As Jeremy Lin said, "Find joy in your journey". A lot of players change teams frequently, such is life in the league. It has become scripted in a sense and more one-dimensional (all about getting your own in terms of padding stats, unscrupulous politics, etc). What a joke. It's difficult to find joy or find any optimism when things change or happen on a whim. Not to mention, who to trust. But I'm sure Jeremy Lin knows that you have to have a thick skin to deal with the bullshit and superficiality.

I have to admit that there are only a very few media and fans who have been fair or partial to Jeremy Lin (they exist, but they are only a handful or just a few). It's quite easy to describe haters, racists - they mostly harp on the negatives (however miniscule they might be), rarely acknowledge or never recognize the positives (even though they are clearly evident). Hypocrites? Some of them are minorities themselves. I never waste my energy on them, and I advise everyone not to as well.

It is what it is. In the end, I only follow and support Jeremy Lin, not like I was paying much attention to the team anyway. It is quite unnerving that Mr. Tsai is going along with this, but then again the league has become or deteriorated into a superficial faux sport. Then again, everything seems to revolve around money. Fortunately, I do not care much for nor watch the sport any longer.

Jeremy Lin worked hard to become fully healthy again (this time with some competent training regimen), and we were all looking forward to next season. I have no doubt he'll be better than ever (if given the opportunity), but once again - that opportunity seems to be taken away or prevented. I really don't have any optimism for any teams, as they'll most likely use Lin for his veteran leadership and mentoring abilites. Let's get to the truth of the matter - Jeremy Lin is a bona fide starter and a difference-maker to any team (you don't have to put up overwhelming numbers to win). He's the consummate team player, and he has to consistently put up with unscrupulous politics to even see the light of day.

Jeremy Lin's attitude about it and his unwavering faith or uncompromising beliefs is what makes him an inspiration. Asian-Americans in any industry have it much more difficult to achieve a certain level or status because of the continuing prejudices and discrimination. However, this should only fuel us to become even better and more empowering - not the other way around. Never cower - always be proud and sock it to 'em. I'll only follow a team if they truly or genuinely have Lin's interests in mind or support him, but that is not the case. There is always that hidden agenda, but keep the faith Lin! We'll follow you wherever you go, and support your future endeavors...

Jeremy Lin's vlogs are a breathe of fresh air, and we hope he can keep it up (whenever he can). Jeremy is certainly gettin' better and stronger than ever, and the new season can't arrive soon enough. I do agree that he should look for his shot more, and not defer too much. But we know that Jeremy is the consummate team player, and a winner / difference-maker for sure. He's all about getting teammates involved, and understandably so.

Jeremy Lin has begun his Asia tour - in Taipei. As usual, mobs of fans greeted J-Lin at the airport. However, I heard he's cutting it short this year to focus on preparing for next season. Although fully recovered, he has yet to participate in contact drills and I'm sure Lin wants to polish off a few more things to be absolutely ready.

So I hear he enjoyed a good BBQ as well heheh.

Jeremy Lin knows it all too well, it's been his life story. His recent testimony or interview with Ronny Chieng highlights or shows how racial stereotyping is commonplace with Asians. In this case, ignorant or racist folks think 'they' can beat Lin on a one-on-one because he isn't perceived to be athletic because of his race. It's been the story of his life, which makes his documentary and life story all the greater.

When it comes to video games or e-sports however, now that's a different ballgame. I'd consider taking him on in a friendly competition for some prize money haha.

J-Lin making the rounds - first with a magazine, now with an investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. They're still around? Not that I have any interest in that industry.

I thought this was cool, Jeremy Lin being on the cover of the magazine (for those who are multi-lingual):


I said it before, and I'll say it again. You can't really beat in terms of cuteness Jeremy's nephew (well, except maybe for mine). Uncle Jeremy havin' fun again:


04/22: The Super Lin Bros Re-Unite For The SBL Finals...
I wish I could watch the SBL Finals myself - a Jeremy Lin fan has gotta support his brother too. I'm sure there'll be clips or highlights recorded somewhere. Good luck to Joseph and the Fubon Braves! Call them the Super Lin Bros or the Lin World Order, they gotta be the whole F'n show! muhaha.

There's nothing more important than family bonding, especially watching and supporting a sibling.

The season has ended, but I'm in no position to write up a recap since I did not really follow this season. But I heard there were some nice surprises and developments, certainly keepers. Keep 'em or dump 'em anyone? heheh.

One thing is for sure - Jeremy Lin is back and looks better than ever! His rehab with Fortius was a definite success, and it was a good call that he decided to work with them up in the remote city of Vancouver. However, Lin is not done completely yet. And so the return begins.

According to Jeremy Lin's social media, he appears to be finished rehabbing in Vancouver with Fortius. And apparently, it's been a success. From the few stills and vids I've seen, J-Lin looks and moves like he's in full health and better than ever. But I'm certain he's not done yet.

Next season cannot come any sooner, and we are all looking forward to it. There has been a rash of injuries around the league, and there are a lot of things to blame for that (the shortened pre-season among others). As far as the Nets are concerned, most would point their fingers at the performance / training team.

I wonder what Jay Chou did or said (if not just from the hashtags) to incite Jeremy Lin. In his instragram, he posted a video of him draining three's like it was nothin' - and striking various dance poses and such muhaha.


Certainly, one of Jeremy Lin's admirable qualities is giving the benefit of the doubt or taking the high road in the face of controversy or adversity. But Lin is certainly going to speak up when there is obvious injustice or racism. As Asian-Americans, we all should. Change might not be guaranteed or might not happen right away, but at least we need to spread awareness in order to initiate change.

I look forward to some words of wisdom from Jeremy Lin's "Monday Motivations". There's a lot we can all learn from or take away.

It's not exactly a journal entry, but it could be one. Jeremy Lin updated his facebook page with some advice for the New Year - do not run away from adversity or obstacles but confront them head on so you can overcome or beat them. Very good advice. We all have our adversities and obstacles that hinder progress. But it's a matter of just looking ahead and fighting the good fight. For J-Lin, it's been his season-ending injury but it's comforting to hear that he's coming along just fine in his rehab. Fortunately, it's with a new rehab program (can't really trust what didn't work).

I haven't followed any basketball since the beginning of the season, but I heard the Nets are doing alright so far. It seems Din-sanity is becoming a thing - glad that Dinwiddie has progressed well (I initially thought he was a 'din'-wit). Is Lin going to be out of a job? heh (he shouldn't settle for anything less when he returns however). I really don't know nor can speculate what the future holds for Jeremy Lin. But as long as Lin is happy and knows or prepares for what lies ahead, then as fans we can only take it one day at a time.


11/19: Absolutely Devastated...
I am in absolute disbelief and shock as well that this has to happen to Jeremy Lin, especially on the first day of a new season (another player I heard suffered a similar fate). I can imagine none more so devastated than Jeremy himself as well as his family. It is tragic that Lin's season is already over as he'll need surgery to repair a ruptured patella in his knee. As fans, we were all excited for Lin and the prospects of a successful season for the Nets. It can be quite depressing when you really have to think about this. But Jeremy Lin has faced adversity and obstacles worse than this (in the form of racism and other hindrances), and he has overcome them through his never-changing and uncompromising faith in God; as well as an optimistic outlook in life.

I do not want to speculate what Lin's future has in store, or what this means to his career. Players returning from surgery are often not their same selves however. Lin would want us to continue to root for the Nets. I believe the team can still make some noise and pull a few surprises; that is, if they take defense seriously and play as a team. They have youth on their side at least, and the organization seemed wise to build for the future in retrospect.

Jeremy Lin always played hard on both ends of the floor, often times putting more energy on the defensive end. Over the years, the wear and tear could have had an effect (and/or it could be the performance team that is doing something not right - as Lin has been durable prior). As fans, we wish that Lin could have been in a 'self-preservation' mode focusing mostly on offense. But that's not Lin - he'll give you his all on both ends anyway. The pounding and abuse (various flagrants that were not called) also contributed to the wear and tear on his body. I personally wished that Lin had spoken up about the non-calls and the biased officiating publicly, but that's not his way. He has been a consummate professional and a model leader in every sense of the word.

More thoughts at another time. Words just cannot begin to express...

10/19: Absolutely Devastated...
I am in absolute disbelief and shock as well that this has to happen to Jeremy Lin, especially on the first day of a new season (another player I heard suffered a similar fate). I can imagine none more so devastated than Jeremy himself as well as his family. It is tragic that Lin's season is already over as he'll need surgery to repair a ruptured patella in his knee. As fans, we were all excited for Lin and the prospects of a successful season for the Nets. It can be quite depressing when you really have to think about this. But Jeremy Lin has faced adversity and obstacles worse than this (in the form of racism and other hindrances), and he has overcome them through his never-changing and uncompromising faith in God; as well as an optimistic outlook in life.

I do not want to speculate what Lin's future has in store, or what this means to his career. Players returning from surgery are often not their same selves however. Lin would want us to continue to root for the Nets. I believe the team can still make some noise and pull a few surprises; that is, if they take defense seriously and play as a team. They have youth on their side at least, and the organization seemed wise to build for the future in retrospect.

Jeremy Lin always played hard on both ends of the floor, often times putting more energy on the defensive end. Over the years, the wear and tear could have had an effect (and/or it could be the performance team that is doing something not right - as Lin has been durable prior). As fans, we wish that Lin could have been in a 'self-preservation' mode focusing mostly on offense. But that's not Lin - he'll give you his all on both ends anyway. The pounding and abuse (various flagrants that were not called) also contributed to the wear and tear on his body. I personally wished that Lin had spoken up about the non-calls and the biased officiating publicly, but that's not his way. He has been a consummate professional and a model leader in every sense of the word.

More thoughts at another time. Words just cannot begin to express...

10/12: Pre-Season Assessment
Fortunately, Jeremy Lin did not go all out (to preserve health). And it appeared as if Lin was content on just organizing and letting his teammates get into the groove of things. I certainly would not put much stock into the pre-season, since it is meaningless and it is a time for experimentation. I have no doubt we are going to see a more assertive Jeremy Lin once the regular season begins. The team is going to need a healthy Lin with an assertive mindset.

I have to admit I have my doubts and skepticism about D'Al - whether he is a team player or not. The pre-season has shown that he's only playing a two or three man game, and it doesn't seem that the ball is moving nor is Jeremy Lin getting a lot of touches. In order to rectify this, Jeremy Lin needs to be the de facto Point Guard most of the time (we already know that he is the de facto leader for now). I could even imagine D'Al becoming a toxic player if he doesn't get his way. There's no doubt that the Nets need his scoring ability for sure, and he'll most likely end up being the high scorer most of the time. But for god's sakes, at least allow Jeremy Lin to flourish by putting the ball in his hands. Atkinson's actions during the regular season is going to be telling exactly what plays out.

