February 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 PM

I finally added some comments/blurbs to the Cross-Country trip images. The pics stored in my phone will have to wait until I get a new micro card. Apparently, I took 'em without one although I had a separate digital camera that I later found out that I always had with me. I've upgraded computers, now it's time to upgrade my antiquated phone muhaha.

Besides In N Out and Jack-N-The-Box, you find some tasty burger joints that is either renowned or has received rave reviews. It's a good thing, because a good burger certainly hits the spot. Right now, Five Guys and even Shake Shack are getting some stiff competition everywhere.

Monday, February 25, 2013 PM

Most websites utilize complex layouts with dynamic elements. I've considered that as the next step in refining this site, but at present there really isn't any need to. But at least, I have to restructure everything in terms of CSS with minimal html tags. The intention is to make each page different, so there isn't going to be a lot of common CSS coding.

You can tell an area is not known or pretty much absent/devoid of any foundation in terms of classical piano or classical music when there isn't any practice rooms to either rent or go to. Or there isn't any classical stations. Or anyone who can actually play or is interested in anything at all. But I suppose this place isn't known for that anyway. Perhaps I made a mistake moving here, but that wasn't the primary goal to begin with. I can see why NYC is the media capital of the world now muhaha. I did look up some digital portable pianos that's affordable. But still, I can still try to tackle new pieces even without a piano at my disposal just by looking at a piece and what some might call, 'airing it'. I suppose you see 'air guitarists' everywhere muhaha.

I've been used to the 9 to 5 routine/grind where you know what to expect. That certainly had become very dull and tiring, one of the many reasons of getting out. It's definitely a different story becoming independent and working without that kind of certainty. It's a wait and see to see actually how much work is available. I personally despise too much free time or down time also. I think that's why it's imperative that I can at least fill that time with my piano activities and other. When it warms up, I'll surely be looking for some hoops at a local park. That is if they have any, or if basketball even exists here muhaha. If that's not possible or if it doesn't get busy for me, I'll probably start losing it as in my sanity.

Sunday, February 24, 2013 PM

I caught up with the recent Ghost Adventures shows, and it was the usual 'what tricks do they have up their sleeves' for me. Speculation is speculation and although I have some ideas of how a few 'evidences' are achieved, I'm sure there are a variety of ways of creating creepy paranormal effects. Besides, I don't think there's anything better than a person's imagination of the unknown that is the ultimate fear factor. With that said, perhaps it's just as well not to know and just watch. You add in the history of the location and create the tension and anticipation that GAC does pretty well, it definitely draws a viewer in.

The eats have been surprisinigly delicious, as well as more health conscious. I guess I have a lot to learn when it comes to diets or eating habits. We went to a pretty sweet spot the other night, and I guess you can find them here and there. Preferences are preferences I guess. When it comes to pizzas, it's difficult to think that there is anything better than a NY pizza. But so far, I've tasted better. As I mentioned before, I suppose I haven't really tried the really good brick oven pies in NY. Besides food, I'm enjoying work and it's what I'd thought it would be. The new desktop system is proving to be useful. Right now, it's just a matter of continuing to break the ice and getting in a comfort zone.

There might be a possibility of at least getting an upright piano if I'm able to sell the grand, since I probably won't be able to ship it. Finding or renting a spot is becoming unrealistic at this point, and a temporary solution would be getting a full keyboard. On the Classical Repertoire page, I'll continue to blog as I look toward finding new pieces and composers to tackle and add.

Monday, February 18, 2013 PM

I'm lovin' the new system so far, everything's been absolutely quick and smooth in terms of programs and applications. Especially the WoW experience or I guess any other, since it is a top-of-the-line gaming system. Certainly there's room for upgrades. I should have customized it all in one shot, but with new speakers and waitin' for the new wifi NIC, it'll be....complete. Other than adding decor. Next time, I have to build one from scratch. Some other games I'm lookin' at; Dead Space 2 and Doom 3 The BFG Edition. I don't have any idea on the status of Doom 4, but word out is that it has stalled once again. You'd think iDsoftware can get their act together and cash in on what's popular rather than just sitting on their asses muhaha. I think Logitech makes decent computer peripherals. Wouldn't exactly be my first option or choice, but it does make pretty good peripherals and is affordable as well as everywhere.

Perhaps I should go to Best Buy often and play a variety of pieces from my repertoire there. It seems that each location has a instrumental section, with what seems like a good selection of keyboards, in particular Yamaha. Yamaha pianos are alright, perhaps not as well known or popular as Steinways. At this point, I'll probably have to get one of the full keyboards.

Monday, February 18, 2013 AM

It's been quite awhile since the last 'angry fat guy' vid, so how did I miss the 'fat guy angry at fedex/usps/ups' video? muhahah. That shit was hilarious.

Sunday, February 17, 2013 PM

I uploaded a hefty .png file and changed font type, and somehow the layout was out of wack across browsers. Perhaps I deleted something by accident. Anyway, it took me awhile to adjust the dimensions. Utilizing CSS and outdated html tags that aren't utilized that much can certainly cause issues across browsers. It's alright, I look for a particular type of template to create than what can be done with just CSS. Perhaps not as dynamic or efficient, but it can work.

