd prefer to watch it in a theater, I'll probably have to watch it through VOD. Alright, for the umpteenth time: old faces, new places! hehe.

2016 Official K-Town Trailer

This is cool. There'll be a 10th anniversary screening for "Tokyo Drift" presented by BTILT film series from and other organizations. Has it been ten years already? It wasn't that long ago that the "Fast and The Furious" series took a detour in Tokyo introducing the world to the art of 'drifting'; but also lost a fan favorite character. Anyway, when a film has reached its 10th anniversary, you know that time has just passed by like nothing. I saw F7 awhile ago, but thought it was too outrageous and unrealistic. No plans on review.

Speaking of anniverseries and panel discussions, I happened to stumble upon the 30th anniversary panel discussion two years ago for the iconic 1984 film "The Karate Kid" courtesy of Youtube. It's as if I had completely forgotten how long ago this film was made. However, I don't think anyone can forget the indelible impression it left as far as phrases and references were concerned; a lot of which has been repeatedly imitated and has become part of the culture. Anyway, panel discussions are usually informative and revealing.

30th Anniversary Panel Discussion for The Karate Kid - JANMDOTORG

When it comes holiday films, everyone has their favorites to watch every December. Some of mine are "Home Alone" and "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" among others.

But with every Yuletide feel-good movies, there are duds that would even have the grinch guffawing in a 'smh' sort of way. And the "Holiday Dud Of The Season" belongs to the silly "Jingle All The Way" muhaha.

In essence, casting somebody such as Arnold in a comedy such as this where he has to wear a toy costume is laughable 'all the way'. Everyone knows Arnold as The Terminator, but as Turbo Man? muhahahahah. It's just as inane as watching 'Rambo' trying to sing country music, ..or just trying to sing at all.

It's hilarious watching Arnold trying to act comedically as an obsessed father competing with a hefty mail guy to get a rare Turbo Man doll for his son's Christmas present. All the foibles and slapstick humor are not as funny as his acting in this. I still get my jollies on at watching this whenever it's on.

If anything, I guess the lesson to be learned is to never forget to buy your kids their favorite toy early. That, and giving Arnold some advice to only stick with action movies muhaha.

Holiday Quote of the Day:   "...last year I got a sweater with a big bird knitted on it. *oh, that's nice*. Not if you're in the second grade, you can get beaten up for wearing something like that. I had a friend who got nailed because there was a rumor that he was wearing dinosaur pajamas" -Home Alone

I heard about the K-Town Cowboys film earlier in the year, but was curious if that would ever get finished. I've seen the web series on Youtube, and the film should be worth watching. Lo and behold, they have finished it and it'll be ready for next year. The teaser trailer:

For more info and updates, check out their site:

Apparently, F7: Furious 7 is going to arrive next year in April. I'm not sure if I'll watch it if at all. If I do, this'll be it for me as far as the series goes for sure.

It seems that there is a theatrical release for the K-Town film that I've been anticipating for, and it'll be in Spring 2016. Here is the trailer below, as is in the multimedia section. Old Faces, New Places!

Spring 2016. K-Town Cowboys Trailer

10/22/2015: "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" (2015) **1/2
While I didn't think that this was as enjoyable as the first, it was still energetic and fun. A fun popcorn movie so to speak, which there hasn't been in awhile. But then again, I haven't been really watching any films recently since there is youtube and other platforms to watch other videos on. Anyway, "The Scorch Trials" is the second in what appears to be a trilogy.

In this one, the group escapes from certain nefarious plans. Although they are hunted down by the corporation, they meet with survivors who have escaped or survived other mazes with the realization of what was really going on. Ki Hong's character was captured at the end unfortunately, and not sure whether he'll survive that ordeal. Well, who knew that he could survive a nasty lightning strike earlier in the film. There does seem to be a few implausible scenarios and situations, but I doubt that it's something that is meant to think about when watching a movie like this.

This sets up the third and probably the final film in this series, and it seems as if the survivors are on a mission to take down the nefarious organization before any more harm is done.

7/30/2015: "The Maze Runner" (2014) ***

With the sequel arriving in a few months, I thought I'd review this after watching in its entirety awhile ago. The story is about a group of adolescents who have been living within the confines of a giant mechanical maze, controlled by a corporation unknown to them with hidden agendas. As the film progresses, the reasons become apparent as the audience is introduced to the character of Thomas; who appeared to hold the answers to the whole situation. In the end, the survivors that made it out of the maze are transported to another testing ground.

