While fans wait for any news on a S3 (unlikely to hear anything anytime soon because of the strike unfortunately), here is another favorite (click image for video). Beavis from Burger World Drive-Thru: "I will not serve you food because you're violating our policy or something. Because you're like a butthole or something. You suck" hahaha.

06/30/23: Space Butt-"Head" Revisited
The tribunal scene in the "Abducted" episode reminds me of that "Twilight Zone" episode "Death's Head Revisited" when the nazi officer was being sentenced (or judgment pronounced) by his ghostly victims.

Tim Meadows sure looks impressed by Cornholio haha. But then again, the "Lady's Man" is always impressed hahaha.

06/26/23: Oops! A Manufacturing / Amazon Mishap, or a Beavis & Butt-Head Mishap? haha
"You dumbass. I told you not to push all those buttons for the cheese cans. Uh, huhuhuh". "Shutup, Butt-Head. You did it even more".

06/25/23: "That Guy" Can Keep The Benefits - We Have Cheese Whiz Uh, huhuhuh
Nacho Cheese in a spray can. Work is cool uh, huhuhuh. "That Guy" can keep the damn benefits.

Baby Butt-Head: "Gah-Gah, Gooh-Gooh" "Da-Da, This Sucks"
Old Butt-Head: "It sure does, son. It sure, does. Uh, huhuhuhuh. Now go kick baby beavis' ass. Uh, huhuhuh"

05/31/23: Parenthood Is Cool uh, huhuh
As long as you have little Beavises and little Butt-Heads kicking each other's asses hahaha. "Hey, Mr. Head" - uh, huhuhuh. You Said 'Head'.

05/18/23: Beavis Experiences "Puberty" By Being Bitten By A Rabid Skunk - Or A "Cat" uh, huhuh
"Hey, Beavis - remember that time when that dog was gnawing at your leg all day, and you were like- help me, Butt-Head? Uh, huhuh. That was cool. Uh, huhuhuh"

05/10/23: We're Farming, Dumbass
I guess Weeding is actually farming then haha. "Uh, huhuhuh. Old people are lazy. Uh, huhuhuh". "It's ok, folks. We pruned Tom Anderson's yard. You can trust us".

At least these guys don't think they're "Beaver and Buff-Coat" haha (click image for TikTok clip / video):

04/30/23: Uh, huhuhuh. The Customers Are Fighting uh, huhuh.
From Season 1 of last year: "Refuse Service". How is Burger World still in operation haha.

04/27/23: Season 2 Is Here!
"Hey, Butt-Head. What season is it? The number is too complicated or something" (with a Beavis-type of thinking haha). Anyway - who doesn't love the future fat, old Butt-Head haha. I hope the Stevensons make a cameo appearance at some point. And that "Harry Sachz with the scrunchy balls" guy haha.

10/04/22: New 2022 Season 1 is Here
I'm not sure when it premiered, but Beavis & Butt-Head are back! And hopefully here to stay for the foreseeable future. Uh, huhuhuh "you said fore". Unfortunately, the 2011-2012 revival only lasted 1 season - perhaps MTV was becoming too old and obsolete for its own good. My favorite from that season, is "Super Size Me".

From the clips or sneak previews from fans, it appears "Mummy's Turd" episode is the funniest haha. "I made an epiphany - this mummy is disgusting" hahaha. As in back in the day, roasting music videos was what it was all about, it's now roasting / critiquing TikTok or social media clips or videos. I hope there'll be some "What The Hell Is This Crap?!" for old time's sake again haha.

Speaking of TikTok critiques, that down under lady eating 10 Big Macs - that lady could be Bulemic. Skinny / bony as fuck, but still consume all them burgers faster than the HFC and perhaps just as fast as Erik The Electric haha. It's a hard-on for Beavis & Butt-Head apparently haha. Anyway - I wouldn't be surprised if the lady barfed it all out.

