DISCLAIMER: Explicit lyrics/listen at your own risk! muhaha

Arrogant American Freestyle, Three Loco

Fuck Your Instagram

Slug Life - Best Fiends Rap

Social Media

Two Sixteens, Part 1

Tokyo Trap House, Young Sachi

Young Sachi

Morphine Popsicle

Your (Or Andy's muhaha) Grace

You Are Me

Miloknockin' You Out...

Neato, Three Loco

Bong Hits, Three Loco

Nice Rims, Three Loco

Andy's 'Swag'

Andy's 'Takeover'

From The 'Waiting' Flick

Lemonade Bubblegum

That Ain't Shit


Red Lean Purple Lean

Weed To The Test

I Got A Musket

I Made It

Goat Cheese Watermelon Salad

Rabbit Frog

Loritab 2


Spinnas Got Spinnas

Let Me Twitter Dat

Zumbi Major Lazor