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05/02/2022 - Solar Eclipse or 'Transit of Phobos From Mars
I thought this was cool. One of Mars' satellites Phobos eclipsing the sun, taken from Perserverance on Mars. Since Phobos does not cover the entire disc, does it constitute an eclipse? From a certain perspective, it can be both. But I always though 'transits' as planetary and eclipses from a planet's satellite or moon:

05/31/2021 - Curiosity Rover Gets 'Curious'
It's been awhile. The defective telescope has been discarded - astronomy binoculars work a bit better. I think you'd have to invest in a high-quality scope, which can cost a lot. With the new Curiosity and Perserverance Mars mission, here are some image:

07/09/2019 - It's Saturn's turn tonight, where it'll be in direct opposition to Earth and at its brightest. Unfortunately, tonight is cloudy / rainy but there should be another day. Planetary alignments happen only so often, but with a new telescope - I better put it to some use when conditions are favorable and when they occur. Saturn is a sight to behold because of its rings, especially with a telescope and perhaps with binoculars. I might not be in the most favorable area to stargaze (because of all the evergreens), but it's somewhat in a remote area. Still, there are lights around.

My first attempt with the telescope was aimed at Jupiter last month, but with too much fiddling and re-positioning, it was not really an enjoyable experience. But I think I did see something.

04/11/2019 - So now we know what a black hole looks like? heheh

An interview below with Dr. Michio Kaku about the black hole ("Everything checks in, and nothing checks out"):