January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013 PM

Day 1: It has begun..... Horace Greeley once said, "Go west, young man". Uh, I might be going that way but I'm not young anymore muhaha. But, I did attend Greeley High School if that counts for anything muhaha. As I did drive back cross-country to New York in 2003, here I am going back the opposite direction ten years later. It could be just coincidence. Anyway, I basically left around 1:30 and made it the opposite end of PA seven hours later. And I'm homesick already muhaha. One thing is for sure, I'll get sick of hotels quick. Anyway, the drive wasn't as bad or tiring as I thought. I guess there's something about a nice excursion or trip regardless of distance that is somehow therapeutic and calming. With some soothing music, coffee and just your thoughts while enjoying different scenery, I guess it could be worse muhaha. But this is just the beginning. It could go either ways.

I thought I-76/70 was scenic albeit a bit too hilly and curvy, and fortunately the weather cleared for the most part. But the evening hours when it got dark spoiled the drive through the blue mountains. If all goes well, I'll make it to STL by Saturday. Afterwards, the route is up for grabs. But most likely through a similar route as I did coming back to New York.

Although I upload my recordings to youtube, I only use that to download the vids in mp4 format. What I'd like to call an "on-line recital" in some ways, my Classical Repertoire web page is the main source I use to share them. I don't browse youtube that much anyway, nor do I make any effort in acquiring subscribers. My web site has been, and always will be, my main source to share information, entertain, and inform/educate to my peers and to the public; if the word is spread that is. Ever since the domain name change, I'm sure the viewership has been unstable. Anyway, still. Classical Music isn't complicated at all. Perhaps the perception that it is, and it's 'too boring', is the reason why a lot of folks aren't into it. Alright, operas could be the exception muhaha. But anyway, especially the piano. It's that type of music that more peeps should get into, whether listening or learning.

Thursday, January 31, 2013 AM

In awhile, I'll be hittin' the road. It's going to be quite a trek, but also quite the experience. It's always tough to leave the comforts of a place I lived basically my entire life, in different settings of course. And when that day nears or arrives, it's like; "Oh shit, perhaps I should just wait another few days before I leave..." type of deal muhaha. But enough of these delays. Only bad weather can cause further delays, and there apparently is one coming toward New York. Who knows what I'll encounter on the journey, which can be quite unnerving. But I'll just take it one day at a time, with at least STL on the radar. That gives some kind of concrete itinerary. Perhaps I'll come back one of these days, but at least I have to try this out for an year.

For now, goodbye piano! I'll have to figure out if I could use or rent one over there. But as I said, I'll have the music with me at least. Perhaps shipping it has become an option if a spot opens up. Anyway, I thought about recording the Sonata D Major today but had to finish packing and throwing away stuff instead. Will update thoughts on my Classical Repertoire page, but again; I'm also an advocate for classical music to reach broader audiences, and there isn't any better way than through technology.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 AM

I'll be making a pitstop through St. Louis after all, and I think it's about time that I paid a visit to their place of operations. At least I'll have a concrete route now, since I only had a generic idea of where I'd go. Sometimes, you can't worry too much about bad weather, if it happens it happens. After that, it'll be pretty much clear cut I think. Of course, there are certain routes I'd certainly avoid if I could, but sometimes there just aren't any other alternatives unless you add a heck of a lot more miles to go around.

I went and sorted through the library of sheet music that I would take with me, and I found pieces and/or composers that were left unfinished. They were stacked all over the place, but in the end I guess a bit of winter cleaning never hurt muhaha. Especially for moving purposes. Now it's just time to find a piano over there, or a spot to rent if at all. Or buy a full, portable keyboard.

I have to check out the "Linsanity" documentary. More thoughts on the NBA page.

Saturday, January 26, 2013 PM

I shouldn't have taken out the loan, thinking that I wouldn't be able to receive the full withdrawal in weeks. Sometimes, associates can be deceiving or just don't know what the heck they are talking about. Now, tax penalties with 20% of the account going to the damn IRS. Such is life, but I'm sure I'll get some kind of refund. Steinway piano has for the most part helpful employees, all except their incompetent, childish piano buyback guy. Busy is busy, but not opting to respond to certain inquiries is not very business-like or not the way to conduct business. Fire his ass. I'm definitely looking forward to getting a Yamaha or a Young Chang for the next piano if at all. Or just keep the current one and fix it up.

I'll be taking off early next week for certain. And here it goes. There are good and bad points about a cross-country road trip like this, I guess it depends on what route one takes. That's going to be a doozy, one that I'm struggling with. But mostly, I'm opting to avoid freezing temperatures and potential snowstorms. But then again, that can happen anywhere nowadays. One thing is to protect the new computer from the cold while it's going to be sheltered in the car for the duration.

Two more of my favorite Mozart Sonatas has been uploaded. I thought about one more, the D-Major K. 576 which is also a nice Sonata where the first movement mimics a 'round' or 'rondo'-like in type; with alternating melodies that follow on both hands. The next recording will be awhile if at all, if recording space ever opens up over there. As I said, how I will continue these endeavors is something I'll have to figure out.

Thursday, January 24, 2013 PM

I think it was important to make sure everything was alright with the car before taking off, and apparently I did have to get new tires, new alignments and rear brakes. I sort of knew I needed to take care of these things eventually, but didn't realize the severity of the wear and tear. The bill racked up to a hefty amount, but had to be done. At least I feel better about the car now.

