Cloud9 has emerged as the powerhouse of NA, and they appear quite unbeatable when running MLD - Frost/Destruction/Resto - comp. The scary thing is, they still haven't utilized their other well-known team member. If things change drastically after 8.2, might we see an appearance or is Cloud9 planning to just stick with this? As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Well, at least they're turning World PvP areas from past expansons into new Epic BG's (first Wintergrasp, and now Ashran - if creating new BG's is too much of a chore or resources / ideas they don't have anymore, I guess why not). Get rid of IOC, and all is well.

I'll give more thoughts on Patch 8.2 as we delve into it.

06/19/19: Patch 8.2 Begins On 06/25

Well, I was incorrect in my assessment - but speculating mid-month was the closest. Sometimes, you have to speak up in order to get updates or any kind of news. But it shouldn't come to that.

Anyway, Patch 8.2 is the next major content patch with a new raid - facing off against Azshara. Talk about 'Malice' in the 'Palace' heh.

When it comes to E-sports broadcasting, having a hype man energizes the desk and can be entertaining. Of course, things can get out of hand at times. Whatever the reason, it's just unfortunate circumstances. What I'm more peeved about is the influx of useless / garbage ads - twitch ad blocking doesn't seem to work or it's been prevented without affecting the stream in its entirety. I just have to close the browser during the wait times.


It doesn't appear that Patch 8.2 is going to release any time soon, probably in July or early August. With BG queue times back to the long waiting times (what's with the 20+ minute waiting time for Epics), we'll have to deal with the current lack of content. I think they should add PvP Brawls permanently instead of the "every-other-week" crap.

Blizzard/Activision can lazily half-ass their work or what they call "content", and delay or stall major content patches these days. I don't think they give a crap as much as they used to, as long as business is still booming or subscriptions are still at respectable levels to make profit. This comes as no surprise, but I wouldn't hesitate to unsub at any moment's notice. It's unfortunate that the days of giving a crap about the customer-base (with profiting becoming a priority over all else) is no longer part of that priority.


Apparently, the Summer Cup tournament begins around 06/15. As for Patch 8.2, I would guess either early in the month or mid-month.

05/14/19: Feels Like 'Seventh Heaven' For 'Cloud 9'

It was LAN weekend, and 'Cloud 9' (formerly known as the Super Frogs) won it all. At this point, they are the team to beat. Bring on the Summer season!


The "Wrecking Ball" achievement - this was a surprise the other night. It is considered one of the most difficult PvP achievements, but a bit easier in larger-scale BG's. Anyway, woot!

04/20/19: Patch 8.2 on the PTR

Apparently, the focus is moving towards an eventual confrontation with N'Zoth (after some manipulation) and Azshara is the lackey with the upcoming raid in 8.2. That's probably not exactly correct, but something like that. Who knows if N'Zoth is the end boss for this expansion, but we probably won't be able to completely defeat the old God.

Finding or knowing where the elusive War Supply Chest (With a quick spawn timer before disappearing. There aren't any - if at all - guides out there that exactly tell where and when they spawn), makes this achievement (BoB) annoying as hell. I've finished everything else for the CoA meta achievement.


Blizzard's yearly April Fool's gag just gets worse and worse, that in it of itself is comical. They're too easy to spot (if you are unable to make it convincing, at least try to be creative - which it hasn't). Perhaps the entire expansion is one big April Fool's joke.

Here's an idea for a good one - "Blizzard prioritizes PvP and pays attention to it at last - Devs actually listen and balances classes accordingly to the playerbase suggestions".


I thought there was a weekend tournament, but just realized that the Cups for this season have already finished. There is the LAN, but there is a one month break.

Whatever happened to the "Should I Go To ('Enter Fast Food Name Here')" poster. It's been one of the entertaining ones, among complaints and trollish forum posts.

03/15/19: Wintergrasp - here!

It's an epic version of "Strand of the Ancients", although I miss that battleground because it's quicker. Nonetheless, it's pretty fun, and certainly beats IOC (I just leave it when it I have to enter it, unless it's a quick romp - it's Blizz' way of trying to increase participation in that).

Nice updates to the scenery in WSG and AB. I thought it was overdue for an update.

03/10/19: Super Frogs vs. The Move, Game 5

I haven't watched enough Arena Tournaments to know if there were a lot of nail-biters, or matches that had the commentators nearly losing their voices heh. I'm sure there were a few of them last season, and seasons before. This was exciting. Elite players can pick up a new class or spec, and masterfully adapt or play well with them within a quick amount of time. Although this cup might belong to the Super Frogs, do not count the Move out just yet.

