Well, it was close. I'm certain Jeremy Lin was heavily guarded or defended as usual. I think they should have set a pick for Jeremy Lin on the final play, as opposed to heaving the three. But then again, there might not have been enough time for a good setup play.

What a run it has been.

08/06: Semi-Finals - Series Tied 1-1
Redemption from the Beijing Ducks, after a foul-plagued Game 1. Jeremy Lin's pull-up jumpers look silky smooth or fluid.

Keep it up, and never let your guard down.

08/02: On to the Semi's
Keep the momentum going!

07/31: Got Milk, Jeremy? Apparently, Yili Milk!
Congrats on new endorsement - in addition to xtep shoes, fashion collab with Coach, and others - Jeremy Lin is prepped for a second career in any of these things haha.

Once again, good luck in the playoffs!

07/28: Let The Playoffs Begin
The Beijing Ducks are 4th seeded, so I heard they automatically make the second round. Once again, good luck to Jeremy Lin and the Ducks! The Guangdong Tigers appear to be the team to beat. Other than Jeremy Lin (who's being pounded on again and needs help), the rest of the team needs to step up on both ends of the floor - in particular, defensively. Cheatin' refs are apparently everywhere - but at least they've been giving fair calls to J-Lin over there. Damn that was definitely a clean-cut block from Lin!

Finish the season with momentum, and carry that into the playoffs. And the winning streak continues, who's to say that it won't continue into the playoffs as well.

In the meantime, we are all enjoying the various TikTok of Jeremy Lin and the different shenanigans with a few of his teammates (whether it's dancing, brief sketches, or trying to scare each other).

07/15: The Winning Streak continues
Keep on going! Good luck to Jeremy Lin and the Beijing Ducks - hope they can win the rest of their games. It would behoove Jeremy to stop taking charges, or minimize them - apparently, cheatin' refs are everywhere haha.

Jeremy Lin gettin' into the fashion game. I think he can make a living out of being a model - I'm sure he's already making good money off of endorsements and other endeavors. I wonder if his e-sports team is going to back in it.

Jeremy Lin and the Ducks on a five-game winning streak. Woot - keep the momentum going!

Apparently, Jeremy Lin has been itchin' to get back to playing ball and the season is going to resume on the 20th. Good luck to Jeremy Lin and the Beijing Ducks on a successful rest of the season. And to brother Joseph as well.

Quarantine time was amusing somewhat - Jeremy could probably have a second career in food challenges or dancing haha. He should collab again with Jay Chou on his new show "J-Style Trip".

05/16: Jeremy Lin Revelation Of The Year
"I stopped by to say bye to some of you bums who are going to get traded tomorrow". Kobe pulled no punches with that one. Hahaha.

04/30: Linsanity Week WTF?
The very organization that kicked him out and outcasted Lin, has decided to air his Linsanity games (all because of quarantine). Talk about a ratings ploy. Still, it reminds us of what Jeremy Lin is capable of when unleashed or un-restrained (unfortunately, all his teams thereafter limited his play).

While Asian-Americans and Asians all around have been victims of racism during this pandemic, Jeremy Lin among others are stepping up to help out as much as they can through donations and such. His foundation is now focused on Covid relief efforts.

I applaud Lin for wanting to play again, but at times - I often wonder if all foreign or international players (not from there) should just cancel their contracts and leave. But instead of playing the blame game, Lin and others would prefer to play with a basketball instead. I agree however, that it is a waste of time and energy to point fingers and play the blame game (although I believe in accountability or being held accountable). The focus should be on being united on all fronts for relief efforts, and to become stronger / wiser from this.

01/26: RIP Kobe Bryant - For Real?
It's difficult to believe. Anyway, Kobe Bryant - the player who "never knew who Jeremy Lin was" (although Kobe Bryant vs. Jeremy Lin showdown was something), the numerous rings won with Shaq-Daddy (and the feud as well), scoring / MVP titles, etc.

Kobe was well-known or famous all over the world, and tough (almost to the point of being a bully on court), but it is quite the shocking loss.

I'm glad to hear that Jeremy Lin has been re-inserted earlier than scheduled - ball out!

I heard about the Corona Virus - stay safe. Here is Jeremy's "Oh Shit" look below haha.