The refs have essentially become obsolete and useless in my opinion - because proper calls are not being made, bogus and bigoted / non-calls continue to happen to Jeremy Lin, and games are sometimes fixed. I have a novel idea - get rid of the refs altogether and replace them with bots that can do a better job than them.

10/04: The Evolution of Hair...
Jeremy Lin talked about in a recent article about his ever-changing hairstyle throughout his career, and what differing opinions about them. I say to everyone - let Jeremy be Jeremy. The most important thing is that he is happy with it (although we might poke fun at times light-heartedly), and he should not give a rat's ass at all about what other's think. Because everything is just a matter of taste and opinion. As the saying goes, to each their own. The article is linked below:


Jeremy Lin's journey has been more difficult than anybody else in sports, mostly because he is the only Asian-American athlete in the league (and he has experienced a lot injustices because of that). To this day, he still does not receive fair and partial assessment from the common masses.

The pre-season is meaningless, and it's just a way to experiment with what what works and not. It is also for players to get back in game shape. Hopefully, Crabbe and LeVert can recover well from their sprains but no rush.

Jeremy Lin has always led by example, and we all know that he is a game-changer even if he does not look for his shot or if he does not have the ball. He'll affect the game in other ways. He should be the de facto leader on the team at least for this season. As for the future, that's a wait and see. We just hope he'll also be the point guard most of the time if not all.

09/24: Preparing For The '17-'18 Season
Where has the time gone? After J-Lin finished his Asian tour, my attention turned elsewhere of course. Now and then, I would check on Lin's website and social media. But it hasn't been active nor has he updated anything basketball-related (including updating his journal). Well, it's nice to see J-Lin spending time with his nephew (no longer helium cheeks heh). I have no doubt that he has been working out and preparing for the new season.

Training camp and pre-season is just around the corner, and I'm sure J-Lin is excited and anxious to play and develop chemistry with his new teammates. Although the Nets have not been as active in FA as most would have liked, they did make moves that improved the team in a seemingly cunning and surreptitious way.

I'm tempering my expectations for the Nets as well, but they are capable of winning 30+ games and contend for the playoffs - it'll all depend on long-term health as well as maturation and development of certain players. There can be no egos on the team (which is self-destructive), since there are some concerns with a certain player. I said it before and I'll say it again - Jeremy Lin is a sure-fire starter who is capable of All-Star level play (as he was never given free reigns to do so in the past).

Nonetheless, playing within the system requires sacrifices, and J-Lin has shown he has done that for the sake of the team and winning. Right now, just stay healthy!

07/25: Let's Get 'Crabbe-y'
So the Nets traded for Allen Crabbe, the RFA they were after before the '16-'17 season. It's a fresh start for the guy, and hopefully he'll thrive in the motion offense system. With further additions of Carroll and now Crabbe, they now have a starting lineup that can play fast and shoot well. The Nets still could use another rim protector or rebounder in the front line.

The starting five of Lin, (Russell or Levert), Crabbe, Carroll, Mozgov has potential. The important element is to develop good chemistry, and stay healthy.

Other than that, it's been uneventful except to keep up with Jeremy Lin's Asia tour in Taiwan.

It's good to see Jeremy Lin with his teammates watching some Summer League as well as putting in some workouts. I don't think the Nets are finished with FA yet, as certainly they have other needs to fill. We just don't know what is going on behind the scenes.

J-Lin has his Asia tour this month, and there'll be some worthwhile updates on that.

The Nets were able to acquire DeMarre Carroll and some picks in a recent trade. Don't know much about the guy, but I heard at least he can defend and play the motion offense well. Hopefully, he'll be up to full speed and health by next season. I think he'll complement Lin and the starters well.

At least for next season, the Nets need to complement their young, perhaps ego-driven kids with some saavy, mature veterans. Lin alone would not be enough, albeit he has done wonders without getting much credit. For next season, Lin is for sure their unquestioned leader - and if the Russell kid doesn't respond well, I could see the Brook Lopez trade backfire on the Nets drastically. And if Lin leaves, we can just look back and laugh. However, if that guy matures and develops under the tutelage of Atkinson or Lin, the Nets might have found a diamond in the rough for their future.

Like any objective fan, definitely stay away from over-zealous and often inaccurate sites.

With free agency just beginning, are the Nets going to put all their eggs in one basket for RFA's again? We know how that turned out. We know that they still have a pressing need in the front court, and perhaps they can find a viable option at the right price. Right now, it's been quiet and uneventful. But who knows what is going on behind the scenes.

We already know that Lin is a starting-caliber guard, and anything less would be unacceptable - particularly on a rebuilding team. Can the Lin-Russell backcourt work? Lin is looking forward to working with and mentoring the young guard. But the question is - is Russell mature enough to be receptive, and can he share the ball?

It would've been cool to have seen Redick in the starting lineup with Lin, but it wasn't meant to be. Good luck to the guy.

We can talk about Lin's future at another time, but for now - it's possible that the Nets can definitely win more games next season even if they stand pat.

06/23: And the Nets Select...
Jarrett Allen - looks like Sheed and sounds like Lin, I think Lin and Jarrett should give each other hair advice at some point muhaha. For sure, the youth movement is on with the Nets. Jarrett is young, versatile and has mad vertical from what I hear. He just needs to add a bit more weight. Nonetheless, he should be mobile enough to get on the opposition's asses. The kid is hella young, and he'll have to go through some growing pains no doubt. It'll be interesting to see how the Lin-Allen pairing can work out. It'll also be interesting to see how the Lin-Russell-LeVert dynamics work out.

The Nets need to bolster their front court a bit more via free agency. But we'll see what happens when FA begins.

I stand corrected - Lin's Asia Tour begins next month!

I'm reserving judgment on the trade until next season begins. My initial reaction was also a 'WTF', and it has the Nets going in a new or different direction written all over it. By trading Brook Lopez, we won't see the Brook-Lin we had hoped for a full season. And does that also mean that Jeremy Lin is not in the plans either? For now, Jeremy Lin is still the leader and the bona fide starting PG. But things can change in a heartbeat, and it'll be important for Jeremy Lin to stay healthy. We have seen a glimpse of his prowess and leadership last season, it's time to unleash Lin to his full potential (with him working on a few more things that'll alleviate the pressure or need to drive all the time).

I heard about the 'attitude problem' and 'selfishness' of these types of players, but we'll find out if a change of environment would develop or change Russell. I personally wouldn't give a shit either way, we can only support and root for Jeremy Lin and his future.

I've been away since the season ended. So what's Jeremy Lin been up to? He's currently on his Asia Tour so I hear. He also has been vacationing and visiting his nephew (well, I could argue that my nephew is cuter but he doesn't have 'helium cheeks' heh).

Through all this, he finds time for his fans. He'll have his 'Fan Appreciation Day' at some point in the summer, but now he's starting up 'Mail Call' - responding to fan mail and sending gifts in return. What a classy guy.

Jeremy Lin revealed quite a few things in a podcast with Randy Foye. We might not like Foye as a player, but he seems to have gotten along well with Lin. The racial taunting during his collegiate years was something already known if you watched "Linsanity". But certainly not to the specifics of it. There are definitely areas in this country that are just going to be ignorant and racist. They are probably incapable of changing or being otherwise.

Til this day, I'm sure he still receives unfair treatment (cough refs cough). But with more knowledge and awareness, at least the situation is not like what it was before.

The only thing that is relevant or important to me is what Jeremy Lin spoke about after his exit interview: "I know exactly what they're thinking. They know exactly what I'm thinking. They want me to have the ball in my hands...". With all the questions and uncertainties, this is somewhat comforting but certainly nothing is guaranteed. Although Lin trusts Marks/Atkinson in what they are doing, we should as well although it is understandable that there are reservations.

I never click on irrelevant or bad articles.

With that said, let's enjoy the off-season and continue to support J-Lin and his endeavors.

With the season over, the tenured players deserve a break from the rigors of the season and certainly Jeremy Lin deserves it. Despite his injuries (which the performance team could be partly blamed for), Jeremy Lin has shown that he is a bona fide starting PG who can play off-the-ball as well (and capable of putting up All-Star numbers if he's allowed to that is). He has also shown that he is a natural leader and team player (which has always been evident).

There are certainly questions and uncertainties about Lin's future. Nonetheless, Jeremy is already looking forward to next season with the intention of becoming even better and at 100% health. Hopefully, he'll get to play more than 30+ minutes with no restrictions and continue to be the lead starting guard with the ball in his hands (when it permits). Anything else would be unacceptable and a waste. I have no problems dumping the Nets if they have an ulterior agenda, but you have to at least give credit to Kenny for recruiting Lin and letting him start. The 'motion offense system' idea must have been a collaborative agenda between Atkinson and the organization.

I believe Jeremy Lin is going to continue to solidify his credentials as a legit starting PG next season, with even a bigger year. He'll have to stay healthy for an entire season for that, and he's definitely aware of it. If anything, any further long-term injuries can possibly damage his career if not out-right derail it.

What new players are the Nets going to bring? That'll be intriguing as FA nears, and hopefully the organization would be wise to actually utilize 'Brook-Lin'; and surround them with high-character and unselfish players who can make a difference. In the meantime, I'll check in once in awhile to see what Lin is up to. He'll have his usual Asia trip at some point.

The Nets won their final home game and while J-Lin did not have a particularly sharp shooting game, others did step up. And that's certainly important going forward in the future, because it definitely is a team effort. We know that Jeremy Lin is valuable in terms of what he brings on both ends of the floor, and he's always going to play hard. That's why it was quite unfortunate that he was out for the most of the season with the hamstring injury, because things might have been vastly different.

But there were other uncertainties early in the season. The players had to develop chemistry as some are developing nicely now, and had to buy into Jeremy as an undisputed leader of the team. Of course, players are going to try to get their own within the generous system. But when J-Lin went down, the team seemed to be in full development mode. We did not agree with that at all, not at the expense of winning some winnable games.

March has been considered a successful month with the return of J-Lin. And Lin is certainly looking forward to next season. While he's still not even at 100% nor playing full time minutes yet, hopefully that he is going to be by next season. I'm quite happy that Lin is balancing his game with jumpers as opposed to always driving. That can take its toll on the body, and it'll certainly conserve his body. Of course, getting to the rim is what Lin still excels at.

We shall see what the future holds for Lin but from this past month alone, it seems that things are looking bright if the Nets can surround Lin and Lopez with more rebounding and defense. There are quite a few keepers here on the roster, and I should do a final review for the off-season.

Public awareness is crucial in continuing to spread the word about crooked reffing against Lin. But it seems that not much has been made of the recent travesties or non-calls, because it's the end of the season and the Nets have been out of contention since the beginning of the year.