Perhaps the company outing sounded more fun than my road trip across the country but in some ways, I wouldn't trade what I experienced for the world. I'll treasure it for the rest of my life, just as some experiences in the past that I'd like to forget but have to keep to myself forever. Emotional scars are just that, and it's part of life's experiences. Matters of the heart should just remain as matters of the heart. Anyway, my "Journey Of Several Thousand Miles" has ended literally, but hopefully another one has just begun metaphorically. If I can ever get accustomed or comfortable with this new environment that is muhaha.

The "Star Wars" rumor mill is churning again. Thoughts as usual on the Films page.

Saturday, February 16, 2013 PM

Twas a good night out with my sister-in-law, as we dined at a delicious spot. For now, I just have to settle down and become comfortable with where I am before going out and doing any exploring or sightseeing. I'm not that type when relocated to a new spot who immediately jumps at the chance to get to know the area, especially when it's new. I just take my time and just be cautious about things. Because you can't really judge certain areas based on where one used to live, everywhere is different. I feel more comfortable in certain areas demographically than others. In that sense, trust certainly doesn't come easily. I'm not sure how problematic parking will be since it's been only two days, but it sure seems it might be a pain in the ass to look for one everytime I drive out. Or again, I guess I'm just used to having a driveway.

I have to buy new speakers as well, and again; I think I overlooked another item. There doesn't seem to be any internal speakers anyway, as I guess I'm so used to the notebook computer. I thought about getting a soundblaster card, but sound is the least of my worries. Right now, almost the entire setup is ready; a workstation and a recreation/personal station. I think it's going to be cool.

Friday, February 15, 2013 PM

Sometimes if you do things too quickly especially in customizing a new gaming system, important items could be overlooked; like a wireless network card or back in the day, a NIC. I don't think they call it that anymore. Now I have to order it separately. But the new DS system is lookin' good. Let's just hope that it performs as well as its supposed to. With the latest specifications and gear, of course it should. In the meantime, I'll have to continue to use this or at least hook up an ethernet cable. I stopped by Best Buy to look for a cable or an adaptor, and there was an instrumental section. Of course, I gravitated towards the keyboards/synthesizers, and began immediately going through sections of pieces. After two weeks without a piano, it was refreshing but certainly not the same feel as a real piano. Too feathery and light. I still have to figure that out. So far not lookin' good.

From my travels so far, the locals were pleasant for the most part. I still have yet to reserve judgment on that until a month passes. But my suspicions would probably end up being correct, even before I left. I guess you can never have enough semi-retards. I never really wanted to move at all, only for the sake of working and starting anew. For now, I just have to focus on work and other things and stay away from locals if I don't have to.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 PM

Here is a quick retrospective of my 2013 trip cross-country, which is also summed up in my photo album once I put up captions or comments. I have to say that the I43/40 corridor between St. Louis and Las Vegas was the most pleasant drive; clear skies, lack of congestion and cars, and just a smooth ride with my thoughts and music. The I5 has just been awful/terrible in every sense of the word, don't need any explanation on that. As for the grub, my favorites have been Jack-In-The-Box and In-N-Out, which I just tried last night for dinner. In-N-Out is good, but I still say Five Guys is the burger joint to beat muhaha. Jack-In-The-Box used to my favorite years ago, and it seems that it still is; can't get enough of the Sourdough Jack. And how about that 24-Hour breakfast menu. This should be the model that other fast food joints should follow muhaha. The stay at the Fremont, CA Holiday Inn was probably the most pleasant/nicest stay of all my overnight stays, and most of them have been Holiday Inns. The Terre Haute, Ind. ranks second, but that was a different chain. It's been wonderful so to speak with the stops in STL, Grand Canyon and Vegas as the hilites.

Ultimately, I'm not sure if I'm going to end up liking where I'll be at. That was the risk I was willing to take for the sake of starting anew. And I'd move back in a heart beat if I had to. For now, it's strictly to work and to just take it day by day.

I believe in the paranormal, but I don't believe in a lot of the 'evidences' presented on these shows like Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters. Ghost Adventures by far is more entertaining for sure but at the same time, their evidences have been more outrageous. Flying objects? Ghost languages? Possessions? It's not to say that they don't happen, but these things certainly don't happen when one wants it to, or on cue for the camera. In fact, I think the Paranormal Activity films are sort of mocking these shows in a way with the outlandishness. Anyway, you be the judge. Perhaps in the most haunted or demonic places, if you are spiritually open or open yourself to these spirits by calling them out, perhaps outrageous stuff does happen. Or nothing at all. All for the sake of ratings. But anyway, the paranormal has been and always will be a fascinating and interesting subject to explore and investigate. If anything, these shows have piqued interest in many fans to become amateur investigators themselves or have enticed new fans to become interested in the subject matter.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 PM

Although I uploaded the photo album, I still have to extract a few more pics from the camera phone and to add some comments. But after several thousand miles and a few, nice pitstops, it's been almost surreal. Never thought that it would happen again, but it has, and now it's ending. I logged in a lot of miles since I've made some detours, and my car certainly needed an oil change.

