MAY 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013 PM

The couch I've been sleeping on has been comfortable for sure, and it could pass off as a bed. But eventually, I'd like to purchase a separate bed and convert one of the spare, un-used rooms into living quarters. Furniture is something I'm not willing to spend money on, for practical reasons such as the ease of moving in the future, and fiscal reason; unless I have surplus. Even if If the piano over in New York could ever sell. In the meantime, my man-cave is all set; a workstation/desktop system, an LED screen, a budget piano with music piled all over,.... I just need more decor I guess; like some Jeremy Lin jerseys muhaha.

I'm thinking about either investing in more stable securities like a CD or T-Note, or just closing what's left and putting it all into savings. All I know is that my former agent/advisor has done a lousy job, and I need to get out. The market fluctuates too inconsistently for me to invest in money making securities. I'm too much of a worry wart I guess.

It is the Sherpas who make the expeditions to the top of Everest happen; they are what they call, Everest Experts. Climbers from all walks of life acknowledge that. If it weren't for them, there wouldn't be any successful climbs. Still, it also takes extreme mental and physical stamina on the climbers to not give up and make the perilous 5 day trek. It's still amazing that there has been hundreds of successful climbs.

I think the future of the Knicks is looking optimistic, and don't let all the injuries or even the early playoff exit fool ya. Will elaborate later, but the Knicks shouldn't go out on the limb and make moves for the sake of making moves. But they probably do need to make some moves.

Sunday, May 26, 2013 PM

I recommend or suggest "Everest: Beyond The Limit", a series about seasonal trips or expeditions to climb Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain at 29,083 FT. It's intense, as cameras put you right where they are. This isn't staged. Even seasoned and experienced mountaineers are subject to the perils of the mountain, from the lack of oxygen and air pressure in The Danger Zone, to the steep ice/rock inclines, or even to the bitterly cold temperatures that often causes frost bites to climbers. It is indeed a monumental achievement when a climber reaches the summit, or standing on top of the world as they say. It's literally the closest thing to space without leaving the ground muhaha.

I always say or believed, it's good to have only a few, good friends rather than a lot of lousy ones. With that said, it's nice to hear from Mas again. Will stay in contact for sure.

Thursday, May 23, 2013 PM

Success stories are feel-good stories, but not necessarily vice versa. And I firmly believe that the journey to get there, to reach that particular dream or fulfilling an ambition is what it's all about. Not just the end product. Piano maestro Lang Lang grew up as a prodigy, with a seemingly endless repertoire at his disposal. And now, he has a fulfilling international career. Basketball talent Jeremy Lin spawned "Linsanity" and a potentially successful NBA career, but had to combat adversity and racial stereotypes to make it to where he is. And it is still an on-going battle unfortunately.

I really don't know what's been going on with the Knicks lately, but the last I checked they were eliminated. Without any means to watch the playoffs as far as the Knicks are concerned, it's been tough to keep tabs or it's been very few and far between as far as updates are concerned. So in essence, I will not give grades this season. In fact, I probably will have to eventually either condense or remove the Knicks page if I find myself unable to update or keep tabs. Hopefully it won't come to that. Once a fan, always a fan. At least that's true in most cases.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 PM

It's gotten cold and dreary, with patches of rain here and there. I'm not sure when it'll become consistently clear and warm, but at least I probably won't ever have to worry about getting hot over here. Severe weather and natural disasters are part of living on this planet. Living in Tornado Alley certainly isn't one of the perks from settling out there, but then again every region is known for their quirks; hurricanes, earthquakes, rain, etc. I think everyone has seen tornados from coverage or personal videos, but up close or "too close for comfort" videos are not very common. It makes sense, because unless you're a stormchaser, who in their right mind would want to risk their own life. A recent F5 tornado tore through Oklahoma a few days ago. I think that state has seen its fair share of powerful ones, but the scary thing about this one is that it formed and struck a moment too soon. I sort of wish that I had driven cross-country at this particular time to see one live.

I might be looking to upgrade my rental/budget piano for something newer perhaps a few months down the road or next year. But sometimes, you cherish pianos like these, whether they are used, broken-down or suffering.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 PM

As a pianist, I consider classical music to be one of the most powerful forms of expression if not the most powerful. At least on the piano. And there are well-renowned concert performers like Lang Lang who express them magnificently. Looking forward to his new album.

I have yet to review "The Rum Diary" and "Para-norman", two recent films that I saw on Netflix. Yeah, I don't hop on that at all except when there's absolutely nothing on the tube; which is usually the case. Now I don't have to wait for the annual "The Twilight Zone" marathon, I could just log on and watch it at my own leisure muhaha. Is "Fast 6" not R-rated? Oh well, still plenty of action... If not in the theater, then through digital download.

Saturday, May 11, 2013 PM

Mendelssohn's "Scherzo a Cappriccio" is probably one of my favorite pieces now. It certainly isn't an easy piece, but it's definitely worth while. New recordings in the Classical Repertoire page. Now I can focus on the "Reminiscence", which is coming along. There are other short pieces that I'd like to tackle as well. Will delve into them in "Key Notes".

With the warming up and getting sunnier, I certainly have to get out and play some ball. That shouldn't be the only form of exercise or cardio, but I guess it's just a matter of willing yourself to do things like push ups or working out in general. I think it's still a bit cold for camping out again, but it seems that the rainy season has definitely passed.

Monday, May 06, 2013 PM

Piano maestro Lang Lang has met a lot of illuminaries in his illustrious career, and John Williams certainly ranks up there. And it's mind-boggling to think that there are some who don't recognize the guy. He's only responsible for the "Jaws" and "Star Wars" theme, with his music contributing to the success of these films.

Sunday, May 05, 2013 PM

With the Rockets season apparently over, the off-season has begun for Jeremy Lin. What will the future bring? Thoughts over at my NBA page.

I'll probably get to the recordings sometime this week or the following weekend, so as usual, I'll usually update the Key Notes Classical page....booyah!

I think I found a few parks with decent basketball courts.

Saturday, May 04, 2013 PM

I've tasted some good burgers, but yesterday certainly hit the spot. With the weather warming up and days getting sunnier, it's time to check out some parks to find a good place to shoot some hoops. That's my cardio right there muhaha. I'm not into running or biking at all.

I'm sure "Fast 6" will have crazy-ass stunts, if the trailer is any indication. Most of which is probably real. The film isn't out yet, but already the best line seems to be "Somebody do something, there's a tank on my ass!" muhaha.

Friday, May 03, 2013 PM

It would indeed be spectacular and quite an honor if I could attend a live Lang Lang concert. I remember watching the New Year's 2010 concert at the Avery Fisher Hall, which was televised. And his candid interview with the What's In Your Wallet guy muhaha.

Although Liszt's "Reminiscence" is filled with chromatic scales and accidentals, it makes it more tolerable with the key starting off without accidentals.

I haven't seen the "Saw" films in awhile, which is just a reminder of how brutal the traps were; to the point where it can make anyone nauseated. Aside from the exceptional first film, the sequels became nothing more than a film about traps and twists. Speaking of films, "Fast 6" is fast approaching. This is worth watching in the theater, but I'll most likely wait til it comes out on DVD or digital download.