Overall, it was an energetic and fun film to watch. Of course, the story called for an adolescent cast perhaps most in their teens or 20's. Sort of like a futuristic Lord Of The Flies. But it was a breathe of fresh air from the everyday film scene however, with a youthful and diverse cast (I can imagine inexperienced too as they are very young in age). I have to give a nod to Ki Hong Lee who played one of the maze runners and experts (he seemed to be at ease without overacting). Not sure if his character is going to survive the sequel or one after that, but it's time to find out when "The Scorch Trials" opens.

06/05/2015: WF Productions Presents...
"Everything Before Us" is a new film from a Youtube channel called Wong Fu Productions, who are well-known for their skits and other collaborations. They've been around for awhile, but I only recently found them a year ago before subscribing. Of course, I don't watch everything but just material I find interesting. When I found out that the story for their film revolved around relationships and romance, I wasn't really interested as opposed to a thriller or drama as far as genre is concerned initally. Nonetheless, it's a film I would definitely watch in order to support the Asian-American scene for sure.

Right now, it is available on Vimeo but I don't have an account for that yet. Vimeo is a platform I'd consider uploading my video recordings anyway so might as well. Anyway, here are URL's:

Everything Before Us - Final Trailer

Everything Before Us on Vimeo

Aside from waiting to watch the K-Town film if it's available to rent or download at some point, I said that I'd consider watching F7 when it's available. And perhaps even an obscure feature called The Maze Runner; which was released quite awhile ago but never heard about. I'll probably review them.

03/28/2015: Year Of Sequels...
I plan to watch the K-Town flick when it's hopefully on Amazon or Netflix, perhaps even J-Chon's new flick "Man Up" when they are available or released. In the meantime, I'm sure there are others of interest but right now it's still a search.

But this years seems to be the year of sequels and potential blockbusters, and perhaps some of them are worth going to the theater again (which I haven't in years and years). "Jurassic World"- who would have thought that the Jurassic Park series would have another sequel. This time, the story revolves around a completed park where humans and dinosaurs seemingly coexist. Of course, expect things to go awry as usual. "Terminator: Genisys"- I first thought, you got to be kidding me. After the lackluster effort of the previous sequel, I had no interest in watching another installment. But the plot of an alternate timeline could be of interest to some. And how old is Ah-nold now? heh. Another Mission: Impossible? It's ok, I didn't really follow the series to begin with.

Other movies I've watched recently: How To Train Your Dragon 2, and the final Hobbit. No plans on reviewing them.

The world of comedy as well as the film industry lost Robin Williams, a recognizable figure who has made audiences laugh either on screen or on the stage. If he wasn't remotely likeable even just one bit, either in character or in persona, I wouldn't be mentioning this here or anywhere. But I have enjoyed watching him in his older films, in particular when it comes to the dramatic roles; whether it's a teacher ("carpe diem"), a therapist or a photo lab employee. He had a knack for impersonation and improvisation, which made his comedic prowess well known. Other than that, I don't know much else about Robin. As far as his suicide is concerned, I have absolutely no idea what he's been going through. But it shouldn't have come to that.

It's been awhile since I last updated this web page, not sure if I'll do a review this year since there hasn't been anything worth watching yet. I did rent "The Motel" on Amazon a month or so ago, but I don't plan on a review since that film was made years ago. Other than that, I'll just have to continue to wait until there is something to review.

12/17/13: F6: Fast And Furious 6 ***
There's a new kind of tornado in town, as F6 takes the action up a notch with more intensity and fury going global. The FF crew agree to help take down a team of international criminals across borders. All the while, going after a former member who has now been working in cahoots with the villains. It certainly would take some serious car action as well as balls to take down both a tank and what seems to be a cargo plane at the end. And now, let's get back to reality.

With the untimely passing of one of the Fast & The Furious originals, I've heard good things about Paul Walker from all the outpouring. Ok well, maybe not his films earlier in his career but at least in terms of charitable work and such. Although I had planned to watch F6 before this happened, I guess it made it even more special to do so now. With that said, here's a nice tribute that's out there for all the "Fast & The Furious" fans out there:

10/27/13: The Conjuring ***
Interestingly enough, this actually was based on a case study by the Warrens; paranormal investigators back in the '70s who also investigated the infamous "Amityville Horror" and before that, the Raggedy Ann doll which was said to be possessed. In between, there was a case not really known to the public at all. I sure didn't know about them, or the fact that they investigated "The Amityville Horror". But after watching the movie, doing a bit of research on the Warrens shed light on some these things. As a fan of paranormal occurrences and real hauntings, this was something interesting.