03/03/19: So Far, Tis The Season Of The Super Frogs

How can you not root for them. And Krag'wa would be proud I bet heh. But anything can happen, since Blizz tends to change things up with buffs and nerfs. But I think they'll still be racking up the points, if not winning or becoming finalists in the rest of the cups.

I think we should have been allowed to completely defeat or beat Jaina Proudmoore instead of her escaping, but then again - the entire point of Battle of Dazar'alor was in the alliance's favor anyway. I guess they gave this expansion to them.

02/03/19: Greater Pyro vs. Chaos Bolt

I just dusted off my Warlock, and beginning to level up the alt. Destruction spec is all the rage I hear, so I've switched (besides, I'm tired of DOT-ing all the time). Both Greater Pyro and Chaos Bolt deal massive damage, but GP has a longer cast time and usually requires a setup in order to get it off in a timely way (when it comes to competitive play in Arenas at least). In BG's, you can get it off in the midst of a group fight while the enemy is distracted (since the teams are larger, and there are objectives to consider).

Chaos Bolt has a shorter cast time, but requires soul shards. The complaints on Warlocks is that they are easy targets with their limited mobility and such. But they can be viable when used correctly - there is still demonic gateway, burning rush, fear, etc. It's been awhile, so need further practice for sure.


The queue times for BG's have been relatively quick the past few days, not sure if it's going to last. I personally don't mind if Blizz entices the opposition with high-level gear and buffs - as long as participation increases, queue times are reduced, and there are more alliance to pound on heheh. But in regards to BG's, objectives are priority of course.

I still think faction incursions should occur more often. They can occur at odd times during the day, when most of us are asleep or too early in the morning. Sheesh.

01/27/19: New Brawl Thoughts

I had reservations about the new Cooking brawl - the concept in hindsight is absolutely silly in conjuction with the war or battle theme of this expansion. But I tried it, and I felt it was cute and entertaining enough. It was nostalgic, and made me miss MoP music and environment (the comedy aspect in a way). You get to provide ingredients for a cook-off while pummeling the enemy at the same time heh.

Remember, folks. Farmer Fung and Nomi approves, and I guess that's ok with me heheh.

01/13/19: Patch 8.1 And Beyond...

"The Battle for Dazar'alor" seems to be the type of raid that goes along with the theme of "battle" or "war". In that sense, it might be worthwhile. By why in the holy hell do we need to play as the opposing faction - to see their point of view? This is a faction war-themed expansion, and we need to fight the opposition's bosses. In terms of a practical standpoint, there would not be enough bosses to go around anyway. Personally, no thanks. At least it might be an upgrade from "Uldir" (other than the Zul fight, which was decent).

In keeping up with the theme of looking at another's point of view, I might go the other way with one of the alts to to see the storyline from Saurfang's POV. Again, I do not really give a rat's ass about the direction the story team is taking this as I'm strictly a PvP'er and an achievement guru. Nonetheless, I'd blissfully go against any NPC who would consort or collaborate with the opposition or the enemy to begin with. As well as completely ignoring the story and just PvP-ing as well as questing - just for progression's sake. Keep in mind that this is only a damn video game heh. Real life is an entirely different matter of course.

We already figured that Sylvanas has a hidden agenda, and might be ousted eventually. Whether she'll be a raid boss remains to be seen. At least let us fully defeat Jaina Proudmoore again if that is the case. In this game where a player might want to make the most of seeing content, it might benefit to use our alts to see the story from different sides (within your faction, of course).


The faction incursions need to happen more frequently, but it is what it is. At least World PvP has become semi-active again - funny how when you are in a pre-made, sometimes there aren't any enemies around and vice versa. When the odds are against our favor? That's when we should shine the most (unless you are mobbed or rush foolishly into a mob a la Leeroy Jenkins heh).


Got the achievement today, woot! Next up is "Conqueror of Azeroth" - this might take awhile. The plan is to get these on at least two characters or at least I'll try to - mage and spriest.


Gawdammit. I was 9/10 on "The Alliance Slayer" achievement, but got separated from the group and got eventually mobbed. Unfortunately, you can't get credit in a raid group for that. So I had to drop group, and get the HKs. Oh well, there's always next time. I'm certain eventually, if the quest ever comes up again.

