The Seska / Kazon / Voyager take over storyline has been a favorite of mine.

Poor Hogan and the Delta team. Or should I say, The Delta Farce haha.

I believe "Favorite Son" is in Season 3 as well. Looking forward to that.

The Thaw - "Fear does not exist in this episode, does it?!" Apparently, it does haha.

And another one - chasing Susan Nicoletti for four years. I'm luvin' it however hahaha.

Marvin V. Rush and using real Cirque de Soleil - never knew that. "The Thaw" was another episode that was well-done and exciting, borderline one of my favorites as well (just completely forgot about it).

Who wouldn't want to join the Neelix show, and listen to a "How to make nostrils happy" lecture. Don't fall asleep haha.

Tom Morga - I think he played Jason Voorhees in "Friday The 13th Part 3" or "Part V - A New Beginning"

"Hey Rob - you were the one who wanted to go home early!" Hahahaha. Can't get enough of juicy tidbits or drama.

Personally, I do not mind stripper-type characters at all haha. After all, they are eye candy - that's all they are.

Kazon are certainly the "hair dudes" of the Delta Quadrant - a beauty contest would have been nice haha.

I'm looking forward to "The Disease" - the ultimate in speaking your mind or "mouthing off".

Keep the guest stars comin' on the podcast haha. The podcast episodes that are full of laughs, I'll usually listen to it multiple times.

I also noticed Neelix's coffee brewing skills, or the "I prefer the replicator" type reaction haha.

I think RDM gave this episode a 'meh' review is because his character did not come in until 20 minutes into the episode hahaha. Gotta love this - "We don't wanna lose another shuttle" hahaha.

To me, the sci-fi theme of Artifical Intelligence is just played out (or over-saturated). How about the episode of that psychotic or malfunctioning hologram, another technology piece gone awry.

How about them Neelix's ear hairs haha.

It seems to be the case that after a specific character-centric episode, that character does not get any lines or scenes in the next episode haha. Case in point - Chakotay haha. Go ahead and flash that smile!

What is up with RDM and Chakotay's fantasies or fantasies involving Chakotay - he's certainly becoming a real-life Neelix haha. Certainly makes the song "Lost in the Woods" from Frozen 2 absolutely relevant for this Tattoo episode haha. Funny as fuck.

They absolutely should confirm that butt crack at another time haha.

What a treat - an impromptu call to Picardo to confirm wine. But what an oopsie - the doctor taking a fall haha.

What a treat - Ethan Mr. Neelix Phillips. Ya know what's awkward is calling Ethan "Johnny" - that's a first for me. More like, "Heeeere's Neelix!" haha. Hey, Neelix - "Look dejected, and go to the weed patch" hahaha.

So Parturition is the episode where Neelix and Tom finally come to blows, and then kiss / make up haha.

Believe in yourself, Garrett. Who knows - you might have become a Clarinet virtuoso eventually - with enough practice haha.

To me, it's Tuvok and Neelix as the ultimate odd couple.

It just gets funnier and funnier haha. RDM sounds like a Phil Swift - "Yeeahhh, dawg-ehhh!!" - "Dawg-dah-dah-dooh-dah" hahahah.

I thought "Twisted" was quite the 'twisted' episode - too much talkin', not enough action. "You talkin' to me?" "Nah - You're just talkin' too much".

RIP Aron. I swear, if Aron was doing this podcast - he'd be roastin' the shit out of most of these episodes.

09/15/2020: Non Sequitur - My Top Three
I would have to say "Non Sequitur" is in my top three favorites (the other two being "Timeless" and "The Disease"). The dynamic duo pointed out some directing misgivings that ruined some intimate scenes - I cannot argue with that. I agree that there should have been more foreplay and intimacy between Harry Kim and Libby to ease his tensions.

What I always wanted to say or let out pertaining to this episode: If I were Harry Kim, I would have absolutely stayed in this reality. He received accolades galore, is in a steady relationship with Libby (and Laska as his buddy), and would have made at least Commander within two years I'm certain (instead of wasting away on Voyager). Who's to say that an alternate reality is not the real reality - it's what you consider reality, is reality. In my opinion. Well, Garrett would have been out of a job if his character stayed in that reality.

They talk about Danny Bird, but we never see even a picture of Danny Bird. Good observation - Tom might have saved Harry in this episode, but it's vice versa in "The Chute".

