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Sorry, James Charles. Ricky's gotta eat his fries muhaha. By the way, who the hell is James Charles?! There's Ray Charles, Charles Lee Ray,......too many damn Charles heh.

05/12/19: Because it's the Cheesiest...

...and even cheesier with Ricky's saliva muhaha. Yes, we love Mac & Cheese!

05/06/19: Handi-Man move over...There's a new hero in town

And apparently, the nemesis is MTV (Musically-inept TV). If Handi-Man was the hero for the disabled back in the day (at least on "In Living Color"), make way for Ricky Berwick! muhaha.

05/03/19: Just call him....Ricky Kreuger heh

So this is what the new Freddy Kreuger "Nightmare" reboot looks like - very colorful indeed heheh.

05/01/19: Ricky The Hedgehog or Ricky-chu: Anything but the lame digital forms...

I dare say that a Ricky The Hedgehog or a Ricky-chu would be a better substitute for sure muhaha.

Both the digital forms for Sonic and Pikachu are damn awful, with Sonic being a tad worse. One thing is for sure, some things need to stay in traditional animation.


Gawdammit, gawdammit! We missed Ricky showering....live stream?! heheh.

04/19/19: Fairy, or Talking Tina from the Twilight Zone?

Sounds a lot like that doll. "Hi, my name is Talking Tina. And you'll never walk again". You should have gladiator-kicked it off a balcony heheh.

If you made "a" High Tower from the "Police Academy" films I'd be impressed. I'm sure Sweetchuck would approve for sure heh.

04/15/19: Do Not Disturb - Game in Progress...Oh, It's already over heheh

In other words, get the fuck out of Ricky's arcade! muhaha. Why? Because he just ran into a Pac-Man ghost thingie already. Must be a world record heheh.

No thanks to the GOT hype as well. It's on a piece-of-shit channel anyway. Perhaps Cinemax would be more suitable. Oh, right - probably not. Only if they brought back their Adult programming, Ricky might sign up in a heartbeat heh.

04/14/19: A Dollar Regurgitated

Give Ricky a Math hat. Andrew Yang would be proud of his math heheh.

04/13/19: Aww, Shii-eeet! Big Smoke's Got Nuthin' On Ricky!

Two Number 9's, and a Number 9 large,....muhaha. Ricky Berwick ready to go gangsta up da shizzle, fo' sho' muhahaha.

04/07/19: Dreamcast or PS2?

The only console I ever played back in the day was NES. But if I had to pick, based on research, PS2 of course - that's what I call the "ultimate trip" heh. Not through the monolith (or star gate), but through Ricky's mouth heheh. Psychedelic indeed.

04/06/19: Baby Want Pizza? Baby Want....Ricky-Mamma!

Baby dolls can be damn creepy heh. And only available at your local Babies 'R Us near you. Well, this video rivals Andy Milonakis' "Baby Want Pizza" skit heh.


We need to install "Ludicrous Speed" on Ricky's scooter - he'll become the Flash on wheels in no time! heheh.


Cookie Monster ain't got nothin'...on....Ricky Berwick! muhaah


You can't but help to enjoy that solo moment in Ricky' "Super Mario Acapella". It would have made Mozart proud heheh - he could be the new "Queen of the Night" for the "The Magic Flute" opera haha.

I heard that the angry tourist character at the Flamingo from "Fear & Loathing" was based off of Ricky Berwick's "This is God" tirade hahah. Or he would have been the original selection for the role. Congrats on 1.5M and counting...


Ricky, we already know that your right hand is controlling the Mario kart heheh. Maybe take up Ventriloquism instead? haha.

Yeah I gotta see that - Ricky The Hedgehog!


I never knew that - so that's where Yoshi comes from muhaha. Uh,huhuhuhuh....plop.


I'm certain that Timbits are the Canadian version of Munchkins. Whatever - just don't give them to the "Fat Kid Who Refuses To Get Off The XBox" kid muhahaha.


Yes, Ricky Montana - the world is yours heheh.

02/18/19: A New Musical Idea...

I wonder if Broadway ever considered a Mario musical starring...Ricky Berwick! heheh.

02/17/19: Beware of the Ricky-Mobile!

A decked-out, fully loaded scooter (for all defensive / offensive capabilities)- Wouldn't that be cool, huh muhaha.

02/14/19: The Snow King is Here! (Lich King - Eat your heart out)

Grammy's, take note. Here is your next winner - just let him win! muhaha.

Damn you - so you might be responsible for all this snow we've received? heh.


Might as well face it, you're "Addicted To Fries" Or Spuds! (a form of a spud I guess). So am I, just had some potato wedges for lunch.

"Your greasy hands, your salty lips, looks like, you found the chips (or fries up your nose heh)".


Move over, Fix-It Felix, Jr. It's Fix-It Ricky Berwick! How about some Flex Tape for that,....for better Home Improvement muhaha.

