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Saturday, 6/16/12:

It's been quite awhile, more like seven months since last updates or news from the 'Weird' one. I bet he's been busy with concert touring for Alpocalypse, but other than that it's been pretty quiet. But eventually, it was bound to happen. Eventually, I did come across his latest project called 'Face To Face With Weird Al', which is on the nerdist Youtube channel. Well, probably the only thing interesting on there muhaha. Nevertheless, it's the interview parodies that he used to do back in the day on Al-TV I think. I remember some of them, pretty funny stuff. And now, they're back with more celebs to ridicule muhaha.

The Eminem interview parody was one of the funniest...if ya know what I'm sayin' muhaha. Embedded video below.

Sat., 11/19/11
With the current NBA lockout resulting in an antitrust lawsuit, I think it's only appropriate to bring to ya Al's style-parody song 'I'll Sue Ya' from the album 'Straight Outta Lynwoood', a parody in style of the band 'Rage Against The Machine', for those grunge/heavy metal fans out there. The song is a caricature about today's culture of suing for every little thing, for every petty, non-sensical reason. As far as the NBA lockout is concerned, it's mind-boggling how some petty labor disagreements has resulted in a potentially embarrassing lawsuit for either side, which the players will be seen as money-hungry and the NBA as seen as powerless. After all, I guess it's all about the 'Caaaasshtth!!' muhahaha.

Wed., 8/24/11:
Music videos usually showcase a track in all its visual hilarity, but they aren't made overnight. I would've liked to have seen a video for 'Couch Potato', but apparently Al was denied permission for it. From then on, a live video has been pretty much rare or non-existent if at all. Harken back to the days of videos like 'Fat', 'Eat It', and 'Smells Like Nirvana' lol. These days, computer-animated videos have been the 'fad' for Al most likely because of 'time constraints' haha. Whatever the reason, it sure isn't the same when a live video is produced.
Sat., 7/23/11:
This could have been another case of 'Coolio'-itis muhaha, since Al was supposedly denied permission for 'Perform This Way'. Well, he eventually got permission but the video was already produced so they say. Remember when 'Bad Hair Day' came out, and Coolio was not so happy about 'Amish Paradise'? Those were the days indeed hahaha.

It really is a sad state of affairs when a good majority of folks don't know how to bcc in an email albeit cc. It's one thing if you never had to use it, but it's another when Outlook or Lotus Notes is an integral part of someone's sedentary, slouchy job lol.

Sun., 7/17/11:
For me, it was about being able to recognize who or what he was parodying or what I'd like to think as, 'making fun of' hahaha. In the beginning, I didn't really know who they were nor did I really care except the fact that the lyrics were pretty hilarious. After awhile though, the parodies become catchy enough to belt out the lyrics out as I did with 'Couch Potato' and 'It's All About The Pentiums', two of my favorites. The pre-release of 'Internet Leaks' might have suffered from 'overexposure', as usually the newness or the novelty of is pretty much lost on release of the full album. At any rate, I don't think fans would really care about that anyway. 'Al-Pocalypse' is certainly here.