"Hardware Store", Poodle Hat

"Everything You Know Is Wrong", Bad Hair Day

"Fat", Even Worse

"Perform This Way", Alpocalypse

"Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me" , Alpocalypse

"Couch Potato", Poodle Hat

"Amish Paradise", Bad Hair Day

"Pretty Fly For A Rabbi", Running With Scissors

"Virus Alert", Straight Outta Lynwood,

"It's All About The Pentiums", Running With Scissors

"Livin' In The Fridge", Alapalooza

"The Brady Bunch", In 3D

"Lasagna", Even Worse

"Taco Grande", Off The Deep End

"I Can't Watch This", Off The Deep End

"Trapped In The Drive-Thru", Straight Outta Lynwood

"Canadian Idiot", Straight Outta Lynwood

"Albuquerque", Running With Scissors


Sunday, 01/21/24:

Ok, folks - try spitting this out in about 30 seconds or less: "They got allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters Trash compactors, juice extractor, shower rods and water meters Walkie-talkies, copper wires, safety goggles, radial tires BB pellets, rubber mallets, fans and dehumidifiers Picture hangers, paper cutters, waffle irons, window shutters Paint removers, window louvres, masking tape and plastic gutters Kitchen faucets, folding tables, weather stripping, jumper cables Hooks and tackle, grout and spackle, power foggers, spoons and ladles Pesticides for fumigation, high-performance lubrication Metal roofing, water proofing, multi-purpose insulation Air compressors, brass connectors, wrecking chisels, smoke detectors Tire guages, hamster cages, thermostats and bug deflectors Trailer hitch demagnetizers, automatic circumcisers Tennis rackets, angle brackets, Duracells and Energizers Soffit panels, circuit breakers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers Calculators, generators, matching salt and pepper shakers."

Thursday, 01/18/24:

Did I see a selfie of Weird Al (and the actor who played Weird Al) with Ke Huy Quan? That is just too cool.

Oh yeah - congrats on some Emmy wins. I guess the Weird Al biopic was not as badly reviewed as UHF was (although I found UHF hilarious for the most part) haha.

Although parodies might be a thing of the past, they are still relevant somewhat. There just isn't any songs worth parodying these days. The focus should be on any of Al's originals.

Thursday, 09/07/23: New Track Upload - "Everything You Know Is Wrong"

Well, not new - this is a classic original from the "Bad Hair Day" album. Very catchy melody and hilarious lyrics. This was inspired by Choe's Hamburger Helper podcast clip that I remembered this song / track. Thanks, Choe! haha.

Al is still alive and well, and touring.

C'mon, kiddies. Let's sing along haha:

"I was going into the kitchen for some Golden Grahams, when I accidentally stepped into an alternate dimensions, and soon I was abducted by some Alien whose face kinda looked like Jamie Farr. They sucked out my internal organs, and took some polaroids, and said I was a darn, good sport. And as a way of saying thank you, they offered to transport me back to any point in history that I would care to go. And so I had them send me back to last Thursday night, so I can pay my phone bill on time. Just then a floating, disembodied head of Colonel Sanders started yelling:

Everything you know is wrong, black is white, up is down and short is long. And everything you thought was important doesn't even matter - Everything you know is wrong, just forget the words and sing along, all you need to understand is Everything you know is wrong!"

Friday, 12/30/22:

Al has tons of iconic tracks. But I guess Al made a deal behind the scenes with GQ for the "popular" ones (when there are already tons of them from god-knows-how-many-albums now) haha. Joking aside - I would've added "It's All About The Pentiums", "Couch Potato" and "Canadian Idiot" haha.

That's right - "Hardware Store" is the only Weird Al song / track I could never memorize haha. Not even close. It's like trying to memorize or spit out all the digits to Pi haha. To put it in another perspective - I did memorize "Alburqurque" pretty quickly.

Thursday, 10/20/22:

I'll provide the "context" - Peter Griffin is "Fat". He turns on the radio on to "Eat It". Not something a Fat Guy would want to hear or listen to, especially one on a diet. Hahaha.

Since I brought back my Beavis & Butt-Head web page, I might be updating again as well. I might no longer have interest in any new stuff, but perhaps some quirky tidbits like this now and then.

Other than the tracks uploaded on this page, I used to have a lot of tracks / CDs of Al's various albums. Not sure what happened - I was cleaning one day, and might have mistakenly thrown away the CDs / deleted folders or files that I thought were extraneous (in fact, it had music files on it. But thought it was clutter).

Sunday, 09/18/22: Holy, Al Biopic (More Like, Overly-Dramaticized / Stiff Acting TV Special) Batman! haha

It might be fun for newbies, sort of like watching Dustin Diamond's POV in that "Saved By The Bell" scandal movie haha. But fortunately, I don't have that network or platform to even consider watching it. It is a hell no for me.

I quit / stopped following Weird Al a few years back - at least for updates. But the parodies / original music always lives on. In fact - his lyrics always come up whenever I hear an original on the radio or other. And I end up singing Al's lyrics instead haha. The Parody (and Polka) King continues to live on!

Wednesday, 08/29/18: Wanna Run With My Crew, huh? Al Gets the 'Star' Treatment...