The Nets definitely have something to look forward to next season if they can finish this season well and with momentum. The Lin-Lopez connection is proving to be potent and certainly developing, and it would be wise to invest in that and to continue to work on it. There are going to be rumors and such whether that is going to be part of the future or not, but we can only wait and see. But we believe that it is always wise anyway investing in a difference-maker like Jeremy Lin. But it's up to the organization.

Lin was in a shooting slump, but who doesn't. But he certainly contributes in other ways by continuously playing hard on both ends of the floor. When a player's shooting suffers, it's usually the case that their entire game suffers. But that is usually not the case with Jeremy Lin. He does the intangibles, as well as being efficient in other areas.

I certainly could imagine some of the current roster having a future with the Nets. The Nets are going to need to add more players that can rebound/defend, as well as a rim protector. But with "Brook-Lin", we're beginning to see something exciting and finally some tangible results.

A lot of us fans follow Jeremy Lin not just for his talent and work ethic on the court, but also his high-character and beliefs which has allowed him to thrive and perservere in the face of adversity and opposition (which still exists today). With that said, it is very noteworthy of J-Lin starting up "One Day's Wages"; donating to the unfortunate and the un-empowered. Lin knows that himself first-hand. I definitely would recommend going to his Facebook and checking out the site.

Lin also has his Foundation, and the goodies he gives out quarterly. I wonder if that is still continuing.

Lin's minute restrictions be damned. I agree that it was one of Atkinson's biggest blunders or mistakes of not inserting Lin back in early enough. I've questioned the motion offense system's effectiveness with developing players, and the Nets have proven that it is not that effective at all with these guys. We've said it time and again that adjustments and counter-play have to be made and executed well, and obviously there is a still a steep learning curve for the rookie coach. I have to hand it to Kenny though, he seems to be a player's coach. He'll give minutes and opportunities to every player - competent or not. But overall, I can't second guess the relationship between Atkinson and Lin. On the court, they'll have to figure it out how to work together to both win and develop Kenny's so-called favorites.

Back-to-back games be damned. Jeremy usually shines through in the fourth. And despite fatigue and bad reffing, Lin is at his best in the fourth anyway. I'll reserve judgment of what the organization's ultimate intentions are. Is Jeremy Lin truly part of their future? If not, then so be it. If there is any glimmer of hope or resurgance for this organization, they'll let Jeremy and Brook play their game next season while surrounding them with more talent. And some of the Nets are developing nicely. I certainly like th 3 L's with a side of Acy. RHJ had a nice but brief rapport with Lin, but that lasted only one game, so far. We've all been critical of all these young players at some point. We'll see what happens at the end of the season.

I think fans should have figured out by now that a lot of the awful refs probably are union members with the mafia to target Jeremy Lin heh. Non-calls be damned.

With the season almost over, it remains to be seen whether the minutes restriction is going to be lifted at all. Or if Jeremy can play a few games over 30 minutes. But with the minutes he's been given so far, he's been outstanding on both ends of the floor. But there is only so much he can do by himself. It's good to see that the team is at least competing and playing hard. That's the basic foundation in building the right culture. But are some of these players the right fit or not?

The Nets have glaring weaknesses to address in the off-season, and the top priority should be to address their defense and rebounding woes. If the Nets can surround Lin and Lopez with some defensive-minded players or players who are known for intangibles and can rebound, that's a start. Of course, surrounding them with more consistent shooters or scorers always helps as well. Finally, the Nets' backcourt development is also critical.

There are some players on this team that are certainly keepers. Perhaps most of them, but certainly not all of them. After the season is over, I'll probably assess who should be the keepers and who should be the goners. Another issue that should get more scrutiny next season is the coaching system; are there going to be more set plays for Lin and Lopez? (as in PnR's, etc). Are there going to be adjustments accordingly depending on what the opposing team does?

Right now, the players' health should be a priority; especially with Kilpatrick suffering a hamstring injury recently. The Nets have been plagued with injuries, and have been without Lin for most of the season. With a healthy Lin, things could have been different. Unfortunately, injuries derail a team's plans and they have to make do with what they have. Here's to everyone staying healthy for next season.

On a lighter note, Jeremy Lin had another cameo on "Fresh Off The Boat" episode titled "The Flush". One of the funniest ones yet.

Although Jeremy Lin is still on minutes restriction (albeit increasing slowly), he has started to find his groove again. We'd all like to see the restriction lifted already, and personally I think he's ready to play more minutes. I'm sure he feels fine as well, and there is no reason not to. But the season is almost over anyway, and the overly-cautious approach would be to not risk it albeit not necessarily.

I was hoping to write a more optimistic blog about a Nets resurgence or renewal. However, it is disconcerting to find out that Jeremy Lin is still not getting the ball nor controlling the ball for long stretches (what else is new). As the awful record indicates, some of the players have not proven anything other than just playing for themselves and not passing back. I would blame the coach for not holding everyone accountable but as their saying goes, it is a developmental year and they are not in it to win. If that's the case, it's easy to assume or believe they are using Jeremy to teach or mentor some of these guys who may never pan out.

Until Jeremy says otherwise, we still have to support him and the team as fans. We know there were a lot of winnable games if Jeremy just had the ball more, or if adjustments were made. So I hear the motion offense can be tweaked or adjusted a bit, as well as providing screens to J-Lin; which hasn't been the case this year. I think it would be fairer to make an assessment when the season is officially over to actually say who should be gone or who should be kept.

Often times, we forget that this is about building a new culture and experimenting or developing. But it should never be at the expense of winning. Establishing a winning mindset and attitude is just as important. It begs to question that if the Nets can't win even the winnable games (or lose a lead because of selfish plays), are they really developing or improving? A winning attitude consists of playing hard every night on both ends of the floor, and learning from their mistakes. Some guys might never get it.

Congrats to the Nets for a gutsy win as it was a collective effort from the team. When Jeremy Lin's shot was not falling or unjustly not getting the calls, the others stepped up. But it was time for J-Lin to step up in the second half (in particular the fourth), and that's what J-Lin is all about; coming through when it matters the most. He hit timely shots reminiscent of the game winner against the Raptors during the height of Linsanity. I think the "Shhhh" moment ranks up there now muhaha.

Kilpatrick. I'm not sure what happened to him, as it seemed he disappeared for awhile ever since that 30+ explosion. It's a good thing he came through though. This was a team win for sure though.

Jeremy Lin getting hacked and wacked without much calls. This has been a complete travesty throughout his career, and all I could say to fans; keep fightin' the fight. Compile another video if you have to. I hope Jeremy can speak up about it as well. In particular with J-Lin, his health is at stake when he's getting bruised and battered without any repercussions. But J-Lin manages to shine through amidst the opposition, and some racially motivated calls or non-calls.

The futility is over for now. Hallelujah! heheh. The Nets snapped their losing skid for their 10th win, and 10K career points for Brook Lopez so I hear. It's a nice achievement for sure but unfortunately, winning has been hard to come by if at all. And that makes it more difficult to enjoy. We're hoping the partnership of Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez can work out for the rest of the season, and that we can see more of the PnR or plays between them. Last night sure looked good. Although there might be better PnR partners for Lin in terms of setting good screens and rolling well, I don't think you can replace Lopez easily for what he is worth when it comes to other things such as scoring.

It's good to see Jeremy Lin regaining his form, as he performed well and had an efficient night in limited minutes. As much as we want to see Lin play a lot, slowly building him up is crucial and essential for Lin to remain healthy. And I also liked Lin's somewhat cautious approach as well. He'll need to continue to strengthen and workout those muscles so they remain loose and tight-free.

The Nets defended well, and hopefully they can keep that up. Now they have to work on turnovers and taking care of the ball. If they can do that, the Nets might eke out a few more wins or even surpass their worst franchise record.

Jeremy Lin is on minutes restriction again (less than 20 minutes). With that said, Lin knows he needs to condition himself back into game shape in order to be effective. That is priority, as well as staying healthy for the rest of the season and re-establishing chemistry with his teammates. I have no doubt that some players have already developed some bad habits in doing too much when they shouldn't. But on a team such as this where wins doesn't seem possible anymore, it seems to be every man for himself. I have doubted and questioned the coach as well as the organization's motives at times, but it seems that not much can be done with a roster such as this. It's easy to forget about them if Lin leaves, or if he is not part of their future. After all, irrelevancies are common these days.

At this point, I'm a bit more reasonable than the die-hard Lin fan. Although I definitely want Lin to play more minutes and have the ball in his hands more, he's been out for months and is not in game shape. Also, the system restricts Lin fully of what he is capable of. I suppose that is a good thing if the personnel is right, and the players buy into it (as well as the coach holding everyone accountable for not passing or some other 'transgression'). But unfortunately, that has not been the case.

Can the pair of Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin work? We all had high hopes that it would, and it would be formidable. Yet, it was shelved or PnR sets have been few and far between if at all. If there is any more experimenting to be done, there should be more plays for 'Brook-Lin'. Any team worth anything should always strive to win no matter the situation is or the intentions. Otherwise, why not send this group to the collegiate level and see if they can win there? Jeremy Lin is right about establishing a winning mindset. He has certainly made the odds better of winning, but he needs to get back into game shape and remain healthy. Can the Nets at least win one more game this season?

02/23: Trade Deadline Come and Gone...
The Nets made moves and they were able to pry a first round pick. Well, at least they have a pick now heh. We'll see whether the newest additions of Nicholson and McDaniels can develop and play well.

I'm glad to hear that we'll actually get to see some 'Brook-Lin' in action finally. There should be no more experimenting in this last leg of the season. The Nets should try to win as many games as possible (if at all), and establish a good group for next season. Although there are no expectations to win a lot, it'll be intriguing on how competitive this team can get by the end of the season and into next.

Congrats to Jeremy (and his family) on being a new uncle!

I'm glad to hear that Jeremy Lin has started practicing, and plans to return within ten days or so. We all pray that he can finish the season well and without another setback. This season is certainly lost and can be considered over, but that doesn't mean to stop being competitive or playing not to win. For the Nets, they are truly in a developing mode and can only look forward to next season.

By season's end, the question is going to be asked; who are the keepers and who are the goners? I suspect most of these guys should be goners. Lin and Lopez need to be surrounded by defensive-minded players as well as hard-working and good-character players. The Nets are going to need rim protectors as well as more viable PG options to take the load off of Lin.

Without Jeremy Lin on the court, it has been a devastating season. But at least the Nets are building the right culture, and that can usually lead to a 'b'-right future.

Proper conditioning, rest and muscle training might be another issue to resolve for Jeremy Lin in the off-season so that he does not get injured again like this.

