JUNE 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013 AM

I certainly would not have minded if I went on another "holiday road" cross-country muhaha, but there would have to be a purpose for sure. These trips don't come cheap for sure, gas expenses non-withstanding. Unless if I didn't mind living out of my car. Instead of the usual landmarks this time around, I would try to hit up notoriously haunted locations whether they are condemned or not. And try to sneak in if possible muhaha. That's where the fun begins. I would've detoured towards the Goldfield Hotel on that trip if it weren't in the opposite direction where I was headed to begin with.

Electronic gaming expos or shows are pretty interesting. I guess that's where all the innovation is at these days. The always fun and clever Wong-Fu Productions are hilarious. Check their webisodes out.

I'm content with the overall layout of my website. It has certainly evolved over the years, but I certainly could do more; in particular, making it more dynamic. I've hesitated in adding more interactive elements, only because the number of views have been unstable and fluctuating ever since I switched domains. Which should give me more incentive to advertise this site as much as possible.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 AM

I'll usually revise or update a scheduled list of pieces to work, or a created program list. Regarding the Etudes, I can at least get the "Aeolian Harp" and "Revolutionary" ready. At some point, I'll probably make an upgrade or an exchange for another piano. I have to pay a visit or shop around again. Fun muhaha.

We're in the doldrums of summer, where in some parts it is hot as hell or muggy and in other parts, it's either still cold or lukewarm. Damn the evergreens and perpetual rain muhaha. Still, wilderness camping can't be beat with a landscape like this.

I'm certainly waiting for "Linsanity: The Movie" to hit Amazon for download at some point....Booyah!

Monday, June 24, 2013 AM

I don't think being hungry out of my ass would fit the description muhaha, but I did stuff myself with a juicy burger for brunch. I didn't need to have dinner, so that must have hit the spot.

I never knew there was a world refugee day. Not sure what that's about, but it seems like a worthy cause.

The Sonata C Minor K.457. The third movement gradually closes with the left hand crossing over into the treble while the right hand gravitates to the bass melody. Or it could be played the usual way but by reading the bass on top as it is written, as opposed to the usual bottom. Not sure what the intention was, but I guess whatever floats your boat. Besides, if Mozart could play a Bach laying on his back with arms crossed, why not? But that was "Amadeus" I guess muhaha. This is another Sonata I could possibly add, just one of quite a few wonderous melodies and variations. More thoughts later in the "Key Notes" blog.

Saturday, June 22, 2013 PM

The tooth is going to feel bruised for awhile after the root canal, and I could feel it just by eating. But hopefully it'll dissipate eventually. But at least the issues pertaining to that is completely removed. Now I have to have my cavities for my other teeth worked on. What's next? I think I'll have to get my blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked muhaha. I'm quite sure that it's nothing out of the ordinary though.

The Wii version of "Punch-Out" was fun to watch, and I'm sure it's fun to play. Hilarious caricatures and animation, taking characters from the NES Punch Out and Super Punch Out, and adding some comedic flavor to their knockouts. Sometimes, it would be nice to go back and just play the old school games. These days, the lack of innovation in the gaming industry has been pretty much commonplace, in particular the mmo scene where a lot of stuff has just been completely dull. But that's nothing new I guess. Perhaps my time as a gamer will run its course eventually (unless I can continue to advance in the "Dead Space" series. Or if IDsoftware decides to put new life into Doom 4. Or if I can find new games to conquer), which is probably a good thing because then I can focus more energy in classical music and continue to add to my repertoire.

Thursday, June 20, 2013 PM

It was my first trip to the dentist in quite some time (it seems like ages), and I had to undergo a root canal. Not exactly a pleasant experience even with anesthetics. My teeth aren't exactly in healthy shape, and I know I have more visits to come. This is going to cost me a fortune, which is all the more reason why I do miss my dental/medical/vision benefits. Now I have to buy new lenses and frames if I want to get new glasses. It is what it is. It would definitely help if the baby grand could be sold, but as of now I could definitely get by. Which is a good thing I guess.

As far as that cake is concerned, I'd rather eat it than play it. But in all seriousness, happy birthday to Lang Lang, a great concert performer/pianist who can express music so eloquently when there are a lot of stiffs out there. And there is Jeremy Lin, a promising NBA basketball talent who can become one of the top PG's in the league. Is he workin' his ass off? Hopefully muhaha.

