2019 UPDATE:

The biased reffing has always been a problem. I'm sure it happens to a lot of players, but none more so than against Jeremy Lin. He gets the steal, goes after the loose ball, and gets a bogus foul called on him while the opposing players were clearly at fault with intitiating physical contact to begin with (a type of mugging). The refs probably have ties to the mob. Phantom calls, non-calls, flagrants - the game might be better off without refs since it never appears to be legit. But then again, anyone can clobber anyone.

The Lowry-Lin connection seems to be developing well, probably the most efficient pairing that Lin has been with. Hopefully, Lin can gel or mesh well with the rest of the team (I think a few others). The most important thing is to continue to stay healthy, don't hesitate to score, and make the most of the minutes given.

03/07: Keep The Faith
It's comforting to hear that Jeremy Lin just needs to adjust his mindset and approach to the game. He's been restricted to a limited role for so long (not since D'Antoni), he never had the freedom to be the legit floor general and playmaker that he is. Put the ball in his hands, and do not defer if you don't have to. J-Lin can be lethal when he is in a rhythm. It'll take time, but fans shouldn't panic - as I'm certain he'll breakthrough again.

We hope and pray that Coach Nurse is going to give Lin the freedom to do so. He's new to the team, and they have a handful of games left to experiment and gel. But I'm sure the Raptors still are focused on winning to maintain good seeding for the playoffs.

03/06: State of the Lin
I have no idea what's going on. By now, we all know Jeremy Lin has been in a serious slump (although his defense has been stellar). Whether it be a pigeon-holed role, lack of chemistry, or something personal, I don't think fans have seen Lin at this low point. We just hope that it is nothing more than just a slump, and he'll snap out of it eventually. Nonetheless, Jeremy Lin always has the right attitude - "Never Give Up". At least until the fat lady sings.

I still believe Lin can contribute significantly (when entrusted with the ball and allowing him to score how he's comfortable - the biased zebras be damned), as his first few games as a Raptor has shown. When it comes to the 3 ball, that's a different story. Perhaps it is a mental or confidence issue, but he can hit 'em. I just don't think the team should rely on Lin on the 3 ball however. Allow him to score in other ways, by setting up plays or otherwise. Perhaps expending a lot of energy on defense has also taken its toll, as it usually does.

We'll have to pray that this 'New Beginning' doesn't have a 'Disastrous Ending'.

02/14: New Beginnings
The next game is not until the 22nd. It's time to get back into the game fans. I feel that Jeremy Lin is going to mesh well, and things are going to roll even more once chemistry is established. It was only his first game. We also wish Jeremy Lin can look to score more as well. There are always going to be off-days, for every player. I believe he has a semi-green light to, although he might not be one of the main go-to options...yet.

For now, optimism is slowly returning.

02/11: To Toronto!
It's been confirmed that Jeremy Lin is going to be a Raptor, which from I've been hearing is what most Lin fans wanted to begin with. We know that Jeremy Lin is going to contribute right away, and hope that he'll get the minutes and playtime that he deserves. Jeremy recently shared that he still has ambitions (as with any competitive player), and we still believe that he can be a starter. He's healthy now, and is finally now on a team that is poised to go far in the playoffs - if utilized correctly, and if the players can mesh well with no egos.

I guess you can't fault the Hawks. I'm sure they made it known to Lin how he was going to be used (as a veteran mentor and team development). As much as we would've liked Lin to get more minutes, such is that way it was.

It's just another uneventful day in the trading scene. We just have to continue to root for and support Jeremy Lin, because we already know what he's capable of. He's been thrust into the most difficult of situations, and continues to survive and thrive. We might not agree with his way of thinking or beliefs all the time, but it is what makes him unique and inspiring - never compromising even when you are mistreated. In fact, I don't believe there would have been a favorable situation anyway. All of them seemed destined to be tanking, losing, tanking, etc. - the cycle never ends.

Fortunately for me, I never spend a dime on sports. There are other industries to support Asian-American endeavors.

With the countdown beginning, I think it'll come down to the wire. Let us pray that Jeremy Lin is going to be in a situation where he'll have a large role, get the minutes, and be utilized well. It's been mind-boggling and what appears to be another wasteful year in regards to Jeremy's low usage and minutes. But in all perspective, the team was cleary tanking (another one of them unfortunate situations) and Jeremy was there just from a mentoring aspect. There's no doubt Jeremy Lin would be effective and help any competitive team focused on winning.

Whether he'll be in a favorable situation, that is not certain or guaranteed. But we know Jeremy Lin is healthy now, and has been ready to play more minutes. We'll continue to pray and hope for a favorable end to this season.

Well, Jeremy Lin finally got the start - and certainly showed what he is capable of. On this tanking team where wins are not much of a concern or priority as opposed to development, there might not be another opportunity this season. But Jeremy Lin continues to play hard and well on both ends of the floor regardless.

In a grueling season where back-to-backs and every-other-day games have become the norm, it is more important for Jeremy Lin to remain healthy.

2018 UPDATE:

I'm glad that Jeremy Lin had a great game, and the team won. With the recent minor ankle and back strains (it happens to all at some point), it is more important for him to remain healthy for the long-term. That game, and quite a few others, is just a sample of what Jeremy is capable of when healthy.

He deserves more minutes, and we'd all like to see him get more minutes - but on a team that is competing, wants to win and utilizes Lin well rather than play for development or tanking reasons. As J-Lin said, he still has "plenty of gas left in his tank".