According to Jeremy Lin's facebook page as well as a statement from the Nets GM, Jeremy Lin suffered a setback with his rehabbing and is going to be sidelined for another few weeks or so. As fans, we're thinking to ourselves; what the hell is happening - Is Jeremy being over-trained and over-worked? Lin never had hamstring injuries until this year. Should the performance team be blamed (by now, it seems common knowledge of the history of injuries to the Nets' PGs). Or should Jeremy change his game a bit? It could be a combination of many things, but perhaps over-training or over-rehabbing might have exacerbated things.

One thing has been quite obvious to the astute and knowledgeable observer - this year's Nets team does not have the personnel to win - with or without Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin's presence on the court and on the sidelines has made a difference, and has made the team much more competitive and stable. He just doesn't have the help he needs on both ends of the floor. End of story.

The question now is, can Jeremy return before the end of the season? We can sympathize with Jeremy, but he knows and we all should know that things could have been worse. And there are those who have suffered or are suffering even more in this world, such as the passing of Ava. There's definitely more to life than just being a fan, such as Lin's well-being. We hope that that he'll return in time at least for the last leg of the season if not earlier.

01/22: Give Me Two L's With A Side Of Acy...
The Two L's - that's Lin and Levert. I think that would certainly be a formidable duo, since Caris Levert is slowly but surely finding his groove and living up to his potential. The inexperience is still there but in time, it'll be exciting to watch Levert at work. We all know what Jeremy Lin could bring to the table, and we wish him a healthy return with no setbacks when he does come back to the court. We do not want another injury and whether it's the incompetence of the performance team or whatnot, it doesn't really help dwelling on it. Jeremy should also find a way to keep playing his game, but also conserving his body and energy. Hopefully, more of a mid-range game such as floaters and jumpers.

Quincy Acy seems to be a nice pick-up. I think he'll fit in well with Brook to form a nice front court, but the Nets obviously need more bolstering or overhaul to find defensive-minded players who can rebound and defend. Perhaps keep Joe Harris also since he's a shooting specialist, and everyone else is expendable. The backup PG position is still iffy. Perhaps by season's end, one of the guys has developed enough for a regular rotation spot next season.

Did the Nets finally win a game? I was certainly away from anything basketball-related, as if in a deep slumber. Now wake me up when Jeremy Lin returns heh.

In other trivial or inane observation, I guess that 'super team' is not so 'super' muhaha.


I'm in shock as well that Jeremy Lin re-aggravated or re-injured his hamstring just when he was getting back into his groove. Although J-Lin had returned to full health, I did hear that hamstring injuries can happen again. There's nobody more frustrated or disappointed than Jeremy Lin, because you know he always wants to be out there playing hard and helping the team win. And Lin was just starting to turn things around as well, despite chemistry and experience issues with other teammates. He notched a near triple-double a few games ago and last night against the Hornets, Lin was well on his way to 25+ point game until he had to leave.

I'm glad to hear that the 'grit' returned for another game, and it was just enough to eke out a win against the Hornets. Kudos to Foye for the game winner.

Once again, the Nets are going to be without Lin for awhile; hopefully not as long as last time. Despite a lot of questions and concerns pertaining to the current Nets players, can they still play together and play hard? I wouldn't mind getting rid of one or two of them. But honestly, they have a lot of holes and concerns to address before any real kind of development can take place.

Also, should J-Lin tweak his game so as to prevent future injuries like this? He might need to slow it down a bit, and develop more of a mid-range game. As fans, we love his style and it works. But it can also be extremely taxing on the legs, which is why this can happen. Or, blame the performance team? heh. I say let Jeremy Lin continue to play his game, but he'll figure out what to do to prevent any future reoccurrences or other injuries.

Outside of Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez (who are the only certainties), there are just a lot of skepticism right now about whether the Nets players can actually be developed at all. And certainly a lot of skepticism on the motion offense system, which seems broken with these guys. But the biggest issue right now is that there is no defense, and no heart. And certain players are developing bad habits of playing selfish basketball that is detrimental to the team-first concept.

Jeremy Lin just returned from injury, and he's probably only one of a few playing any real defense and hustling. Hey coach, J-Lin's assist rates would go up if you could just ask the other guys to make baskets or shots. Or at least hold everyone accountable as far as making effort on defending and passing is concerned. At the end of the season, the minute restrictions and the wacky rotations might keep everyone ivory fresh, but will they actually improve or develop? It doesn't seem like it at this point.

The Nets need to bolster their front court for defending and rebounding unfortunately. And until Caris Lavert (who'll I give a pass to because we haven't seen enough of him yet) has gotten into his groove, their backcourt is going to remain shaky as well. I'll say it again - Jeremy Lin can't do it all by himself. Nobody can. He has sacrificed his shots to get his team more involved (hopefully not at the expense of annoying Kenny). I also agree that Jeremy should look for his shot more, but he's still on a minute restrictions and need to abide by the motion offense system unfortunately.

What FA would want to sign with the Nets if they can't develop a promising culture this year? It's still early, and we hope that we're proved wrong. I can't blame fans for questioning why Lin signed up for this (unless there is another hidden agenda - what else is new - that we don't know about). But until he says otherwise, we just have to continue to support Lin and the Nets.

12/13: Welcome Back, Jeremy!
Jeremy Lin made his return last night, and his presence was certainly felt as there was more cohesion and competitiveness. The Nets nearly pulled off the win. Anyway, give Jeremy more minutes and they could have won (w/o the usual awful reffing as well). I suppose he'll be eased into eventually playing more minutes as Jeremy regains his conditioning and is in game-shape again.

With that said, it's like the season is starting over again. The most important thing is Lin's health, so hopefully he'll still be able to maintain his level of play while being careful on the court.

It's definitely good to hear that Jeremy has begun to practice again. It's been quite awhile (and much longer than anyone thought it would be), and this has certainly taken its toll on fans. It might take time for J-Lin's conditioning and form to return to what it was, but he's been known to be resilient in any situation. And I have no doubt he is going to bounce back right away.

So what do I make of all this? Were the Nets being overly and unnecessarily too cautious, or did they have another agenda in mind? I tend to not think about it too much, or else it would drive a fan to think negatively. Anything is still possible at this point, but the optimist and the objective observer would say that the organization just did not want to rush Lin back. We all know what Lin brings to a team, and to lose Lin for a good part of the season would be devastating. I personally feel that the Nets were too cautious, but it is what it is. And they should have communicated Lin's status more concretely.

Well, it still might be awhile before Lin steps into his first game. But at least there is a semblance of progress for now.

11/30: The Grit Is Back For One Game, 'Skil For The 'Kil'
Sean Kilpatrick certainly nailed it as far as giving a hefty lift for the win, which snapped the Nets' embarrassing losing skid. In the end, the team played hard and did not falter in the third quarter….for once. Right now, individual performances are fine but not at the expense of winning. With that said, players need minutes to perform in some ways, and sometimes you have to go with the hot hand when a game is winnable. Otherwise, who in their right minds would want to persevere through losses that's been non-competitive and lackadaisical?

The most important question is: when is Jeremy Lin going to return? It's as if the organization is prolonging this nonsense, but if it's to ensure that he's 100% healthy, then so be it.

I myself have been very skeptical of this "no timetable" caution or mandate. I thought perhaps Jeremy Lin could possibly miss the rest of the year, but hopefully not. There hasn't been any news on the severity of his hamstring injury, other than certainly it was more serious than originally thought. But we all want Jeremy to return at 100%, and to use caution when playing his game. This is why the Nets need another playmaker, to take the load off of Jeremy's shoulders but he can't do it all by himself.

With that said, it'll be exciting times if and when Caris Levert can return at 100% and pans out. But his injury required surgery, which is usually a tricky thing. Until the team can take defending seriously, I don't think or believe that defensive intensity can be developed or taught. It is either up to the player to be motivated, or acquire players that have that mindset first.

From Jeremy and the Nets, Happy Thanksgiving!

The Nets finally won a road game, and they can build from there. Jeremy Lin is happy to see the team play team-basketball, and to see players develop and improve. His involvement even in giving guidance to young players is a huge asset to the team. We all wish him a quick recovery. When the Nets are completely healthy and the chemistry continue to develop, there is bound to be further surprises and good results.

But certainly the Nets have their work cut out for sure. They still tend to fall apart in the third quarter when they have a lead, and tend to give up too quick defensively when their shots are not falling. Then again, the purpose might be different for this young team. I could understand in a way why Coach Atkinson pulls the plug early sometimes.

The Nets should have won two more games, but because of injuries, playing back-to-backs and other unfamiliarity with each other is certainly were factors.

If the Nets can continue to play well and continue to play hard, think of how much stronger they'll be when Jeremy Lin returns. Jeremy has been a good mentor and an 'assistant coach' so far, but it'll be imperative that he gets proper treatment and rest so that he'll fully heal and be at 100% when J-Lin does return.

Both IW and RHJ still need more developing and experience, but as long as they don't develop an ego, they can be part of the Net's future but remain expendable. Who should be the keepers? I've been happy with almost everyone else.

Can the Nets eke out a win or two during the two weeks or so that Jeremy Lin is going to be out with the hamstring injury? It's certainly possible, and definitely more. But it'll be that much more difficult for sure. In order to compete, they'll have to figure out how to maintain a level of defensive intensity for all four quartes; especially when their shots are not falling, or the 3-ball is not working. For now, Jeremy Lin can only mentor and advise the young, and upcoming players. But some just need more developing and experience. The game last night against the Hornets was nearly won, had it not been for another third quarter collapse and shots not falling.

Once again, wishing for a successful and quick recovery for J-Lin.

Here's to wishing Jeremy Lin's quick recovery from his strained hamstring, but fortunately it seems minor. Nonetheless, he should take precautions. As per his request, pray for Ava. It's a long season, and I'm sure Jeremy is going to figure out how to find that balance of maintaining his aggression and playing his game without risking injury again. The team needs another reliable playmaker to take the load off of J-Lin, but for the time being, they'll need Foye and Vasquez to return soon.

The Nets maintained the lead, and eked out a win over the Pistons from strong performances from Brook, Kilpatrick and even Booker. That might not be the case every night or most nights, so the team collectively has to come out and compete every night. Without Jeremy Lin, it'll certainly be that much more difficult to win. But hopefully the Nets can remain competitive, and continue to learn and grow.

As much as the Nets organization is preaching patience in terms for the future and getting all the new players well-adapted to the system, there has to be a point where it is enough to say that certain players are just not fitting the mold, or not ready at this level. If certain players keep repeating the same mistakes or are not improving, there certainly is a problem. And it's a personnel problem. I believe motion offense can work, but you have to have the right players for it. Otherwise, adjustments and other game plans (such as post-ups and pnr's) have to be utilized and made. It's giving fans the impression that the Nets are intending to lose.

