Coincidentally, I found / discovered David Choe through the infamous TigerBelly podcast with Bobby Lee. I probably did hear of him before, but didn't really 'really' find out what he was about. But now - his thoughts, ideas, artwork, show is growing on me bit by bit. Like other personalities that I am fan of, not everything is to my taste or agree with. But as long as the majority is - that should be enough. *ALL IMAGES / ART IN THIS FAN PAGE IS CREATED BY DAVID SOE (FROM HIS TIKTOK OR SHOW).





Whether you're the "Watermelon Dress Suit Guy" or just the Glasses Guy /Gal, all I can say is - let your creative juices flow. Whether through art, skits, videos, dance, music - etc.

I would for sure take up a Choe Therapy session, but fortunately for me - there is music for me.

Stay safe /Safe travels, Munko Roland! Any Munkos out there, help support Roland. Hiking across country (especially if you are traversing into unknown mountains) is not only tough, but also dangerous (who knows what wildlife lurks out there - and your usual hillbilly in overalls (remember that "Harold & Kumar" hillbilly mechanic who picked them up due to car troubles come to mind). haha).

08/08/22: Munkos In Action
Whether you are hiking cross-country or trying to sell 200 soda / chocolates by this day, you are a Munko. Munkos do what they are passionate about. Munko do activities they want to do with no shame, guilt but out of desire / passion. Munko is the arts - painting, music, etc.

My Munko mission: to effortlessly play the entire J.S. Bach's "Goldberg Variations" without getting tired or fatigued. This piece as a whole is like a marathon - an entire night of a Concert's worth (well over 90 minutes with repeats). I've recorded / uploaded the individual Variations, practicing them individually one at a time. But playing all the Variations in one go is the challenge.

Before Munko Choe, there was Hitchhiker Choe. The Creative Artist Choe has always been there, but I'm just beginning to find out that he is more than that. Full of passion, energy and not giving a fuck (or completely relaxed or it so it seems). Who else can go on what would be considered just insane / crazy adventures to an ordinary person? Hitchhiking itself is dangerous - more for the driver picking up the Hitchhiker actually. I can never do it. Nonetheless, this is what makes Choe unique and compelling. As well as his vast array of artwork.

Hey, Munko #536 (haha) - Good luck on your journey as I just finished mine. Well, I began a new one (as a parent and a classical piano enthusiast). Whether tutoring or teaching is in the works, that's up to me to find the energy / motivation to do. Everything boils down to creating your own business considering that you can no longer trust society / institutions. Times have changed, and are continuing to change. There are just more efficient ways of learning. Unfortunately, society will never get that nor do they have the ability to. But then again, why should we give a rat's ass since all of us are doing things are own way anyway.

06/10/22: My Munkoo - First Draft / Version
Being Asian
But Obstacles Abound
Keep Fighting And Supporting
To Overcome Thrive And Celebrate
Our Great Heritage Unique
Loud And Proud
I Am

06/07/22: My Classical Munko
In the spirit of Munko, I have made one of my own (that reflects me):

For awhile, I had thought it was Bobby "I Look Like A Hobbit / Eggman" Lee that had returned haha.

05/18/22: Munko Quote / Tweet Of The Day
As the saying goes ,"It Isn't Worth Doing, If It Isn't Done Right". My interpretation: You have to know the "Why" for your activities. If there is no genuine passion or interest in an activity (which can take a lot of hard work or practicing), then the end result / product is going to suffer (or your best won't come out). If you ain't feelin' it, get out of what you are doing and find something else.

Lovin' the "Lonely Whale" theme song haha - add a few more verses or lines, and I'll gladly add it to my playlist.

Being a Munko / Choe disciple, gotta love the words of wisdom. Sometimes, a few words can say much more than a whole novel. Here are some epiphanies for the day:

Although the person is another or different "Bobby", I'll have some fun. "Sorry, Bobby Lee - there is apparently a "short"-age in minivans. So no car for you." hahaha.

Unfortunately, I can't find my red string. Or I never even had one. But after waking up from a bad nightmare when I turned 40 long ago, It's ok though. I'm immersed in music. Which is therapy in of itself. Self-expression is masturbation indeed.

Get in on the Munko fun via the Munko discord (if this screenshot is any indication, looks hella therapeutic / interesting haha):

What is this Munko / Phase 6 deal? I definitely agree with this, when it comes to opinions and sharing your thoughts - there are no wrong answers. If everyone considered their opinions / preferences / prejudices as facts, the world would be ending now (or the world would have ended long ago).