It's time to get into World PvP more, which is the point of War Mode and this expansion's theme - the faction war. Unforunately, joining premade groups is the only way to find some action; even then, there can be a lull or almost nobody participating in it. I've decided to work on the "Conqueror of Azeroth" achievement, which I think is a cool title. It's going to be a grind for sure.

12/13/18: That's "Still" A Lotta Damage?

The Patch 8.1 class nerfs and buffs. Some Fire Mages are up in arms about the nerfs to the Blaster Master trait, but I never got all three pieces anyway. Still, I was able to hold my own. Even with the nerf, I still think they can do a "whole lotta damage" if not outright demolish someone. However, we tend to gravitate towards classes or specs that have been buffed.

Shadow feels the way it should've been. But I didn't mind the tankiness (but more damage please). I plan to continue in polishing the Elemental. Remember - if you lose, don't be sour or sore. If you win....well, gloat hard haha. Joking aside, be gracious in everything (avoid toxicity, if possible).

12/08/18: Francis Wields....Frostmourne!

It's the gift that keeps on giving, or taking down a Christmas tree muhaha. This is non-WoW related, but the sword makes a cameo appearance:

The next major content patch (new PvP season and raid) is not until the end of January. What a wait. But it's their way of spreading content without players finishing too quickly. The drawback to that is that players have to continue waiting and waiting...


Solo-ing Mythic raids is possible after two expansions (one to two shotting in WoD - probably the discrepancy or leap in scaling between WoD and Legion), but doesn't appear to be so in just the previous (at least for some classes). What gets to me is how some achievements are not solo-able even after all this time because of mechanics.

I can't wait for new Shadow buffs - it'll be fun heh. They're nerfing Frost mages even more (this time, snares / slows. Seriously - nerfing their damage when it's already been meh should've been already enough). I've had to adjust and adapt in becoming adept with the other specs - Fire (and probably Arcane in the near future).

Skip Patch 8.1, and new content actually should begin with 8.2. What is it with x.1 patches - either it's recycled content (more of the same shit), and useless crap. The quality of content has rapidly deteriorated at the expense of trying to make a profit - in terms of tapping into the mobile market, microtransactions, and simplifying game play / content.


Holy queue times, Batman! The queue times for BG's have remained stagnant at around 9+ minutes, and epic BG's have gone up to 15+ minutes. I guess players are becoming disinterested - well, I don't blame them. Who'd want to queue into uneven sides, a team with no healers or undergeared players, etc. Once in awhile, there is a competitive match - that's what keeps me going and racking up the HK's as well. In the meantime, I'm leveling up and learning the nuances of some new classes.

As I mentioned before, I think Warfronts would be better off as battlegrounds. But this is a PvE game so no surprise there. A "Battle of Stromgarde" in the style of Arathi Basin (capturing a node game is always fun and competitive - if PvP devs lack the innovation to come up with anything than a lame vehicular bg such as Isle). Instead of killing the opposing faction's NPC, the BG objective would be to infiltrate and capture their base by capping one huge-ass flag representing the faction logo. Along the way, have other side objectives to capture to aid in the cause. Just a rambling thought - probably not very innovative either heh.

11/04/18: Blizzcon '18 Aftermath

As I thought, NA all the way and did go...all the way! "Pen and Paper" was the surprise team of the tournament that went further than expected (and could have nearly made it all the way). In a competitive setting, any mistake at all could be game-breaking or costly. The dynamics of the tournament might change again, with further nerfs and buffs to classes in coming patches.

It appears that the WoW Red Shirt Guy has been retired, or is no longer allowed to ask questions. That's fucked up (as well as Blizz' business model and their unscrupulous attitude towards their customer/fan base). Well, is there the Diablo Red Shirt Guy now? You can say that he's been "immortalized" haha. But there is only going to be one true legend, and that is the WoW RSG. Well, in lieu of the Red Shirt Guy, Chris Metzen showed up in a cameo to ask about the new Warchief. Nostalgia at its finest - one of the original panelists (and devs from the early days) from the now classic "Blizzcon '10" video where they were put in their place heh.

The business model should always be about making your customer/fan base happy - not at the expense of it. Sure, they could do whatever the hell they want to make a profit. But it's the customers that pay for the games. I don't play Diablo, and do not give a rat's ass about it. But I feel for the Diablo gamers who have to settle for mobile gaming - or, they could just hope for a Diablo 4 if at all.

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