JULY 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 PM

The firefox browser can sometimes be a bottleneck and an inconvenience when it comes to web page loading, but it does provide users with useful add-ons on a seemingly stable and secure browser. Thank god for add-ons muhaha. I guess it's not so much of knowing what an "add-on" is, although it is self-explanatory and everyone should; unfortunately, most don't. It's more about knowing what kinds of add-ons are out there that can be very useful.

It's good to hear that Jeremy Lin has been working hard, and preparing for next season despite all the uncertainty of where he is going to be. He's managed to shut out all the distractions that's been going on, and other unscrupulous shit from the organization that fans have been aware of. For Jeremy, it's about his mental focus and his desire to bring glory to God. In a way, being religious has its perks I guess. It definitely gives one strength and power to shut out all the distractions and remain focused.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 AM

I had thought about keeping a Xanga account as a secondary site to blog years ago, but it didn't happen. And whatever happened to myspace? I was using that for awhile, but now everything has been condensed to this site for everything essentially. So hearing the news that Xanga is about to end is unfortunate. Xanga has been the blog spot or source for a lot of interesting and hilarious blogging, and Cakalusa has been one of them.

I was suffering from a lot of emotional turmoil at that time, and it would not have been prudent to blog on a public blogging site with such baggage. Although this site is more of a safe haven, the entries have become more reasonable and thought-out as I've stabilized and recovered so far. I've shared a lot in the past, more than I should have. And I still wonder why I'm still keeping the archived entries around, even though I truncated a lot. At least the irrational entries that are a bit schizoid muhaha. I don't know. I haven't fully recovered nor do I think that I'm going to, as I did mention about the reality of "internal scars" before. But I can live with it and I guess I don't have any choice but to live with it, as I just have to focus on creating a better future for myself, and/or whatever lays ahead.

"Star Trek:TOS". As I start to go through episodes, perhaps I'll write something up on the "Star Trek" page. K-Jumba or "The Wu-Meister", and J-Chon's "Suspended" webisodes. Keep checking them out but as for me, I think I'll just wait to watch their film.

Monday, July 29, 2013 PM

There are a lot of classical music enthusiasts out there who know a lot of pieces and composers. The overall repertoire is astounding, and there are tons of pieces out there that can be tackled and conquered eventually. As a pianist, it's about adding to the repertoire while maintaining a specific program or favorites that can be potentially played anywhere.

It seems that interesting or fun programs to watch don't really exist these days, or at least until the new season of shows that I do watch arrive. So I'll usually try to find one elsewhere; whether it's a space science program or an old horror or macabre-esque series/anthology a la "Night Gallery" or "The Twilight Zone". Apparently, "Thriller" seems to be another series that aired when "The Twilight Zone" was in its second or third season.

Imagine living the wilderness life. Sometimes, I wonder what it's like to build a shelter out there and just hunt for food. The peace and tranquility would be off the charts, but it's a difficult living. I wouldn't be able to do it for sure.

Saturday, July 27, 2013 PM

I could imagine that the Liszt "Reminiscence" could reverberate resoundly and wonderfully with its intricate melodies and scales, but certainly not at home where the carpeting is not exactly conducive for the acoustics. And neither does the old rental of a piano. Although I had planned to get an upgrade next month, what's priority right now is finding a new recorder or recording software. It's most definitely a piece where I wouldn't mind taking with me anywhere to play it.

One of the web pages I haven't re-visited in awhile is the Knicks fan page. I've been out of the loop practically the entire summer, I don't even know who they drafted muhaha. I'll get back to it eventually but if I'm going to get NBA League Pass next season, I have to make sure that I'd be able to watch Knicks games in its entirety. Otherwise, it probably isn't worth it.

Friday, July 26, 2013 AM

I enjoyed this week, and it certainly has been awhile since most of us were all together. Not to mention the usual delicious eats muhaha. As for the camping trip, hopefully before the summer's out. The weather couldn't be any better than now, before the cold and rain sets in again eventually.

