Sunday, December 30, 2018

There's been a few notables this year for sure. The month of August stood out in terms of Asian-American representation in film or entertainment at least (a lot of publicity and deserved hype). As mentioned previously, it should only be the beginning. There is still a long ways to go, and we have to continue to create, grow and empower ourselves. Because "waiting around" for opportunities sure doesn't work. As a culture, we shouldn't be divisive but at the same time - we need to support our own or folks who are more prone to discrimination and exclusion (even if that means giving more attention to some than others, if at all).

Some of my goals heading into the new year should be to continue to find ways to break out of my anxiety, as well as getting rid of the apathy or staleness that I feel most of the time (not to the point of being catatonic fortunately). I definitely have to find more motivation and inspiration to be more active. I'll always eat comfort food, but I should cut down on it even more.

Other notables for the year - the gaming fiasco pertaining to Diablo mobile, Fallout controversy, Flex Tape sequel, and....finding Ricky Berwick! The humorous skits have been a riot. Speaking of which, I'll need to clean up my Youtube subscriptions and remove ones who do not upload anymore or I don't watch that much anymore.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Sometimes, less is more in terms of a meal. There weren't a lot of side dishes, but just the usual fare of a Turkey dinner and some sides was enough. As usual, stuffed myself nicely. Christmas meals can be scrumptious as Thanksgiving - but nothing can top that in terms of portion size and the plethora of sides - one day out of the year to basically "all you can eat". The holidays aren't over yet until after New Year's. Until then, continue to enjoy the festive lights, music and whatnot.

I should feel optimistic about next year, and hopefully 2019 is going to be the true beginning for change. Every year, we usually never fulfill our resolutions or change that much. The end of this year has seen a glimpse of a breakthrough for me, and I hope to carry that into next year never losing sight or forgetting what's important.

It's been somewhat of a breakthrough year for Asian-Americans in industries such as film and other forms of entertainment. But there's still a long ways to go. I'd like to see 2019 as another stepping stone, with more Asian-American involvement in creating and empowering. Without the barriers of racism and discrimination, our talents would've surpassed or at least be on par with what's mainstream. We need to continue to create and showcase, and focus our energies on positive endeavors in bettering ourselves. Never stoop low to the levels of trolls, racists and...f'n libs? Perhaps muhaha.

What else should I be grateful for this year? If "2010: The Year We Made Contact", then "2018: The Year I Found and Subbed To Ricky Berwick" muhaha. Friday Francis - well, some of it. Thank the LOA god of Krag'wa!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Enjoy the holidays! Whether you want to celebrate it Ricky-style or Francis-style heheh.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

I purchased the film "Searching", with the remaining credit I had on the gift card. Usually, you can't purchase much with remainders sometimes. But it is certainly worth the support. Here's another poignant article:


There needs to be a day when you could download and view digital movies off-line on any device for a change (referring to APV). Apple products are just too damn expensive, but at least programs and films are viewable.

I'd nominate Daniel Dae Kim for the most authentic accent in "Hellboy" heheh.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

It's almost Christmas! And then you realize that another year is ending just right after. However, let us continue on with a new mindset and optimism. I have never been much a gift-giver - thinking of gifts itself is difficult. It's always folks who are thoughtful and who think ahead, they usually stand out. We thought it would be nice to finally send something to our older brother's family - a gift package (although once again, we received one from them). I can never think of what to get for my parents - who have always given something back.

It was a delightful surprise to receive a gift card. And these days, I'd rather celebrate holidays or special occasions with food, folks and fun as opposed to gifts. I had no idea what to purchase with it, since it can't be redeemed for cash or money. But after some thought, I decided that perhaps a novice telescope might be interesting since I'm into celestial viewing or space sciences. Out here, when the skies are clear and away from the city lights - hopefully, it'll be put to good use.

Friday, December 14, 2018

I'll have to record one final piece each from Mendelssohn and Studio Ghibli, to make the composer web page complete. It's becoming more likely that next year might be the year of the Beethoven and...perhaps Schubert? More thoughts at another time on my classical piano blog.

"A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind". Steven Yeun - you are going to be entering..."The Twilight Zone".

Whenever I go for a jog or a run, I should keep Sung Kang's helpful tips in mind heh.

