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06/23: And the Nets Select...
Jarrett Allen - looks like Sheed and sounds like Lin, I think Lin and Jarrett should give each other hair advice at some point muhaha. For sure, the youth movement is on with the Nets. Jarrett is young, versatile and has mad vertical from what I hear. He just needs to add a bit more weight. Nonetheless, he should be mobile enough to get on the opposition's asses. The kid is hella young, and he'll have to go through some growing pains no doubt. It'll be interesting to see how the Lin-Allen pairing can work out. It'll also be interesting to see how the Lin-Russell-LeVert dynamics work out.

The Nets need to bolster their front court a bit more via free agency. But we'll see what happens when FA begins.

I stand corrected - Lin's Asia Tour begins next month!

I'm reserving judgment on the trade until next season begins. My initial reaction was also a 'WTF', and it has the Nets going in a new or different direction written all over it. By trading Brook Lopez, we won't see the Brook-Lin we had hoped for a full season. And does that also mean that Jeremy Lin is not in the plans either? For now, Jeremy Lin is still the leader and the bona fide starting PG. But things can change in a heartbeat, and it'll be important for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy. We have seen a glimpse of his prowess and leadership last season, it's time to unleash Lin to his full potential (with him working on a few more things that'll alleviate the pressure or need to drive all the time).

I heard about the 'attitude problem' and 'selfishness' of these types of players, but we'll find out if a change of environment would develop or change Russell. I personally wouldn't give a shit either way, we can only support and root for Jeremy Lin and his future.

I've been away since the season ended. So what's Jeremy Lin been up to? He's currently on his Asia Tour so I hear. He also has been vacationing and visiting his nephew (well, I could argue that my nephew is cuter but he doesn't have 'helium cheeks' heh).

Through all this, he finds time for his fans. He'll have his 'Fan Appreciation Day' at some point in the summer, but now he's starting up 'Mail Call' - responding to fan mail and sending gifts in return. What a classy guy.

Jeremy Lin revealed quite a few things in a podcast with Randy Foye. We might not like Foye as a player, but he seems to have gotten along well with Lin. The racial taunting during his collegiate years was something already known if you watched "Linsanity". But certainly not to the specifics of it. There are definitely areas in this country that are just going to be ignorant and racist. They are probably incapable of changing or being otherwise.

Til this day, I'm sure he still receives unfair treatment (cough refs cough). But with more knowledge and awareness, at least the situation is not like what it was before.

The only thing that is relevant or important to me is what Jeremy Lin spoke about after his exit interview: "I know exactly what they're thinking. They know exactly what I'm thinking. They want me to have the ball in my hands...". With all the questions and uncertainties, this is somewhat comforting but certainly nothing is guaranteed. Although Lin trusts Marks/Atkinson in what they are doing, we should as well although it is understandable that there are reservations.

I never click on irrelevant or bad articles.

With that said, let's enjoy the off-season and continue to support J-Lin and his endeavors.

With the season over, the tenured players deserve a break from the rigors of the season and certainly Jeremy Lin deserves it. Despite his injuries (which the performance team could be partly blamed for), Jeremy Lin has shown that he is a bona fide starting PG who can play off-the-ball as well (and capable of putting up All-Star numbers if he's allowed to that is). He has also shown that he is a natural leader and team player (which has always been evident).

There are certainly questions and uncertainties about Lin's future. Nonetheless, Jeremy is already looking forward to next season with the intention of becoming even better and at 100% health. Hopefully, he'll get to play more than 30+ minutes with no restrictions and continue to be the lead starting guard with the ball in his hands (when it permits). Anything else would be unacceptable and a waste. I have no problems dumping the Nets if they have an ulterior agenda, but you have to at least give credit to Kenny for recruiting Lin and letting him start. The 'motion offense system' idea must have been a collaborative agenda between Atkinson and the organization.

I believe Jeremy Lin is going to continue to solidify his credentials as a legit starting PG next season, with even a bigger year. He'll have to stay healthy for an entire season for that, and he's definitely aware of it. If anything, any further long-term injuries can possibly damage his career if not out-right derail it.

