It seems that I'll be updating and adding new elements to my fan page as it progresses. Although the thought never occurred to me to write a fan script 10 years ago, the least I could do now is to write a more concrete outline and then save/upload it as a PDF file. More thoughts later.

It's still fun to think about different plots or stories for an imaginary Voyager movie just for the heck of it. Now that I'm watching all the seasons once again, I'm reminiscing as well. There was this outline I had almost 10 years ago about a general plot:

"It's been several years now since Voyager found its way back home. The crew went about their ways, some starting new lives and others furthering or advancing their Starfleet careers. And then all of a sudden, an esteemed colleague of theirs has been abducted by an enemy working loosely in conjunction with whom they've come across in the delta quadrant. With a revamped and refit Voyager, the crew must come back together one last time to embark on a rescue mission to save their ally..."

But anyway, I did have some specifics but other than a revenge plot that was it. Anyway, I'm sure other fans could come up with better ideas or more plausible ideas.

Like TOS, I'll eventually list my fav episodes eventually.

While I was going through more Voyager episodes, I thought that a potential Voyager movie might have been cool had the idea been considered at least 10 years ago. Sure, they returned home in the series finale but there could've been a whole different adventure in the alpha quadrant this time. Although the right script would've been essential, I'm sure the thought of an actual film never really crossed the minds of the producers and probably the cast wanted to move on from the franchise anyway. Same deal with DS9 perhaps, but I was never really a fan of that. But hey, it's Star Trek. I thought the Star Trek treatment was to eventually convert a series into films eventually heh.

Here's the compilation of my fav episodes from TOS:
Season 1:
The Corbomite Maneuver
Shore Leave
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
The Galileo Seven
The Return Of The Archons
Space Seed
This Side Of Paradise
Balance Of Terror
Errand Of Mercy
Season 2:
Mirror, Mirror
The Doomsday Machine

Season 3:
The Tholian Web
That Which Survives
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Day Of The Dove
And The Children Shall Lead

And now, it's Voyager Season 1 and beyond, once again.

As I wind down on the final season of Star Trek: Voyager (as I went through quite a few seasons so far), it's been a memorable trip and I'll be listing my favorite episodes which there are plenty of; some that are filled with humor and compelling story-lines. I think for a Star Trek with such an eclectic and unique cast of characters out of any Star Trek, the dynamics and interaction between these characters throughout the seasons have been what I can say.......fascinating muhaha.

And another "it's been quite awhile..." muhaha. I watched Star Trek: Voyager as much as I could back in the day, and it probably is my second favorite Trek other than TOS. If anything, there's something else to watch now.

As far as the new Star Trek movie, I'm leaning toward not renting it. This, after finding out that it's sort of an "un-Star Trek-like" remake of "Star Trek II" with a few addons. No thanks. Although I did enjoy the first new Star Trek, perhaps they should just leave it at that. Anyway, I guess it'll depend if I'm extremely bored at the moment to decide if would want to rent it. Situational as they say, but at least there are the old Star Trek series to go back to as referenced.

"Space, the final frontier...." Damn right muhaha. I really haven't seen the digitally re-mastered versions of the Original Series, until I found the series on Netflix. The images of the starship and planets look fluid and pretty solid, but there's nothing that could've been done about the props and set designs muhaha. It wasn't as flashy or extravagant as today, when everything is completely CGI'd.

As I start to go through the episodes, I'll probably add some notes on some of the favorites or even some hilarities.

I'll check out "Into Darkness" when it's released as a new rental. And then I'll either give a scathing and unforgiving review that wished for the days of "Star Trek IV" or "Star Trek VI" again muhaha, or a "please make more" kind of sentiment. But I doubt that. Either way, I will post a review on my web page. Booyah!

I heard about the private screening held for a person who had terminal illness and didn't have much time to live. It's always a sad situation to hear about a person's plight like that, and hopefully the screening was a good one.

The trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness" has still a lot of fans guessing as to the identity of the villain; is it really John Harrison as revealed? Or is it just a cover for who he really is; either Khan or Gary Mitchell. Personally, I don't really care if it's an entirely new villain. In fact, I think it'll be a breathe of fresh air; rather than just rehashing the original films characters or villains. It's alright to borrow villains from the series and such, but I think it's just unoriginal. But sometimes, you have to cater to the Trekkies, and as somewhat of a fan but not quite a Trekkie, there's the argument of at least incorporating familiarity to these new Trek films. And bringing back familiar characters/villains will do just that.

Apparently, J.J. Abrams had decided to direct the sequel to his Star Trek reboot, and fans have been anticipating about the plot and in particular, the villain. But let's get to some juicy leakage, shall we? muhaha. Although any kind of clip would've sufficed or satisfied fans' appetite, Abrams was only allowed a three-frame clip which lasts only about a split second or less. With that being said, the first step is to extrapolate those images for further investigation. Or freeze frame for temporary viewing. The three frames are that of Spock in some space suit, and in which he is in some volcanic area with lava or fire all around. Of course, that really doesn't say much at all but take it for what its worth. At this point, the sequel is still far off and considering how the film is kept under tight scrutiny, I suppose any leakage is better than nothing muhaha.

As for the title, it suggests that it isn't certainly going to be a walk in the park but at the same time, it isn't going to be "like Batman". I suppose not fat? muhaha. It'll retain some humor and brevity I guess, but the plot should reveal some heavy or intense undertones. The plot as well as the villain hasn't been revealed, but much has been speculated. The two most common from Star Trek lore are Gary Mitchell and Kahn Noonien Singh, both from episodes in the original series but with Kahn getting the movie treatment in "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn". Is Gary Mitchell next? Who knows, but the character from the pilot episode could be intriguing, or it could be a dud. I'm sure there are quite a few noteworthy villains in Star Trek, and in time, it'll be revealed....