They need to get Russ on the show when they review "Tuvix" haha.

Shame on you, RDM - for not consulting with Garrett on the green screen haha. Well, you did come in 25 seconds into the episode. I did not remember what "Elogium" was about - until after the listening. This episode appears to be just a one, big orgy of an episode haha.

Next week is "Non-Sequitur" - the episode or podcast I'm particularly looking forward to, since it is one of my favorites.

Dragon Con is apparently where it's at. It was fun and amusing - tidbits:

Tim Russ - Astronomy fanatic / vulcan singing virtuoso haha
Robert B - composing (good luck with that - definitely an alternative to learning computers heh).
Garrett W - his laugh in the early days of the show sounding like "The Flight of the Bumblebee"
RDM - fetish for men's retreats and road trips

I keep laughing along with these podcasts haha. What I learned from the first episode of Season 2:

This, and a few others afterwards were supposed to be in Season 1.

Garrett has a story about getting in trouble - looking forward to that, although I might have heard it before in the previous podcast with Aron.

RDM was called out by Mr. Conway on-set - looking forward to that story haha.

08/10/2020: Season 1 - The Final Blunder (sounds like a damn horror movie heh)
Why the hell do they keep making characters nobody knows the centerpieces of episodes? The cast regulars should have gotten more consistent screen time throughout the seasons, or written in more.

I have to admit however, "Learning Curve" was quite amusing. Gotta love the crewman Chell character - should've kept the blue guy as a a recurring haha. Well, he definitely did miss a spot I noticed.

Vulcans are trained in repressing their emotions, and thinking / acting only through logic. We'll see more humorous situations, in particular with Neelix - that episode when Tuvok mind melds with Sudor, and imagines choking the life out of Neelix haha. Or when the episode when they are stranded on a planet with a saboteur and some guests, and Neelix piloting some kind of transport in getting off the planet. They were definitely irked with each other, and a case where vulcan logic did not work.

The first downer or dud for "Jetrel", although the storyline was as serious as they come. Apparently, both Garrett and RDM didn't like how this was put together or directed. Neelix's anger was justified (after all, his species was practically wiped out) - but in the end, how difficult is it to forgive for an atrocity like that (our human history has been rife with them).

With that said, next week's podcast is "Learning Curve" - that should be a bit more humorous and light (Maquis cadets giving Tuvok a hard time - who's fault is it that some of them are out of shape? haha).

"Cathexis" tidbits and thoughts:

Gotta love Neelix and his temper (right, Parsons?) haha - it'll all boil over when he spills or dumps some food (pasta I think) all over Tom's uniform in a future episode.

Kes was an underrated character (and sure did notice that her quarters was like a luxurious suite) - would've been nice if the character stayed longer. The most mind-boggling episode ever - "Before and After".

Although the banter and humorous anecdotes between the two are enough to keep one entertained, guest stars who played different aliens or characters outside the cast can only enhance or enlighten the discussion. Looking forward to future podcasts with them.

Yep - "Heroes and Demons". One of many holodeck-centric episodes as well (can't wait for the Tuvok / Harry Kim holodeck woman rivalry one haha), and the first where the doctor is actually treated like a crew member (being sent on an 'away' mission, sort of). Notable and tidbits from the podcast:

It's a Viking-themed one, made for an amusing but interesting episode. Not one of my favorites however.

Dr. Schweitzer or Schweitz-ah? "It's not a tum-ah!" (some Ah-nold impressions haha).

Extract the name "Demon" from the title, and it's another episode that is a favorite of mine however (season 5 or 6?)

I think the episode where Harry Kim finally gets to kiss (multiple women mind you) like no tomorrow is "Favorite Son" - other than "Non-Sequitur" (Libby and Kim are in bed together, don't remember if they make out or smooch it out at all). Again, it was the '90s. And blame the writers as well. The Asian male stereotype has been pervasive, we did not really speak up back then. These days, there is no tolerance for that kind of crap - it'll be deleted faster than a split second.

Gotta love the banter, the humor between Garrett and Robert DM. So much so, that I might even have listen to the episodes that I absolutely hate or despise. I was planning to skip them, but who knows.

Can't get enough of Robert B., and alright - even Robert P. (haha)? Sign up on Patreon if you can. The next episode for the podcast I believe is sort of a character-centric episode involving the doctor.

Of all the podcasts so far, "Prime Factors" was the most fun and hilarious. This week's podcast "State of Flux" probably comes in second haha.

