Who is James Cage White?

I had no idea who he was, until I found him via re-tweets. Apparently, he became famous from a series of Vine collections. But I won't go into that heh. Here is the gist of it. He is a T-Shirt designer, is currently learning C# programming (interested in creating apps / video games), likes to eat fruits as a reward, and supports his father in the hospital. His "very cool, very swag" has become a meme and we "like it" as well heheh. Because...why not.

All the while, he's been on a mission to find a girlfriend. But apparently, he can't "pind-a LOB-uh" (love). Support the man!



Sleeping on the job muhaha:


Dammit, Jim. Stop playing video games and go take care of your father! heh.


Nice hair, Jim - certain styles are very swag, including crew cuts heh. Or just combing it regularly with hair gel. Keep telling yourself that you are NOT FAT heh. Confidence is important in going forward in life.
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HIS T-SHIRT STORE - https://teespring.com/stores/verycoolveryswag