JULY 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014 PM

It's been quite warm out, and I definitely would have been going to the beach often if I could. But that was several years ago and on the east coast. The waters around here are damn cold for sure, but still I have yet to visit the coastal beach areas if there are any. But I suppose it shouldn't matter because around here amongst the mountains and evergreens, there are rivers to go in. But the problem is getting to them. There aren't any trails or paths at all that connect public roads to them. If there are, they're probably remote. I drove out yesterday towards a familiar area in the Cascades, and attempted again to hike through the dense patches but got scratched up in the process. Around here, it's a good idea to stick with areas where there are actually trails to do the hiking heh. Although I haven't gone out this summer as much as I should, I still plan on it.

I finally saw last week's "Gang Related", but I suppose I have to watch more of it to find out more about the program. Apparently, the new season for "The Walking Dead" is going to be in October; just in time for fear fest I guess.

Friday, July 4, 2014 PM

I usually look forward to the fourth of July "The Twilight Zone" marathon, but that scheduling has been out of wack in recent years and this year isn't any different. It used to be about two full days with no interruptions. In recent years however, it's been very sporadic and lame so I'm not watching it this year. It's ok, there's always Amazon or netflix to watch these things heh.

I'll be creating a new WoW web page as the new expansion draws near whenever that is. Despite that, I still plan to log in not as much as I used to and just play sparingly. I have to get my priorities in order as far as my life is concerned, and hopefully next year things are going to be in motion by then. I just have to remain optimistic and enthusiastic for the future.

The Bach pieces and the Liszt piece are definitely progressing further, and I'll definitely upload them sooner than later; if I don't do anything else that is.