However, what looks like a retreat from that tiktok video sort of unnerves me - the "David Koresh" type of uncertainty / creepiness (right, Geoff? - and no, it has nothing to do the with the Book of Yiddish) hahahah. Nah - I'm sure it's quite therapeutic. Trust in Choe.

Reality and conventional methods / means no longer make any sense to some of us, or no longer that effective (as opposed to other methods, but hey - whatever works). The only things that make any sense are common sense and compassion, and using intuition / instinct to capture emotions / express emotions through music, art, etc. Only through these mediums can there be any semblance of hope for humanity, as bleak and miserable as it is becoming.

Some of us might be intrigued by Choe's Circle Back idea. It'll certainly give coming "Full Circle" a whole new meaning haha.

I'm usually looking forward to or on the lookout for more content on TikTok - they are refreshing content. I'm guessing the slowdown is perhaps because of being busy or other reasons.

By the way, I always wondered if the Bobby Lee guest spot on the Choe Show a new one or an old episode. Either way - a prequel or a sequel to the Bobby Lee freakout on TigerBelly hahaha.

Steve-O not only embodies the "No Pain, No Gain" expression (his brutal "Jackass" stunts), but also makes a fine "Living Art" hahaha. What can this guy not do haha.

I also truly believe you have to "Make Your Own" or "Create Your Own". This is a messed up world or society we live in, and the gate keepers are not going to hand things to you. This is how Asian-Americans need to continue to speak out and create. Otherwise - being complacent or submissive, you are always going to be enslaved to them.

10/25/23 - Feet Fashion
Having thick callous layers is the way to go haha. Them thick, leathery feet - even Pygmies can run on their barefeet faster than a Track & Field sprinter.

Choe and Cody Lundin might get along just fine. Choe just needs to wear shorts during winter in Antarctica haha.

09/07/23 - My 531
1. Hamburger Helper 2. Hamburger Helper 3. Hamburger Helper 4. Hamburger Helper 5. Hamburger Helper hahaha.

Why? Because burgers are delicious. Especially if you know the proper technique of eating burgers. Just take a bite out of it, chew, and swallow. Or just shove it down if you are so inclined as if you just want to stuff yourself with more scrumptious, fatty deliciousness haha.

I think the point of the video is a parody. Entertainment - don't take it too seriously. Otherwise, nobody would be paying attention it or just laughing it off. Even if so, Choe would make a fine Pastor or Preacher as the decibel levels of his voice is up there hahaha.

Song Of The Day: "Everything You Know Is Wrong" - Weird Al

09/06/23 - "In Ear", Channeling Your Inner 'Pee Wee Herman' haha
I can definitely hear my inner Pee Wee Herman as well, exuding child-like exuberance and imaginations. "Abegato" for sure.. "Dosume". "Namaste". Whatever. These are my mantra.

While Choe has traveled far, there are places I would never visit (not even if you paid me - hell no. I hate traveling to begin with). However - his trips to SouthEast Asia and visiting Igloo Hong has fancied my imagination. And Mainland Asia as well.

08/16/23 - Dr. Choe Would Recommend Some Choe Show Therapy
If this form of escapism helps, why not. I would recommend "The Choe Show" therapy. Mangchi and Munko therapies as well. They are just creative outlets, to let your artistic / creative side flow. Or music.

Just listen to some Choe thoughts from his video clips, old Choe Show podcast thoughts / advices, and let the real magic begin.

Choe is not just an artist (althought that's his specialty), he is also a drummer, piano "improvisionist" haha, and a self-help Guru. If anybody, it's Choe - He Is Your Guru.

08/15/23 - The Path Of Apathy
This is the path I've been on for awhile. As miserable as this world is (and is worsening), I blatantly chose not to exert anymore emotion into anything or issues (except Music as an outlet, and issues that affect us Asian-Americans or Asians of the world). At the same time however - if you focus too much on the negatives, it is too easy to lose hope for humanity. While you cannot discount or ignore these things entirely, it's better to focus on the happier side of life. Think of folks or situations who are / that are humanitarians, nice and understanding - anyone striving for peace.

"Dear Self: Kudos. You did a damn good job in disconnecting or cutting off from the past life. You did a damn good job in starting over as if your life actually began after 40. The End. Sincerely, Joyoung".