The team has to come out with energy on both ends of the floor, and compete every game. If they do that, then any game against anyone can be competitive. If there is no energy or no effort, then it is a waste. Jeremy Lin nor Brook Lopez can't do it all by themselves. But we're beginning to see some stand outs; Kilpatrick, Booker, Bogs (needs to buy into the system more), Harris and Hamilton (hopefully their shot returns to form, more defensive intensity needed), and even the vet Scola. The backup PG spot has been the Nets weakness, but Foye and now Vasquez are injured...again.

Fans at least want to see a competitive team, if not a winning team. Something has to give.

Congrats on the first win of the season! The team played together, they played with grit and some players stepped up when needed such as Kilpatrick. Booker had his moments, and he was beasting. Most importanly, we saw a glimpse of the Brook-Lin connection at work. The Nets are going to continue to have to play with grit and with that fiery competitiveness in order to overcome some woes. The third quarter woes certainly have been a concern, but hopefully that'll work itself out in time as well.

When the 3-ball is not falling or working, I'm glad adjustments have been made. But I guess it's situational from game to game. There'll be situations when the team will need others to step up. So far, I'm liking what I'm seeing from the group although they still have work to do to be more cohesive and defensive-minded. Once again, success should be measured not in wins but in progress and how hard the Nets compete. Not every game is going to go their way, but one step at a time. And at least we should see the team making the effort to win and still maintain the competitive edge. Let's go Nets!

The season has begun, but we're going to have to be patient. Really patient. The Nets know there are no expectations for them, and we know there are no expectations to win. Nonetheless, they should at least try to make the effort to win. This is not preseason, the time for experimenting is over. With that said, it is somewhat disconcerting that the Brook-Lin connection has not been established or been set yet. I'm all for developing players while on the court, but not at the expense of winning a game that is winnable. The Nets should really utilize both Jeremy and Brook more on the offense when they need to; either post-up sets or pnr's.

Sometimes, adjustments have to be made in a system. If the players don't fit the mold, that might have to be the case. Defense is a whole another problem, which I'm sure they'll figure out once they gel. Hopefully, the Nets are still interested in winning *sarcasm* and not just developing. Lin trusts Atkinson, or else he would not have signed on. I believe we should wait until the season gets fully underway before making any kind of snap judgments.

10/26: 2016-2017 Season Preview
Some informative reads from Nets sites for the upcoming season, including a round-table discussion:



10/22: Let The 2016-2017 Season Begin!
With only a few days before the opener, a new era is beginning for the Nets. The players are all new, but have been acquired to define the high-character, team-first mentality that has been given since the regime and personnel change. If pre-season was any indication, this is a group that still has a ways to go (despite some winnable games). Among other things, they need to establish chemistry, adapt to the new motion offense set by Atkinson, and the principles of defending and rebounding for all fourth quarters.

Jeremy Lin has shown a glimpse of what he is capable of doing as the floor general during the pre-season. It seems that Brook Lopez hasn't found his groove yet within the new system, but it'll come. The team needs his points and rebounding for sure. The second unit has been somewhat of a concern, and whether they can sustain their defense or defend well remains to be seen throughout the season. And of course, staying healthy which is going to be vital. I can't say who else has stood out during pre-season other than Harris, but there have been a few other invaluables.

The team needs to gel and defend better as a whole. The offense is going to come as a result. Nonetheless, pre-season was a time for experimentation and getting acquainted with the system and with each other. The talent is there to go far, but it'll depend on how soon they can come together.

10/09: Pre-Season and Beyond...
Pre-season is usually an audition for new and younger players to showcase what they have, and to see if they make the cut. And the Nets are doing just that. Of course, it doesn't mean to take pre-season lightly. But for the Nets, they should be playing everybody at this point to see what they have. So far, Harris and perhaps a few that are doing well and showing some promise. It'll take time to gel, and hopefully the Nets can establish good chemistry as soon as possible, because that'll be key. Once the season starts, it's 'get yer game-on' time.

09/27: And So It Begins...
A new era in the Nets organization has begun, as the pre-season kicked off with Media Day and then Training Camp. The collection of players might not stand out (other than 'Brook-Lin'), but they seem to be a good-character, talented bunch that are going to play as a team. The potential is there, and how far they can go depends on how quickly they trust one another and gel.

I agree that success should be measured by progress, and not just by wins alone. Jeremy Lin is ready to take the leadership role that he has sought after but never got, and I'm sure he'll do well because J-Lin seems to be a natural leader.

Get yer game on, subscribe to the Nets' local channel, and let the 2016-17 season begin! I'll have more thoughts on the roster and other players once pre-season and the regular season gets underway.

It's been quite awhile (more like four or five months) since Jeremy Lin updated his blog at jlin7.com. If you haven't read it, check it out! He explains his current training regimen as he and the Nets prepare for the new season. With a more refined shot, it'll elevate Jeremy Lin's game as well as preserving his energy when he's needed.

It's been quiet with relatively nothing going on, but that's how it is after free agency. Now it's just a waiting period until training camp. Well, Jeremy Lin did collaborate with RH again in a 'Space Jam 3' parody. Some of what is said in the video certainly resonate with J-Lin's life, especially 'you don't look the part' quip. That's the underdog story of Jeremy Lin. And now, he's doing a commercial, woot!

When Jeremy was on the Hornets, I was alright with KW or NB although they had the ball in their hands most of the time. That organization already invested in them, and never really considered Jeremy except on a discount with a marginal role. Hell no. J-Lin deserved a larger contract and the opportunity to start; and the Nets were it.

07/23: Welcome! It Has Begun..
The press conference was held on the 20th to welcome the new free agents of the revamped or new-look Nets. They are youthful, talented and as long as they stay healthy and develop a rapport with the current Nets, next season is going to be not only a learning experience but exciting and dynamic as well. Since there are no expectations, I suspect there is going to be some surprises.

I'm glad that Jeremy Lin has said the things he has said in various interviews. It's finally nice to know that Jeremy Lin is being fully empowered as the lead point guard, something he's been ready to accept as his challenge; knowing full well the responsibilities it entails. I absolutely agreed with Lin's poignant point about the "startup company" metaphor; you don't necessarily look at the product as is now, but when it's finished. This new versatile system of Atkinson is going to benefit everyone, and J-Lin is already experienced in playing off the ball. It'll also conserve his energy when it is needed the most as handling the ball all the time can takes its toll. The effort on both ends of the floor is a collective effort, and certainly 'balance' is what wins games; not too much of one or the other.

With that said, the Nets are going to introduce some veteran free agents this week who have Olympic commitments. Their presense is going to be invaluable already, and I'm sure they can play meaningful minute as long as their health holds up. Still a few months away from training camp, better get ready to order LP (unfortunately, I don't have access to the local networks since I'm on the west coast). Are the Nets done? Most likely not.

Jeremy Lin is already at the training center, getting in some workouts as well as enjoying the scenery. Serenity indeed.

The press conference was announced to be on the 20th with the free agents. I've read and seen about the new acquisitions, and they seem talented, ready and fit the characteristics and vision of Marks/Atkinson. With not much to work with and being the underdogs anyway, I'm cool with the signings so far. Of course, that doesn't mean that all of them are going to pan out. The Nets are going to improve (just with Lin/Lopez), but how much they'll improve is going to depend on whether the right chemistry and hard work is developed right away. If the chemistry and mindset isn't there, it'll probably be a long season.

Fans are already forgetting that the Nets are planning for the future, and they didn't have much to work with anyway. Acquiring Jeremy Lin as the floor general is just the beginning.

Mike D'Antoni has reiterated what all of us already knew. Although I always believed that Jeremy Lin was capable of adapting to different systems, having the ball taken away from his hands and the other guys not helping or sabotaging Lin's play certainly did not help with the 'adapting'. Anyway, it's a moot point and certain teams have just become irrelevant. As for D'Antoni, good luck down there with that organization heh.

Summer League action has just begun, and I'll probably give some thoughts at the end of it. There can be some hidden gems for sure when developed well.

We definitely have to keep in mind that the previous Nets regime severely damaged the Nets' future with their incompetence; it boggles the mind why they weren't replaced sooner. I definitely have to give Marks the benefit of the doubt, he knows what he's doing. The Nets still need to find a reasonable backup center, and perhaps some more help at the front and backcourts as well. But the new Nets are beginning to take shape, and certainly far from a finished product.

Although I haven't been watching basketball as I used to since five to ten years ago, I know who Tim Duncan is. My hats off to the guy for an incredible career. He was "Mr. Fundamentals" and might not have been exciting or flashy (or some might dare say boring), but he was a career winner. He's probably the most similar to Jeremy Lin in terms of high-character, and that is certainly a rarity these days.

There are a bunch of dirty players in this league that harm others, and they get away with it. Jeremy Lin has been a target, and the league needs to continued to be put on notice for that; despite their futile efforts in taking down videos on public platforms.

Jeremy Lin is attending Nets' Summer League action to support the young, developing players. He is already in the right mindset when he stated he "has to lead" and "he is the playmaker". The Nets are going to benefit greatly when Jeremy Lin has that mindset and trust from the coach and organization, and finally this is his opportunity to show it. Is Linsanity 2.0 going to happen? I agree with Atkinson that it isn't fair to expect it. But a lot of things are going to change for the better with Jeremy Lin on board, and with a new cast of players that define Marks/Atkinson's high-character, hard-working as well as talented players. Press conference for the signing has yet to be announced.

Right now, the Nets still have to find pieces who are going to complement Lin and Lopez well. I've been trying to learn more about the existing players as well as the new acquisitions to prepare for the new season. This'll be worth purchasing LP.

I'm glad that the Nets are going about it the right way by being prudent and not desperate. They are planning for the future, and they already knew that they were underdogs in free agency. Jeremy Lin was a steal for sure, who agreed to sign with the Nets right away. He should've gotten more, but his deal is certainly more than reasonable.

Right now, the focus is only on the Nets. I'm excited by Marks' first few acquisitions, and they have the potential to develop further. I just saw their Summer League roster, and who knows if a few or more can stand out. By establishing a new culture and identity, that is step number one. The Nets have hit bottom last season, but there's nothing they can do other than righting the ship by having a plan and a goal. I believe Jeremy Lin can be a main piece for a team and hopefully the Nets are it; although nothing is guaranteed.

The Brook Lopez-Jeremy Lin connection or "Brook-Lin", has been noted and talked about. But they can gel well with other young pieces with the righ chemistry. Injuries can always derail any team's plan, so it's important that they stay healthy before training camp starts.