I had to get the car radio/CD system checked and eventually replaced, which was time-consuming but necessary. Apparently, it was a fuse and just a worn out CD-deck that is defunct more or less now. I consider listening to music essential when driving or going on road trips. Although the car has racked up a lot of miles, it can last another hundred thousand at least; with proper and regular maintenance. But is it worth it? That'll be the quandary later. I take auto expenses just as seriously as my health expenses, but not necessarily a priority over it.

Who are my favorite classical composers? I might have answered that on the Key Notes web page, but I think a more definitive answer would be on my home page in the "Program Favorites".

Thursday, July 25, 2013 AM

I've been fascinated with "How The Universe Works" recently, a program that has episodes on everything from the planets,stars and galaxies. I'm an astronomy enthusiast, and star-gazing is something I never got around doing while living in NY. Not with all the bright lights of the city and of course, the pollution muhaha. Over here, it would seem like a splendid place to observe the stars and other stuff like eclipses and planetary alignments with the clean air and splendid landscape. Perhaps there is an out of the way area somewhere, where I can just camp out and star gaze at the clear night sky with a telescope one of these days, and even perhaps put up another web page for that. That would be ideal.

It's been almost eight years since the launch of New Horizons which is still on its way to Pluto, the last unexplored "planet" nearly a few billion miles away in the outer edges of the Solar System, called the Kuiper Belt. I still think it was a travesty that they removed the planet label.

I plan to put up a new playlist, usually my favorites that I've listened to for awhile. And not to mention the stunning orchestral compositions from maestro Hisaishi.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 AM

I always wondered who composed the music for Miyazaki's anime films like "Spirited Away" and "Ponyo", two of my favorites. The compositions are sublime and heartistic; it has that tinge of innocence and wonderful melodies, and hits Miyazaki's themes perfectly. I never heard of Mr. Hisaishi, but I guess now I have muhaha. Now I have more music I can listen to.

Musical interests in a particular instrument is an endeavor that requires discipline and desire, not just talent or skill. Without the first two, it would be difficult to get far if at all. Discipline can involve patience and perserverence among others, while desire can lead to a well-displined way of living in some ways. Of course, too much of it can be counter-productive and not enough of it can even be worse. Success stories like Lang Lang are very inspirational, and he continues to amaze not just with his performances, but with his attitude and perspectives as well.

Sunday, July 21, 2013 PM

The summer season in NY has been usually filled with trips to the beaches of LI (as a result of oppressive temperatures and humidity, nuthin' like a cold, salty ocean water wouldn't take care of muhaha), and making the rounds and working on some drills, skills and kills on some basketball court. There was my cardio. Over here, I'm finding myself not doing much outside, other than the plan to go camping this month and doing some exploring whether it's at a remote location or a haunted location if there is one. So far, haven't really gone out to the basketball courts or gone exploring yet. I suppose it's that type of atmosphere that isn't conducive to become motivated at all for certain activities. Instead, I have been utilizing the piano more with more sessions, after experiencing what it's like without one for awhile. But then again, I have been away from the piano for most of my life anyway from quitting. Fortunately, I was able to pick it up right away again with relative ease more or less. But like unused muscles after not excercising or working out for years, it's the same with fingers. It takes awhile to re-condition them to full playing capacity.

Saturday, July 20, 2013 PM

I never had a Xanga account, but I used to frequent Cakalusa and his crew, and laugh my ass off at his entries. It's been over a year now, and who would have thought that Xanga still exists muhaha. The trend these days are videos, and public blogging has slowly started to deteriorate into insignificance. Almost as bad as stale pizza? Actually, stale pizza is still delicious; as opposed to a gas-inducing burrito that's been unrefrigerated muhaha. Not sure, but perhaps I'll once again hit the AA community again over there.

I still marvel at Youtube sensations, but a reminder that you don't need to have over a million subscribers or have millions of fans to be astounding. I'm quite the fan of some astounding song writers/composers, classical musicians, improvisationists that are like no other. I think I'll do a roll call; Lang Lang, D-Choi, Goh Nakamura, Jay Park/Chou, Sugayan, and yep....even Andy Milonakis muhaha. Funny is as funny does I guess.