What new players are the Nets going to bring? That'll be intriguing as FA nears, and hopefully the organization would be wise to actually utilize 'Brook-Lin'; and surround them with high-character and unselfish players who can make a difference. In the meantime, I'll check in once in awhile to see what Lin is up to. He'll have his usual Asia trip at some point.

The Nets won their final home game and while J-Lin did not have a particularly sharp shooting game, others did step up. And that's certainly important going forward in the future, because it definitely is a team effort. We know that Jeremy Lin is valuable in terms of what he brings on both ends of the floor, and he's always going to play hard. That's why it was quite unfortunate that he was out for the most of the season with the hamstring injury, because things might have been vastly different.

But there were other uncertainties early in the season. The players had to develop chemistry as some are developing nicely now, and had to buy into Jeremy as an undisputed leader of the team. Of course, players are going to try to get their own within the generous system. But when J-Lin went down, the team seemed to be in full development mode. We did not agree with that at all, not at the expense of winning some winnable games.

March has been considered a successful month with the return of J-Lin. And Lin is certainly looking forward to next season. While he's still not even at 100% nor playing full time minutes yet, hopefully that he is going to be by next season. I'm quite happy that Lin is balancing his game with jumpers as opposed to always driving. That can take its toll on the body, and it'll certainly conserve his body. Of course, getting to the rim is what Lin still excels at.

We shall see what the future holds for Lin but from this past month alone, it seems that things are looking bright if the Nets can surround Lin and Lopez with more rebounding and defense. There are quite a few keepers here on the roster, and I should do a final review for the off-season.

Public awareness is crucial in continuing to spread the word about crooked reffing against Lin. But it seems that not much has been made of the recent travesties or non-calls, because it's the end of the season and the Nets have been out of contention since the beginning of the year.

The Nets definitely have something to look forward to next season if they can finish this season well and with momentum. The Lin-Lopez connection is proving to be potent and certainly developing, and it would be wise to invest in that and to continue to work on it. There are going to be rumors and such whether that is going to be part of the future or not, but we can only wait and see. But we believe that it is always wise anyway investing in a difference-maker like Jeremy Lin. But it's up to the organization.

Lin was in a shooting slump, but who doesn't. But he certainly contributes in other ways by continuously playing hard on both ends of the floor. When a player's shooting suffers, it's usually the case that their entire game suffers. But that is usually not the case with Jeremy Lin. He does the intangibles, as well as being efficient in other areas.

I certainly could imagine some of the current roster having a future with the Nets. The Nets are going to need to add more players that can rebound/defend, as well as a rim protector. But with "Brook-Lin", we're beginning to see something exciting and finally some tangible results.

A lot of us fans follow Jeremy Lin not just for his talent and work ethic on the court, but also his high-character and beliefs which has allowed him to thrive and perservere in the face of adversity and opposition (which still exists today). With that said, it is very noteworthy of J-Lin starting up "One Day's Wages"; donating to the unfortunate and the un-empowered. Lin knows that himself first-hand. I definitely would recommend going to his Facebook and checking out the site.

Lin also has his Foundation, and the goodies he gives out quarterly. I wonder if that is still continuing.

Lin's minute restrictions be damned. I agree that it was one of Atkinson's biggest blunders or mistakes of not inserting Lin back in early enough. I've questioned the motion offense system's effectiveness with developing players, and the Nets have proven that it is not that effective at all with these guys. We've said it time and again that adjustments and counter-play have to be made and executed well, and obviously there is a still a steep learning curve for the rookie coach. I have to hand it to Kenny though, he seems to be a player's coach. He'll give minutes and opportunities to every player - competent or not. But overall, I can't second guess the relationship between Atkinson and Lin. On the court, they'll have to figure it out how to work together to both win and develop Kenny's so-called favorites.