The Nets had serious interest in Jeremy Lin, and that was important to him. Although I'm sure there were other offers to mull over, Jeremy wasn't really a priority for them. In the end, it seems that it all worked out. And J-Lin couldn't be in a better situation given his remarkable season last year with the Hornets. Although his salary isn't as high as one would expect, the deal is more than reasonable. And Jeremy finally gets to work with someone he has coveted in Kenny Atkinson, who I'm sure will utilize J-Lin to his strengths. I heard a few things about Sean Marks and how he is similar qualities in terms of believing what is the right and wrong way to do things.

The Nets are taking a step in the right direction by establishing a new culture and identity. They've 'been there, done that' in terms of what works and not. And now they really have nothing to lose except by starting over. And by acquiring Jeremy Lin, they are taking things in the right direction. It might be a long-shot to make the playoffs right away, but for certain the Nets are going to be competitive again with the right pieces. What can Jeremy Lin bring? Most already know:
  • High class, high character player who values team basketball
  • Excellent PnR player with great court vision who gets others involved
  • Ability to drive to the rim (at the expense of getting hammered. See "Too Flagrant Not To Call")
  • Good defense who'll give his effort on both ends of the floor despite misuse or misutilization
  • Just entering his prime, and is one of a kind. Not some washed-up, used part from another team.

I'm sure the Russian owner would be thrilled the Nets are going to get more exposure and marketing opportunities with Jeremy Lin. In that sense, both sides benefit. I've been weary of Jeremy Lin being used that way for marketing purposes, but it is what it is. I'm sure though the Nets value what Jeremy Lin is going to give to the team.

The Hornets fans have been welcoming and understanding more than any other stops. I believe when J-Lin says that he'll miss the Hornets, and I would consider this his first, real stop since the Linsanity days. Had the organization made Lin a priority and had offered him opportunities, J-Lin would have seriously considered returning. But they didn't, and only considered him a rental. Likewise, Jeremy Lin took the opportunity to showcase what he can do.

It's time to finally support a team that he could consider home, although nothing is guaranteed. Jeremy Lin is finally going to have a full-time opportunity to show what he can do as a starter as he has demonstrated previously. No, I don't expect him to break records again. J-Lin has become a more mature, complete player. And that makes a team and others better.

On July 1, three teams are going to meet with Jeremy Lin as free agency begins. And I'm sure there is going to be some serious considering to do for Jeremy. During J-Lin's Asian tour, there were some speculations and rumors that continued throughout. But personally I haven't really been following except ones who are supposedly the front-runners. Jeremy Lin has proven what he can give to a team on both ends of the floor, and the previous season was definitely the proof in the pudding during the season and the playoffs. Imagine what he can do with a larger role as a permanent starter (17.5 ppg during starting stint last season). But he can't do it alone, he'll need to be surrounded by selfless, team-first players.

As fans, we want Jeremy to realize his goal: 'to see how great he can be', which hasn't been remotely realized. He is just entering his prime, and his full potential has yet to be realized. We also want J-Lin to finally find a permanent home, a team where we can support long-term as well. It's been quite a journey, but J-Lin has thrived through his faith, uncompromising beliefs and talent.

As next season approaches, we also have continue to monitor the problematic reffing; which Jeremy Lin has been a victim of. The viral video, "Too Flagrant Not To Call", should continue to be shared and distributed.

Some interesting ESPN media:
Is Jeremy Lin being racially profiled on the court?


06/10: The Asia Trip and Free Agency Thoughts..
Jeremy Lin has begun his Asian tour, and it's nice to know there are always fans around to meet and greet J-Lin. He gives as much as he receives, and that is a testament to his generous, warm-hearted nature. But on the basketball court, you have to turn all that off heh.

We're all anxious to find out what new team Jeremy Lin is going to go to. He always has a lot to offer, and has been a proven game-changer/winner. I personally am not going to discuss it now, but three things I'm sure is on his mind as well as fans: large, significant role/minutes, salary and starting position. I always believed, if a player the caliber of Jeremy Lin is pigeon-holed in one particular role, he'll never elevate or get to the next level. It's been a waste of his talent the past few seasons. Things might never change, but at least Jeremy Lin has become all the more wiser and more potent on the court.

Although Jeremy Lin has not added a new blog entry on his web site yet, he has left a note on his facebook. Fans should be encouraged for what he wrote, because I'm sure he'll make the most of it during the summer and before next season in terms of his free agency and workouts. We know what he has done and accomplished, and he deserves to be compensated well with greater opportunities since he is just entering his prime (perhaps not even). Right now, let Jeremy Lin enjoy his time off before returning to basketball.

I'll check for updates once in awhile, but it's going to be quiet until July at least. Perhaps J-Lin has another Youtube skit or collab in the future with other Youtubers, and perhaps another Fan Appreciation event which is always fun.

05/02: To The Future...
After leading the team to three great playoff wins, Jeremy Lin was suppressed with limited minutes in Games 6 and 7 which the team horribly lost. There's nobody more disappointed than Jeremy Lin about the elimination, because he is a winner and always has the attitude of a winner. And all of sudden, his minutes are yanked and taken away in Games 6 and 7 for no sane or rational reason.

But it's over, and Jeremy Lin has to look towards his future. The past season has shown Jeremy Lin as a complete player on both ends of the floor, and rising to the occasion against stiff competition with some spectacular performances. The problem is that his minutes and usage have been low for the most part, and it seemed that Jeremy Lin only got the opportunities when players were injured.

Jeremy Lin has shown that his value is much higher/greater than it is, and he should be paid and needs to be paid as such. He has played like a true starter, and has shown that his numbers go up as a starter and when given lots of minutes and when properly used. If there is any consolation, Jeremy Lin did enjoy playing with his teammates and enjoyed the fan support in that city. Is that going to play a factor in Lin's free agency? More than anything, seeing a happy and smiling Jeremy Lin is what it's all about. But he knows that he wants and plays best when he has a large role either as a starter or playing meaningful minutes; something which has been a short supply of this season and in the previous seasons.

Onward to free agency.

04/28: Up 3-2
Congrats for the road win in hostile territory (tense and close from what the highlights have shown)! Nonetheless, the team has to remain focused and must wrap it up next game.

Although Jeremy Lin might not have scored a lot, he was crucial in playmaking and getting to the rim while others made key shots.

Jeremy's performances have been exceptional with both the intangibles and tangibles on the court. Certainly a lot of it during the season has usually gone unnoticed. I'll definitely put in some thoughts after the playoffs are over about J-Lin's future, but right now the team is winning and playing together. And he is certainly happy just for that.

04/26: Series Tied 2-2!
What a series. Jeremy Lin led the charge in Game 3 and was absolutely instrumental in Game 4 that nearly slipped away. Without Lin, the Hornets probably would've been swept. But it's not all Lin, as there were key contributors in both games as J-Lin himself has given more credit to. For sure, J-Lin has been out-playing his opponents so far. They are going to clamp on him some more, so everyone has to step up.

With that said, it's going to be vital to win on the road; something which the Hornets have had trouble. But they are winnable as long as everyone plays hard from the get-go and plays together.

With that said, "The Shrug":

Jeremy Lin is certainly tough to play through some obvious flagrants, but he definitely needs to be protected just like any other player because again; we're talking about Lin's health and livelihood. This "tough kid" phrase is just another excuse to let these non-calls slide. It's egregious to think that the non-calls could go as is, and we would accept the status quo. Absolutely not. As fans, we should continue to monitor this abhorrent behavior by the refs. Continue to spread the word!

Good luck to the Hornets for their first round matchup. I don't have any predictions because I haven't watched or seen the opponents play. But I think the Hornets are capable of getting past the first round. It might not be easy, since teams seem to play more aggressive and harder. Prayers for Jeremy Lin to remain healthy and to have a good series.

I'm glad that the video "Too Flagrant Not To Call" has gone viral, and it's picking up steam in the media as well. This is a topic that had to be said or shared, because we're talking about Jeremy Lin's livelihood here. Non-calls are a travesty in themselves, but obvious flagrants that don't get called definitely reeks of racial prejudice. Once again, kudos to the few who took their time to compile the video. It should not stop there. Let it continue to spread, and continue spreading the word.

With that said, here's an interview with one of the fans who have compiled the video:


Poignant Take on Jeremy Lin's Non-Calls:

ESPN First Take - Jeremy Lin Flagrant Non-Calls

Kudos to Jeremy Lin fans who have compiled a video of flagrant fouls against J-Lin that were not called. We already know the bias Jeremy Lin gets in regards to non-calls, but to get clobbered and not even get that kind of call is something inhuman and barbaric. As if some refs were plucked by the mafia. Either way, they need to be punished or reprimanded in some form.

Jeremy Lin has been playing through bursitis and some other lingering injuries, and it doesn't help that he isn't getting the rest. Hopefully, he'll get the treatment and some rest before the playoffs begin. As fans, we can talk about Lin's future afterwards. I'm not privy to discuss it myself for now.

04/05: Yao Ming in the Hall Of Fame
Yao Ming. At 7'6", there has never been a player at that height with the extraordinary finesse and skillset such as Yao. Guys such as Manute Bol or Shawn Bradley were frail and didn't have much of a career. Yao held his own and went on to become a double-double machine for the Rockets, pushing them to become legitimate contenders alongside T-Mac and others. I'm not sure how many times he put up 20+ pts/ 20+ rebounds, albeit 20/10 which were definitely commonplace.

The most well-known and talked about matchup during his career had been between himself and Shaq. Yao had trouble initially, but eventually got the best of Shaq; eventually overpowering Shaq with his height and finesse. Shaq had been guilty of taunting Yao, but it's good to know that the relationship had turned into a respectable and amicable one.

With that said, congratulations to Yao Ming and it is well-deserved. For an article and video interview, please go to the link below (kind words from Shaq and JVG):


I'm glad to hear that Jeremy's brother Joseph Lin has won Rookie of the Year and is the assists leader. This is what sibling relationships is all about. Rooting and feeling happy for each other for one's success or accomplishments. Who wouldn't want to have a brother like Jeremy.

The "Super Lin Bros":

That had to be one of the most satisfying wins for Jeremy Lin, leading the charge against the Spurs after being 20+ in a deficit. That, and two other games come to mind. In a situation where Jeremy's role has been minimized and diminished, he's been trying to make the most of it despite the unfavorable situation. And where Jeremy's future is concerned, it's looking as if the organization does not have a larger role for Lin since acquiring another player when MKG re-injured himself. For every great game J-Lin has, it seems he is relegated to decreased minutes again.

With the future seemingly uncertain, we can only continue to support J-Lin. He can't be content with the minimal role he's given, but he's been the consummate team player and has done everything asked. He also has respect for his teammates and enjoys playing with them, so who are we to argue with Jeremy's happiness or un-happiness. One thing is for sure; when everyone is healthy, I reckon Jeremy's minutes are going to decrease a bit more.