Saturday, July 20, 2013 AM

Prioritizing is a skillset that is pretty much necessary in a lot of workplaces. It is also necessary when spending or shopping, depending on the situation. Some things are absolutely necessary, but others aren't as urgent. Health expenses should be at the top of the list since it involves one's livelihood. As far as a new recorder or a piano upgrade, I'll have to decide on what is more practical. I'd rather not spend on both but unless the piano was really out-of-shape and needed maintenance (pedals, hammers, whatnot) muhaha, I'll probably have to opt for a new recorder or a digital recorder.

Once in awhile albeit rare, there will be a fair and rational article about Jeremy Lin and what is really going on. However, the drama is certainly not over yet. It's difficult to assess whether this is all a ploy and whether they plan a trade further down the road. It's a wait and see at this point...

It occurred to me that one of the signs of great success, other than the millions of subscribers and thousands of fans, is moving on to more projects. Sometimes, these young tubers have to move on to other things but it doesn't mean they are going to completely let go. It just means less frequency. Much kudos! Success comes in all forms, such as in classical music with grand concerts and a multitude of albums. As a fan, it is definitely something to be happy about.

Friday, July 19, 2013 PM

I should consider dental hygiene a priority when it comes to budgeting, but there is only so much that I'd be willing to spend. Or any kind of health issues for that matter. When it comes health, it should take precedence and I realize that it's going to be expensive everywhere, especially without insurance. I guess I had it coming, after years of neglecting my teeth there was bound to be issues.

The summer season is a reminder that school is out, kids frollick and have fun; from one perspective that is. Schumann's "Kinderszenen" comes to mind. For others, it could be a season of laziness and contentment. Or a season of relaxation and contemplation. Chopin's "Butterfly" Etude, with butterflies and other wildlife abound during the summer, and perhaps Liszt "Reminiscence". In the end, it's really what kind of emotional state the season conjures, and what classical piece can reflect that. There are definitely quite a few.

I'd like to see a new season of "Acting In Action w/ Sung Kang", didn't know that there was a comedic side to him muhaha. Not to mention, the "Fast & The Furious" gags. Or KevJumba's competitive eating with J-Chon muhaha. I'm pretty much waiting until "Fast 6" is available for digital rental. In the meantime, "Rock Jocks!"; Jocks That Actually Rock muhaha.

Ever notice how some hats seem to just 'fit' on some....shapely heads? As if it were actually part of the body, to put it mildly muhahaha.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 PM

So I'm not going to use the phone-cam for piano recording going forward. I'm going to have to find a digital camcorder or a new webcam that has a reasonable built-in microphone. I'll probably shop for an upgrade on the piano next month, since it wouldn't be worth re-tuning an old rental if it costed anything. I would have to absorb the delivery costs again I suppose muhaha. But anyway, just a disclaimer that the recorded volume for Etude #12 is harsher than it should've been.

Concert pianos are elegant and fine-tuned to produce some unbelievable and heavenly sounds. It also falls on the pianist to get the most out of the piano. Lang Lang is a concert pianist who has that ability, and I'm not surprised at all why his concerts are grand.

Sunday, July 14, 2013 PM

I'll have to get a digital camcorder to replace the webcam, but in the meantime I utilized the phone to record the Chopin "Aeolian Harp" and "Revolutionary" Etudes. Unfortunately, I lost the damn usb cable to upload and I have to buy that as well. I'm not very careful when it comes to keeping things around. I tend to lose items just as fast as I purchase them muhaha. It's the same with albums. I must have lost a bunch of them, which is why it's better to go digital or MP3.

I plan to do at least 4 Chopin Etudes. Possibly more if I'm inspired.

Pilot inexperience or pilot incompetence is what worries me more than plane troubles themselves. The lives of passengers are in their hands like surgeons operating on patients, and priorities have to be in order or understood. I don't really fly anyway but if I have to, I have to remind myself not to go on that airline muhaha. I'd like to think that these things are isolated incidents, but who knows.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 PM

When in doubt, it's the battery. At least that's usually the case with me. And fortunately, I didn't have to waste any money to find that out. The battery died before I could even drive off. I think I had to jumpstart the car on a few occasions within the last twelve months, as a result of leaving the stereo system on when the engine is turned off. Didn't think it would drain that much, but I guess it does; either as much as leaving the lights on or more. It would behoove me to become familiar with what the battery usage rate is for different components. Anyway, regular maintenance of a car is essential but seems to be just as costly as a damn dental appointment muhaha. Come to think of it, I don't think I need to have a full clean but since I haven't gone to a dentist in years, I guess I'll just get it over with and do it.