There are going to be quite a few episodes for each character, where they are going to be only visible in one scene, or has only one line of dialogue (or just not part of the episodic story - sorry, Tom haha). I think this is the biggest criticism of the writing (as well as other travesties and letdowns). It is possible to be inclusive even if a story does not call for it. At the same time, the strength of "Voyager" is that there are episodes that are dedicated to every character, or episodes that are character-focused to a specific character in regards to the story. Unfortunately, more so from some than others. I bet it was difficult to implement equal opportunity (god-willing).

I thought the Seska / Chakotay story was just crammed into this one episode, and felt rushed for sure haha.

How about them puffy hairstyles (with plenty of gel to boot), or them fro-like hair haha.

"Prime Factors" - fun episode, fun podcast. How can you not like a "pleasure planet" - and "I only have a few-seconds-on-a-planet scene" haha.

Mr. Kim is gettin' some action here....sort of. Well, alien women I guess is preferrable to holodeck women? haha. Don't worry - he'll shed his goody-two-shoes persona in "The Disease" (Season 5)

The beginnings of dissent (or the first episode of pissing off the Captain haha). Thanks Seska! At least you'll somehow get involved with Chakotay's love child later...I think haha.

Some pretty fly wardrobe in this one.

I listen to the podcast at least twice - that's how funny and informative it is. For those who can, I think it's worth subscribing to Patreon for the extras.

New catchprase indeed - " a snake through a tube" haha.

I'll particularly be looking forward to "Non-Sequitur", which won't come until the beginning of the second season - quite a few things to talk about or comment on here haha. Also, perhaps "Tuvix" as well.

This week's episode was "The Cloud" - and the duo delved into the subject matter of racial stereotyping. Asian-Americans and Native-Americans have been quite victimized, in particular during the '80's and '90s. Despite all the nostalgia, various ethnic groups had to suffer through stereotyping, as it was just the sign of the times. It is still a fight til this day, although it is much different now.

Mr. Kim's first exposure to "holodeck women", thanks Tom! haha.

Through the first four episodes, it's been informative and fun (no surprise that Robert DM doesn't remember much haha. Fortunately, we have Garrett). The difference between the "Delta Flyers" and "Alpha Quadrant" is apparent - the "Delta Flyers" focuses only on Voyager while "Alpha Quandrant" delved into DS9 as well because of Aron (RIP). We got guest interviews, clips of their respective shows, maybe some backstage drama as well all in one podcast for a subscription fee. For this one, you'll have to donate or sign up on Patreon.

I always get a kick of re-hearing the anecdote or back story on "talkin' shit about Tom" dining hall scene in the pilot.

Their characters are already talking about the Delaney sisters in "Time and Again". What a way to begin the third episode. haha.

Robert B's flubbing of his "sub-space beacon" line 17 times is always a laugher.

With that said, keep it up!

"The Delta Flyers" podcast - I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I can only listen to the audio (as budget is tight for anything else). I remember "The Alpha Quadrant" podcast a few years back - with special guests, humorous anecdotes, etc.

03/03/2020: Voyager's 25th
It's already been 25 years - it's difficult to believe, time passes by just like that. I used to watch Voyager re-runs religiously, but for the past two years - I haven't watched anything Trek related in awhile. It's beginning to lose its steam for me, when there are other programs and films that I've turned my attention to.

However, ST Voyager series has left an indelible and lasting impression. By far, our favorite Trek series. I'll still watch them now and then, whenever it's on. Can we "merely tolerate" another 25? Of course haha.

09/22/2019: RIP Aron Eisenberg AKA Nog
My condolences, although I never really watched DS9. But particular characters are memorable. From Garrett & Aron's webcast or podcast (which was available via subscription before being cancelled due to backstage drama a year ago), Aron was hilarious, and certainly quick with a witty retort or insult heh.

11/18/2018: "Timeless" - 20th Anniversary
This was my favorite episode as well. It's quite evident that there was a lot of emotional investment into the story and character, and Garrett did a good job. It's definitely quite the change from spewing techno-babble all the time heh.

Let's clear up "Deadlock". The alternate Voyager self-destructed in the end, so that evens out (sort of a trade-off). In a space / time paradox or parallel dimensions, who's to say which Voyager is real or not anyway.