Woot! Joseph Lin dropping a career high 40 points. "Super Lin Bros." indeed. Good luck to Fubon, and hope that they can win it all this season. Unfortunately for Jeremy, he is given limited and sporadic minutes on a tanking team - which is never conducive. Nonetheless, he's managed to be efficient anyway despite it.

Jeremy Lin, as well as Mama and Papa Lin, wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving! (in his latest video). They are the modern-day "Mama's & The Papa's" heheh. I think Joseph Lin is doing well with Fubon. Jeremy might post up another picture of his cute nephew stuffing his "helium cheeks" with some turk-ay heh.

J-Lin's recent production of 26 in 25 is more than efficient. Given his limited minutes as well as a seemingly restricted role, Jeremy Lin is doing quite well. And he appears to be quite healthy now. I've always said he'll be better than before - refining and improving all facets of his game. Lin's defense has always been solid, and he usually is going to play hard regardless of his restricted role.

As fans, we want Jeremy Lin off this tanking team and it might happen. But at the same time, he deserves more minutes and a larger role now that he's healthy and at form almost. It's a wait-and-see.

Vince - 25K Jeremy - 5K Total: 30K. Yep - it checks out heh.

Congrats to Jeremy Lin on the 5,000 points milestone. His career has been rife with obstacles and difficulties, but Jeremy Lin has perservered through them.

Tanking and development go together it seems, but playing hard on both ends of the floor (including defense) seems to be something that does not register or seems to be a difficult concept for a lot. It might be a losing season, but absolutely no excuse not to at their salary. Otherwise, perhaps the team should be playing against G-Leaguers instead (except for J-Lin).

Fans might need to compile another "Too Flagrant Not To Call" video. Every season, there is always a few dirty players. But Jeremy Lin has always been targeted for his race (by some unscrupulous, dirty individuals - they might be suited for more violent sports out there).

Good luck to brother Joseph Lin on his new season with Fubon! Also, wishing Yuta Watanabe well as well - if he ever gets any playing time.

It's certainly another tanking situation unfortunately, and Jeremy Lin is evidently not a priority. His situation has always been a difficult one, going from one tanking situation to another and suffering injuries as well. By now, we all know a lot of Jeremy's predicament as well as the mistreatment has to do with his race. But he's never one to make an excuse out of it. He always has that calm and humble demeanor, never speaking out or against (while most of us would, even if we knew we were better). That's the inspiration of Jeremy Lin.

Let's face it however. Lin is going to continue to perservere (whatever limited minutes given), and make the most of it. He is always going to be the consummate team player, as well as the difference maker or game changer when given the chance. But at this point, Lin just has to remain healthy and work his way back to becoming 100%.

More candid thoughts from Jeremy Lin on a podcast. Transcript of the interview can be read as well:

Freakonomics - Interview With Jeremy Lin

The limited minutes or minute restrictions, not getting enough minutes at a time, etc. It can all be disconcerting, and the immediate reaction would be "Another Wasted Year...". It could most likely be that Jeremy Lin has not fully recovered yet, and is slowly building up. However, Jeremy could already be ready but is being just used as a body to rest and mentor the inexperienced youngsters (hopefully, that's the worst-case scenario). We believe that Jeremy Lin could still lead a team as well as start, but he's probably at a point in his career where that might not be possible anymore.

Jeremy seems to be set up pretty well in terms of life after basketball - his business ventures, his E-sports team, his Foundation, and his popularity in Asia. Life is just beginning for Jeremy.

The new season is just around the corner, and the Hawks are a very young and inexperienced team - so not much is expected of them. But pray tell that they don't intend to tank.

Jeremy Lin is just grateful that he's playing again after missing out on the game for two seasons. We should just pray and wish for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy, and to become better than ever. I do think he'll certainly be a better version than before.

We wish Jeremy Lin all the best, and to be healthy for the entire season. And I believe he'll be healthy, and he might even be a better version than before. At this point, Jeremy wants to just play and have fun. I can't imagine after being away from the game for awhile.

Jeremy Lin seemed to have a busy summer. Other than recuperating and working hard in getting back to full health / strength, he was involved with his Asian tour and filming "Dunk of China" - amusing, that fat guy nearly knocked Jeremy out in one of the scenes heh. J-Lin also is involved with his e-sports team "Team VGJ". Pray tell that I ever get into "DOTA" and compete against them heh. For now, I'm just a WoW'er.

I don't want to get into hidden agendas and what the intentions are, but you never know. This could just be a temporary year for Jeremy Lin - but continue to support Lin and the team he is on.

I heard and found about Jeremy Lin when he participated in Summer League years ago. Since then, I became a fan. But before that, he was already an accomplished and skilled basketball player with a lot of potential, helping the teams that he was on win. Regardless, he went unnoticed or went under the radar mostly because of his race. Whether you've been a fan since Jeremy's Palo Alto and Harvard days, or became a fan when Linsanity occurred, it shouldn't matter. In the end, we support Jeremy Lin through both the good moments as well as the rough ones. And what is important is that through all the adversities and obstacles, he always retains a positive spirit. Jeremy Lin is certainly a person I respect as both an NBA player and an individual. He is also an intriguing individual as well, outside of basketball. It's good to know that there are fan sites out there for interesting thoughts. This is a personal fan page just to convey my thoughts and other interesting things as well.

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