"Goofy Sings Snow Halation" A Parody, Sungwon Cho aka ProZD

Byuntae Style, David So

Nuoc Mam Style, Unco Chin / Bart Kwan

Homegirl, Timothy Chantarangsu (w/ RUSSELL)

Wife Diss Track, Timothy Chantarangsu

Gas Money, Timothy Chantarangsu

Roast Yourself Challenge (Kendrick Lamar Parody), David So

The Mouse Song, Ricky Berwick

I Am Ricky Berwick, Ricky Berwick

Sparkle Mountain, Andrew Huang

Rappin' Without The Letter E, Andrew Huang

I Punched Keanu Reeves, Randall Park / Hello Peril

Tokyo Drift Freestyle, Rich Brian

Dat Stick, Rich Brian

Grandma's Kitchen, Jason Chu

Monsters, Run River North

Gucci Gang (Yokel / Country Style Parody), Ryan Higa