New lyrics to Weird Al's "The White Stuff" - "He's got the white shirts, baby - putting them in his bed drawer (instead of, in the middle of an Oreo). He's got the white shirts, baby - wears them for every video he records"


Apple - sponsor Ricky Berwick! You'll be thanking Ricky for revolutionizing the earphone industry muhaha.


I do miss the classic NES - especially "Super Mario Bros." With that said, Ricky has apparently joined the 16-bit world. Gawdammit Ricky! Just stick out your tongue and you'll get him next time. Or if or when Luigi comes around muhaha.


Damn, Ricky. Let's see here, which character would be most fitting for a Ricky Berwick?

A. Spider-Man
B. Mario
C. Pikachu
D. Ninja Turtle
E. Thanos
F. Cornholio! Why? Because I need TP...for..my...bunghole!
G. All of the Above

It's unanimous - it should be all of the above. He might be just a mild-mannered Ricky Berwick, but he can turn into any one of them when the evils of crime arise anytime muhaha.


There is only one true Spider-Man, and that is Ricky Berwick! Fighting crime like no other - criminals beware muhaha.

Cheerio, Ricky. Might you be related to that Poppins lady? heheh.

01/14/19: Unless You've Got Buns, Hon!

Sometimes, it's all about that ass muhaha.

"No sloppy koongdengee's just make sure that it's tuhntuhneh..." - from Byuntae Style by David So muhaha.


The Godfather, Part IV: Grand Theft Ricky muhaha

Now that's how the mafia works, son! Brought to you by Don Ricky Berwick.


Who wore it better? Ricky, of course. By the way,...nice clip-on muhaha.


I wonder if Ricky Berwick's new theme this year is going to be - "I am....Batman!"? muhaha

Let's look forward to another year filled with hilarious skits or videos.


Great Scott! Ricky Berwick making out with a DeLorean - this is definitely heavy muhaha.

12/25/18: Christmas Tip Of The Day

How to play Super Mario....naked! As JCW says, "Very cool, very swag - I like it!" muhaha

12/22/18: Spreading The Holiday Cheer With Ricky-Claus!

In the off-season: Where's my goddamned mountain dew?! (or Reeses for that matter heheh), etc. During the Christmas season: Where the fuck is all the snow?!, Where is my goddamned elf?! muhaha


Oh my gawd! Spider-Man delivering Papa John's Pizza! muhaha.

Would you prefer to watch Full House, or "A House Full Of Ricky's"? muhaha

12/14/18: Let's Get "Ricky-Rolled"...

You've heard of being Rick-Rolled. And now, you've been "Ricky-Rolled" muhaha - if you happen to come across his "Take on Me" video. Who else other than Ricky Berwick can hit that two-octave high note with ease? 'I'm sure that is not a falsetto' heh.


"Whack-A-Mole" indeed. Kind of reminds me of "Press Your Luck". *beep beep boop boop beep* Stop! Not at a whammy, but a mole with a red hat muhaha.


On a serious note, you can tell sometimes whether somebody has a selfish or hidden agenda - using and exploiting you for their own gain (moreso on social media - considering the toxicity and other kinds of drama, no surprise there). But certainly you have to be weary of real-life folks as well. Stereotypes are often exploited for sure. There are certainly a fair share of asshats in today's society, as well as a lot of suckas who fall for them as well.

On lighter note - it's-a me, Mario! Goin' to take a huge dookie! muhaha.


Ricky pwn'ing noobs, and maybe Ryu as well (in more ways than one) muhaha.


Elon Musk, please. Although I have no idea who that person is heh.

Answer the damn question - did you, or did you not order the....(not Code Red) but mustard or ketchup on that burger? muhaha.


Get in line for Ricky's Ho train - should be eHarmony's new spokesperson or representative heheh.


New Santa for hire muhaha. Either the Christmas season just got merrier or there's a new "Silent Night, Deadly Night" movie in the works or a remake heh.


We should all resist the temptations of junk food like Ricky...or not? heheh (with the resounding finale of a Concerto).


A Ricky Berwick designed controller would be cool as fuck - I'm not a console player, but I'd probably snatch that up in a heartbeat heh. The console industry could use a bit of a re-design in their consoles.


Ricky has the right idea - send them damn nudes! muhaha. It seems that's what social media is only useful for these days..


Apparently, there's a new Grinch in town. You better watch out? Not Santa, but Ricky! He's certainly gonna 'deck your halls, bud'! heh.


Ricky Berwick would make a better Pikachu than the computer-animated crap heheh.

I was never a fan of the comic book or superhero genre, but rest in peace. Ricky might arguably be....Stan Lee's biggest fan heh.

11/07/18: Dancing With The....Red 'Hat' Guy?

Not exactly, but more like 'It's-A Me, Mario!' heheh. Ricky Berwick - the Artist (eat your heart out, Bob Ross) and now the dancer, Mario-style.


Ricky Berwick for the best Halloween costume - this is the type of vote that actually matters heh.


Sorry, Ricky. I despise emoji's but nice video 'xD' muhaha


I'm anti-social for the most part, and I don't interact online anyway. However, Ricky might have a point about the benefits of having online pals heheh.