I decided to subscribe just hours before the first video was uploaded. I was uncertain for quite awhile, as I'm sure other new subscribers were. I concur that the content (the stuff they talk about - not just another ordinary run-of-the-mill recap shows) might be worth the monthly fee. For me however, I have no interest at all in the other new shows that they discuss. If it comes that time to return to that, I'll probably unsubscribe (or if there is a lull in the scheduling). But for now, it's all the old "Star Trek" that we know and enjoy.

So who does the better impressions - Robert B or Garrett? heheh.

06/19/2018: "To Boldly Go Where No...Subscribers Have Gone Before"
Oh yeah - it's the Voyager vs. DS9 episodic reviews (or roasting I might add muhaha) on "The Alpha Quadrant". Unfortunately, we'll soon have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee for it - which is understandable. Up til now, all the episodes have been free which was quite generous. Let's not get too greedy.

I had no interest at all in the other shows they reviewed, and I've stayed away; waiting until they got to the cream of the crop - the real Star Trek stuff (never mind the new one either - not for me at all). If anything however - the banter, bickering, behind-the-scenes anecdotes make it all worthwhile for episodes I did watch.

I'm considering subscribing, and that is all.

I've enjoyed listening to some episodes of "The Alpha Quadrant", at least the ones with the "Star Trek" guests. I do not really care for the new shows that they talk about, but to each their own. The banter is full of humor, as well as interesting tidbits or anecdotes on set or behind the scenes. Keep it up!

Screenshot or image of the day (From Star Trek: Online):

From "The Enemy Within":

"Would it be possible to get your 'act' together, and maybe beam down a hot tub along with some coffee?" "I AM.....'OVER-ACTING'"!!! muhahaha

It is the 2017 Star Trek Convention, just a year removed from the 50th anniversary. I usually enjoy watching the Voyager panel for what it's worth, and it never gets old listening to the humorous anecdotes of the actors. 08/09/2016:
Star Trek's 50th anniversary convention wrapped up over the weekend, culminating in what was an important event. I almost had forgotten that it was this past weekend, as I was basically catching up with the goings on with the convention via social media. The panels and costume contest are certainly the highlights.

Why didn't I find out about the spoof/parody "Unbelievable!!" earlier on? I heard it'll be released next month, on VOD or another platform I'm not sure. I'm sure it'll be funny, with the plethora of Trek alumni would make it worth the laughs. I could still imagine the Star Trek characters as they are in this film: Imagine Mr. Kim and Mr. Tuvok playing Kal-Toe (or however you spell it) aboard that shuttle to pass the time heh.

If there is a collectible to purchase, the Sulu bobblehead from "The Naked Time" would be it. I forgot about that episode, but it certainly was a classic.

My Star Trek Beyond review here: Film Forum

"...he likes that seat" -Star Trek Beyond. No shit muhaha.

"Sir, you haven't logged a single star hour in over two and a half years. That, and your unfamiliarity with the ship's design in my opinion seriously jeopardizes this mission" - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

With Star Trek's 50th, a new sequel to the reboot:

Probably worth watching. More thoughts and references on my Film Forum here:

Justin Lin And Beyond Star Trek..

"Nor have you doctor. As your continued predilection for irrelevancies continue to demonstrate" -Spock retort, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The Star Trek world has lost Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock) last month. Rest in peace, logical one.

It's the characters and the stories that make a Star Trek series compelling for me; as well as the technology for sure. I definitely give props to Mr. Braga (and others) for writing some good Voyager episodes, but I'm sure they've written some not so good ones as well. As with any series, there are going to be some episodes that should never have been written. Voyager isn't any exception. If I had the opportunity to purchase a signed photo of the entire crew from ten or so years ago, I'd probably would.

I heard about "To Be Takei", and I might watch it eventually. Although I'm a Trek fan mostly, I do respect his activism as well as his wit and humor.

Favorite Voyager Episodes: (no particular order)
Non Sequitur
Prime Factors
Living Witness
The Disease
Blink of an Eye
Before and After
Author, Author
Endgame, Parts 1 & 2

One of my favorite Star Trek themes has to do with temporal anomalies or space/time distortions. Wormholes, subspace corridors and even time travel are just as fascinating as the plethora of enemies that inhabit vast regions of space in a galaxy, more known as quadrants. Also, technology driven, advanced life forms can eventually find these pathways that cross vast distances. I suppose the possibilities are there from a fan's perspective. I'll list my favorite Voyager episodes eventually.