Uh, huhuhuhuh - the Earth sucks. Damn right, as well as everyone on it haha. Anyway - the sequel is called "Beavis & Butt-Head Do The Universe", and it released on 06/23. I just keep losing track of time. Whenever it's rentable hopefully. Essentially - Beavis & Butt-Head go into space and reek havoc as usual haha. They fall into a black hole, time warp into the present day (2022 - you know, that year with a 2 and a circle thingie and uh,...), and meet up with their Alien counterparts. How cool is that.


05/10/22: Revival!
Holy Shit! Beavis and Butt-Head are returning as a new movie on Paramount+, and a possible revival series. It's time to revive this web page as well.

Unlike "The Simpsons" never aging, I heard we'll see old versions of them (well, I hope not - they should stay eternally youthful and crude, being fat might be a plus). Uh, huh huh huh - "you said Fat".

01/05/14: Uhhuhuhuhuh Reruns...
It's been a few years, and I'm still watching reruns. Uh,huhuhuhuhuhuh reruns. Anyway, it's unfortunate that the 2011 season was the only season for new episodes. Looking back, I guess that's just fine. The longevity of the series is still going on through online archives and reruns.

11/18/11: Uhhuhuhuhuh 'We're Fat'...
Last night's episode included "Supersize Me" and "Bathroom Break" where in the latter, I guess work does kick ass at Burger World when B & B suddenly realize that they are 'getting paid' while taking a dump muhaha. But it's where we get to see Beavis and Butt-Head in all their fatness that takes the 'cake', as they consume fast food after fast food to the point where they are completely bloated muhaha. In the end, Butt-Head is like, 'teen obesity is cool uhuhuhuh'. I suspect that it's also another way of making fun of the 'fat guy' muhaha.

10/28/11: Uh, huhuhuh The Re-Launch....
Well, the first episode of the 2011 B & B season made its debut last night at 10 PM. They still critique music videos as only the duo know how; making fun of them muhaha. Not that I give a shit about what videos they were anyway, or what kinds of videos are being put out these days. New to the show is critiquing some mtv programs in between sketches. The sketches were alright, not the best but for the debut, the usual B & B humor was there. You saw in the previews about the 'Werewolf' sketch, where B & B mistake a scruffy-lookin' homeless man for a werewolf (yeah all that hair will do it muhaha) and asked to get bitten, since they figured it would attract chicks like in those popular vampire shows. In 'Crying', Butt-Head makes fun of Beavis for 'crying' after a few tears emerge from sniffing some onions. Onions, that is. Gotta like those fast-forward in time moments when you see the duo as old farts muhaha.

I think what made 'Beavis and Butt-Head' interestingly or uniquely funny when it first aired as a regular series on MTV was the crudity of its humor and the animation itself.

Of course, Judge was much younger back then with a raspier voice to do both B & B. Today, the animation cels are refined pretty nicely, although some might say that he's lost that Beavis touch. Originally, B & B were unknowns when two sketches were aired on Liquid TV, a unique blend of eccentric and odd-ball type 'anime' or animation back in the early '90s. Several other skits like Aeon Flux eventually landed their own series, but none as successful as Beavis and Butt-Head. The success of the show spawned a movie and with the advent of the re-launch of the series in a week, who knows if there'll be a sequel in the works....

Click On The Image For Video!

LITTLE BUTT-HEADS (from 2023 Season 2)
More thoughts forthcoming. But baby Butt-Head kinda reminds me of that Chucky doll haha. In terms of creepiness I guess hahaha.
Bathroom Break (from 2011-2012 season)
"Hey Beavis, I just thought of something. We're getting paid to take a dump. Uh, huhuhuh". Little Kid: "I want a milkshake". Beavis: "Ohhh No." Butt-Head: "Let's go to the bathroom. I can't deal with this right now". Beavis and Butt-Head leave the customers to go the bathroom hahaha.

