I think fans should keep track of how many "Bad Hair Days" or "Poofy Hair Days" episodes Robbie's character of Tom has haha. Vis-A-Vis should be more like, Hell-'Non-Non-Non'! haha. I thought Robbie would have been ecstatic that the episode revolved around him. At least he is consistent in his reviews. I have favorite episodes that involve only 1 or 2 characters, simply because I favor that character. But if the story is good and / or involves the entire cast (with no hidden agendas), I'm ok with that. There are a quite a few episodes I don't even bother watching ("This Episode Should Never Have Existed" type deal).

In retrospect, I forgot what "Retrospect" was about haha. And then it came back after listening to the recap. Controversial issues or social commentaries are tackled occasionally. How about that Neelix episode in the first season where his species was wiped out - whether to forgive or not to forgive the "evil" scientist. Moral dilemmas I guess. There is another episode where the doctor has to use a nazi-type doctor hologram in order to save a life.

There are just plenty of WTF moments in Trek haha - Tom's afro-like hair, and why he went to the planet as an escort instead of the security team under Tuvok, etc. Hahaha.

I found the doctor's smug arrogance both annoying and humorous.

The hirogen - a formidable opponent or foe. It all comes to head in a two-parter where they take over the holodeck posing as nazis.

Neelix - a cook, a good-will ambassador, and a mail carrier hahaha.

One thing I'll agree with is that Livingston did direct some nice episodes. And that's all I have to say about dat.

"Year of Hell" was a two-parter that's quite dark - the crew flailing to survive and Voyager eventually sacrificed / destroyed (but it all ends well). In that regard (and the juicy story of temporal incursions and the repercussions of it), it's almost non-stop action. There were non-sensical stuff as usual, but I enjoyed this for the most part.

Crewman Lang was still around? Damn - zapped with a phaser (or ray gun haha), and what I call LTR or LTD (Lame Trek Reactions / Lame Trek Demises) haha. The industry is on the decline - I don't a give a rat's ass anymore haha.

"And even Mr. Paris" - gotta love Doc's witty humor hahaha.

Here's a poll I'm curious about - how many would prefer to have an orgy with the planet women from "Favorite Son", or would prefer to accept Seven's offer to "copulate" in "Revulsion" haha. Mr. Kim's missed opportunities indeed. One of the misgivings and travesties from this show is that Harry Kim was never given a romantic steady (a byproduct of the racial stereotyping of being "awkward"). Instead, he gets these one-episode flings or flirtations.

It's a tough call. Tuvix would have made one hell of an entertaining or humorous regular or character on the show. On the other hand, we would not have been graced with the continued banter between Neelix and Tuvok that fans have come to adore haha.

So when is "Timeless" - the next episode I'm absolutely looking forward to.

The scene between Neelix and Kes ("To The Adventure" closing toast) was my favorite scene from "The Gift". And that's all I have to say about that.

Didn't you get the memo, Robbie? Sex sells haha. Yeah, introduce the character with a beginning shot of her butt haha. Anyway - S4 first introduces the character of Seven and the transition into "Sounds Swedish" Borg storylines. Kes was leaving or being replaced (it was not a glamorous situation on set from what I heard haha) - the acting was definitely noticeable as it was the actress who looked out of it haha. "The Gift" is the farewell episode of Kes. But she returns in "Fury", with the title fitting of both the character and actress I guess heh.

"Before and After" was a trip indeed haha. I enjoy time travel jumps - it can be non-sensical or mind-boggling at times, but the most important thing for me is the enjoyment factor. Everything else is second fiddle or third wheel haha. So I give this a solid 7.5. I reckon that the film "Memento" would be too confusing and complicated for Robbie haha. When I skip or don't bother with certain episodes, you can say that it would either be Zero rating, or even a negative rating (basically, "It Should Never Have Existed" bad). But to each their own. Let's face it - actors are going to support and favor episodes that are focused on them 'anyway'. So as they say, to each their own.

The most re-listens or listened to podcast update:
1. Favorite Son
2. Warlord
3. Rise

Hahaha. Next week is "Before and After" - that should be a doozy. I'm not sure if they'll rip apart that one in jest, or praise it as a zealot praises the lord haha. Where is Aron when we need him - the maestro of ripping apart or roasting episodes. For me, I skip or don't bother with episodes I dislike or do not give a hoot about.

"Favorite Son" was one of my favorites. They talk about this near the end of the podcast, but I felt it was important to have an Asian-American male character to be portrayed as desired either sexually or romantically. This was completely unheard of or non-existent back in the day, and persists even now unfortunately (which is why we have to create on our own). The writers might have gone a bit over-board with the sexual tone, sounding more like an erotic program than a sci-fi show haha but still - I loved it. In the end - I would have much preferred to have Mr. Kim have a regular love interest (either Ballard - make her a permanent character or even bringing in Libby from "Non-Sequitur" as a recurring somehow) than have one of these all-out, sexually-hyped situations. "The Disease" episode is much closer to a romantic situation for Kim, and one that he finally defies or disobeys orders.

I give this episode a solid 7 or 8. I do not care about the hate for this episode - although there might be fair and objective reasons, I already know that a lot of it has to do with racist reasons. They are not comfortable or just plain hate seeing an Asian male being the centerpiece of desire, or the centerpiece of an episode. I do not give a rat's ass. We suffered enough.

What a treat indeed. On a very rare occasion, there might be some guest appearances on a podcast - which is understandable, patreon patrons should get exclusive content (hence, very rare). Anyway - the duo of Neelix and Tuvok come to heads in "Rise". I enjoyed the episode for what it was - Neelix finally standing up to Tuvok's logical 'personality' (or lack thereof haha), and saves the day.

This one reminded me of the TOS episode where Spock's logic could not save or help their stranded Galileo shuttle crew - in fact, it made things worse which was aptly pointed out by one of them "one-time only" or "who the hell is he" character heh. In "Rise", Tuvok's logic hilariously did not help the situation at all. In fact, it was Neelix who had to start raising his voice in defiance. Let's face it - Trek fight scenes are always silly or inane haha.

It's another episode where both Garrett and Robert's characters get the off-camera (no scenes), out-of-focus or voice only treatment haha. The relationship inconsistencies can be quite maddening and inane as well in this type of show. There definitely should have been a final resolution or a more consistent approach to the Neelix / Kes dynamics.

I enjoyed "Alter Ego", but it was not one of my favorites. I prefer "Favorite Son", where you have Mr. Kim frollicking with the planet women haha.

The perks of being a director - Picardo giving himself ladies, and no ladies for you haha.

I personally feel that Vorick was a character for comic relief - vulcans can be hilarious, as well as rivals.

One-directional or one-way relationships or feelings are definitely relatable. Still - I would have avoided this kind of stereotype whether or not it reflected the '90's (where racial stereoypes / racism was even more prevalent).

The "Warlord" podcast is just a few that I've listened to over and over - the episode is hilarious, and the podcast was hilarious / informative haha. And oh yeah - we get to see Talaxian feet for the first time hahaha. Other re-listens: Non-Sequitur, Prime Factors (that's it - I think there were others, can't remember). I think they'll have a blast when they get to "Before and After".

Gotta love the holodeck scenes of the resort - this ain't yer ordinary resort. More like hangin' out at the playboy mansion haha. Having Neelix frollicking in there is hilarious. I even had to find the episode video on the web to re-catch some scenes.

Some fan should take count of how many crewman become casualties in away missions - sort of like the red shirts in TOS haha. Also - fans would have liked to see Tom in that lingerie-type shirt haha.

If yer gonna beam aboard with a phaser, make sure yer pointing or facing the right direction hahaha.

"Warlord" was an ok episode - I'd give it a five or six (but a lot of overacting).

"Flashback" - George "Captain Sulu" Takei. Enough said. His presence was enough to make this episode one of my favorites. I also agree that Janice Rand was underrated.

I highly recommend watching "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" for the backstory for this episode.

You might as well re-title this podcast episode to "The Art of Gaseous Anomalies or Farting", or "Another One of Neelix's Cooking Gone Wrong" haha.


1. Assemble a group or party of RSG's in getting ready to beam to planet or to investigate an intruder on board starship

2. The group splits up and investigates on planet or on board starship

3. Watch as all of a sudden each RSG get vaporized by unseen entity

4. ....or a gaseous cloud or entity rendering them lifeless

5. ....or when the RSG's react impulsively and get vaporized as a result


Although the transporter, phaser, and the tricorder are the usual Trek technology that fans know about, here are some of my favorites:

Replicators: Instead of having to prepare a meal or going out to get something to eat, who wouldn't want a scrumptious burger or a meal appear instantly right in front of them. It's a neat piece of technology for sure.

The Holodeck: This is something that sure keeps the crew preoccupied for enjoyment when not on duty, and it sure passes the time away. Although everything created is in holographic form, a person better watch out if the safety protocols are not on heheh.

Astrometrics: Utilized for stellar cartography and other celestial observations and analysis, this is sort of like a jacked up observatory or planetarium with holographic dimensions and much more advanced technology. As an Astronomy enthusiast, I'd certainly wouldn't mind spending time here....if it were real of course. An updated lab was designed by Kim on board Voyager; with some collaboration thanks to borg efficiency.

Mobile Emitter: A mobile device that allows a hologram or a holographic person to go places and enter areas outside the confines of their activation place. They can also be stored in it.



"Khaaaaaaan!!!" muhaha -Star Trek II
"Don't trust them. Don't believe them" -Kirk in Star Trek VI
"Back in the '60s, he was part of the free speech movement. I think he did too much 'LDS''...-Kirk referring to Spock in Star Trek IV
Captain Sulu of USS Excelsior to the rescue.....-Star Trek VI
"Keyboard? How quaint!"...as complex formulas all of a sudden appear on an old MacIntosh with the 'miracle worker's' magic hands muhaha -Star Trek IV
"Lily in Star Trek: First Contact. She has her moments:
"It's my first ray gun....", "....sounds Swedish/definitely not Swedish", and her first encounter with Data when she faints after Data remains unfazed from the bullets, to which he then responds, 'Greetings' muhaha"

(no particular order)

Year of Hell, Parts 1 & 2
Non Sequitur
Living Witness
Prime Factors
The Disease
Favorite Son
Blink of an Eye
Author, Author
Before and After
Endgame, Parts 1 & 2


Season 1:
The Corbomite Maneuver
Shore Leave
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
The Galileo Seven
The Return Of The Archons
Space Seed
This Side Of Paradise
Balance Of Terror
Errand Of Mercy
The Naked Time

Season 2:
Mirror, Mirror
The Doomsday Machine

Season 3:
The Tholian Web
That Which Survives
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Day Of The Dove
And The Children Shall Lead