At this point, there might never be a team that'll fully embrace and empower Jeremy. His ethnicity is certainly a reason. But for all of it, J-Lin knows that he can continue to improve and no doubt is going to continue to improve on certain areas. For now, let us root for J-Lin and the Hornets this season.

I believe what Amare Stoudemire said to the NY press was true with regards to Jeremy Lin's success over there. It's kind of obvious anyway, so why spill the beans any further. I wouldn't be surprised if Amare was a bit envious as well. But, such is life. At least Amare was a consummate and good teammate with Jeremy among others on the Linsanity squad. Nevertheless, everyone had moved on so it is a moot issue now.

The Knicks organization has been a mess ever since the Isiah days, and things are certainly getting worse. I'm just glad that I don't watch basketball. A person such as Jeremy Lin is one of the few inspiring figures to follow, because he doesn't let negativity and prejudice get in his way. Although they are obstacles, he doesn't let them affect his outlook in life and his faith.

Jeremy Lin has a new Q & A up on his Facebook!

Through all of the obstacles that he continuously encounters, I know he overcomes them by his faith and talent. We'll continue to support Jeremy Lin for the rest of the season and in the future.

Jeremy Lin posted a new blog entry, and included a picture of a really swollen ankle. Ouch. Has he been playing through this, and has it just got really swollen gradually? Anyway, he should rest it out until after the ASG break; where hopefully it'll be fully healed. Jeremy's resilience and toughness to play through a sprained and now a swollen ankle has been commendable. But it certainly could affect his long-term health if he is not careful. J-Lin has noted that the team can use the break to rest up and heal.

But when everyone becomes healthy including Jeremy, what's his usage going to be like? That's a question remaining to be seen for the rest of the season. But he has mentioned to look things in a different perspective to achieve a certain peace although his goals and desires haven't been met (from hidden agendas and other obstacles). But I think we should support his decisions in the future, because the future is certainly not set or certain.

I'm not sure what's going on, but something is not right when Jeremy Lin is handcuffed after having a great game. And that has happened throughout his career. There could be reasons, but certainly you'd think Jeremy would continue to be empowered and given minutes but that has not been the case. Instead, the organization has continued to give free reigns to their chosen players. How could you expect anyone to be as confident and focused when minutes are taken away immediately right after Linsanity type games?

It's apparent Jeremy Lin only gets the opportunity when a few guys are injured. Otherwise, his role has been pretty much limited to defense with other guys looking for their own. I'm not sure if Jeremy is unhappy if at all, or if there is something we don't know. But from a fan's perspective, the situation has been deteriorating faster than moldy cheese.

As fans, we know his career and story all too well. Every season, he has not been empowered fully and has been thrust into a situation where he has to defer to the contract guys. Jeremy still has a devout following of fans, endorsements, his Foundation and Quarterly (which I should defintely consider subscribing at some point).

What a game. Congrats to the Hornets and Jeremy Lin for the win against the Cavaliers. Once again, I had to resort to highlights since I don't have LP. But the way the team won it is a testament to how they should have been playing all this time: team ball. And the catalyst as usual has been Jeremy Lin, who gave another Linsanity-type performance while getting everyone involved. Or in this case, Hairsanity heh. In fact, J-Lin has been playing through an ankle injury and still had a few spectacular outings against the Knicks and Sactown just awhile ago. Here's to a healthy J-Lin and everyone else, because the schedule is not going to get easier I reckon.

The return of MKG and the inclusion of more play from players such as TH (who hasn't seen a lot of playing time) has been reinvigorating for the team. Nonetheless, the team is going to need to remain focused and continue to play team ball even when Kemba returns. The injury-riddled Hornets have tried to make the most of what healthy players they have, but playing Kemba-ball has definitely contributed to the losses mounting.

Since playing for the Hornets, Jeremy Lin has made the most out of playing as SG and whatnot. But we all know that Jeremy has been the most productive with the ball in his hands as well as initiating the offense. And whether he'll get his due in the near future with a permanent role as starter remains to be seen, but I'm sure that's something to consider as far as Jeremy's future is concerned. We all know that he definitely deserves a permanent role as a starter sometime down the line, because he is starter-material (forget all the false propaganda bullshit). But for now, I'm sure he's happy as long as he can play his game.

Also, congrats to Jeremy Lin's lil brother for making the ASG over there!

Oh yeah!
A Spectacular Pass

Jeremy Lin has played through a mild ankle sprain and has perservered with other injustices while still being resilient. It's a testament to his work ethic and inspirational attitude. Fortunately, he has been relatively healthy despite taking a pounding every now and then. He'll have some off nights just as with anybody else, but he'll still give you his all on both ends of the floor. There's always a reason why certain nights don't go his way. Whatever the case is, he'll usually return to form anyway.

The Hornets have been on a losing skid recently, and the main culprit has been the absence of team ball and the seemingly lack of team effort on the defensive side. I'm not worried about J-Lin, because he has been giving top notch if not stellar defensive effort. But he can't do it all and if the Hornets don't want losing to be something of a habit, then everyone has to be held accountable. More importanly, the ball has to move and avoid the so-called 'kemba-ball' detriment which is prevalent to what fans know as hero-ball (or trying to do too much at the expense of the team). Sometimes it works, but more often than it doesn't.

Finally, Jeremy Lin needs to be more involved in the offense with the ball in his hands. Fans know his value and such, but unfortunately it has never been realized to the fullest. The Hornets are going to be in for another losing season, and J-Lin shouldn't be around that.

Unforunately, Jeremy Lin has suffered an ankle sprain or something of that sort. Here's to wishing a quick recovery for him. I always believed that it's better to take precautions rather than rushing it. If it's not fully healed, he should take as much time as needed.


Jeremy Lin has taken a lot of hard hits with minimal calls, and getting clobbered by Kobe certainly isn't any exception. Despite that, Jeremy Lin just smiled it off. Fortunately, he wasn't injured seriously. I think we should be happy that he's been relatively healthy and pray that it'll stay that way for the rest of the season. Jeremy Lin even gave props to Kobe on his farewell tour and whether you hate him or not because of the inflated ego, there really is no denying his career achievements. Ah well, J-Lin should have battle scars from that beating. The league needs to crack down on physical play, but when has fairness and equity ever exist for Jeremy Lin when it comes to proper reffing?

We've always wanted Jeremy Lin to become more involved with the offense, but he's been contributing well in other ways given the situation and is making the most of it. As long as the team wins and Jeremy seems happy, we shouldn't really be in the position to argue for now. We'll see how it goes from here.

Woohoo! Jeremy Lin's superb performance on both ends of the floor helped the Hornets to a 109-99 win against the Raptors. Jeremy has always been capable of scoring 30+ points, and contributing spectacularly in other areas such as blocked shots. But with his current role, it might not be really possible for more games like this unfortunately; unless he has to fill in for a player.

Nonetheless, it seems that the Kemba-Jeremy Lin duo or tandem has the potential to be deadly and one of the most lethal in the league. But right now, it seems that priority is given to the Kemba-Batum tandem as the go-to guys and it seems that it'll continue that way. Despite this, let's pray that J-Lin can continue to remain aggressive and in attack-mode, and for his role to continue to expand regardless whether he has an off-night or not.

It appears that long layoffs between games can affect a team's mental state and effort sometimes. But in a season where it should be treated as a marathon and not a sprint, everyone has to be focused and prepared regardless.

Apparently, I tried to watch the replay but found out that I actually never had LP this year. Anyway, I could always watch the highlights from fans. My thoughts on D'Antoni to the Sixers? I'm happy that he got hired, but he has his work cut out for him because that team is not much more competent than that at the collegiate level. They might as well as compete there or in the D-League heh.

The Hornets have won four in a row and are now 14 - 8, which has been pleasantly surprising. But with the team seemingly clicking on both ends of the floor and the organization's cherished (as well as contracted) players doing their thing, the potential is certainly there to go far. But after 20+ games in, it's still early to get all giddy and such. The tide could still turn either way, so everyone has to remain focused.

Jeremy Lin has certainly been instrumental in the win streak (dare I say the most instrumental), the momentum-changer and the difference-maker that he has always been. Although he has not been scoring as much nor has been playing all that much, he's made the most of what he's been given; which can be seen more through intangibles and on the defensive side. If the organization values J-Lin's contributions, they should consider expanding his role and minutes. I'll quell any misgivings and thoughts about other agendas for now, but anything can happen between now and the playoffs. Certain players need their points and other stats, but J-Lin doesn't focus on that as much as winning.

I read the article and blog on J-Lin's social media and site about the pressures of succeeding in his home town of Palo Alto. It is quite disheartening and sad to hear that a lot of kids succumb to parental pressure, but you wish that there was a way that everyone can deal with it in a more positive and enlightening way than to go down that destructive path.

Watching Jeremy's brother hit the game-winning free throws was awesome, courtesy of Jeremy's facebook. Here's to a succesful year for him. It would be nice if there some games either broadcast or livestreamed on Youtube or other platform. Perhaps I'll include a fan section for him as well.

As far as Jeremy Lin is concerned, it appears as if his usage has become minimalized again. Has Jeremy been relegated to getting the team out of a hole whenever they are in trouble? Does he have to play perfectly just to get minutes? I think it might be a fair interpretation, but how much truth is in that remains to be seen. It's easy to jump to conclusions, but if I had to guess perhaps the Hornets mostly signed Jeremy for the Global Games marketing. And why hasn't TH played any minutes? They could potentially be a winning combo, but that has never been considered.

Other observations. Jeremy expending a lot of energy on defense, and getting whacked with a lot of non-calls.

Sketchy or biased reffing aside, holding everyone accountable must be too complicated for coaches. Otherwise, tenured players throwing hissy fits might anger the organization and throw the blame on you know who.

I'm glad to hear that the team had won the previous two games, with Hairsanity making an appearance somewhat heh. If everyone plays well (in particular the tenured players), I can see how minutes could be difficult to distribute as opposed to say limiting playing time for somebody who is not. Sometimes it takes guts to do the right thing and hold everyone accountable, but unfortunately that doesn't exist in such a league. The season has just begun, so it's still early to tell what the situation is. Yet, it's always a concern when fans think there still might be some kind of hidden agenda.

Right now, Jeremy Lin is making the most of what he's given and is going to continue to do so. He seems to be happy, and that's what is important. Winning is going to eventually appease any concerns, and that is what Jeremy wants as much as he wants to be an integral part of the team with while being the floor general that he is. The team apparently still needs more time to gel, but if pre-season was any indication hopefully that'll happen quicker than expected.

If I can't catch games, I'll at least go to the highlights. Fortunately, fans have been gracious enough to post some nice ones.