It appears that Jeremy Lin is going to rest during the month of January, as initially planned in advance. Much needed "R & R" or "Load Management". The CBA doesn't appear to do back-to-backs, but the games still can be grueling and physical from what I hear.

Happy New Year's to the Lin family!

12/01: Wat Misaka - Never Forgotten
In non-Jeremy Lin news (but basketball-related), here is an article on Wat Misaka who recently passed away:


10/19: The "Never Done" Documentary
I'm glad this is happening, a documentary in an episodic format of Jeremy Lin's next chapter of his career. Appropriately titled, "Never Done". Jeremy Lin has always been a very down-to-earth, selfless human being. He's never compromised his beliefs in changing the way he thinks and plays - team first and promoting positive team culture. It's these values that do not really exist at all in the NBA, and Jeremy Lin is still fully capable of leading a team as the floor general and bona fide point guard. He's going to show that he is.

I'm glad that he's in the CBA. In any other league elsewhere in the world (other than Asia), I suspect he would've been mistreated or scapegoated as well. Jeremy Lin knows all too well that it is not easy being Asian-American, but it is definitely something to be proud of nevertheless. We have the talent to succeed across any industry, despite the scarcity in opportunities from prejudices and continued racism. Fortunately, awareness is increasing. And we need to keep speaking out.

10/01: And So It Begins...

Good luck to Jeremy Lin and the Beijing Shougang for a successful season! I'll be checking on highlights and such now and then.

08/27: To Beijing!
I believe Jeremy Lin made the right decision. He would've continued to waste away given the non-existent or limited opportunities. While a lot of bums are given passes or tons of opportunities, Jeremy Lin has always been scapegoated or targeted because of his race (subtle or inconspicuous discrimination is a given in today's society). Of course, that is not the only sole reason. But being an Asian-Amercian pioneer, Jeremy Lin still achieved a lot while most in his situation would have folded before their fourth year. Jeremy Lin kept on going, and got a ring (that's all that matters, call it compensation - I'm sure he would've achieved it had he been given the chance to just play his game). Unfortunately, injuries and the unjust treatment on Lin prevented Lin from achieving his true ceiling - which is at an All-Star caliber level.

I'm wondering if there's a Fubon vs. Beijing matchup (and if so, how often). That'll be the matchup of the year right there.

Lin no doubt is going to ball out. Prior to his signing, he practically stayed the entire summer over there - giving speeches, signing with Xtep, his E-sports business ventures, etc.

07/07: Jeremy Lin's Future...
As Jeremy Lin has stated or mentioned, he still has a lot left in his tank. We still believe he can play at a starting-caliber level and / or play as a main contributor / top rotation player (other than being a positive influence or leader). And I'm sure Jeremy Lin knows it and definitely believes in himself. At this point, it appears Jeremy Lin might be playing overseas in Asia - which I'll be happy to continue to support. Much more preferable than getting no playing time at all, as Lin is worth much more than the vet minimum.

If Jeremy Lin decided to call it, he has business ventures outside of basketball. He has his foundation, and is still widely popular all over. Why worry. In the end, I would just convert this web page into a "The Jeremy Lin Tribute - A Champion Forever" page, and just archive it.

It's a good thing that there are other industries to continue supporting Asian-American endeavors.

06/18: Enjoyin' The Parade...

Also, check out Ryan Higa's podcast with Jeremy Lin!

06/14: Congratulations!
Papa and Mama Lin should absolutely be proud of their sons - first Joseph, and now Jeremy. For Jeremy Lin, it's been a difficult journey (rife with opposition, prejudices and obstacles) but Jeremy kept on going without compromising his beliefs - from being cut, to Linsanity and now to this moment. It's also a historic moment for sure for the first Asian-American player to win the NBA Championship. And now, Jeremy Lin has the ring.

It's disappointing that Jeremy was off the playoff roster. But at least he played and contributed during the regular season. Jeremy Lin also played a full season again, which is another success. He has a lot left in his tank, and now the goal should be to get playing time - to be part of the main rotation. I'm sure Jeremy still wants to play, but if it's curtain call - then so be it.

For now, savor the moment and hopefully there'll be further opportunities to get meaningful minutes. Otherwise, it'll be curtain call for this fan page as well.

In Ryan Higa's most recent "Off The Pill" podcast, KevJumba was the surprise guest and he gave Jeremy Lin a shout-out. Jeremy Lin needs to move back to the States! (if he can get a job back here again).

It's just unfortunate that Jeremy Lin's talents have been wasted...again. Although this whole situation turned out to be a mistake, Jeremy Lin has to continue to just move forward and look to the future. He isn't getting any younger, but certainly he still has a lot left in his tank. It's a wait-and-see, as well as my personal fan page.

Congratulations to Joseph Lin and the Fubon Braves! Let me get that out of the way first. Other than that, there's not much else going on.

Unfortunately for Jeremy, he is out of the rotation. Nothing is certain or guaranteed in life, but the cycle of being put in unfavorable situations seem to never end. Again, hats off to Jeremy for never giving up and being determined to just look ahead to the future.

This was his first healthy year, and I do believe he still has a lot of gas left in him. But sports is a low priority for me, and there are other Asian-American causes to support and root for across other industries. I'm not sure how much longer my personal fan page is going to be around, but it's a wait-and-see.

It's just another uneventful day in the trading scene. We just have to continue to root for and support Jeremy Lin, because we already know what he's capable of. He's been thrust into the most difficult of situations, and continues to survive and thrive. We might not agree with his way of thinking or beliefs all the time, but it is what makes him unique and inspiring - never compromising even when you are mistreated. In fact, I don't believe there would have been a favorable situation anyway. All of them seemed destined to be tanking, losing, tanking, etc. - the cycle never ends.

Fortunately for me, I never spend a dime on sports. There are other industries to support Asian-American endeavors.

With the countdown beginning, I think it'll come down to the wire. Let us pray that Jeremy Lin is going to be in a situation where he'll have a large role, get the minutes, and be utilized well. It's been mind-boggling and what appears to be another wasteful year in regards to Jeremy's low usage and minutes. But in all perspective, the team was cleary tanking (another one of them unfortunate situations) and Jeremy was there just from a mentoring aspect. There's no doubt Jeremy Lin would be effective and help any competitive team focused on winning.

Whether he'll be in a favorable situation, that is not certain or guaranteed. But we know Jeremy Lin is healthy now, and has been ready to play more minutes. We'll continue to pray and hope for a favorable end to this season.

Well, Jeremy Lin finally got the start - and certainly showed what he is capable of. On this tanking team where wins are not much of a concern or priority as opposed to development, there might not be another opportunity this season. But Jeremy Lin continues to play hard and well on both ends of the floor regardless.

In a grueling season where back-to-backs and every-other-day games have become the norm, it is more important for Jeremy Lin to remain healthy.

2018 UPDATE:

I'm glad that Jeremy Lin had a great game, and the team won. With the recent minor ankle and back strains (it happens to all at some point), it is more important for him to remain healthy for the long-term. That game, and quite a few others, is just a sample of what Jeremy is capable of when healthy.

He deserves more minutes, and we'd all like to see him get more minutes - but on a team that is competing, wants to win and utilizes Lin well rather than play for development or tanking reasons. As J-Lin said, he still has "plenty of gas left in his tank".

Woot! Joseph Lin dropping a career high 40 points. "Super Lin Bros." indeed. Good luck to Fubon, and hope that they can win it all this season. Unfortunately for Jeremy, he is given limited and sporadic minutes on a tanking team - which is never conducive. Nonetheless, he's managed to be efficient anyway despite it.

Jeremy Lin, as well as Mama and Papa Lin, wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving! (in his latest video). They are the modern-day "Mama's & The Papa's" heheh. I think Joseph Lin is doing well with Fubon. Jeremy might post up another picture of his cute nephew stuffing his "helium cheeks" with some turk-ay heh.

J-Lin's recent production of 26 in 25 is more than efficient. Given his limited minutes as well as a seemingly restricted role, Jeremy Lin is doing quite well. And he appears to be quite healthy now. I've always said he'll be better than before - refining and improving all facets of his game. Lin's defense has always been solid, and he usually is going to play hard regardless of his restricted role.

As fans, we want Jeremy Lin off this tanking team and it might happen. But at the same time, he deserves more minutes and a larger role now that he's healthy and at form almost. It's a wait-and-see.

Vince - 25K Jeremy - 5K Total: 30K. Yep - it checks out heh.

Congrats to Jeremy Lin on the 5,000 points milestone. His career has been rife with obstacles and difficulties, but Jeremy Lin has perservered through them.

Tanking and development go together it seems, but playing hard on both ends of the floor (including defense) seems to be something that does not register or seems to be a difficult concept for a lot. It might be a losing season, but absolutely no excuse not to at their salary. Otherwise, perhaps the team should be playing against G-Leaguers instead (except for J-Lin).

Fans might need to compile another "Too Flagrant Not To Call" video. Every season, there is always a few dirty players. But Jeremy Lin has always been targeted for his race (by some unscrupulous, dirty individuals - they might be suited for more violent sports out there).

Good luck to brother Joseph Lin on his new season with Fubon! Also, wishing Yuta Watanabe well as well - if he ever gets any playing time.

It's certainly another tanking situation unfortunately, and Jeremy Lin is evidently not a priority. His situation has always been a difficult one, going from one tanking situation to another and suffering injuries as well. By now, we all know a lot of Jeremy's predicament as well as the mistreatment has to do with his race. But he's never one to make an excuse out of it. He always has that calm and humble demeanor, never speaking out or against (while most of us would, even if we knew we were better). That's the inspiration of Jeremy Lin.

Let's face it however. Lin is going to continue to perservere (whatever limited minutes given), and make the most of it. He is always going to be the consummate team player, as well as the difference maker or game changer when given the chance. But at this point, Lin just has to remain healthy and work his way back to becoming 100%.

More candid thoughts from Jeremy Lin on a podcast. Transcript of the interview can be read as well:

Freakonomics - Interview With Jeremy Lin

The limited minutes or minute restrictions, not getting enough minutes at a time, etc. It can all be disconcerting, and the immediate reaction would be "Another Wasted Year...". It could most likely be that Jeremy Lin has not fully recovered yet, and is slowly building up. However, Jeremy could already be ready but is being just used as a body to rest and mentor the inexperienced youngsters (hopefully, that's the worst-case scenario). We believe that Jeremy Lin could still lead a team as well as start, but he's probably at a point in his career where that might not be possible anymore.

Jeremy seems to be set up pretty well in terms of life after basketball - his business ventures, his E-sports team, his Foundation, and his popularity in Asia. Life is just beginning for Jeremy.

The new season is just around the corner, and the Hawks are a very young and inexperienced team - so not much is expected of them. But pray tell that they don't intend to tank.

Jeremy Lin is just grateful that he's playing again after missing out on the game for two seasons. We should just pray and wish for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy, and to become better than ever. I do think he'll certainly be a better version than before.

We wish Jeremy Lin all the best, and to be healthy for the entire season. And I believe he'll be healthy, and he might even be a better version than before. At this point, Jeremy wants to just play and have fun. I can't imagine after being away from the game for awhile.

Jeremy Lin seemed to have a busy summer. Other than recuperating and working hard in getting back to full health / strength, he was involved with his Asian tour and filming "Dunk of China" - amusing, that fat guy nearly knocked Jeremy out in one of the scenes heh. J-Lin also is involved with his e-sports team "Team VGJ". Pray tell that I ever get into "DOTA" and compete against them heh. For now, I'm just a WoW'er.

I don't want to get into hidden agendas and what the intentions are, but you never know. This could just be a temporary year for Jeremy Lin - but continue to support Lin and the team he is on.


As Jeremy Lin said, "Find joy in your journey". A lot of players change teams frequently, such is life in the league. It has become scripted in a sense and more one-dimensional (all about getting your own in terms of padding stats, unscrupulous politics, etc). What a joke. It's difficult to find joy or find any optimism when things change or happen on a whim. Not to mention, who to trust. But I'm sure Jeremy Lin knows that you have to have a thick skin to deal with the bullshit and superficiality.

I have to admit that there are only a very few media and fans who have been fair or partial to Jeremy Lin (they exist, but they are only a handful or just a few). It's quite easy to describe haters, racists - they mostly harp on the negatives (however miniscule they might be), rarely acknowledge or never recognize the positives (even though they are clearly evident). Hypocrites? Some of them are minorities themselves. I never waste my energy on them, and I advise everyone not to as well.

It is what it is. In the end, I only follow and support Jeremy Lin, not like I was paying much attention to the team anyway. It is quite unnerving that Mr. Tsai is going along with this, but then again the league has become or deteriorated into a superficial faux sport. Then again, everything seems to revolve around money. Fortunately, I do not care much for nor watch the sport any longer.

Jeremy Lin worked hard to become fully healthy again (this time with some competent training regimen), and we were all looking forward to next season. I have no doubt he'll be better than ever (if given the opportunity), but once again - that opportunity seems to be taken away or prevented. I really don't have any optimism for any teams, as they'll most likely use Lin for his veteran leadership and mentoring abilites. Let's get to the truth of the matter - Jeremy Lin is a bona fide starter and a difference-maker to any team (you don't have to put up overwhelming numbers to win). He's the consummate team player, and he has to consistently put up with unscrupulous politics to even see the light of day.

Jeremy Lin's attitude about it and his unwavering faith or uncompromising beliefs is what makes him an inspiration. Asian-Americans in any industry have it much more difficult to achieve a certain level or status because of the continuing prejudices and discrimination. However, this should only fuel us to become even better and more empowering - not the other way around. Never cower - always be proud and sock it to 'em. I'll only follow a team if they truly or genuinely have Lin's interests in mind or support him, but that is not the case. There is always that hidden agenda, but keep the faith Lin! We'll follow you wherever you go, and support your future endeavors...

Jeremy Lin's vlogs are a breathe of fresh air, and we hope he can keep it up (whenever he can). Jeremy is certainly gettin' better and stronger than ever, and the new season can't arrive soon enough. I do agree that he should look for his shot more, and not defer too much. But we know that Jeremy is the consummate team player, and a winner / difference-maker for sure. He's all about getting teammates involved, and understandably so.

Jeremy Lin has begun his Asia tour - in Taipei. As usual, mobs of fans greeted J-Lin at the airport. However, I heard he's cutting it short this year to focus on preparing for next season. Although fully recovered, he has yet to participate in contact drills and I'm sure Lin wants to polish off a few more things to be absolutely ready.

So I hear he enjoyed a good BBQ as well heheh.

Jeremy Lin knows it all too well, it's been his life story. His recent testimony or interview with Ronny Chieng highlights or shows how racial stereotyping is commonplace with Asians. In this case, ignorant or racist folks think 'they' can beat Lin on a one-on-one because he isn't perceived to be athletic because of his race. It's been the story of his life, which makes his documentary and life story all the greater.

When it comes to video games or e-sports however, now that's a different ballgame. I'd consider taking him on in a friendly competition for some prize money haha.

J-Lin making the rounds - first with a magazine, now with an investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. They're still around? Not that I have any interest in that industry.

I thought this was cool, Jeremy Lin being on the cover of the magazine (for those who are multi-lingual):


I said it before, and I'll say it again. You can't really beat in terms of cuteness Jeremy's nephew (well, except maybe for mine). Uncle Jeremy havin' fun again:


04/22: The Super Lin Bros Re-Unite For The SBL Finals...
I wish I could watch the SBL Finals myself - a Jeremy Lin fan has gotta support his brother too. I'm sure there'll be clips or highlights recorded somewhere. Good luck to Joseph and the Fubon Braves! Call them the Super Lin Bros or the Lin World Order, they gotta be the whole F'n show! muhaha.

There's nothing more important than family bonding, especially watching and supporting a sibling.

The season has ended, but I'm in no position to write up a recap since I did not really follow this season. But I heard there were some nice surprises and developments, certainly keepers. Keep 'em or dump 'em anyone? heheh.

One thing is for sure - Jeremy Lin is back and looks better than ever! His rehab with Fortius was a definite success, and it was a good call that he decided to work with them up in the remote city of Vancouver. However, Lin is not done completely yet. And so the return begins.

According to Jeremy Lin's social media, he appears to be finished rehabbing in Vancouver with Fortius. And apparently, it's been a success. From the few stills and vids I've seen, J-Lin looks and moves like he's in full health and better than ever. But I'm certain he's not done yet.

Next season cannot come any sooner, and we are all looking forward to it. There has been a rash of injuries around the league, and there are a lot of things to blame for that (the shortened pre-season among others). As far as the Nets are concerned, most would point their fingers at the performance / training team.

I wonder what Jay Chou did or said (if not just from the hashtags) to incite Jeremy Lin. In his instragram, he posted a video of him draining three's like it was nothin' - and striking various dance poses and such muhaha.


Certainly, one of Jeremy Lin's admirable qualities is giving the benefit of the doubt or taking the high road in the face of controversy or adversity. But Lin is certainly going to speak up when there is obvious injustice or racism. As Asian-Americans, we all should. Change might not be guaranteed or might not happen right away, but at least we need to spread awareness in order to initiate change.

I look forward to some words of wisdom from Jeremy Lin's "Monday Motivations". There's a lot we can all learn from or take away.

It's not exactly a journal entry, but it could be one. Jeremy Lin updated his facebook page with some advice for the New Year - do not run away from adversity or obstacles but confront them head on so you can overcome or beat them. Very good advice. We all have our adversities and obstacles that hinder progress. But it's a matter of just looking ahead and fighting the good fight. For J-Lin, it's been his season-ending injury but it's comforting to hear that he's coming along just fine in his rehab. Fortunately, it's with a new rehab program (can't really trust what didn't work).

I haven't followed any basketball since the beginning of the season, but I heard the Nets are doing alright so far. It seems Din-sanity is becoming a thing - glad that Dinwiddie has progressed well (I initially thought he was a 'din'-wit). Is Lin going to be out of a job? heh (he shouldn't settle for anything less when he returns however). I really don't know nor can speculate what the future holds for Jeremy Lin. But as long as Lin is happy and knows or prepares for what lies ahead, then as fans we can only take it one day at a time.


11/19: Absolutely Devastated...
I am in absolute disbelief and shock as well that this has to happen to Jeremy Lin, especially on the first day of a new season (another player I heard suffered a similar fate). I can imagine none more so devastated than Jeremy himself as well as his family. It is tragic that Lin's season is already over as he'll need surgery to repair a ruptured patella in his knee. As fans, we were all excited for Lin and the prospects of a successful season for the Nets. It can be quite depressing when you really have to think about this. But Jeremy Lin has faced adversity and obstacles worse than this (in the form of racism and other hindrances), and he has overcome them through his never-changing and uncompromising faith in God; as well as an optimistic outlook in life.

I do not want to speculate what Lin's future has in store, or what this means to his career. Players returning from surgery are often not their same selves however. Lin would want us to continue to root for the Nets. I believe the team can still make some noise and pull a few surprises; that is, if they take defense seriously and play as a team. They have youth on their side at least, and the organization seemed wise to build for the future in retrospect.

Jeremy Lin always played hard on both ends of the floor, often times putting more energy on the defensive end. Over the years, the wear and tear could have had an effect (and/or it could be the performance team that is doing something not right - as Lin has been durable prior). As fans, we wish that Lin could have been in a 'self-preservation' mode focusing mostly on offense. But that's not Lin - he'll give you his all on both ends anyway. The pounding and abuse (various flagrants that were not called) also contributed to the wear and tear on his body. I personally wished that Lin had spoken up about the non-calls and the biased officiating publicly, but that's not his way. He has been a consummate professional and a model leader in every sense of the word.

More thoughts at another time. Words just cannot begin to express...

10/19: Absolutely Devastated...
I am in absolute disbelief and shock as well that this has to happen to Jeremy Lin, especially on the first day of a new season (another player I heard suffered a similar fate). I can imagine none more so devastated than Jeremy himself as well as his family. It is tragic that Lin's season is already over as he'll need surgery to repair a ruptured patella in his knee. As fans, we were all excited for Lin and the prospects of a successful season for the Nets. It can be quite depressing when you really have to think about this. But Jeremy Lin has faced adversity and obstacles worse than this (in the form of racism and other hindrances), and he has overcome them through his never-changing and uncompromising faith in God; as well as an optimistic outlook in life.

I do not want to speculate what Lin's future has in store, or what this means to his career. Players returning from surgery are often not their same selves however. Lin would want us to continue to root for the Nets. I believe the team can still make some noise and pull a few surprises; that is, if they take defense seriously and play as a team. They have youth on their side at least, and the organization seemed wise to build for the future in retrospect.

Jeremy Lin always played hard on both ends of the floor, often times putting more energy on the defensive end. Over the years, the wear and tear could have had an effect (and/or it could be the performance team that is doing something not right - as Lin has been durable prior). As fans, we wish that Lin could have been in a 'self-preservation' mode focusing mostly on offense. But that's not Lin - he'll give you his all on both ends anyway. The pounding and abuse (various flagrants that were not called) also contributed to the wear and tear on his body. I personally wished that Lin had spoken up about the non-calls and the biased officiating publicly, but that's not his way. He has been a consummate professional and a model leader in every sense of the word.