With clear skies and warm weather, I think it's quite ripe to go camping before it's too late. Make sure to take the essentials; a survival knife, first aid, and of course; some marshmellow. Stay Puft Marshmellows. For some, I guess a reason to get away from their fat-ass spouses muhaha.

Friday, July 5, 2013 PM

I thought about heading out on the road this weekend, thinking about doing a bit of exploring. But I have to postpone it indefinitely. It turns out that I have to get my car stereo/radio system checked out, probably the fuse. And I usually won't drive far unless there was some music to listen to, or if I had to. In the meantime, I'll have to drive without it. I wonder at one point going forward will CD's become obsolete like cassettes. Right now, CD decks are common in cars so they still have some use. I'd definitely like to replace it with an MP3 player eventually.

Lang Lang's albums and concert performances are astounding and beyond virtuosic, but I'm sure there's nothing like experiencing them in person. As far as his albums are concerned, I recommend "The Magic Of Lang Lang" and "Dragon Songs", two of my favorites. All of his albums are grand, and I have most of them. Unfortunately, most of them were in CD-format so when I moved out here, I misplaced a few of them. I guess that's why having an MP3 portable device is quite convenient, you could have all the albums on one device.

Speaking of favorites, the Mozart K.311 D Major Sonata is now part of a quartet; 333, 310, "Fantasia".

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 AM

I plan to organize my classical repertoire web page more, but in the meantime I'll have a featured recording for that day; with a different one every so often but not every day. I'll also have a website of the day on the home page every now and then.

Sometimes, it's more relaxing to stay at home and just lounge around with some beer and grub. It's nice once in awhile to eat out, but just chilling or hanging out hits the spot as well. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". Fans of the LOTR series will find this fun. But a more concrete review on my films web page later. After that, certainly looking forward to KevJumba/J-Chon's new film.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 AM

You can definitely learn a heck of a lot more if you attend the Andy Milonakis School Of Culinary Arts than any kind of food programs out there muhaha.

Keep checking out KevJumba and Justin Chon's webisodes "Suspended" before the release of their new film! If there's anything hilarious, this is it.

The "Bel-Air" crew still can hold their beat...and their moves. A full cast reunion would be nice. And yep, I did name the piano "Lucille" muhaha. Except that I might have to do another trade-in or get this one checked out, which I'm not willing to pay for additional maintenance expenses.

"Oh my gawd I'm gonna have a heart attack. Oh mah gawd, Oh mah gawd. Vera!!! Hurrayyy!, Hurry!"

Monday, July 1, 2013 AM

It's been a scorcher the last few days, but I guess it does get hot around here. Fortunately, it's not humid so I don't really have to worry about sweatin' my ass off muhaha. Usually, I'd be hitting the beach on the LI, making my rounds or the annual summer excursion to the salty bliss of the cold ocean water, and for most, them tasty waves; whether yer body surfing or enjoying getting tossed or churned like a washer. I don't think there's an ocean-side beach around here, perhaps dipping in a cold, running river when we go camping somewhere in the wilderness would hit the spot instead. I should still do some research about that.

Speaking of water, it isn't easy performing a concert program or select pieces when the keys are soaked. There was a tarp overhead, but the downpour must have soaked the keys some. Lang Lang still performed his pieces effortlessly.

The annual fourth of July "Twilight Zone" marathon is only for one day but I think I've seen every episode anyhow, except for Season 4. I heard about the hour episodes format, but some of the juicy ones are in that season. They say that the format killed the tension, but I'll have to see it for myself. "Night Gallery" has sort of piqued my interest as well, with similar stories of the macabre and dark tension. However, not enough to become a full-fledged fan. But who knows.

I'm defintiely looking forward to adding/creating new web pages. More to come on that...