Based on 'true' events, the Perron family moves into an estate in a rural community and become fodder for increasingly intense paranormal occurrences ultimately ending up in a possession. Apparently, they moved into a land where there were multiple suicides and deaths; including somebody who supposedly practiced witchcraft way back when and is the source for the possession. As far as how much of this is true, you'd have to do a bit of research and watch/read any documentaries or articles on the Perron hauntings yourself. All I know is that the film did ratch it up a notch with stuff that probably didn't happen, and intensified certain elements. What's interesting is that although the Lutzes fled the Amityville Horror house after only a few weeks, the Perrons continued to stay at their estate for awhile. Perhaps Amityville needed a good exorcism at that time muhaha.

Overall, it was intriguing to say the least. I probably would have made the house look more like the actual house, although what's so scary about a one-floor haunted location? These days, all you need is an attic and a basement/cellar with creaky stairs, and it'll be ripe for the paranormal muhaha. Nevertheless, it was well-done in terms of a stylized pace that's sure to bring intrigue and scares to the faint-hearted.
This season might be the time for maniacs and jack-o'-lanterns, but it seems that it's also that time to be a "Jackass" again muhaha. I guess this could be another "What The......"

Anyway, "Jackass Presents.....Bad Grandpa"

09/23/13: "Linsanity" ****
I can now cement this as part of my "Top 10" muhaha. It's a 4-Star (4 out of 4) documentary that chronicles the Jeremy Lin story from when he was a kid to the height of what is now known as "Linsanity". We all know the exceptional talent and the bona fide NBA player that is Jeremy Lin, but what a lot don't know are the obstacles that Jeremy had to endure and overcome to get to where he is. You just have to watch it for yourself. It's a well-documented and a well-produced film that is both inspiring and nostalgic, so much so that I plan to purchase this digitally.

Jeremy Lin's faith and devotion to God has allowed him to thrive in the face of adversity and negative opposition. They are inconsequential and insignificant when it comes to the grand scheme of things. I'm sure Jeremy doesn't want nor expect sympathy of what he went through because of his race. And neither should any of us who has faced such predicaments in the past. Don't let obstacles get in the way of your plans or ambitions. And that's one lesson we should all learn.

09/04/13: "Sunset Stories" **1/2
Sung Kang. He co-starred in "Better Luck Tomorrow", became part of the "Fast & The Furious" crew, and even co-starred with Mr. Rambo himself. That's a pretty decent resume right there, but I think "Sunset Stories" takes it up a notch.

Although I'm ambivalent or not too enamored with the plot point about a chance encounter between two exes, I did find losing a medical cooler to be comical. But what I did get out of it, and certainly a message that transcends any plot point; that things happen for a reason. Perhaps things happened as they were supposed to and as a result, they just weren't meant to be. The concept might seem simplistic and hackneyed or overused, but it is certainly a concept that's not readily accepted. But in this wacky universe or reality of ours, anything is indeed possible. Including the fact that some things are just the way they are because they are.

My central credo however, is that we are masters of our own fates and destinies. But some things are indeed beyond our control. Did this film have a happy ending? Sure it did, and it seemed that it worked out well for both parties in terms of going in different paths from where they were, with different destinies. Perhaps certain revelations could not have been realized without having to meet again.

08/03/13: "Rock Jocks" **
Or, the jocks that actually rock muhaha. You take a bunch of slackers and put them in charge of planet security against asteroid collisions, this is what you get. All except perhaps K-Jumba, who seems to usually play the role of the nerdy pussy; which I think is why it'll be a breathe of fresh air when we see him with a mullet in the new feature. This had laughs and chuckles, and re-defines vulgarity as the new cool muhaha. Vulgar humor is not for everyone, but if you can stomache it and tolerate the low budget graphics and set design, then grab a beer and some pizza, slouch and prepare for some asteroid-busting hilarities muhaha.

06/15/13: "Surrogate Valentine / Daylight Savings" ***
The conclusion of "Daylight Savings" has "unfinished business" written all over it, and whether there will be a third film to complete this trilogy remains in question. I'm certainly crossing my fingers on it. Goh Nakamura has taken his talents from the music scene to the film scene, and the results are two films that tell a fictionalized but unique story with his music as the backdrop. Goh doesn't need to pretend that he's an experienced actor. He just needs to be himself, and the down-to-earth quality is usually what characterizes the independent scene somewhat.

