11/18/2018: "Timeless" - 20th Anniversary
This was my favorite episode as well. It's quite evident that there was a lot of emotional investment into the story and character, and Garrett did a good job. It's definitely quite the change from spewing techno-babble all the time heh.

Let's clear up "Deadlock". The alternate Voyager self-destructed in the end, so that evens out (sort of a trade-off). In a space / time paradox or parallel dimensions, who's to say which Voyager is real or not anyway.

So is the fourth Star Trek movie an absolute no-go? Just as well, perhaps it's better to leave it at Star Trek Beyond. Perhaps that'll be addressed in a future Alpha Quadrant show.

08/07/2018: Captain Kim FTW
For me, "STO: Star Trek Online" is where it's at and canon. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that they'll include recurring roles for certain Voyager characters albeit cameos. For now, I'm not interested in it at all.

Anyway, we can only hold on to our beliefs or convictions that Mr. Kim had to be at least Captain (or even Admiral) after 10+ years. Here's some of his resume:

-put himself in the frontline numerous times in the 7+ years
-helped create the astrometrics lab
-led away mission in "Warhead" and resolved issue
-captain-ed the "Nightingale" and resovled issue
-helped rescue enslaved crew in "Workforce" with some savvy commanding
-countless night shifts as Captain on Voyager

It's been considered a travesty not to acknowledge any kind of promotion (but fortunately STO came along). But then again, it is science-fiction after all. And I'll hold onto the premise that the alternate reality of "End Game" would have remained intact in terms of the USS Rhode Island regardless.

In one of my particular fan fiction ideas years ago, I would have had the Borg somehow capture and re-assimilate Seven back into the collective (a few years after settling down and becoming fully human again). Captain Kim on the USS RI as well as a re-fitted Voyager to the rescue! (against a huge armada).

I decided to subscribe just hours before the first video was uploaded. I was uncertain for quite awhile, as I'm sure other new subscribers were. I concur that the content (the stuff they talk about - not just another ordinary run-of-the-mill recap shows) might be worth the monthly fee. For me however, I have no interest at all in the other new shows that they discuss. If it comes that time to return to that, I'll probably unsubscribe (or if there is a lull in the scheduling). But for now, it's all the old "Star Trek" that we know and enjoy.

So who does the better impressions - Robert B or Garrett? heheh.

06/19/2018: "To Boldly Go Where No...Subscribers Have Gone Before"
Oh yeah - it's the Voyager vs. DS9 episodic reviews (or roasting I might add muhaha) on "The Alpha Quadrant". Unfortunately, we'll soon have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee for it - which is understandable. Up til now, all the episodes have been free which was quite generous. Let's not get too greedy.

I had no interest at all in the other shows they reviewed, and I've stayed away; waiting until they got to the cream of the crop - the real Star Trek stuff (never mind the new one either - not for me at all). If anything however - the banter, bickering, behind-the-scenes anecdotes make it all worthwhile for episodes I did watch.

I'm considering subscribing, and that is all.

I've enjoyed listening to some episodes of "The Alpha Quadrant", at least the ones with the "Star Trek" guests. I do not really care for the new shows that they talk about, but to each their own. The banter is full of humor, as well as interesting tidbits or anecdotes on set or behind the scenes. Keep it up!

Screenshot or image of the day (From Star Trek: Online):

From "The Enemy Within":

"Would it be possible to get your 'act' together, and maybe beam down a hot tub along with some coffee?" "I AM.....'OVER-ACTING'"!!! muhahaha

It is the 2017 Star Trek Convention, just a year removed from the 50th anniversary. I usually enjoy watching the Voyager panel for what it's worth, and it never gets old listening to the humorous anecdotes of the actors.

"CaptionThisTuesday" or whatever day is certainly interesting, and often hilarious. I don't have twitter (nor do I use social media), otherwise I probably should jump on adding captions.

I thought this caption was funny that was posted (something along the lines of): "I'm going to ask Seven out..." "Oh no you're not...say nighty night" muhaha I did think something similar. Anyway: "I'm doing you a favor. This is a new type of neuralizer I'm injecting you with that'll send you to the alternate reality where you are Captain".

The beginning of "Waking Moments" episode was funny, among others.

It's always been my opinion and belief that some elements of the alternate reality in "End Game" would have continued to play out, even when the timeline has changed. For one thing, Harry Kim would have 'eventually' become Captain for sure....instead of waiting another 7+ years.

Star Trek's 50th anniversary convention wrapped up over the weekend, culminating in what was an important event. I almost had forgotten that it was this past weekend, as I was basically catching up with the goings on with the convention via social media. The panels and costume contest are certainly the highlights.

