MAY 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014 PM

I could imagine that the life of a concert pianist involves a demanding schedule, but none as grueling as maestro Lang Lang it seems. And yet, Lang Lang seems to effortlessly as well as tirelessly perform some of the most difficult concert pieces. It's certainly a testament to his spirit and passion to his craft. I've been inspired and became a fan because of his story, and right now it's a well deserved success.

I sort of miss going to the beaches during the summer, but over here it is not as hot or humid. But going camping in the clean, fresh air and breathtaking environment more than makes up for it heh. Although there might not be any humidity or mosquitos, there are still bugs around that can bite I'm sure.

I didn't realize that "Gang Related" had already premiered, and it's certainly something I'll have to check out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 PM

I definitely would prefer live streaming of concert performances whenever possible, but probably that isn't going to happen. But when there is one, I'd find out about it too late. Nonetheless, I'm sure most would prefer to attend a concert in person.

Rachmaninoff's second and third Piano Concertos are both magnificent. However, I tend to think that the second is more expressive as opposed to the emotionally heavy third Concerto. Concertos are the ultimate in concert pieces, and I've gotten to appreciate them more.

I ordered some more music awhile ago, mostly Liszt and Bach. However, there was a delivery issue so I guess I just have to wait more. In the meantime, I think I'll finish the K.309 and K.280 Sonatas in their entirety.

Mozart, Sonata K.331 a.Variations b.Menuetto-Trio

Sunday, May 25, 2014 PM

I haven't blogged much, mostly because there hasn't been much to blog about for me. Although however, I've been listening to as well as searching for pieces pertaining to classical music. I've been trying to broaden my horizons by listening to not only instrumental but also vocal such as in operas. I used to think that operas were boring, particularly when I wasn't into classical music that much years ago. The intrigue of operas for me is the music itself, not so much the subject matter. Still, I'm not heavy on operas anyway. But a beautiful aria can move anybody. In the end, I prefer listening to instrumental music.

I'm glad to have received a digital autograph from maestro Lang Lang, but wouldn't it be even better to get his autobiography that I have signed in person. Just wishful thinking.

I've enjoyed spending time with my mother so far, even though I know that I have to get my lazy ass out the door more often to visit her while she's here heh. I've taken my parents for granted, and there's just not enough time on this planet anymore to continue doing that.