"Now there's Flex Glue, for everything you do!". I'm sure it helps with multi-tasking, Phil muhaha.

Monday, December 10, 2018

"Don't eat them. Don't ingest them in any shape or form. They are not to be eaten". No shit, Phil heh. But that public service message with a (permanent) smile is always something else. Otherwise, they'd be competing with tide pods.

"Come to me, my child" "No - it's better than heaven, it's Flex World!" muhaha.

"It's my legal team" muhaha.

Shark-infested waters. More like nurse sharks in a swimming tank. Hi fishy!

Whenever there's a break in all the precipitation or rain, you gotta take advantage of that and go out (run, jog,...just exercise!). Fortunately, playing classical piano (and now Christmas music) lifts my spirits and is an emotional therapy (certainly does wonders). But to sustain it, requires being active in other aspects of life. It's unfortunate we didn't go hiking that much over the summer, but we did picnic and swim quite a bit. So much for gaining or losing weight heh.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

We're about done with our Christmas decor. We sort of live in a remote area away from the city or neighborhoods, but it's usually worth the drive to pass by a decked out property.

We should all create or compile our own Youtube rewind (an obviously stay-the-hell-away from type of video) - since every year, the most intriguing videos are never on it. As they say, to each their own.

All of a sudden, Sung Kang has updated his social media with what he's been up to. Recently, he's been doing an interesting "What I See When I Run" theme. Glad to hear that he's up and about - it's been awhile since he's updated - ever since them obscure Alexa pics. For sure, he's no longer on "The Party Boat" muhaha.

Flex Tape 3: Flex World - this has gotta be a full-fledged movie heheh.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

It's been awhile since I enjoyed some donuts. Had some while waiting for the oil change on our car at a nearby store (wish there were more local donut shops around). Once in awhile, treat yourself to some goodies or desserts heheh.

It is the month to be jolly or to be in the spirit of the Christmas season, and I don't want to spoil the mood because of my temperament. But I already have unfortunately. Well, try not to for the rest of the month.

I'm about done or finished with my Studio Ghibli and Mendelssohn recordings or collection. There might be one or two more pieces. Next year, I have to seriously consider adding more Beethoven.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Let's face it. Nobody can replace Rod Serling, or can't even come close in replicating that iconic voice or having that presence. I always have qualms about remakes and reboots (who should you call? The Reboot-Busters led by Ricky Berwick heheh). "The Twilight Zone" update in the '80's was fine, but the other updates or reboots have been bland and unsuspenseful. I'm gonna take a wait-and-see approach, but I'm glad that John Cho is going to be appearing in an episode. That's most likely a must-see. I still enjoy the hour-long fourth season of the classic series, which is underrated for sure.

I think "The Outer Limits" in the '90's had the most diverse range of stories, and diverse guest stars (Pat Morita, etc). However, the debate between "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits" is probably on-going.

To me, the most important thing is understanding and feeling the music or melody - not how easy or difficult a piece is. If it's easy but as long as it's beautiful, it shouldn't matter. You could always add variations or compose an alternate arrangement if you had to. Beauty can also be in technically difficult pieces, but you might have a tough time appreciating or feeling it if you do not have a grasp on music.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Some of us are always thinking ahead and trying or figuring new ways to be inventive or creative. Or some of us are just stuck in a rut and unmotivated - I think that's called laziness in some regards heh. But it goes without saying, believe in yourself regardless and do what you enjoy or passionate about. The creativity is going to flow. The routine can be cumbersome and tedious to the extreme, but have a clear mind by focusing and having confidence / pride in who you are and what you do. Confidence, pride and accept no substitutes or excuses.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

There might be only one month left in the year, but it is the most festive time of the year. Get ready for the decor, music and lights - always looking forward to that. This month, I should include some Christmas music in my practice repertoire (just as I was playing Liszt's Danse Macabre during October).

I wouldn't say an awakening or a revelation, but I feel a renewed sense of determination going ahead. I couldn't be more grateful and fortunate to have my spouse who has been by me throughout all my temperaments and issues (as well as loved ones including my parents). I still have anxiety (and it usually does bite back hard at times) and lazy, but one step at a time. My mind was never really clear or focused, even though I tried to mean well.

Stay safe, healthy, and eat well.

And oh yeah. Francis also hates broken power helmets Todd! muhaha.

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