I'll get some recordings in before I leave. As for the piano, most likely I'll have to leave it here for the time being. I'm open to the possibility of shipping it once space is available over there, that is if it isn't sold already. I'm already having a doozy trying to reach the guy who is supposed to look into these things, but I guess for some 'a formal response' regardless if its positive or negative isn't in their vocabulary or job description. Probably not the way to go in the first place. Otherwise, I'll have to look at other avenues or just do another trade.

Friday, January 18, 2013 PM

Free at last! My last day was yesterday, and I guess it feels pretty good to start anew. I should've gotten out earlier, but sometimes we all need a few more paychecks. For me, I've become too comfortable with stability and complacency, and it had to eventually stop. But with all the hoopla over moving over there, it's a drastic leap for me because I preferred not to move. I don't think I'll ever fully feel comfortable anywhere else, since I'm a New Yorker at heart since I've always lived here. Hopefully the house will eventually be sold, and everything will fall into place. I have to remind myself that I'm just moving over there to work and to start fresh. From there, take things one at a time; including my musical endeavors.

As for the daunting trek across the country, it's probably better not to think too much about it. I'll take a route that will hopefully avoid any bad weather or bad areas; but then, if I could just schedule my itinerary correctly, it should be a smooth trip, and a memorable if not interesting experience. Of course, shit can hit the fan. But worrying about it too much doesn't make it any easier either. But I think taking the trek one day at a time and one city at a time would help, just as the trip back to NY ten years ago did.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 AM

They say that it's the start of the flu season, and definitely the time of year of catching the common cold or fever. I woke up on Sunday to a headache close to a migraine, and uncomfortable nasal congestion. That was a pretty miserable Sunday, except for one final meeting with Mrs. T. It was nice to catch up again, since it's been nearly a year or so. But one last hurrah before I'm off, and it's only fitting to talk once more.

It's not often or at all that the world renowned concert pianist Lang Lang has a televised concert, but I caught a program during his Asian tour. I think he was performing a Beethoven Concerto among other concert pieces. Quite astounding and mesmerizing as usual. Like any famous performing artist, I reckon that he is quite busy with touring and other events.

Finally received the full system, and looking forward to setting it up once I arrive over there. Also received my loan check earlier than scheduled, quite the surprise. Either I can call about keeping that investment account even when I officially quit, or close out the account and withdraw the full amount to invest elsewhere. Something I'll have to consider.

Saturday, January 12, 2013 AM

The new gaming system has arrived, sooner than I thought. The chassis is smooth and sleek, not to mention cool looking. But the important thing is I finally have the latest specifications on all parts at affordable prices. And the power muha-ha-ha. I've been utilizing a notebook computer for everything I do, an antiquated 2 Ghz Centrino processor which by now, takes at least a minute to open up an app or a program. And frequent freezes and disconnects. Not fun at all muhaha. I thought about building one from scratch, but perhaps in the future. For now, the casing is roomy enough for upgrades at least.

One thing that's been uncertain is whether or not our NY house can actually be sold. There could be a potential buyer at this early of the stage which is some good news, but the house isn't finished being renovated and I think the plan is to put in the market later this year. But hopefully, this situation can work itself out if the interest is really genuine or real.

I love my parents, but I don't agree with their opinions or preferences. Everyone has preferences, but finding a balance or a compromise for both of us to be happy has not been easy. But unfortunately, my preferences or desires have not been realistic to say the least. Nor have I been fortunate enough to find somebody until recently, but again; it isn't a situation that I could realistically win. It would make things worse, and that's what I'm trying to avoid or prevent. If a person is full of confidence and knows what they want in life or out of life and that person has the means to attain that, then by all means. Follow that path.

Had I been active in investing as far as my retirement/savings account is concerned, the balance could've potentially been greater. But the loan amount or early withdrawal is sufficient for now, as I have to wait a few weeks for the entire balance to be deposited or withdrawn. I think its bullshit that some investment accounts have to make you wait seven days once you register online. It's your account, you should be able to do with it at your own risk. Sonofabitch. Muhahaha.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 AM

For the first time in years, I could genuinely say that I'm quite excited but cautious for this new year. In the past, it's been basically the case of 'just another year coming and going' syndrome muhaha. But I knew things couldn't go on like this forever, I definitely needed to make that decision to move on. I'll be moving on to a new location and to a new job, and of course I'll be bringing my repertoire with me. But not the piano unfortunately, but it's better that I get a new one anyway. There are always going to be uncertainties and risks when moving away, but it's about time that I take one when I have always played it safe; which sometimes is not a good thing. The cross-country drive will be another hallmark point in my life, as was the case ten years ago when I drove back to New York. I'll still have this laptop with me to record the journey or trek, but for will be limited depending on how many stops and if I can budget it.

This week-long holiday break has been relaxing, and it's always tough to go back to work. But at least it's comforting to know that I have only two more weeks before I'm officially out. And it's also comforting to know that I'll be able to close out/withdraw my retirement/savings account that's been accruing for over the past 6 or 7 years with the company. For certain, I'm definitely going to keep close tabs on that, and make sure they release that on the spot muhaha.

With that said, I started the year by purchasing a new system with the latest chipset and specifications; Intel i3 3.4Ghz w/overclock/Nvidia GTX 660 2GB/8 GB Memory/monitor/keyboard/accessories. It's one of the top gaming systems out there, but I had to customize it a bit to fit under my budget. This laptop will have to be cleaned of files and just be used for specific purposes like recording. It's been experienceing heck of a lot of slowdowns and freezes.