Almost done with "On The Verge Of Insanity", and I've been enjoying it. It might make my Top 5. I just like how blunt, and straight-forward Choi Ban Soek is. Usually never getting emotionally involved, telling it like it is. Sort of like me. Other than being a quick thinker, decision-maker and problem solver. And being kind-hearted, relatable. The cruelties or realities of workplace layoffs, and / or being in HR is satirized in this drama. I don't give a damn if this type of subject matter isn't what exactly what viewers enjoy, but it does to me. K-Dramas need more simple, relatable or realistic stories like this.


"Ohjingoh" Game is something to look forward to - it looks different and unique for once.

Currently watching "On The Verge Of Insanity" - about workplace layoffs, transfers and rivalries. General craziness that can arise from just working. I enjoy simple plots or stories like that. Of course, the usual dramatic flair of K-Dramas. I'll reserve judgment on it after finishing it.

"The Witch's Diner" was only 8 episodes and 40 minutes each - well, it was entertaining.


"Monthly Magazine Home" was surprisingly funny and warm-hearted. For me, it's rare since I do not watch rom-coms - they can be more annoying and uninteresting to begin with. It makes my list.

Because of the Tokyo Olympics, it appears that a lot of dramas have stalled or on a break from uploading new episodes. Currently watching "The Witch's Diner" - it'll be awhile before it has finished uploading or up-to-date.


Currently finishing up "Monthly Magazine House". I am not into rom-coms at all, but this one was just too funny. It reminds me of "This Is My First Life" and "Romance is a Bonus Book" combined. Which character could I relate to most? Probably the chief editor or the friend editor - trying to mooch off of others (getting them to pay for dinner and such via acting innocent haha), aggravations of a controlling / bossy spouse, the consistent dejections / rejections of the friend editor, etc. I am just avoiding rom-coms altogether at this point. Aside from thrillers, I need to find just a regular drama without the aggravations of romance, comedy - just something inspiring and warm-hearted ("My Mister" and "Navillera" is such).


I found "Daebok Realty: Sell Your Haunted House" enjoyable, fun and tragic. It was better executed than I thought - it had a bit of everything; horror, fantasy, sad / tragic stories, comedy, etc. I wouldn't classify this as horror, since it infused a lot of humor and other dramatic stories. It cracks my Top 5 recent, and would categorize this as more Fantasy / Supernatural. I can identify with Ji A's eating habits in terms of portion size haha.

"Law School" - you can learn a lot from this. Not a favorite, but it was decent. Kang Sol A was pouty and whiny all throughout (but in a cute way), and Kang Sol B had no emotions whatsoever. Talk about contrast or complete opposites.


Currently watching "Sell Your Haunted House". The effects are quite good - subtle camera movements / scenes, not trying to do too much. Sometimes, minimalism works much better than over-doing it with special effects. To give it that drama flair, I can see why thematic shows like this would embellish the makeup or wardrobe / costume at least. When it comes to ghosts and supernatural programs these days, they just don't end up being scary at all because of all the crappy effects. They infused humor in this, so they did not go all-out in terms of scare factor or jumps.


There are plans for a Taxi Driver S2. Good news indeed. Second seasons can turn out well, but it's a crapshoot. But overall - second seasons usually cannot top the first season. That was certain for Stranger S2, which was a bit under-whelming. That season did not have enough action or suspenseful cases. There are quite a few K-Dramas that could use a second season - "Vincenzo" is another one.


Currently watching "Dark Hole". Reserving judgment until completed watching. But it has that feel of both "Train to Busan" and "Possessed" intensity with a twist.

"Mysterious Mansion" sounds intriguing - sort of similar to "Strangers From Hell"? Wait to find out. 06/19/21

A reminder that C-Dramas and J-Dramas are out there, and I'm certain there are some high quality ones. But right now - most of us are just hooked on K-Dramas. I'm not sure what it is - riveting storylines, plot, characters (whether relatable or otherwise very dramatic). They sure know how to dramatize things, sometimes to the extreme.

Currently watching this drama about a middle school badminton team - perhaps they should be called Racket Gamers instead haha (since they're always playing games). They look like they are all 10 years old or something.


"Undercover" was suspenseful and entertaining - it cracks my Top Ten in most recently watched. I'm not sure how to categorize this one - a secret agent / spy thriller, or a political thriller. Sometimes, the villains of these genres can just be as nasty and vile as pure psychopaths.


Currently watching "Undercover" - a secret agent / hidden identities thriller. Funny scene of the day: "I am grocery shopping for bean sprouts" Villain: "Bean sprouts? hahahaha" Hahahah. Hahaha.

There's usually one or two over-bearing, obnoxious characters in some K-Dramas like this. It's only tolerable if the story is good, as well as well-balanced / good-natured characters such as the leads. Otherwise - hell no. Either "Dark Hole" or "Racket Team" (whichever is finished uploading in its entirety first) afterwards.


I think "Taxi Driver" is my new K-Drama favorite. It was well-made, directed, edited, acted, etc. The story was very compelling, a bit intense and brutal at times. But sprinkled with a bit of humor and other thematic elements. The "Revenge-For-Hire" Taxi Service crew are vigilantes or anti-heroes. They take revenge on behalf of victims, and help the victims at the same time via compensation. Towards the end, thematic motifs of whether their methods or ideology of revenge might actually be counter-productive or hurtful was something I was glad they added to the K-Drama. It would've been easy to just have these guys win all the time. But they get beaten and have their down moments. You can get your revenge or justice, but in a law-abiding way.

Season 2 should be something fans hope can happen.


"Taxi Driver" might crack my Top 3 K-Drama thrillers or overall. More thoughts when finished watching.


Currently watching "Taxi Driver" - I heard this revenge-thriller is based on real-life cases, or similar cases of the victims - which makes the revenge part even more satisfying (although of course, fictional). Well, perhaps that might be a bit too sadistic or so heh. Anyway - Vincenzo would be proud of this taxi service haha. The 3 actors from "Move To Heaven" have their own dramas coincidentally - "Taxi Driver", "Undercover" and "Rackets".

K-Dramas that have too young cast of characters are not relatable to me, and usually have no interests in them. It's like some of them are geared towards the very young or millenial audiences. It would have to at least have a few middle-aged or mature characters / actors, and a damn good story to even be considered (School 2013 was the last one I think).


The ending of a K-Drama is extremely important to me. It can ruin the entire drama. Especially for thrillers or intense dramas - the endings have to have some kind of pleasant resolution after all that build up or the villains getting the upper hand. One of the biggest disappointments was "Vagabond" - the villain gets away, there is no resolution, and the drama just ends as if a new season is inevitable (but unfortunately - there are no plans on it). What the fuck was the point on having an ending like that then?? An ending can be ambiguous or unclear, and it can still work. As long as there is some kind of resolution.


Currently watching "Move to Heaven".

I enjoy the "what is going on" type of suspense thrillers. "Beyond Evil", or the direct translation of "Monster", is somewhat of a metaphor. It misleads you into thinking that it's a typical psychopath / serial killer type of drama (although there is one). The title most likely can refer to anyone. We are led to believe that it could be the slightly crazy detective / police officer, or another.

"Navillera" - no matter your age, race, gender, or folks laughing at your face. Never be afraid to pursue your dreams, passion, ambitions. This is a theme that anyone can relate to. Thematic dramas or morality / ethical tales are great.