Super Size Me (from 2011-2012 season)
Beavis & Butt-Head watch that documentary from that Morgan "Sherlock Dude" haha, and proceeds to eat burgers / fries / sodas for 30 days straight. Uh, huhuhuh - "We're eating in front of the class". Uh, huhuhuh - "We didn't bring enough for everyone" uh, huhuhuhuh. They become as fat as or even fatter than the HFC and Nikocado combined haha.


"The fatter they are, the fatter they fall uh, huhuhuh". Beavis & Butt-Head are doing community service, and in the process decides to steal a motorized cart from a fat dude named Billy Bob. He eventually suffers a heart attack after futilely chasing down Beavis and Butt-Head. Talk about 'what a name', Mr. Gillerman? muhaha. Yeah, morphine will help after being probed like that muhaha.

"Uh, huhuhuh Harry Sachz" Or Hairy Sacs that is muhaha. Beavis and Butt-Head receive a telephone directory and decide to prank call someone with a funny name. They find it by a scruffy-lookin' dude name Harry Sachz. Sachz tries to get back at them by finding where they live, but the dynamic duo give him Stewart's address. Sachz goes to Stewart's house, and proceeds to flush Mr. Stevenson's body down the toilet muhaha.

"Hey Butt-head, the fuse is still lit" a few secs later, Kaboom! "uh,huhuhuh that was cool". Beavis and Butt-head steal Mr. Anderson's bowling ball and try to break it apart with some M80's. They drop it off a building but the dynamite doesn't go off...until they come down to it. The final scene where the two imagine a reporter's head as the next bowling ball is pretty hilarious. Mr. Anderson once again became the scapegoat for B & B's antics muhaha.

"We're gonna have to charge you extra, sir" "Yeah, we pruned the house too hehehehe" muhaha. Beavis and Butt-head are hired to do some chores for neighbor Mr. Anderson, pruning to be exact. When left to their own devices, the duo of mayhem starts using a chainsaw instead of shears to prune nearly everything, including a tree which smashes on top of Anderson's house and knocks down a telephone line that smashes other things in a domino effect. The ending is priceless, taking a grasshopper and sentencing it to being 'sawed off its tweener'.

"Uh, huhuhuh that guy is a wuss" retorts Butt-head, after a nerd leaves Driver's Ed. Previously, Mr. Buzzcut warned the class for anyone to leave if they couldn't stomache the educational but graphic video of a car accident scene. Two B & B look-a-likes 'Frankie' and 'Vinny' drive recklessly until they collide head on with a 16-wheeler. "Woah! His brains fell out!" After class, Butt-head takes the wheel with Mr. Buzzcut as the instructor/Beavis as the passenger, and apparently meet the same fate as those guys in the video muhaha. The last sounds heard as blood is splattered,...."Uh, huhuhuhuh".

While flipping burgers at Burger World, Beavis gets a case of the itches....with his nads! muhaha. "It's like the wrong color or something" lol. While he pulls his hands out, flaky stuff lands on the beef patties unbeknowest to the customers, and Beavis continues to cook the burgers muhaha. Butt-Head, confused as ever with the cash register, is like "Can you like order less stuff?" and proceeds to pocket cash as the customer apparently hands over bills after bills. Meanwhile, a lady bites into the 'tainted' burger and collapses in sickness. Another customer turns 'green' in utter sickness and collapses as well. Burger World shuts down for a few days due to sanitary reasons, while Beavis & Butt-Head remain employed! I guess work does 'kick ass' muhaha.

"I think we were supposed to like catch him or something". "Oh yeah. Dumbass....uh, huhuhuhuh". An annoying substitute teacher subs for Mr. Van Driessen after he takes a fall off his desk while demonstrating the lotus position. B & B heckle the substitute somewhat, but he decides to play the 'trust' game with them in hopes in earning their trust. He climbs on top of the desk, postions B & B to supposedly catch him, and proceeds to free fall backwards resulting in a.......splat! muhaha. B & B were completely oblivious, and with the substite writhing in pain, the duo make light of the situation.