March 2013

Sunday, March 31, 2013 PM

It's the subtle creaks, footsteps and even voices and whispers that can be irritating. The building is poorly insulated and the walls/floors are too thin, which is the reason why I'll have to start a new search for a new pad. It's as if this place could be potentially condemned or could pass off as a haunted house with all the creakiness muhaha. It's difficult, but adjustments are necessary because I realize there is not going to be an ideal situation. For me, it's a secluded area in the suburbs near shopping districts/eateries, on a one-floor house surrounded by woods. And don't forget the one-car garage as well. I'm not a fan of too much lanscaping or that requires too much groundskeeping. Hardwood floors or tiles (non-carpeted abodes that is) certainly makes for better acoustics in terms of recordings. Coming from a state where the areas are not too crammed, it is going to take awhile of getting used to for sure. For now, the 'man cave' is put on hold for now.

Friday, March 29, 2013 PM

First night at the new pad. If I had to decide all over again, I probably would've stayed where I was. And not just because of the walking distance to a bank and some eateries. I'll try this out for awhile, but it's still a step in a different direction by taking chances or risks. It's more scenic and it's situated where the scenery is nice, which would make work that much more pleasant. The building however is not well insulated, which is problematic. I'll see if I have to move again. Nevertheless, I'm still on for eventually purchasing a digital piano.

In the meantime, my work station is pretty much set up. I'll be setting up a separate system with a new desk and with my ultimate PC. I'm not sure, I'll have to see how I can transform it into my own personal man cave muhaha. Possibilities can be infinite when the creative juices kick in.

Thursday, March 28, 2013 PM

The objective is get a new piano again, even if it isn't a grand. I'd be leaning towards purchasing a Young Chang. The digital piano will hopefully tide me over until then, whenever that is. The recordings will be back soon enough.... I know, all it takes is some patience muhaha so don't worry folks.

With the weather clearing and warming up, the rainy season will soon pass. I'm not one to usually let gloomy weather affect my mood, but I'm sure it has a detrimental effect on a lot. I prefer New York, but you have to deal with extreme weather over there as opposed to nothing but rain and overcast skies for months.

I have some ideas for a new Jeremy Lin page which will eventually replace the Linning With Rockets web page. I'll give more of my reasoning and thoughts over in the NBA page, but it'll certainly be about the wonderous life and times of a true pioneer in pro basketball for Asian-Americans.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 PM

I think I found a digital piano that's affordable. As for the quality and the brand, I have to check it out first. I'm excited about this. Hopefully things are beginning to become optimistic.

Sometimes, a lot can be said even if a beat is only a minute or two. Such is the case with Milonakis' Your Grace muhaha.

Sunday, March 24, 2013 PM

I'm seriously considering in purchasing at least a digital piano. Although they don't come cheap, I heard Best Buy at one location is closing their instrument department and will be having some sort of clearance sale. However, I don't think they could afford to go too low; unless they can make an offer that I wouldn't be able to refuse muhaha. I still have to do my due diligence and research different brands for the best bargain and brand. As for the grand piano in NY, I'll most likely have to ship it here and sell it. Unless I can hire my brother-in-law to try to sell it for a decent commission at my discretion muhaha.

It's an ongoing process of updating and fixing up my web site, web page by web page. Certainly, I have to start thinking about adding dynamic content that involves more complicated web coding. But more important now is to advertise this site as much as possible. Continue to browse around!

Friday, March 22, 2013 PM

Whether getting a Young Chang, Yamaha or even the world renowned concert pianist Lang Lang-branded piano, I could imagine fitting it in where I'm staying at right now. I think the acoustics would've been pretty decent when you open up more space. But it wouldn't have been realistic anyway, especially in an apartment complex. More like houses that's been converted into apartment complexes. Plus, will be moving next week to a more scenic location. Nevertheless, I was just getting used to this area.

Just remembered that it's tax season again, which means procrastination for a lot muhaha. I nearly forgot myself, but there's still a few weeks left to file for our refunds.