Back-to-back games be damned. Jeremy usually shines through in the fourth. And despite fatigue and bad reffing, Lin is at his best in the fourth anyway. I'll reserve judgment of what the organization's ultimate intentions are. Is Jeremy Lin truly part of their future? If not, then so be it. If there is any glimmer of hope or resurgance for this organization, they'll let Jeremy and Brook play their game next season while surrounding them with more talent. And some of the Nets are developing nicely. I certainly like th 3 L's with a side of Acy. RHJ had a nice but brief rapport with Lin, but that lasted only one game, so far. We've all been critical of all these young players at some point. We'll see what happens at the end of the season.

I think fans should have figured out by now that a lot of the awful refs probably are union members with the mafia to target Jeremy Lin heh. Non-calls be damned.

With the season almost over, it remains to be seen whether the minutes restriction is going to be lifted at all. Or if Jeremy can play a few games over 30 minutes. But with the minutes he's been given so far, he's been outstanding on both ends of the floor. But there is only so much he can do by himself. It's good to see that the team is at least competing and playing hard. That's the basic foundation in building the right culture. But are some of these players the right fit or not?

The Nets have glaring weaknesses to address in the off-season, and the top priority should be to address their defense and rebounding woes. If the Nets can surround Lin and Lopez with some defensive-minded players or players who are known for intangibles and can rebound, that's a start. Of course, surrounding them with more consistent shooters or scorers always helps as well. Finally, the Nets' backcourt development is also critical.

There are some players on this team that are certainly keepers. Perhaps most of them, but certainly not all of them. After the season is over, I'll probably assess who should be the keepers and who should be the goners. Another issue that should get more scrutiny next season is the coaching system; are there going to be more set plays for Lin and Lopez? (as in PnR's, etc). Are there going to be adjustments accordingly depending on what the opposing team does?

Right now, the players' health should be a priority; especially with Kilpatrick suffering a hamstring injury recently. The Nets have been plagued with injuries, and have been without Lin for most of the season. With a healthy Lin, things could have been different. Unfortunately, injuries derail a team's plans and they have to make do with what they have. Here's to everyone staying healthy for next season.

On a lighter note, Jeremy Lin had another cameo on "Fresh Off The Boat" episode titled "The Flush". One of the funniest ones yet.

Although Jeremy Lin is still on minutes restriction (albeit increasing slowly), he has started to find his groove again. We'd all like to see the restriction lifted already, and personally I think he's ready to play more minutes. I'm sure he feels fine as well, and there is no reason not to. But the season is almost over anyway, and the overly-cautious approach would be to not risk it albeit not necessarily.

I was hoping to write a more optimistic blog about a Nets resurgence or renewal. However, it is disconcerting to find out that Jeremy Lin is still not getting the ball nor controlling the ball for long stretches (what else is new). As the awful record indicates, some of the players have not proven anything other than just playing for themselves and not passing back. I would blame the coach for not holding everyone accountable but as their saying goes, it is a developmental year and they are not in it to win. If that's the case, it's easy to assume or believe they are using Jeremy to teach or mentor some of these guys who may never pan out.

Until Jeremy says otherwise, we still have to support him and the team as fans. We know there were a lot of winnable games if Jeremy just had the ball more, or if adjustments were made. So I hear the motion offense can be tweaked or adjusted a bit, as well as providing screens to J-Lin; which hasn't been the case this year. I think it would be fairer to make an assessment when the season is officially over to actually say who should be gone or who should be kept.

Often times, we forget that this is about building a new culture and experimenting or developing. But it should never be at the expense of winning. Establishing a winning mindset and attitude is just as important. It begs to question that if the Nets can't win even the winnable games (or lose a lead because of selfish plays), are they really developing or improving? A winning attitude consists of playing hard every night on both ends of the floor, and learning from their mistakes. Some guys might never get it.

