Saturday, February 22, 2014 PM

Mozart, Sonata D Major K.311
a.Allegro con spirito b. Andante con expressione c. Allegro

I'm inspired to work on the K.570 next, which is also a grand piece. More thoughts on my classical blog page about revisiting the Sonatas, listening to Mozart again. But overall, definitely K.311 is one of my favorites and one of the more difficult ones for sure.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 AM

If a person has the means to video call via skype or through other avenues via webcam, it is certainly an important part when it comes to relationships. In particular, one that involves distances. Hopefully, that part is going to be resolved in the near future.

Monday, February 17, 2014 PM

Mozart, Sonata D Major K.284

I didn't think I'd revisit the Sonatas again, but here is one. I'll post a new piece on this web page, but go to the classical repertoire page for new as well as others. I definitely want to get to K.311 before the month's end, it's one of my favorite Sonatas. And perhaps K.576, if I don't search for new pieces to tackle.

A diverse repertoire would comprise both classical and contemporary pieces from all different kinds of composers. I'm sure there is a vast range of contemporary pieces that I'm not familiar with it all, just waiting to be found. I'd have to have an open mind about that eventually.

Thursday, February 13, 2014 AM

I enjoy family gatherings now and then, but delicious meals even more. It's even more enjoyable when you eat a hearty meal together. Although it was only my mother visiting this time around, I'm glad that she did regardless; even if plans did change. Get togethers usually happen during holidays, but everyone is all over the place so it's not as if they are regular occurrences. I've been working from home at my workstation/home office space, and although that has its perks, it's not exactly a healthy lifestyle if I don't get out and move about. Well, I do sit my ass at the piano and work out my fingers piece after piece, but I guess that doesn't really count. For this year, I have to try to get out more often especially when it gets warmer.

It was cool to drive out and spend some time together the last, few days consecutively. Ok, perhaps except the day that it starting snowing heavily and I decided to turn around. Sort of reminiscent of attempting to drive through a NY winter nor'easter, but there was really nothing to worry too much about since it mostly rains here. But I don't doubt there are snowstorms if it gets cold and moist enough. Anyway, I do get out and drive around every now and then just to go on an excursion; if not solely to go through a drive thru muhaha.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 PM

Apparently, I do have some pieces that have been left unfinished. But whether I'll get to them eventually or go after new composers/pieces, is to be determined.

I heard "Gang-Related" won't debut until a few months later, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait if anything since there's not much else. Other than that, I'm sure there's more creative Youtubers out there just waiting to be found.

I purchased "Linsanity" the other day, well worth the purchase. In the meantime, go to my NBA web page for further thoughts on the Jeremy Lin situation, which hasn't been exactly auspicious but hopefully things are turning around a step at a time. The ASG weekend is also around the corner, the dunk contest is really the only thing that might be worth watching.

Sunday, February 09, 2014 PM

It's been about a year since I went on an across the country trek from NY to settle out here within the serene landscape of the cascade mountains and evergreens. The scenery and the serenity has been a breathe of fresh air so far and although it has taken quite awhile to get used to things, it's coming along. The rainy season hasn't been too rainy, yet it can get dreary with all the overcast skies and rain. It even snowed a bit the other night. Although plans have slightly changed this month, I remain absolute and dedicated to the engagement. Last year, uprooting my ass from NY (although very reluctant at the start) was the first step in making changes. Hopefully, this year I can progressively further that with the newfound commitment.

I enjoy a good road trip now and then, especially if there is a concrete purpose. Otherwise, it's just you with your thoughts and some music. Speaking of which, I'll have some new pieces recorded by the end of the month. With any repertoire, it's always about finding new pieces or composers that haven't been tackled yet or finding inspiration, or simply pieces that have been left unfinished. I'm sure there are plenty of them somewhere.

Who knows what "The Walking Dead" has in store for the future, and in what direction the stories of each character is going to go. Hopefully, they won't be too quick with "off"-ing some of the characters. I think there can be quite a longevity to them if the creativity is there. Although I was able to catch a few episodes from the last two seasons, the recent finale from Dec. was certainly a shocker. Speaking of new seasons for shows this month, "Ghost Adventures" is back. So far, I'm intrigued by the visit to Myrtles Plantation down south, which they say is one of the most haunted locations in the country. I'm sure an entertaining, well-scripted show is possible for the viewer; but there can be let-downs also. Locations/residential places where residents are currently living there? I call bullshit, publicity stunts. But anyway, that's a whole different story. Anyway, two other locations for the future to possibly film at: the Lemp Mansion and the Whaley House.

Monday, February 03, 2014 AM

Unfortunately, my travel plans or arrangements have changed so things are not as certain. If anything, I still have to remain absolute and optimistic. There's also maestro Lang Lang's masterful concerts, which I heard he is going to return to Carnegie Hall this month; it's usually a monumental achievement for any concert pianist debuting for the first time, or returning for the second or third time. It is the standard of all concert halls so they say.

I heard the rest of "The Walking Dead" for this season is supposed to air in a few. Unfortunately, I have yet to catch up on the previous seasons. Also, I have to start watching the new "H5O", which I heard was worthwhile. Alright, perhaps an episode of "Gang-Related" as well if there is time muhaha. But for the most part, I've been just watching Youtubers on my sub list, some actual creative minds out there. And certainly more just waiting to be found.

I attempted to decrypt and download proprietory or drm-encrypted files before, but was only partially successful. There is freeware out there, but some of them are not to be trusted.

Sunday, February 02, 2014 AM

I'm not sure which web browser is the most reliable, but when it comes to videos in various formats and video players, it's usually good to keep several browsers on one's desktop. The latest is a Chrome issue or bug with Quicktime plug-ins. I prefer using Quicktime player, but that depends on the video format. Sometimes, some formats are better off with other kinds. This is just as annoying as DRM's, digital restrictions that prohibit a user from downloading or playing videos on different platforms.

Saturday, February 01, 2014 PM

My piano repertoire blog web page has been updated with more thoughts. Also, my mind has been busy as of late, so I haven't been able to update anything else recently.

Although I wasn't able to catch maestro Lang Lang's collaboration, I think the cross-genre performance between heavy metal and classical music is an interesting concept. Music, in any genre, is adaptable. If there's anybody who can adapt and perform to a different genre, it's Lang Lang. Anyway, I used to listen to heavy metal myself when I was way younger. I wonder if "I'll Sue Ya" counts muhahaha.