08/12/23 - Hell Yeah - Gimme Some "Ugly Delicious"
Sometimes, Ugly is Delicious. And what is Delicious, is sometimes Ugly. Don't need no disgusting or fancy escargot shit / crap / garbage. Gimme that "Ugly Delicious", D-Chang Style. Or Bao Haus-Style.

Damn, Choe - what a nice house. Studio. Or a museum actually - especially that Hall Of Instruments haha. Two museums to visit: Choe's Studio Of Artistic Wonder, and Ripley's Odditorium / Believe It Or Not!

I particularly liked that bathroom garbage can haha.

07/27/23: "888" - You're Deep, Man. You're Deep. Hahaha
More deep in advice / thought than any other you'll find out there. One thing is certain - there are far more greater talents out there who never went to school or might have dropped out. They are hidden, and yet to be found. I no longer believe in "taking lessons". Seeking advice / instructions? Of course - and it's necessary if you have no experience in a field. These days, everything can be learned and done by yourself - especially TV shows. Youtube content > Network content.

My 8 Shows / Films (no particular order):

* Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow
* The Andy Milonakis Show
* Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
* Office Space
* Beavis & Butt-Head Do America
* Beavis & Butt-Head Do The Universe
* Beavis & Butt-Head Season 1
* Beavis & Butt-Head Season 2, and on and on and on, etc.

By the way - did Choe draw that Carl Weathers portrait? Otherwise - he just made it better by adding Munko to it.

Can't get enough of Pizza Man with the Heart of Gold - the hero we all need, and the food we all need to eat haha. Spider-Man and Batman who? Hahaha.

07/20/23: "Problem" Con Is The Only Con And We Know It
I have problems. You have problems. We all have problems. Just go to Problem Con. "Problem" solved. Hahaha.

The thought should occur to you that perhaps the "real problems" are the everyday, regular people out there who have the real problems. It's us eccentrics, weirdos, rejects, odd-balls who are actually normal.

07/15/23: Last Picked - More Like, Never Picked
Well, at least for me - that's been the story of my life; invisible and disregarded. I think being awkward and quiet exacerbated the situation, but it is what it is. It's still a problem to this day, and Asian Guys have it the worst. Racial stereotyping / discrimination.

Oh yeah - I was terrible at sports to begin with, which didn't help getting picked at recess in elementary school. But how about an Academic Team or the Math Team? I was terrible with numbers as well.

These days, we just stick with what we are comfortable. Who we are most comfortable with - usually, just our own. I'm completely fine with that.

Agreed - Progress > Perfection. While striving for perfection can keep you focused / motivated, it shouldn't be an obsession. It would ultimately ruin the creative and interpretative juices / process in whatever endeavor one is enjoying.

Lesson learned - I'm terrible at art, music and whatnot. Hahaha.

06/15/23: Pilgrimage To Egypt - It's A Circle Thing haha
And finding out that Ramses is an absolute Poser haha. It's a Circle thing. And don't forget that important pilgrimage. No, not to the Pyramid. KFC and Pizza Hut! It's a Fast Food thing. Hahaha.

06/09/23: Ramses IV Is A Poser Indeed haha
Enough said. Hahaha.

06/05/23: Stop it, Bobby Lee!
That's got to be one of my favorite "Choe Show" clips - being chased around after painting something - "Stop Yelling At Me! Stop Yelling At Me! I Hate you! I Hate You!". Basically, the aftermath from the Bobby Lee vs. D-Choe freakout on that Tigerbelly podcast episode hahaha.

05/27/23: Can I Has Free Cookies
Donuts, cupcakes and "half-baked" cookies (not that high as fuck, stoner film haha). Get 'em at Munko Cookie Hut. Nuthin' like Cookie Dough. You can get Fresh Cookies at a McDonald's, but at the Cookie Hut. You'll meet fellow Munkos - not Karens haha.

04/21/23: In Choe We Still Trust
I heard about the controversy Choe is currently mired in. But it'll all resolve itself. Some of Choe's videos or skits are just that - scripted skits or fiction (most are just artistic creations, thoughts or travel adventures). Just like any fake-ass reality show on tv. Except that Choe is infinitely more compelling and interesting than any reality show. Except maybe for Dual Survival back in the day haha.

04/10/23: To "Phase Infinity" And - It's Over
Well - all content or advertising for "Phase Infinity" from Choe were removed. It's either been cancelled, or he's doing it in secrecy (or not available to the general public). It was an interesting concept, and I was all for "The Choe Show" to make a comeback with new content. However - perhaps this "Pay-To-Play / Say" scenario was just an experiment or an indictment on society of how everything costs something these days.