Congrats to the Nets for a gutsy win as it was a collective effort from the team. When Jeremy Lin's shot was not falling or unjustly not getting the calls, the others stepped up. But it was time for J-Lin to step up in the second half (in particular the fourth), and that's what J-Lin is all about; coming through when it matters the most. He hit timely shots reminiscent of the game winner against the Raptors during the height of Linsanity. I think the "Shhhh" moment ranks up there now muhaha.

Kilpatrick. I'm not sure what happened to him, as it seemed he disappeared for awhile ever since that 30+ explosion. It's a good thing he came through though. This was a team win for sure though.

Jeremy Lin getting hacked and wacked without much calls. This has been a complete travesty throughout his career, and all I could say to fans; keep fightin' the fight. Compile another video if you have to. I hope Jeremy can speak up about it as well. In particular with J-Lin, his health is at stake when he's getting bruised and battered without any repercussions. But J-Lin manages to shine through amidst the opposition, and some racially motivated calls or non-calls.

The futility is over for now. Hallelujah! heheh. The Nets snapped their losing skid for their 10th win, and 10K career points for Brook Lopez so I hear. It's a nice achievement for sure but unfortunately, winning has been hard to come by if at all. And that makes it more difficult to enjoy. We're hoping the partnership of Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez can work out for the rest of the season, and that we can see more of the PnR or plays between them. Last night sure looked good. Although there might be better PnR partners for Lin in terms of setting good screens and rolling well, I don't think you can replace Lopez easily for what he is worth when it comes to other things such as scoring.

It's good to see Jeremy Lin regaining his form, as he performed well and had an efficient night in limited minutes. As much as we want to see Lin play a lot, slowly building him up is crucial and essential for Lin to remain healthy. And I also liked Lin's somewhat cautious approach as well. He'll need to continue to strengthen and workout those muscles so they remain loose and tight-free.

The Nets defended well, and hopefully they can keep that up. Now they have to work on turnovers and taking care of the ball. If they can do that, the Nets might eke out a few more wins or even surpass their worst franchise record.

Jeremy Lin is on minutes restriction again (less than 20 minutes). With that said, Lin knows he needs to condition himself back into game shape in order to be effective. That is priority, as well as staying healthy for the rest of the season and re-establishing chemistry with his teammates. I have no doubt that some players have already developed some bad habits in doing too much when they shouldn't. But on a team such as this where wins doesn't seem possible anymore, it seems to be every man for himself. I have doubted and questioned the coach as well as the organization's motives at times, but it seems that not much can be done with a roster such as this. It's easy to forget about them if Lin leaves, or if he is not part of their future. After all, irrelevancies are common these days.

At this point, I'm a bit more reasonable than the die-hard Lin fan. Although I definitely want Lin to play more minutes and have the ball in his hands more, he's been out for months and is not in game shape. Also, the system restricts Lin fully of what he is capable of. I suppose that is a good thing if the personnel is right, and the players buy into it (as well as the coach holding everyone accountable for not passing or some other 'transgression'). But unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Can the pair of Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin work? We all had high hopes that it would, and it would be formidable. Yet, it was shelved or PnR sets have been few and far between if at all. If there is any more experimenting to be done, there should be more plays for 'Brook-Lin'. Any team worth anything should always strive to win no matter the situation is or the intentions. Otherwise, why not send this group to the collegiate level and see if they can win there? Jeremy Lin is right about establishing a winning mindset. He has certainly made the odds better of winning, but he needs to get back into game shape and remain healthy. Can the Nets at least win one more game this season?

02/23: Trade Deadline Come and Gone...
The Nets made moves and they were able to pry a first round pick. Well, at least they have a pick now heh. We'll see whether the newest additions of Nicholson and McDaniels can develop and play well.

I'm glad to hear that we'll actually get to see some 'Brook-Lin' in action finally. There should be no more experimenting in this last leg of the season. The Nets should try to win as many games as possible (if at all), and establish a good group for next season. Although there are no expectations to win a lot, it'll be intriguing on how competitive this team can get by the end of the season and into next.

Congrats to Jeremy (and his family) on being a new uncle!