More thoughts at another time. Words just cannot begin to express...

10/12: Pre-Season Assessment
Fortunately, Jeremy Lin did not go all out (to preserve health). And it appeared as if Lin was content on just organizing and letting his teammates get into the groove of things. I certainly would not put much stock into the pre-season, since it is meaningless and it is a time for experimentation. I have no doubt we are going to see a more assertive Jeremy Lin once the regular season begins. The team is going to need a healthy Lin with an assertive mindset.

I have to admit I have my doubts and skepticism about D'Al - whether he is a team player or not. The pre-season has shown that he's only playing a two or three man game, and it doesn't seem that the ball is moving nor is Jeremy Lin getting a lot of touches. In order to rectify this, Jeremy Lin needs to be the de facto Point Guard most of the time (we already know that he is the de facto leader for now). I could even imagine D'Al becoming a toxic player if he doesn't get his way. There's no doubt that the Nets need his scoring ability for sure, and he'll most likely end up being the high scorer most of the time. But for god's sakes, at least allow Jeremy Lin to flourish by putting the ball in his hands. Atkinson's actions during the regular season is going to be telling exactly what plays out.

The refs have essentially become obsolete and useless in my opinion - because proper calls are not being made, bogus and bigoted / non-calls continue to happen to Jeremy Lin, and games are sometimes fixed. I have a novel idea - get rid of the refs altogether and replace them with bots that can do a better job than them.

10/04: The Evolution of Hair...
Jeremy Lin talked about in a recent article about his ever-changing hairstyle throughout his career, and what differing opinions about them. I say to everyone - let Jeremy be Jeremy. The most important thing is that he is happy with it (although we might poke fun at times light-heartedly), and he should not give a rat's ass at all about what other's think. Because everything is just a matter of taste and opinion. As the saying goes, to each their own. The article is linked below:


Jeremy Lin's journey has been more difficult than anybody else in sports, mostly because he is the only Asian-American athlete in the league (and he has experienced a lot injustices because of that). To this day, he still does not receive fair and partial assessment from the common masses.

The pre-season is meaningless, and it's just a way to experiment with what what works and not. It is also for players to get back in game shape. Hopefully, Crabbe and LeVert can recover well from their sprains but no rush.

Jeremy Lin has always led by example, and we all know that he is a game-changer even if he does not look for his shot or if he does not have the ball. He'll affect the game in other ways. He should be the de facto leader on the team at least for this season. As for the future, that's a wait and see. We just hope he'll also be the point guard most of the time if not all.

09/24: Preparing For The '17-'18 Season
Where has the time gone? After J-Lin finished his Asian tour, my attention turned elsewhere of course. Now and then, I would check on Lin's website and social media. But it hasn't been active nor has he updated anything basketball-related (including updating his journal). Well, it's nice to see J-Lin spending time with his nephew (no longer helium cheeks heh). I have no doubt that he has been working out and preparing for the new season.

Training camp and pre-season is just around the corner, and I'm sure J-Lin is excited and anxious to play and develop chemistry with his new teammates. Although the Nets have not been as active in FA as most would have liked, they did make moves that improved the team in a seemingly cunning and surreptitious way.

I'm tempering my expectations for the Nets as well, but they are capable of winning 30+ games and contend for the playoffs - it'll all depend on long-term health as well as maturation and development of certain players. There can be no egos on the team (which is self-destructive), since there are some concerns with a certain player. I said it before and I'll say it again - Jeremy Lin is a sure-fire starter who is capable of All-Star level play (as he was never given free reigns to do so in the past).

Nonetheless, playing within the system requires sacrifices, and J-Lin has shown he has done that for the sake of the team and winning. Right now, just stay healthy!

07/25: Let's Get 'Crabbe-y'
So the Nets traded for Allen Crabbe, the RFA they were after before the '16-'17 season. It's a fresh start for the guy, and hopefully he'll thrive in the motion offense system. With further additions of Carroll and now Crabbe, they now have a starting lineup that can play fast and shoot well. The Nets still could use another rim protector or rebounder in the front line.

The starting five of Lin, (Russell or Levert), Crabbe, Carroll, Mozgov has potential. The important element is to develop good chemistry, and stay healthy.

Other than that, it's been uneventful except to keep up with Jeremy Lin's Asia tour in Taiwan.