It's many years?! It certainly seemed overdue after all this time heheh. And I certainly have not kept up with what's been happening. I'm sure there's one or two more new albums, which I probably should check out at some point. For now, I've been into the new fad - Youtube music and parodies. I still have most, if not all, of Weird Al's lyrics still memorized. Now can you dig that?! heh.

Tuesday, 12/31/13:

I guess for the upcoming year, it's now the question of when the new album is going to be ready. Although it doesn't seem like that there is going to be any "leaks" this time around (whether one parody or a few), there sure seems to be plenty of silence on this matter muhaha.

In the meantime, let's reminisce again and go back to a long lost parody that I've forgotton about. It was another unfortunate situation where although Al was given permission for the parody, he was later denied permission to release it on the "Straight Outta Lynnwood" album. Now THAT'S pitiful......muhaha. So all you polydodecahedron-headed troutsniffers, here it is:

Friday, 8/30/13:

According to Al's blog, a new album is currently in the works as he finishes off the "Alpocalypse" tour.

In the meantime, another moment of Al back in the day: Al as an extraterrestrial Cabbage! muhaha. Ok, not really a favorable moment in Al's career on tv muhaha.

Saturday, 4/13/13:

I wonder if Coolio felt like doing the same? muhahaha....

Weird Al Gettin' The.....Axe

Sunday, 2/10/13:

It's time for another installment with....the 'Yank-Man'? muhahaha. Anyway, the hyperlink below or just go to Al's Youtube:

Monday, 9/10/12:

I haven't been to a Weird Al live concert since the "Poodle Hat" tour, and I probably won't have time to go again. Come to think of it, that was my only concert anyway. Well, why not just purchase the Weird Al "Al-Pocalypse" Tour! DVD which was just released awhile ago, and have all the parody fun and goodness of his most recent album right on a computer, ipad or HDTV! I remember purchasing "Weird Al Live!", Al's first live concert filmed/recorded on DVD I believe and which was released way back in '98 or something. If you don't have the time to go live, then go DVD or bluray! muhaha.

I'd prefer a digital download, but I have the means to extract the DVD into digital files if I have to.



If Anyone Can, The Cabbage-Man Can! muhahaha

Or The Outer Space Cabbage Guy. Or The Extraterrestial Who's Supposed To Be A Cabbage muhaha. In an "Amazing Stories" episode back in '87 (called "Miss Starlet", which happened to be the series finale after cancellation. Thanks, Al! muhaha) Regardless, he's a representative from outer space as a spokesperson or spokes-"cabbage" for an interstellar pageant on Earth. Al has had cameos here and there back in the day, but before "UHF" hit the air, I'm sure a lot didn't know that he starred in a full episode of a fantastical program. Neither did I muhaha. Until I went back and happened to stumble upon this episode while watching other "Amazing Stories" episodes. I laughed my ass off at this one, I guess I know why the series was cancelled now, considering the direction it was going in muhaha

Well, I guess that sums up Al's television career muhaha (AL-TV and The Weird Al Show notwisthstanding).

And Then There Was...Or Only Was: UHF!
"I'm your worst nightmare". In what is arguably the funniest sequence in the film, George Newman fantasizes that he's Rambo and rescues his pal Stanley (AKA The Kramer Guy) from the vile clutches of the network honchos. In becoming 'Rambo', you can't be a Rambo unless you are greased out or roided out with muscles, and that weird mouth contortion that only Rambo knows how when he does his primal scream muhaha. But other than that, UHF has fine programming indeed.

UHF is a cult flick that has a strong following along the lines of 'Office Space' and 'The Ringer'. It was panned quite harshly upon release all those years ago, and I guess that's how some of the lyrics from 'I can't Watch This' came to be muhaha. But sometimes, some of the actually good films are ones that go under the radar and become a cult hit. 'Harold & Kumar' is another example of that. "UHF" is the story of an underachieving TV station created by a menial working guy named George Newman, and it was going down the tubes until a certain janitor guy (AKA The Kramer Guy) made a certain segment hilarious bringing ratings up muhaha. The rest of the movie is filled with parodies and hilarities that only Weird Al knows how, including a parody of Dire Straits and the film's UHF theme song.

Well, that sums up Weird Al's acting career muhaha. Except perhaps a cameo here and there. He's been more successful with TV, including 'The Weird Al Show' and 'AL-TV'. I'm sure fans would've liked the idea of a "UHF 2", perhaps a direct-to-itunes or DVD kind of deal instead.

Music videos are a dime a dozen these days. In other words, not many good ones at all muhaha. But Weird Al had a knack of making not only hilarious parodies, but spot-on parodies in video form either equally hilarious or even more. Playlists are fine, but videos are even better muhaha. Some 'fine' examples of his back in the day include 'Eat It', 'Fat' and 'Amish Paradise'.

With that said, that was the '80's/'90's and present day is today. Al doesn't have the time to make those kinds of videos anymore. And probably doesn't even have the energy as he ages and has a family life. They are now created either through computer-animation or just badly photoshoppin' or editin' himself over digital imagery muhaha. They feel rushed and not as funny, but they still work. Case in point, all his recent vids including "Perform This Way". But if ya don't like them,, he can just tell ya where to stick it muhahaha.

Let's go back to nostalgic times, and here's a random "Video Of The Day" for this site: