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Certainly, one of Jeremy Lin's admirable qualities is giving the benefit of the doubt or taking the high road in the face of controversy or adversity. But Lin is certainly going to speak up when there is obvious injustice or racism. As Asian-Americans, we all should. Change might not be guaranteed or might not happen right away, but at least we need to spread awareness in order to initiate change.

I look forward to some words of wisdom from Jeremy Lin's "Monday Motivations". There's a lot we can all learn from or take away.

It's not exactly a journal entry, but it could be one. Jeremy Lin updated his facebook page with some advice for the New Year - do not run away from adversity or obstacles but confront them head on so you can overcome or beat them. Very good advice. We all have our adversities and obstacles that hinder progress. But it's a matter of just looking ahead and fighting the good fight. For J-Lin, it's been his season-ending injury but it's comforting to hear that he's coming along just fine in his rehab. Fortunately, it's with a new rehab program (can't really trust what didn't work).

I haven't followed any basketball since the beginning of the season, but I heard the Nets are doing alright so far. It seems Din-sanity is becoming a thing - glad that Dinwiddie has progressed well (I initially thought he was a 'din'-wit). Is Lin going to be out of a job? heh (he shouldn't settle for anything less when he returns however). I really don't know nor can speculate what the future holds for Jeremy Lin. But as long as Lin is happy and knows or prepares for what lies ahead, then as fans we can only take it one day at a time.

I heard and found about Jeremy Lin when he participated in Summer League years ago. Since then, I became a fan. But before that, he was already an accomplished and skilled basketball player with a lot of potential, helping the teams that he was on win. Regardless, he went unnoticed or went under the radar mostly because of his race. Whether you've been a fan since Jeremy's Palo Alto and Harvard days, or became a fan when Linsanity occurred, it shouldn't matter. In the end, we support Jeremy Lin through both the good moments as well as the rough ones. And what is important is that through all the adversities and obstacles, he always retains a positive spirit. Jeremy Lin is certainly a person I respect as both an NBA player and an individual. He is also an intriguing individual as well, outside of basketball. It's good to know that there are fan sites out there for interesting thoughts. This is a personal fan page just to convey my thoughts and other interesting things as well.

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The "Super Lin Bros"

It's Jeremy 'Neutron' - Jeremy: "Hey Randall, nice hangout" Randall: "Thanks, nice hair!" muhaha

In an earlier life, Randall used to work with Jeremy. Waah! muhaha

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Jeremy Lin's Guide To Getting Into Harvard
Papa Lin and Jeremy

A must-see documentary of an inspiring story (image only)
I could sense it now. "Hey Randall, what have you been smokin'?!" muhaha
Fortunately, this wasn't his real haircut muhaha

In the spirit of Fan Appreciation Week (8/4/14-8/8/14):
Jeremy must be thinkin', "Ugh! is it my ass or am I just hungry?" muhaha

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