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04/22/2015: Anybody who has a voracious appetite and needs to fill their fat asses with some deliciousness heh, check out Andy's Hungry Voyages on his Youtube!

12/09/2014: Oh yeah, new beat from Andy Milonakis "Tokyo Trap House". And apparently gettin' it on with some ho's and shit. I guess pimpin' ain't easy muhahah.

08/23/2014: The Andy Milonakis food channel. That's going to be interesting, at least for our appetites heh. It's been quite awhile since a hilarious sketch or a fresh beat has been uploaded, I'll certainly be looking forward to some in the near future.

07/08/2014: Cookin' With Milonakis It seems that the guy can certainly cook, and I'm not talkin' about a makeshift gourmet with some big macs muhaha.

02/23/14: "Pictures At An 'X'hibition". The Promenade: He's pissed at the TV uhuhuhuhuh. Not exactly Mussorgsky but anyway muhaha.

12/31/13: Pizza. It's what you crave. And apparently what a baby craves muhaha. Here's a snippet from a skit that was filmed years ago, I thought it was vintage "Andy Milonakis Show" material. Baby Want Pizza

08/23/13: It's been quite awhile since a new solo track. It isn't explicit-heavy as the others muhaha, but it still rocks a beat.

07/02/13: And now, Andy Milonakis presents another "Drive-Thru" Webisode in the fine world of his culinary arts. That shit IS Gourmet...muhahah Personally, I'd prefer a Sourdough Jack stuffed with the loaded Chili Cheese Wedges muhaha.

06/07/13: *drool*......"Puppies"!.....*drool*. Just call him Horny-akis muhahahaha.

06/05/13: I think we've all heard about having "the case of the Mondays", but it's also very common to have the "case of the munchies" muhahaha. Afterwards, I went out and bought some munchies or chips myself muhaha.

06/04/13: Since there are a lot of vines to favorite, just wait for Andy Milonakis' Vine Collections instead! My two favorites so far are already posted below.

5/22/13: You know what's Neato? Actually finding unreleased tracks or beats floating around somewhere. I guess it makes it worthwhile to rub one's man-titties in the meantime muhaha.

4/19/13: T-Shirt Of The Day....Fucked Up muhahaha.

4/15/13: I heard of Seven Seconds Or Less in terms of a basketball coaching system, but 6 Seconds Or Less in terms of jokes? If there is only one guy who can pull it off, it's Andy Milonakis. With that!! muhahaha.

04/13/13: Stoopy- The first thing I noticed were the pizza boxes....muhaha.

04/10/13: Perhaps Vine is the new MTV muhaha. The Andy Milonakis Show returns! Muhahaha

03/26/13:Your Grace, or shall I dare say Andy's? muhaha. Although it's only about a minute, it still rocks that beat.

12/5/12: Oh yeah, the 3 Loco tracks is going to be 'Neato' indeed in all its hilarity muhaha. I'll post one or two of these new tracks to the playlist soon. And I'd also like to order that blender with the cut off or severed finger on the side please muhahahaha.

11/17/12: The posse that they call "Three Loco", or who I'd like to also call the '3-Live Crew' or the 'Loritab III' muhaha, will be coming out with fresh, new beats on 11/27. Not sure if it'll be a free download, or for that special Andy Milonakis price for the entire album muhaha, but paypal or otherwise it don't matter.

5/19/12: 'Neato' is neato indeed muhaha. And although I could've sworn seeing Compton Jack in 'Miloknockin' You Out', you certainly can't imagine the huge-ass lady in 'Neato', who is as real and huge-ass as she can get muhaha. Reference to the 'Jello' video. She could probably literally step on almost everyone with those heels muhaha. Essentially, if you want titties as well as kitties, check out the 'Neato' video @ Andy's Youtube. Booyah! Peace out, bitch-ass muthafuckas.

4/21/12: It seems that 'We Are Farmers' was a beat that was recorded quite awhile ago, but wasn't posted or readily available to the public. But a beat is a beat, so there ya have it. The most recent 'Jump Rope' from 3 Loco, is another collab from the dynamic duo from the Loritab hits. I guess another reminder about the 'The Freaky Mofos'...muhaha. Avid fans are waiting for new beats, or possibly a new album. It's time to make another digital compilation. As of now, the 'Miloknockin' You Out' video is the most recent fav.

4/09/12: It's been pretty quiet these days, so here's a retrospective called 'king Of cartoons' from the 'Hot Soup' compilation. The theme or reference is from the cartoon segment of 'Pee Wee's Playhouse' called, 'king of cartoons'; those who are familiar with the wacky kiddie show from the '80s. However, this is taken up a notch R-rated style that only Milonakis knows how muhaha.

1/15/12: It's that voice from 'Reeces Pieces' muhaha, or similar to it; a beat that was done years ago but doesn't exist anywhere now. Anyway, let's get to the part of Andy's 'swag'. Otherwise, A-Money is in da house! muhaha.

12/25/11: What a nice, holiday treat; a fresh, new video! Mama said knock you out? Nah, it's Milonakis knockin' you out...muhaha. Check out the video over at his Youtube.

10/20/11: Check out 'The Takeover', Andy @1:59. Fresh beats be illin' muhaha.

10/19/11: In the spirit of Halloween, there are ghosts and gremlins, or even gremlin-sounding creatures muhaha. And then there are 'bitches who are scary'. Indeed muhaha.

8/13/11: It's the Milonakis artwork! Not exactly 'Spoonless Joe', but I probably would've purchased 'Jackpot Joe' muhaha. If anything, they appear to be selling quick so fans better snatch 'em up. I should buy 'Don't Buy This' or somebody should just because.

7/30/11: I heard about a new website where you can buy stuff. I'll most likely check it out. Afterall, I think one lucky fan already got 'Meowy'! Til this day, I still wonder how that 'Fully Boiled' venture never took off. I think some would've been 'fully hungry' for it hahah.

7/28/11: Gotta like those back and forth beats between two guys, it's 'Waiting' meets 'Loritab' in style, or Loritab Part 3: "The Freaky Mofo's" hahaha

7/25/11: Presenting Boozy 'Bee' and Andy Milonakis in...."What Da Blood Clot". Check it out on his Youtube page. Fortunately, it wasn't 'Bee'-lzebub' or something like that hahaha.

6/21/11: Check out for the new beat. I blame the traffic and that sun glare during the commute back home for missing the free download opportunity lol.

5/24/11: Spittin' rhymes at the mile Would put John Denver's Country Roads to shame muhaha. Anyway, I put up a disclaimer mentioning that the lyrics are explicit and not 'PG'-friendly. I find 'em fun, but they're not everyone's tastes for sure.