I'm not sure what's been going on because I've been busy, but that's fortunate from what I hear. But it is quite disconcerting to find out once again how Jeremy Lin is not getting enough minutes to be productive, or how he isn't being empowered as suggested. Jeremy Lin's unwavering faith without compromising his beliefs has made him an inspirational figure and why I continue to support him as a fan. That, and his immense basketball talent which has still yet not been fully realized.

At this point, I don't intend to make any further judgments because I haven't seen games yet. For all we know, coach is taking orders from the organization. Or it could be his fickleness, as what most coaches and organizations do as a facade during press conferences to hide hidden agendas. We should see how this plays out as the season continues to get underway. And then we can get ready to delete/remove from our sites.

My fan page is created around Jeremy Lin and his official sites including his social media irregardless of what team he is on. I'll continue to check back on his sites, and I'm sure he'll continue to collab with other Youtube artists and celebs. Also, fans should continue to support his Foundation and his Quarterly; which I'm thinking of ordering at some point if I can fit it into my budget.

The pre-season has begun, and the revamped Hornets are showing that they can be good. They are certainly not a finished product yet, but it remains to be seen what their full potential is. Jeremy Lin is definitely essential in order for the team to be successful, and I'm sure he'll be an integral part of the team during the season. Despite some concerns about J-Lin not being the designated PG, playing both 1 and the 2 is going to be beneficial in some ways for him and the team. Playing as a SG is a skillset that Jeremy has added to his arsenal, and can only get better at it with more time. I think it'll also reduce the wear and tear as well in some ways, and help spread the floor as far as spacing is concerned.

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure. Jeremy Lin finally has the right coach and right mindset of players to be in a position to succeed when most of the league has tried in vain to tear him down.

The global games in Shenzhen and Shanghai might be a marketing ploy for the league, but it usually is for business reasons. I'm usually weary of hidden agendas like that. Still, I guess it's nice to hold games in Asia for whatever reason such as exposure. Uh, did somebody mention MJ's shoes? heh.

With that said, Jeremy Lin is certainly ready and eager to help the team win. Here's to hoping that all players remain healthy for sure.

I'm sure Jeremy Lin's new hairdo would've been cool to have for the entirety of the season, but it probably would be a hassle to maintain as far as using gel and oiling it up is concerned heh.

With the new season approaching, cautious optimism is the phrase of the day. But there certainly is more optimism and promise this season than any other. All the potential is there for the team, now they have to develop chemistry and trust with each other.

It's been an uneventful summer as far as what has been going on in the basketball world, but I'm sure Jeremy Lin has been busy. Nonetheless, here are some notables: his brother has joined the pro leagues in Asia, and Jeremy held another Fan Appreciation event which is always nice for fans since it is interactive and stays connected with them.

With the new season approaching, fans can only approach it with cautious optimism for J-Lin. I'm sure he is excited as ever, but he's been through enough to be just as cautious about any situation. Although I realize that I'm not going to have time to watch a lot games this season (if any at all), I'll certainly check back on fan sites and Jeremy's official sites to check on what's going on.

With that said, check out J-Lin's recent Youtube video about going undercover as a trainer!

I'm sure fans can't wait for the new season to arrive. I believe the players that the Hornets have in place can go far and have more potential than most teams combined, but that'll depend somewhat on how well they can work together and gel quickly. We can be sure that Jeremy Lin is pretty much a given in terms of effort and talent. I'm not familiar with the others, so it's a wait-and-see as training camp approaches in a few.

Until then, I'm sure there isn't going to be any updates in awhile since it's still summer. Well, there hasn't been anything anyway. For now, we can only wait a few more months. For me, I have other things to keep my mind busy on so in that sense I'm sure time is going to pass by like nuthin'. But I'll check now and then what Jeremy Lin is doing from fans and his site.

07/14: Press Conference in Buzz City
There's a reason to be truly excited this time around. After watching yesterday's press conference and other interviews, the Charlotte Hornets definitely appear to be the right fit for Jeremy Lin. And he couldn't be any happier, as smiles are abundant. Jeremy Lin is more hungry than ever to win after having to suffer through a tanking season, and you can be sure that he'll always be focused on winning.

It's good to know that Coach Clifford is a type of coach who'll not only hold anybody accountable, but also entrust and empower a player such as Jeremy Lin. When Lin is empowered and allowed to play his game, only good things can happen. I'm glad that Jeremy noted his improvements in certain areas because he has improved drastically from the previous years. It's all the propoganda garbage out there that has been a detriment to Lin's reputation (not worth paying attention to). Nonetheless, Jeremy knows that he can always get better and he'll certainly get better. Lin never really had the support and trust to begin with, but Charlotte could be it.

With that said, I hope the Hornets can cultivate an enriching, team-first atmosphere. And when they gel and work together, there are certainly possibilities. I'm certainly looking forward to watching some games again, I might even put up a team fan page if I have time. In the meantime, I'll look for more images and multimedia to post.

It's the Charlotte Hornets! I don't think fans saw this coming, certainly not me. This organization wasn't even mentioned or talked about. But according to Jeremy Lin, they seem to have the coaching system and opportunity that Lin has sought after. And he's reiterated that they were priorities in selecting a team.

Unfortunately, the Hornets were not able to offer him any more than what was on the table or what Jeremy Lin is actually worth. I don't know the details of the contract or what provisions are in it, and it's not my concern. We have to think about it this way. Jeremy Lin made the decision based on what's best available, since other teams preferred to overpay bums anyway. And from Jeremy has stated on his sites, the Hornets seem to offer the best opportunity for Lin to shine and help the team win.

Jeremy Lin is all about winning, and his skillset and personality is always going to be invaluable to the team. I heard good things about Coach Clifford, so we can only hope that there is integrity in the organization to live up to their promises. As for starting, we all know he's starting material. But it remains to be seen what the most effective options are, because I'm not familiar with the personnel yet and how everything fits. But it's definitely looking promising for once.

Let's get excited again, and perhaps I'll return to watching again; at least this team.

Jeremy Lin's Asia tour has ended and as usual, I have been checking up on that. I'm sure fans have all kinds of concerns about politics and hidden agendas/biases in organizations, but that's the way it is in basketball it seems. Jeremy Lin is the diamond in the rough that'll continue to shine.

Here are some facts that we know however:
  • Jeremy Lin's value is worth at least between $5-10 million, with his unrealized potential and upside greater (anything less should be considered trivialized)
  • Jeremy Lin is certainly starter material (he's been used and abused in his career so far, except under D'Antoni)
  • He is most effective as the main ball handler and floor general in a PnR or up-tempo system (but always had the ball taken out of his hands)
  • His intrinsic value couldn't be anymore valuable, and has well-earned endorsements
As fans, we want Jeremy to make the wisest decision as far as his free agency is concerned. And to be careful about hidden agendas. We just have to trust in whatever decision he makes. I'll probably give more thoughts when a decision is made.

New Jeremy Lin video "Redefining Success" (Click on image to activate video):

With Jeremy on a tour in Asia this month, check out videos on Youtube fan sites on what he's up to.

I usually check J-Lin's official web site for any blog updates, so be sure to check them out regularly. There's a new blog update over there.

Yeah, everyone could use a good vacation to just relax and have fun. But when it comes to preparing for a new season, we know Jeremy Lin gives it his all.

With Jeremy Lin finally free of last season's debacle as well as the unscrupulous agendas, he can now focus on the future. And I'm sure it'll be a bright one. It would be cool if Jeremy Lin was reunited with Mike D'Antoni at some point in the future, and something I certainly wouldn't mind happen. But overall, it's Jeremy's decision and that's what's most important. There isn't an ideal or perfect situation given what is going on in basketabll today, but Jeremy usually makes the best of the situation no matter how unfavorable it is.

Othewise, anybody who is astute and remotely intelligent would know what Jeremy Lin can bring to a team when utililzed properly and given the trust. I might not be following basketball anymore, but certainly Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin has been on a roll and doing quite well since the ASB, but we already knew this is what he has always been capable of. And here's another article that sheds some light on some situation:

Isolation Play...and Life after Linsanity

2015 UPDATE:

Jeremy Lin is a talented and skilled basketball player that has always strived to excel, and has shown that he is a fierce competitor and can contribute to winning. What makes his story particularly compelling is the obstacles he had to endure and overcome to make it the NBA. Unfortunately, the prejudices and mistreatment continue to persist despite what he has shown. Being the only Asian-American player in the league has exposed the injustices. If Jeremy could be compensated for all the mistreatment because of his ethnicity, he'd be a billionaire. But sarcasm aside, there probably is more to this than what a lot might not realize.

But Jeremy Lin is a person outside of basketball that I would continue to follow. His unwavering dedication to his faith and positive attitude in life has been inspiring to us all, at least for me. How would most of us react in a "them-against-me" situation that J-Lin has had to endure for all of his pro career? I could imagine quite negatively. But as fans, we can only hope that Jeremy's future is going to be a bright one. I definitely recommend continuing to support Jeremy Lin's Foundation as well as his checking out his Youtube collabs. I heard about the J-Lin Quarterly contribution, but the proceeds going to his foundation might be worth it despite whatever package one receives.

I'm glad to know that there exists some who although might not be pure Jeremy Lin fans, but who actually understands what he's been going through and sticks up for him. That's much appreciated from fans such as us, although we know there are more haters than not. Anyway, I could only say 'keep fighting the fight' and hope Jeremy Lin has a better future, wherever that has in store for him. I'm just not watching at all, and have no interest; if not for the reason I have other things to pay attention to. But Jeremy Lin is going to continue to remain relevant. I'll have to decide whether to re-design this web page sometime, but I'm busy as it is with other things in my life.

As of the end of Nov., there won't be any more thoughts from me for awhile since I've been staying away. I'll be busy with creating and uploading content for other pages on my website. I certainly sympathize with what Jeremy has been going through. We just have to continue giving our support and prayers. Although I'll be busy with other things, I'll visit Jeremy Lin's personal sites once in awhile.

But here are my final thoughts for now. I'm sure that it hasn't been a pleasant experience for Jeremy Lin as a result of some incompetent coaching and minimal usage. And the reason not only has to do with the gross incompetence, but also an agenda that has nothing to do with winning but catering to an individual. As a result, team basketball has been non-existent and Jeremy Lin's usage is at a level which should be much higher. It's quite unfortunate, because Jeremy Lin was really looking forward to being a vital part of the team. Jeremy has not been utilized to his full potential, and has been given only limited minutes. Certainly not what Jeremy had anticipated from the beginning, considering his talent and skillset to win.

What Jeremy Lin has also going for him is his youth, and still unrealized potential. He has just been in situations where he has not been utilized to the team's benefit. Of course, he is far from a finished product. But even through all the obstacles and adversities, he has progressed and should never let anything or anyone get him down. I believe his future is still looking bright wherever that'll take him.