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It's certainly another tanking situation unfortunately, and Jeremy Lin is evidently not a priority. His situation has always been a difficult one, going from one tanking situation to another and suffering injuries as well. By now, we all know a lot of Jeremy's predicament as well as the mistreatment has to do with his race. But he's never one to make an excuse out of it. He always has that calm and humble demeanor, never speaking out or against (while most of us would, even if we knew we were better). That's the inspiration of Jeremy Lin.

Let's face it however. Lin is going to continue to perservere (whatever limited minutes given), and make the most of it. He is always going to be the consummate team player, as well as the difference maker or game changer when given the chance. But at this point, Lin just has to remain healthy and work his way back to becoming 100%.
More candid thoughts from Jeremy Lin on a podcast. Transcript of the interview can be read as well:

Freakonomics - Interview With Jeremy Lin

The limited minutes or minute restrictions, not getting enough minutes at a time, etc. It can all be disconcerting, and the immediate reaction would be "Another Wasted Year...". It could most likely be that Jeremy Lin has not fully recovered yet, and is slowly building up. However, Jeremy could already be ready but is being just used as a body to rest and mentor the inexperienced youngsters (hopefully, that's the worst-case scenario). We believe that Jeremy Lin could still lead a team as well as start, but he's probably at a point in his career where that might not be possible anymore.

Jeremy seems to be set up pretty well in terms of life after basketball - his business ventures, his E-sports team, his Foundation, and his popularity in Asia. Life is just beginning for Jeremy.
The new season is just around the corner, and the Hawks are a very young and inexperienced team - so not much is expected of them. But pray tell that they don't intend to tank.

Jeremy Lin is just grateful that he's playing again after missing out on the game for two seasons. We should just pray and wish for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy, and to become better than ever. I do think he'll certainly be a better version than before.
We wish Jeremy Lin all the best, and to be healthy for the entire season. And I believe he'll be healthy, and he might even be a better version than before. At this point, Jeremy wants to just play and have fun. I can't imagine after being away from the game for awhile.

Jeremy Lin seemed to have a busy summer. Other than recuperating and working hard in getting back to full health / strength, he was involved with his Asian tour and filming "Dunk of China" - amusing, that fat guy nearly knocked Jeremy out in one of the scenes heh. J-Lin also is involved with his e-sports team "Team VGJ". Pray tell that I ever get into "DOTA" and compete against them heh. For now, I'm just a WoW'er.

I don't want to get into hidden agendas and what the intentions are, but you never know. This could just be a temporary year for Jeremy Lin - but continue to support Lin and the team he is on.

I heard and found about Jeremy Lin when he participated in Summer League years ago. Since then, I became a fan. But before that, he was already an accomplished and skilled basketball player with a lot of potential, helping the teams that he was on win. Regardless, he went unnoticed or went under the radar mostly because of his race. Whether you've been a fan since Jeremy's Palo Alto and Harvard days, or became a fan when Linsanity occurred, it shouldn't matter. In the end, we support Jeremy Lin through both the good moments as well as the rough ones. And what is important is that through all the adversities and obstacles, he always retains a positive spirit. Jeremy Lin is certainly a person I respect as both an NBA player and an individual. He is also an intriguing individual as well, outside of basketball. It's good to know that there are fan sites out there for interesting thoughts. This is a personal fan page just to convey my thoughts and other interesting things as well.

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Jeremy Lin's Guide To Getting Into Harvard
Papa Lin and Jeremy

A must-see documentary of an inspiring story (image only)
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