2017 UPDATE:

07/25: Let's Get 'Crabbe-y'
So the Nets traded for Allen Crabbe, the RFA they were after before the '16-'17 season. It's a fresh start for the guy, and hopefully he'll thrive in the motion offense system. With further additions of Carroll and now Crabbe, they now have a starting lineup that can play fast and shoot well. The Nets still could use another rim protector or rebounder in the front line.

The starting five of Lin, (Russell or Levert), Crabbe, Carroll, Mozgov has potential. The important element is to develop good chemistry, and stay healthy.

Other than that, it's been uneventful except to keep up with Jeremy Lin's Asia tour in Taiwan.

It's good to see Jeremy Lin with his teammates watching some Summer League as well as putting in some workouts. I don't think the Nets are finished with FA yet, as certainly they have other needs to fill. We just don't know what is going on behind the scenes.

J-Lin has his Asia tour this month, and there'll be some worthwhile updates on that.

The Nets were able to acquire DeMarre Carroll and some picks in a recent trade. Don't know much about the guy, but I heard at least he can defend and play the motion offense well. Hopefully, he'll be up to full speed and health by next season. I think he'll complement Lin and the starters well.

At least for next season, the Nets need to complement their young, perhaps ego-driven kids with some saavy, mature veterans. Lin alone would not be enough, albeit he has done wonders without getting much credit. For next season, Lin is for sure their unquestioned leader - and if the Russell kid doesn't respond well, I could see the Brook Lopez trade backfire on the Nets drastically. And if Lin leaves, we can just look back and laugh. However, if that guy matures and develops under the tutelage of Atkinson or Lin, the Nets might have found a diamond in the rough for their future.

Like any objective fan, definitely stay away from over-zealous and often inaccurate sites.

With free agency just beginning, are the Nets going to put all their eggs in one basket for RFA's again? We know how that turned out. We know that they still have a pressing need in the front court, and perhaps they can find a viable option at the right price. Right now, it's been quiet and uneventful. But who knows what is going on behind the scenes.

We already know that Lin is a starting-caliber guard, and anything less would be unacceptable - particularly on a rebuilding team. Can the Lin-Russell backcourt work? Lin is looking forward to working with and mentoring the young guard. But the question is - is Russell mature enough to be receptive, and can he share the ball?

It would've been cool to have seen Redick in the starting lineup with Lin, but it wasn't meant to be. Good luck to the guy.

We can talk about Lin's future at another time, but for now - it's possible that the Nets can definitely win more games next season even if they stand pat.

06/23: And the Nets Select...
Jarrett Allen - looks like Sheed and sounds like Lin, I think Lin and Jarrett should give each other hair advice at some point muhaha. For sure, the youth movement is on with the Nets. Jarrett is young, versatile and has mad vertical from what I hear. He just needs to add a bit more weight. Nonetheless, he should be mobile enough to get on the opposition's asses. The kid is hella young, and he'll have to go through some growing pains no doubt. It'll be interesting to see how the Lin-Allen pairing can work out. It'll also be interesting to see how the Lin-Russell-LeVert dynamics work out.

The Nets need to bolster their front court a bit more via free agency. But we'll see what happens when FA begins.

I stand corrected - Lin's Asia Tour begins next month!

I'm reserving judgment on the trade until next season begins. My initial reaction was also a 'WTF', and it has the Nets going in a new or different direction written all over it. By trading Brook Lopez, we won't see the Brook-Lin we had hoped for a full season. And does that also mean that Jeremy Lin is not in the plans either? For now, Jeremy Lin is still the leader and the bona fide starting PG. But things can change in a heartbeat, and it'll be important for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy. We have seen a glimpse of his prowess and leadership last season, it's time to unleash Lin to his full potential (with him working on a few more things that'll alleviate the pressure or need to drive all the time).

I heard about the 'attitude problem' and 'selfishness' of these types of players, but we'll find out if a change of environment would develop or change Russell. I personally wouldn't give a shit either way, we can only support and root for Jeremy Lin and his future.

I've been away since the season ended. So what's Jeremy Lin been up to? He's currently on his Asia Tour so I hear. He also has been vacationing and visiting his nephew (well, I could argue that my nephew is cuter but he doesn't have 'helium cheeks' heh).

Through all this, he finds time for his fans. He'll have his 'Fan Appreciation Day' at some point in the summer, but now he's starting up 'Mail Call' - responding to fan mail and sending gifts in return. What a classy guy.

Jeremy Lin revealed quite a few things in a podcast with Randy Foye. We might not like Foye as a player, but he seems to have gotten along well with Lin. The racial taunting during his collegiate years was something already known if you watched "Linsanity". But certainly not to the specifics of it. There are definitely areas in this country that are just going to be ignorant and racist. They are probably incapable of changing or being otherwise.

Til this day, I'm sure he still receives unfair treatment (cough refs cough). But with more knowledge and awareness, at least the situation is not like what it was before.

I heard and found about Jeremy Lin when he participated in Summer League years ago. Since then, I became a fan. But before that, he was already an accomplished and skilled basketball player with a lot of potential, helping the teams that he was on win. Regardless, he went unnoticed or went under the radar mostly because of his race. Whether you've been a fan since Jeremy's Palo Alto and Harvard days, or became a fan when Linsanity occurred, it shouldn't matter. In the end, we support Jeremy Lin through both the good moments as well as the rough ones. And what is important is that through all the adversities and obstacles, he always retains a positive spirit. Jeremy Lin is certainly a person I respect as both an NBA player and an individual. He is also an intriguing individual as well, outside of basketball. It's good to know that there are fan sites out there for interesting thoughts. This is a personal fan page just to convey my thoughts and other interesting things as well.

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Jeremy Lin's Guide To Getting Into Harvard
Papa Lin and Jeremy

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