Monday, September 23, 2013 PM

Patch 5.4 has kept me busy for the most part, and working on a few more Chopin. Other than that, it is definitely getting cold and rainy again. With October just around the corner, I wonder what Halloween is like around these parts. I don't think there are any haunts around here. The best locations are condemned mental institutions/hospitals and even penitentiaries that have been closed for years or unoccupied. Wouldn't I like to sneak in at night muhaha.

A new film review of "Linsanity" over at my Films page, and it was grand.

Saturday, September 14, 2013 PM

File corruption can occur through malware or a virus, in particular to system files. However, what's not as apparent or known is the type of corruption that can occur to a file like an mp4 or a jpg. For instance "Charades", which was decrypted from the DVD. Having to utilize shit formats like .wmv definitely stinks, and I'm certainly not talking about gaseous anomalies muhaha. Perhaps decrypting or certain conversions had something to do with it.

My Classical Key Notes blog is now updated.

Monday, September 9, 2013 PM

Investing seems to be a fickle business, and it's not for everyone for sure. I'm probably going to close my investment account, and just keep a savings. I'll probably know in a few days. My credo is, if the gains doesn't offset the losses after trying different portfolios, it isn't worth it. Forecasting financial market conditions a few months or a few years down the road is never a certainty, although conditions could become better or more stable by then. It's not that I've been receiving bad advice from advisors muhaha, I probably don't recognize or realize that fluctuations just come with the territory. But I don't have the patience nor the interest in financial markets enough to really pay any attention or monitor conditions closely. Active traders who are competent and patient, have the potential to make tons of money. Or lose tons of it as well.

I've always thought about tutoring or teaching some music theory or rudimentary piano, but I haven't yet figured out or become motivated to advertise or market that. Finding students is something that I have to be proactive about if it ever were to happen. Or else it won't.

I might be working on some additional Etudes, but not necessarily record them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 PM

It's been awhile since a new Lang Lang album, but I'm sure it'll be just as grand and astounding as the others. I'm not really a fan of the composers in his new album, although I am familiar with them. But I'm sure there are legions of classical music enthusiasts that are fans of their work. Either way, Lang Lang is able to perform any piece masterfully. I recommend his Chopin and Liszt albums as examples. One of my favorites happen to be his album, "The Magic Of Lang Lang"; which is a collection of pieces from different composers.

I'm not sure when I'll record and upload the Op.10 No.3 Etude and others, but I'm certainly looking forward to that as well. I consider that one of the most melodic and beautiful of the Etudes or any of Chopin's repertoire. Certainly one of the most difficult.

I watched "Sunset Stories" the other day and although I'm lukewarm/ambivalent about the story, it's still a nice, sentimental piece that's been lacking in the film industry these days. Once in awhile, a decent drama or some horror/sci-fi movie is fun to watch. But nowadays, it's the down-to-earth stories like "Daylight Savings" that are needed more. Anyway, a more complete review to follow on my Films page.

Monday, September 2, 2013 PM

I don't plan on completing the entire Chopin Etudes repertoire, although it is possible. There are a few pieces that require a bit of patience to work through, such as the "Ocean". However, "Tristesse" is scheduled to be uploaded along with a few other brief Etudes. I thought about another Beethoven Sonata or two, which is still a possibility. But I prefer the melodic brevity of a Mozart. When it comes to the classical piano, the most important thing for me is expression in addition to the technical mastery. Expressing a piece well is to have an understanding of a piece, whether it's a simple Sonatina for beginners or a Piano Concerto for concert pianists. When it comes to advanced repertoire, the balance between expression and technical mastery becomes a bit more difficult to maintain for sure. I'm sure most pianists wouldn't want to be known as mindless stiffs muhaha.

There were shows like "Tales From The Crypt" which integrated dark humor with horror. And there was "Amazing Stories" in the late '80s, which had an even stranger sense of humor tied in with sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Talk about nostaglic, my favorites were "Welcome To My Nightmare" and "Go To The Head Of The Class". Creepy is the word muhaha. And there was Weird Al's debut on the last episode. And then the show was promptly cancelled muhaha.

Speaking of stories, another film that could be worth checking out is "Sunset Stories".