Why didn't I find out about the spoof/parody "Unbelievable!!" earlier on? I heard it'll be released next month, on VOD or another platform I'm not sure. I'm sure it'll be funny, with the plethora of Trek alumni would make it worth the laughs. I could still imagine the Star Trek characters as they are in this film: Imagine Mr. Kim and Mr. Tuvok playing Kal-Toe (or however you spell it) aboard that shuttle to pass the time heh.

If there is a collectible to purchase, the Sulu bobblehead from "The Naked Time" would be it. I forgot about that episode, but it certainly was a classic.

My Star Trek Beyond review here: Film Forum

"...he likes that seat" -Star Trek Beyond. No shit muhaha.

"Sir, you haven't logged a single star hour in over two and a half years. That, and your unfamiliarity with the ship's design in my opinion seriously jeopardizes this mission" - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

With Star Trek's 50th, a new sequel to the reboot:

Probably worth watching. More thoughts and references on my Film Forum here:

Justin Lin And Beyond Star Trek..

"Nor have you doctor. As your continued predilection for irrelevancies continue to demonstrate" -Spock retort, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The Star Trek world has lost Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock) last month. Rest in peace, logical one.

It's the characters and the stories that make a Star Trek series compelling for me; as well as the technology for sure. I definitely give props to Mr. Braga (and others) for writing some good Voyager episodes, but I'm sure they've written some not so good ones as well. As with any series, there are going to be some episodes that should never have been written. Voyager isn't any exception. If I had the opportunity to purchase a signed photo of the entire crew from ten or so years ago, I'd probably would.

I heard about "To Be Takei", and I might watch it eventually. Although I'm a Trek fan mostly, I do respect his activism as well as his wit and humor.

Favorite Voyager Episodes: (no particular order)
Year of Hell, Parts 1 & 2
Non Sequitur
Living Witness
The Disease
Blink of an Eye
Before and After
Author, Author
Endgame, Parts 1 & 2

One of my favorite Star Trek themes has to do with temporal anomalies or space/time distortions. Wormholes, subspace corridors and even time travel are just as fascinating as the plethora of enemies that inhabit vast regions of space in a galaxy, more known as quadrants. Also, technology driven, advanced life forms can eventually find these pathways that cross vast distances. I suppose the possibilities are there from a fan's perspective. I'll list my favorite Voyager episodes eventually.


1. Assemble a group or party of RSG's in getting ready to beam to planet or to investigate an intruder on board starship

2. The group splits up and investigates on planet or on board starship

3. Watch as all of a sudden each RSG get vaporized by unseen entity

4. ....or a gaseous cloud or entity rendering them lifeless

5. ....or when the RSG's react impulsively and get vaporized as a result


Although the transporter, phaser, and the tricorder are the usual Trek technology that fans know about, here are some of my favorites:

Replicators: Instead of having to prepare a meal or going out to get something to eat, who wouldn't want a scrumptious burger or a meal appear instantly right in front of them. It's a neat piece of technology for sure.

The Holodeck: This is something that sure keeps the crew preoccupied for enjoyment when not on duty, and it sure passes the time away. Although everything created is in holographic form, a person better watch out if the safety protocols are not on heheh.

Astrometrics: Utilized for stellar cartography and other celestial observations and analysis, this is sort of like a jacked up observatory or planetarium with holographic dimensions and much more advanced technology. As an Astronomy enthusiast, I'd certainly wouldn't mind spending time here....if it were real of course. An updated lab was designed by Kim on board Voyager; with some collaboration thanks to borg efficiency.

Mobile Emitter: A mobile device that allows a hologram or a holographic person to go places and enter areas outside the confines of their activation place. They can also be stored in it.



"Khaaaaaaan!!!" muhaha -Star Trek II
"Don't trust them. Don't believe them" -Kirk in Star Trek VI
"Back in the '60s, he was part of the free speech movement. I think he did too much 'LDS''...-Kirk referring to Spock in Star Trek IV
Captain Sulu of USS Excelsior to the rescue.....-Star Trek VI
"Keyboard? How quaint!" complex formulas all of a sudden appear on an old MacIntosh with the 'miracle worker's' magic hands muhaha -Star Trek IV
"Lily in Star Trek: First Contact. She has her moments:
"It's my first ray gun....", "....sounds Swedish/definitely not Swedish", and her first encounter with Data when she faints after Data remains unfazed from the bullets, to which he then responds, 'Greetings' muhaha"

(no particular order)

Year of Hell, Parts 1 & 2
Non Sequitur
Living Witness
The Disease
Favorite Son
Blink of an Eye
Author, Author
Before and After
Endgame, Parts 1 & 2


Season 1:
The Corbomite Maneuver
Shore Leave
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
The Galileo Seven
The Return Of The Archons
Space Seed
This Side Of Paradise
Balance Of Terror
Errand Of Mercy
The Naked Time

Season 2:
Mirror, Mirror
The Doomsday Machine

Season 3:
The Tholian Web
That Which Survives
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Day Of The Dove
And The Children Shall Lead