I'm glad to hear that Jeremy Lin has started practicing, and plans to return within ten days or so. We all pray that he can finish the season well and without another setback. This season is certainly lost and can be considered over, but that doesn't mean to stop being competitive or playing not to win. For the Nets, they are truly in a developing mode and can only look forward to next season.

By season's end, the question is going to be asked; who are the keepers and who are the goners? I suspect most of these guys should be goners. Lin and Lopez need to be surrounded by defensive-minded players as well as hard-working and good-character players. The Nets are going to need rim protectors as well as more viable PG options to take the load off of Lin.

Without Jeremy Lin on the court, it has been a devastating season. But at least the Nets are building the right culture, and that can usually lead to a 'b'-right future.

Proper conditioning, rest and muscle training might be another issue to resolve for Jeremy Lin in the off-season so that he does not get injured again like this.

According to Jeremy Lin's facebook page as well as a statement from the Nets GM, Jeremy Lin suffered a setback with his rehabbing and is going to be sidelined for another few weeks or so. As fans, we're thinking to ourselves; what the hell is happening - Is Jeremy being over-trained and over-worked? Lin never had hamstring injuries until this year. Should the performance team be blamed (by now, it seems common knowledge of the history of injuries to the Nets' PGs). Or should Jeremy change his game a bit? It could be a combination of many things, but perhaps over-training or over-rehabbing might have exacerbated things.

One thing has been quite obvious to the astute and knowledgeable observer - this year's Nets team does not have the personnel to win - with or without Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin's presence on the court and on the sidelines has made a difference, and has made the team much more competitive and stable. He just doesn't have the help he needs on both ends of the floor. End of story.

The question now is, can Jeremy return before the end of the season? We can sympathize with Jeremy, but he knows and we all should know that things could have been worse. And there are those who have suffered or are suffering even more in this world, such as the passing of Ava. There's definitely more to life than just being a fan, such as Lin's well-being. We hope that that he'll return in time at least for the last leg of the season if not earlier.

01/22: Give Me Two L's With A Side Of Acy...
The Two L's - that's Lin and Levert. I think that would certainly be a formidable duo, since Caris Levert is slowly but surely finding his groove and living up to his potential. The inexperience is still there but in time, it'll be exciting to watch Levert at work. We all know what Jeremy Lin could bring to the table, and we wish him a healthy return with no setbacks when he does come back to the court. We do not want another injury and whether it's the incompetence of the performance team or whatnot, it doesn't really help dwelling on it. Jeremy should also find a way to keep playing his game, but also conserving his body and energy. Hopefully, more of a mid-range game such as floaters and jumpers.

Quincy Acy seems to be a nice pick-up. I think he'll fit in well with Brook to form a nice front court, but the Nets obviously need more bolstering or overhaul to find defensive-minded players who can rebound and defend. Perhaps keep Joe Harris also since he's a shooting specialist, and everyone else is expendable. The backup PG position is still iffy. Perhaps by season's end, one of the guys has developed enough for a regular rotation spot next season.

Did the Nets finally win a game? I was certainly away from anything basketball-related, as if in a deep slumber. Now wake me up when Jeremy Lin returns heh.

In other trivial or inane observation, I guess that 'super team' is not so 'super' muhaha.

I heard and found about Jeremy Lin when he participated in Summer League years ago. Since then, I became a fan. But before that, he was already an accomplished and skilled basketball player with a lot of potential, helping the teams that he was on win. Regardless, he went unnoticed or went under the radar mostly because of his race. Whether you've been a fan since Jeremy's Palo Alto and Harvard days, or became a fan when Linsanity occurred, it shouldn't matter. In the end, we support Jeremy Lin through both the good moments as well as the rough ones. And what is important is that through all the adversities and obstacles, he always retains a positive spirit. Jeremy Lin is certainly a person I respect as both an NBA player and an individual. He is also an intriguing individual as well, outside of basketball. It's good to know that there are fan sites out there for interesting thoughts. This is a personal fan page just to convey my thoughts and other interesting things as well.

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