Goh certainly has a knack not only with an acoustic guitar, but writing lyrics as well. I haven't heard any lyrics that are more poetic or moving, other than a few of D-Choi's own songs. I suppose there are some truths to what he said to the effect of, "there are more things to write about when you aren't in a lasting or happy relationship, so what's the point of being in one as a guitarist/songwriter....I guess I'm better off not to". I personally wouldn't know, since classical piano is a whole different genre which usually doesn't really apply to that. But it's an interesting observation, because there is a cynical albeit a humorous sense of irony to it. Anyway, all I could say about the conclusion of "Daylight Savings". Will this be the beginning of a new relationship, and will his character go back to performing on tour again anytime soon? It's only a matter of time whether or not they decide to just leave it at that and go in a different direction, or to satisfy fans with a more concrete, unambiguous finale.

06/09/13: "Hang Loose" ***
First of all, good work to the film crew and cast. I laughed my fuckin' ass off, which means it worked. Why else would there be a scene where they had their characters get their balls lighted by fireworks? The running word of the day for that film.....balls muhaha. I bet one can count how often "balls" is mentioned as opposed to other words like say....fuck muhaha. KevJumba is just one of quite a few internet celebrities out there. Transitioning from the net to film must not be easy, and he said it himself that he was nervous. But although he's a natural when it comes to videos, I guess filming is a different story altogether. Oh man, I thought I recognized Ru-f-ee-o. However you spell that and no, it's not Rufus muhaha.

It's the story of a quiet, nervous guy who after a breakup, goes to Hawaii where his best pal is getting hitched. They get into misadventures while evading Justin Chon and his two Hawaiian bodyguards who don't know what 'extortion' means. The moral of the story? I guess don't let your balls be anywhere near fireworks muhaha.

06/03/13: "Beerfest" **1/2
No, this wasn't one of the films that I bought. But holy 'shnitzel', 'farfenugen' or whatever muhahaha, it's time to get drunk and laugh yer fuckin' ass off muhaha. I think this was released back in '06. Back in the day, I couldn't hold alcohol for crap. But now I could chug a mug like nuthin', and my brothers could attest to that. For some, I guess they'd be better off chugging some jugs as well muhaha. Speaking of raunchy funnies, the first 'Harold & Kumar' was the top of them all. And that I did buy.

One of the funniest scenes involved that "Phat Girlz" lady, beating the crap out of the fat dude that drowned in beer as he unsuccessfully attempted to drink his way out of it. Get yer "Das Boot" on, and get ready for a laugh riot on the couch!

05/17/13: "ParaNorman" ***
Until I get to see "Fast 6" either through digital download or the theater, there really isn't anything else. At least I'll go ahead and parlay my thoughts for two recent films that I've seen for now. Because the fact of the matter is, there just hasn't been any decent films in recent years, with the quality going downhill year after year.

I'll start off with "ParaNorman", a stop-motion animation feature that I believe is similar to "Coraline", or from the same animators. I enjoyed the artistry and the story of that film, so I thought this would be worth watching. It is the story of a young kid who could see and talk to ghosts, which makes him a victim for bullies. With the aid of a few, he has to end a witch's curse that has plagued the town for years. The film was fun enough, and the stop-motion animation made it worthwhile. However, the film was much too short and the story could've used a few more plot twists other than revealing that the zombies were actually victims of a witches curse. Other than, pretty fun muhaha.

The Rum Diary**1/2
Not that I condone substance abuse, but "Fear & Loathing" was a film that was both unusual and unique in presentation; as well as funny in a way. But then again, Hunter S. Thompson could've been a unique individual with what they used to call, Gonzo Journalism. Anyway, "The Rum Diary" was another adaptation based on a story that I read at a bookstore. I vaguely remember what it was about, other than that the protagonist takes a job working for a newspaper in Puerto Rico, and gets in all kinds of alcohol/substance abuse trouble while there. I'm not sure how well it stayed true to the story, but it was decent. However, didn't enjoy it as nearly as much as the other. Perhaps there just wasn't that much to work with in terms of story.

10/29/12: "Monster House" ***
This was released back in '06, but it's certainly ripe for review when it comes to Halloween flicks. Last year it was the oddball "Halloween III", this year it's "Monster House".