I'm not sure when I can get back to recording again. I haven't been able to get on a real piano for awhile. Or it's been awhile since a good practice session or a run-through of a repertoire/program. Still, I'll listen to a variety of composers to see what I can tackle in the future. More thoughts on the Classical Piano web page.

Sunday, March 17, 2013 AM

I don't have access to Rockets or Knicks games since I moved, at least not until next season if League Pass is purchased. Nevertheless, I still try to keep up with certain info including box scores. And certainly continue to follow Jeremy Lin.

There's a possibility of a Part II to the Cross-Country trip, but that's still far off. I'm excited about that prospect, especially when the weather gets warmer. I'm also up for another camping excursion, certainly things would be more pleasant of an experience when it's warmer and drier.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 PM

I'm looking foward to tackling some new pieces; Mendelssohn's "Scherzo a Capriccio" and Chopin's Piano Sonata in B-Minor Op. 58. New, as in looking at them for the first time. For me at least, they are doable. More thought's on my 'Classical Repertoire' page. I'm always looking to add to the repertoire.

I saw an episode of 'Dual Survival' where the location seemed exactly like where we camped last weekend. It was an experience for sure, definitely authentic for the most part; somewhere in the wilderness. You know the experience is authentic when the challenge of starting and keeping a fire going in a damp environment during winter is a major problem. We didn't build any makeshift fire kit, but just did what we can. And it worked...for awhile muhaha.

Going back to what constitutes good businesses is basically the ethics or attitude. Actually caring for your customers via direct contact instead of using automated messaging which is basically saying, 'don't bother me!' muhaha. I mean really, who likes to call a vendor and spend minutes on end listening to a machine or an automated system continuously leading you in circles or to the wrong department. I don't think anybody does.

Friday, March 08, 2013 PM

I'm still a novice when it comes to CSS coding, as I don't really utilize the advanced features. But I'll be familiarizing with them as time goes on and as the site evolves. But certainly, I have to start fixin' up a few page layouts and some conceptual/background designs without relying too much on old html tags. I hope I don't have to pay a visit to the dentist muhaha. It's not the tooth itself, but some kind of nerve in the gum. These things flare up from time to time, and I think brushing too roughly has something to do with it.

One of the most important attributes that characterize good businesses is prompt, efficient and friendly customer service. For me at least, I'd take that into major consideration more than the price or cost of a product or service. Unfortunately, there has been quite a few where that department has been going downhill or has been just downright awful. I could say that our lawn care guy in New York used to be good, but now the prompt response and even any kind of response doesn't exist anymore. It's as if some guys just don't feel like responding or calling back on inquiries. The same thing can be said about the buyback/service guys at Steinway for pianos. It's alright, I'd rather get a Young Chang or a Yamaha anyway. And I know that they can't even play the instrument or play it that well anyway if at all, so how they got hired in the first place is pretty mind-boggling.

I'm lookin' forward to working in our new home office, the vista or the view is pretty nice with plenty of windows. As for where I'll be living, I'm still in transition once I can fully settle down.

Friday, March 01, 2013 PM

We ate at another delicious spot, cozy and peaceful with candlelights. And the meals rivaling some fine cuisine to say the least. Perhaps there isn't a shortage of delicious spots to eat at. However, I've been enduring some tooth ache that has prevented in fully enjoying the meals. Or any meals for that matter. Not sure how it happened, perhaps the fillings have completely deteriorated or some kind of cavity-inducing ache. Let's just say that I'm crossing my fingers that it's temporary and it'll abate. After hearing about Dr. Giggles, I don't think I'd ever want to go to another dentist ever again. And never mind the malpractice suits as well muhaha. I'm enjoying work so far, hope it continues. I think I'm in a good situation but for it to last, I have to acclimate to the environment as soon as possible. Which hasn't been easy. As far as my real candid thoughts, I won't share that exactly yet.

New update on my blog on the Classical Repertoire page. I'm thinking about creating a separate Jeremy Lin page to replace or merge, possibly adding a minor NBA tidbits section since I don't seem to really update or keep up with it that much anymore. Fans, let's continue to let our voices be heard.