04/03/23: To "Phase Infinity" And Beyond! With The Choe Show.Com haha
"The Choe Show" is back. It's called "Phase Infinity", essentially Podcast + Community according to Choe. In Choe We Trust - this is our religion. And you know it. Dosume. Haha.

03/19/23: Choe Show Clips
I recently found Choe Clips Youtube channel - most likely a fan channel of The Choe Show. It doesn't have some of the more known or popular ones, but it's a start. D-Choe used to post clips of a bunch of Choe Shoe clips on his Youtube (still does on TikTok, to some extent). But they are no longer available - at least on Youtube. Choe has started some interesting vlogs somewhat on various subect matters or topics.

I definitely agree with his definition of "Success" - he goes in-depth about it in one of the episodes. I also agree - life is nothing but a gimmick, a set up. If you don't react or respond to it properly, you'd be falling into their trap. Other than classical compositons or composers, Choe would make a fine therapist for me.

03/16/23: Munko Life Transfer Protocol - Initiate
I'm not sure what this is about (other than the threads - it would be nice to wear as the ultimate fashion wear haha). The "Munko Life Transfer Protocol" looks damn cool however. The freedom to express. Or the freedom of Expression. You want models, here are the real ones:

Classic Choe artwork:

Move over, Batman & Robin. We have a new dynamic duo in action - blond hair and all haha. Let's not forget about "Pizza Man" haha - the hero we all need. Unfortunately, Choe's tiktok clips are not available on Youtube. He deleted his Choe Show youtube videos already.

Leggo, Munko Artists! Get yer creative on with some Munko-Craft. Afterall, Munko-Craft > War"Craft", right? haha.

Gawd, I wish I could watch "The Choe Show" (if it was rentable or a sneak preview). "Everybody, Wake Up, Wake Up. Everybody, Wake Up / Wake Up". Damn right, haha.

Trust in Choe. I'm sure he or his fellow Munkos can find an ideal location. With the world seemingly coming to an end with all the hate / racism, violence and the existence of politics (oh wait - it's the same thing as hate / racism haha), we need escapism for like-minded individuals. How about Zamunda - we can build a McDowell's while we're at it hahaha. Just don't make me the Garbage / Sanitation Guy. Or The Fat Guy Making Fries Guy.

12/08/22: Some Food For Thought / Or Knee-"Jerk" Thoughts
Would you be a total "Jerk" eating beef "jerky" while watching "The Jerk"? hahaha.

I hear ya, Pinka. But is that in the language of the Munko? Or, I think I hear ya haha. It must be the village of Dosume. I think Munko Solomon Hong is nearby, doing the circle thing.

It's been awhile, there hasn't been much news since D-Choe deleted his Youtube videos (basically like starting over). Phase 6 Munko might be over, but Munko is eternal. It lives on whether or not there'll be another gathering or event. Munko Solomon Hong for life.

I kinda like this new Vlog format. How about another therapy session with Bobby Lee haha. The beauty of the arts - expressing through Music, Painting or even Dancing. Word Of The Day: Twirling. And D-Choe is absolutely a phenomenal artist.

"Clear Your Mind" tiktok clip - I thought the Fat Lady was referring to Bobby Lee. Oh wait - not that Bobby. Bobby Lee is actually more the size and shape of one of that Fat Lady's legs haha. Hahahaha.

Munko Rico is "Rico Suave" indeed haha. Put on Weird Al's parody "Taco Grande", and there you have it hahaha.

"There are no friendly civilians" - John J. Rambo

What is Memomorphis? If I had to guess, it's sort of a brief Vlog while skateboarding haha. Anyway - get on the 7-5-3-1. I would, but I'm too lazy haha. It's too much work for me. I prefer to take things one at a time. I'll just do a positive affirmation about myself, just this one time: "I am in Classical Music. Classical Music is in me". Sort of like the force. Hahaha.

I wanna see a Pizza Man vs. Shang-Chi vs. Ricky "Thanos" Berwick Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania hahaha.

Gotta love all the Choe Show clips - "Let The Love Flow With Choe" haha. Anyway - the power of believing is actually believing in of itself.

I think the answer is simple: Food. Food is the gift that keeps on giving haha. I think it's the only common base or common ground everyone has. Otherwise - just leave them as is and leave them on their own. Nobody can make anyone be a certain way. At the same time - it doesn't mean we have to agree or accept it. Just focus on your own.

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