Earth from Mars (very faint bluish dot)

Vantage point from Saturn of Earth Vantage point from Saturn of Earth 1 Sunset on Mars - one of my favorites

Crescent moon and possibly Venus captured on phone cam early '16 Pluto encounter in summer of '15


05/31/2021 - Curiosity Rover Gets 'Curious'
It's been awhile. The defective telescope has been discarded - astronomy binoculars work a bit better. I think you'd have to invest in a high-quality scope, which can cost a lot. With the new Curiosity and Perserverance Mars mission, here are some image:

07/09/2019 - It's Saturn's turn tonight, where it'll be in direct opposition to Earth and at its brightest. Unfortunately, tonight is cloudy / rainy but there should be another day. Planetary alignments happen only so often, but with a new telescope - I better put it to some use when conditions are favorable and when they occur. Saturn is a sight to behold because of its rings, especially with a telescope and perhaps with binoculars. I might not be in the most favorable area to stargaze (because of all the evergreens), but it's somewhat in a remote area. Still, there are lights around.

My first attempt with the telescope was aimed at Jupiter last month, but with too much fiddling and re-positioning, it was not really an enjoyable experience. But I think I did see something.

04/11/2019 - So now we know what a black hole looks like? heheh

An interview below with Dr. Michio Kaku about the black hole ("Everything checks in, and nothing checks out"):