It's good to see Jeremy Lin with his teammates watching some Summer League as well as putting in some workouts. I don't think the Nets are finished with FA yet, as certainly they have other needs to fill. We just don't know what is going on behind the scenes.

J-Lin has his Asia tour this month, and there'll be some worthwhile updates on that.

The Nets were able to acquire DeMarre Carroll and some picks in a recent trade. Don't know much about the guy, but I heard at least he can defend and play the motion offense well. Hopefully, he'll be up to full speed and health by next season. I think he'll complement Lin and the starters well.

At least for next season, the Nets need to complement their young, perhaps ego-driven kids with some saavy, mature veterans. Lin alone would not be enough, albeit he has done wonders without getting much credit. For next season, Lin is for sure their unquestioned leader - and if the Russell kid doesn't respond well, I could see the Brook Lopez trade backfire on the Nets drastically. And if Lin leaves, we can just look back and laugh. However, if that guy matures and develops under the tutelage of Atkinson or Lin, the Nets might have found a diamond in the rough for their future.

Like any objective fan, definitely stay away from over-zealous and often inaccurate sites.

With free agency just beginning, are the Nets going to put all their eggs in one basket for RFA's again? We know how that turned out. We know that they still have a pressing need in the front court, and perhaps they can find a viable option at the right price. Right now, it's been quiet and uneventful. But who knows what is going on behind the scenes.

We already know that Lin is a starting-caliber guard, and anything less would be unacceptable - particularly on a rebuilding team. Can the Lin-Russell backcourt work? Lin is looking forward to working with and mentoring the young guard. But the question is - is Russell mature enough to be receptive, and can he share the ball?

It would've been cool to have seen Redick in the starting lineup with Lin, but it wasn't meant to be. Good luck to the guy.

We can talk about Lin's future at another time, but for now - it's possible that the Nets can definitely win more games next season even if they stand pat.

06/23: And the Nets Select...
Jarrett Allen - looks like Sheed and sounds like Lin, I think Lin and Jarrett should give each other hair advice at some point muhaha. For sure, the youth movement is on with the Nets. Jarrett is young, versatile and has mad vertical from what I hear. He just needs to add a bit more weight. Nonetheless, he should be mobile enough to get on the opposition's asses. The kid is hella young, and he'll have to go through some growing pains no doubt. It'll be interesting to see how the Lin-Allen pairing can work out. It'll also be interesting to see how the Lin-Russell-LeVert dynamics work out.

The Nets need to bolster their front court a bit more via free agency. But we'll see what happens when FA begins.

I stand corrected - Lin's Asia Tour begins next month!

I'm reserving judgment on the trade until next season begins. My initial reaction was also a 'WTF', and it has the Nets going in a new or different direction written all over it. By trading Brook Lopez, we won't see the Brook-Lin we had hoped for a full season. And does that also mean that Jeremy Lin is not in the plans either? For now, Jeremy Lin is still the leader and the bona fide starting PG. But things can change in a heartbeat, and it'll be important for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy. We have seen a glimpse of his prowess and leadership last season, it's time to unleash Lin to his full potential (with him working on a few more things that'll alleviate the pressure or need to drive all the time).

I heard about the 'attitude problem' and 'selfishness' of these types of players, but we'll find out if a change of environment would develop or change Russell. I personally wouldn't give a shit either way, we can only support and root for Jeremy Lin and his future.

I've been away since the season ended. So what's Jeremy Lin been up to? He's currently on his Asia Tour so I hear. He also has been vacationing and visiting his nephew (well, I could argue that my nephew is cuter but he doesn't have 'helium cheeks' heh).

Through all this, he finds time for his fans. He'll have his 'Fan Appreciation Day' at some point in the summer, but now he's starting up 'Mail Call' - responding to fan mail and sending gifts in return. What a classy guy.

Jeremy Lin revealed quite a few things in a podcast with Randy Foye. We might not like Foye as a player, but he seems to have gotten along well with Lin. The racial taunting during his collegiate years was something already known if you watched "Linsanity". But certainly not to the specifics of it. There are definitely areas in this country that are just going to be ignorant and racist. They are probably incapable of changing or being otherwise.

Til this day, I'm sure he still receives unfair treatment (cough refs cough). But with more knowledge and awareness, at least the situation is not like what it was before.