"Monster House" revolves around a neighborhood house that looks like the typical old, creeky house that looks haunted. Except it's more than that. The proprietor is an old codger who doesn't take trespassers well as well as any toys or belongings. Apparently, the house itself is a living entity possessed by the soul of the old man's deceased fat spouse muhaha. There's a flashback where we get to see how they met and when the house was built, and in turn the fat chicks' apparent rage at heckling neighborhood kids. There's this whole shebazz about how the fat chick and the house merged, but in the end that anger manifested itself in one creepy and angry "Monster House". And nah, the house wasn't fat muhaha. In the end, the old man and three neightborhood kids decide to destroy the house once in for awhile before reeking further havoc.

The bottom line is this. The house was convincingly created through computer animation to look and feel terrifying, and the story was well-paced to be on the edge of your seat. I'd say the house seemed to be like a combination of the "Amityville Horror" and "1408", where the Amityville house looked horrifying and the room in "1408" was actually alive with evil or possessed. I guess who knew that a CGI-created film could be as effectively creepy, but "Monster House" works in that respect. If there's a movie for Halloween to be seen that hasn't been seen, this is recommended for sure.

3/26/12- Harold And Kumar 3 ***
The latest Harold & Kumar adventure finds the duo several years grown apart, as both Harold & Kumar have new friends and new lives. Harold has drifted away from the weed lifestyle and settled down with his lovely wife with a new home. Meanwhile, the same old Kumar continues his weed ways, getting kicked from medical school and alienating his GF. The story takes place during the holidays obviously, when a mysterious package addressed to Harold (which turns out to be a joint as a gift from Santa) is mistakenly sent to Kumar but then is brought to Harold's home. Apparently, santa smokes weed too muhaha.

The film clocks in at a meager 1:25 minutes, which is pretty quick. That's really my only gripe, but I guess they didn't want to overkill the movie with redundant gags or explicit/gratuitous material. Still, it wouldn't be a Harold & Kumar flick without that raunchy humor and all. I thought the claymation sequence was pretty hilarious, and the Waffle-Bot was interesting; in the sense that I'll probably find myself eating waffles as did the first Harold & Kumar got me eating White Castle burgers muhaha. The NPH scenes could've been more raunchy other than that heaven sequence, but there's always an opportunity for the next sequel if there is one. One of the sub-plotlines has Harold dealing with his in-laws, especially the father-in-law who looked familiar. But in the end, it was all about standing up for yourself when it came to confrontations. Similar themes that ran prevalent to the first. A nice throwback when they eat a meal at White Castle. Yep, it always hits the spot muhaha. I suppose it depends on how many sliders you eat muhaha.

Overall, I found myself laughing throughout for the most part. I don't think they pushed things too far since it's atypical humor that's supposed to be raunchy; in particular with that creepy kid. That's what makes the series unique though. Will there be a fourth? Or another trilogy? Perhaps something to do with visiting the in-laws, as was hinted at the end. The possibilities and the creativity could be endless, but there has to be a more satisfactory ending to the series than a quickie like this.

1/29/12- Fast Five ***
I finally got a chance to see this while on a flight back home, downloading an on-line rental to the ipod. It was fun for the most part. One of those worthwhile popcorn flicks that actually lives up to the hype. I was never really much of a fan of the 'The Fast & The Furious' series, but I was compelled to watch this last one; which I heard re-united the main players from the previous sequels. When it comes to adrenaline-filled action flicks, this is up there. The series is known for its fast, hi-octane cars with super-charged engines, and I'm sure car enthusiasts would get a kick out of these films if not for the action or racing sequences.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker team up to pull one last job, basically to steal drug money from some powerful drug lord down in Brazil. To pull off this heist, they'd need to complement themselves with a full team of cohorts. And cars. Fast cars. I haven't seen the other sequels in their entirety, although I've seen bits of #1 and #2. The 'Fast Five' plan out, and then take out an impenetrable vault using their vehicles and evading security/police. On the hunt is the new character played by 'The Rock'. Of course, I'm sure we've all anticipated 'The Rock' eventually confronting and fist-fighting Vin Diesel, who is pretty big himself.

For Sung Kang fans, he returns as well but with not much dialogue to boost unfortunately. He does have a minor smooch scene at the end when the team disbands with their cars, money and chicks muhaha. Will there be a sixth? Could be, as a small teaser after the credits hints at another character from the series pulling off something in another country. Perhaps those scenes were deleted in the original version, but nevertheless, Fast & The Furious fans better brace themselves.