Sunday, June 16, 2013 PM

New Mozart is now uploaded on the Classical Repertoire web page. I'll probably have a feature video of the day once in awhile, and the Sonata will be the start. Definitely looking forward to the Chopin Sonata.

Mother's and Father's Day has come and gone so quickly, it's been tough to keep track. It doesn't mean that I haven't thought about them, we are all just scattered all over.

Some must-have camping grub certainly includes marshmellows to make either s'mores or just plain marshmellows, and definitely hot dogs with some itty-bitty grilled onions sprinkled over a roasted weiner muhaha. There's certainly nuthin' like cookin' over a campfire.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 PM

I had a decent investment/retirement account from my previous employer, and the amount could've accrued more had I been active and made more contributions. I'm keeping a separate investment account, and the production hasn't been as steady or stable in terms of gains. One option for the less-risk inclined, is to spread the wealth over stocks, bonds and mutual funds. I've been the play it safe kind of guy, rather than go for the gold immediately. With that said, I opted for a very tentative securities option that's just a tad bit better than a regular Savings account. Losses are always unnerving, especially when they are large. There might come a time where I might eventually try to put more into stocks and see what happens. I just don't have the time nor the interest in keeping tabs with the market.

There's some "unfinished business" with "Daylight Savings", and I'm looking forward to a 3rd film to complete the trilogy. The conclusion of that film certainly had piqued my interest. It seems like it's "finished business" at Preston Castle or the Preston School of Industry in Ione, it doesn't seem like the "Ghost Adventures" team will be investigating that location again despite that proclamation muhaha.

I support charity groups and foundations that are geared to help kids in any kind of endeavor. Lang Lang has one that promotes classical music, and Jeremy Lin has one to promote underprivileged youths. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, June 08, 2013 PM

I guess KevJumba is back muhaha. I plan to check out his new film called "Hang Loose". Should be hilarious. I'm also planning to watch Goh Nakamura in "Daylight Savings" and "Surrogate Valentine". He's already a fantastic acoustic guitarist (I downloaded an album from the guy), so these films definitely should be worth while. His music already hits the spot. I'm very lukewarm on independent films or music. They can be just as bad as the typical stuff that comes out in theaters, or even what you see on cable. Speaking of which, if it weren't for contract issues, I'd much prefer satellite.

Keep checking my classical Key Notes blog, usually updated.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 PM

Alright, so perhaps the Amazon Instant Video is a useful feature muhaha. I'll most likely rent a few that I've missed from there, and probably build a video library.

With the weather becoming nicer by the day, it's time to do more outdoor activites like basketball and wilderness camping. That's one of the perks up here, the landscape can't be beat. The only perk? Perhaps muhaha. Oh right, the food also. I guess it pays to be hungry out of your fuckin' ass sometimes muhaha.

I do imagine sometimes, what it would have been like had I not quit the piano, or even started at a very early age with the same passion and intensity as now. Even now it could be even more. I agree, there are quite a few amazing child/adolescent pianists-to-be out there.

Sunday, June 02, 2013 PM

New Mozart and Schubert now uploaded on my Classical Repertoire page. There are still quite a few Mozart Sonatas to go through, and I probably will go through with them. The firefox browser download speed isn't up to par, so sometimes it'll take a while to finish downloading a video. I'd recommend Chrome or other.

I think DRM restrictions are absolute bullshit muhaha. A person purchases or buys a digital file of a particular film or music, and I think that they should be able to do whatever they want with it. Whether it's uploading it to an ipod/ipad, a person's smartphone, or whatever. They should be able to convert it to whatever file format they want. On the vendor's part, they're forcing you to either buy the physical disk or face the consequences of purchasing their digital files. Whatever. I guess that's how everybody profits these days. I bought some movies off of Amazon, thinking that I could transfer it to an ipod or off the computer. Yep, not a regular shopper there. But in the wise words of a certain angry fat guy, "F*ck Amathon!!" muhahaha. There are ways to decrypt or remove these restrictions. But third party software don't come cheap unfortunately, and freeware is becoming more rare or non-existent.