The Winchester Mystery House. Unfortunately, two caviats; can't take photos inside, and can't investigate the house by oneself. Has to be with a tour. But so I did muhaha. Despite that, everything is a business these days and everyone seems to be cashing in on reputation. That house has an interesting and unique past, but most of the original furnishing has been removed. I think the juicy places are ones that are either condemned or prohibited from visitors without permission from the town. I think they're locations ripe for possible paranormal activity. Preston School Of Industry or Preston Castle, is in Ione and once again, the opposite direction of where I need to go. That place is known as the infamous 'possession' GA episode. You have to wonder why they aren't considering returning there. Perhaps they haven't been able to come up with a script to best that episode? muhaha.

Sunday, February 10, 2013 PM

I'll put up a photo album as soon as I can, it has certainly turned out to be some sort of 'holiday road' for me with all these stops. But I'll be doing my own lampooning muhaha. With the weekend at my disposal, you can't experience Las Vegas without the city nightlife. Just walking down the 'strip' was enough for me. And of course, you can't experience Las Vegas without staying at one of its glitzy hotels. Hadn't had delicious Pho in awhile until yesterday. But when push comes to shove, I just enjoy the nature and wonderous landscape more. I was heading toward Red Rock Canyon today but when I saw a sign to Bonnie Springs Ranch, I immediately recognized it. It was a location for one of the Ghost Adventures shows. I'm not sure how haunted that place is, but it was an attraction of Old Town Nevada with some animatronic mannequins or wax figures. Overall, it was an entertaining experience replete with an outdoor performance of a hanging. The Wax Museum and the Opera House were two locations that were reportedly haunted.

A few curious things, but nothing to fret over. I took a digital picture of the shooting gallery and the animatronic figures went off. That startled me a bit. And then in the school with the creepy figure in the back, there's a circular blemish near the bottom of the digital pic. With that said, these will be nice mementos. I feel inspired now to even visit Goldfield and Virginia City while I'm in Nevada. But Virginia City is nearly 7 hours away near Reno, unless I want to trek that way. I'll think about it, but it's more likely that'll stick with the safe route on the main artery where you don't really have to worry about gas stations.

About the East Coast storms, they have names now? muhaha. Pity that the Northeast was slammed by Nemo after reeling from Sandy. And now they are preparing for Orka. How I miss New York muhaha. Well, if there's any consolation, the weather is lackluster everywhere anyway.

Friday, February 08, 2013 PM

It's been clear skies all the way so far, and often a very scenic and reflective drive each day while listening to my playlist, some funny/humorous stuff, and John Denver's Wilderness Concert album. I guess I can count myself fortunate that I'm not in New York now muhaha, as they are in quite a blizzard. The first whopper of the year I guess, but the weather has been quite unforgiving to the Northeast in recent years. Nevertheless, I still miss it. I always said, this new start is about removing or deleting lingering memories and stuff connected to the past, and that's really the intention as much as working in a different environment. To give my mind a reboot and a reformat, like a computer. I don't think I can do that with my heart, that I've already acknowledged that I can't get rid of but to just accept regardless of the unfortunate and sometimes painful realities. But it's not like I take them too seriously anymore.

I'm getting road weary for sure. Up to this point, I've taken my time making sure not to drive too much. How can one not stop by the Grand Canyon? It's one of nature's majestic beauties, and I don't think it ever gets stale visiting something like that. I did go to the Meteor Crater before that, but arrived when it wasn't open. Still, got a pic of the crater rim. Otherwise, it's been a vast landscape of deserts and mountains. Just wanted to drive right through it.

I might have to make a pitstop in Las Vegas to accomodate certain schedules, and I'm just doing my 'due diligence' and nothing more. And as part of a parental request as well. But for my part, I think it's good in that sense that I'm taking some kind of action and making certain kinds of decisions at least. Hopefully, I won't experience too much 'fear & loathing' over there muhaha. There's always that strange aura in a lot of places that you've never been to. Perhaps it'll be like that where I'm going. Anyway, nearing the coast. Better push it a bit more.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 PM

At this point, I can go miles without seeing a gas station. So I'll usually have to fill the tank way before 3/4 of it is empty. I'm holed up in Albuquerque now and with that said, Weird Al's "Albuquerque" seems appropriately fit. What's the motto of that song? "I...hate.....saurkraut!" muhaha. And of course, "...and one day if you find yourself in an existential quandary, full of loathing and self-doubt, and racked with the pain and isolation if your pitiful, meaningless existence....you could take comfort in knowing that somewhere in this crazy universe of ours, there's this little ole place called....." Anyway, there it is muhaha.

I guess it still hasn't sunk in that I've moved out, with each passing day I get closer. I briefly mentioned about the adjustment period of settling down and quickly getting into the groove of working again. It isn't going to be easy. I'm sure the homesickness will dissipate, but that's not a given at all. What will be imperative is that I get my fingers moving again on the piano, as I don't want to suffer from rust. And as I mentioned on the Classical page, I derive inspiration and motivation from this. That's the beauty of music. Everyone does their own thing. But anyway, that's going to be a whole, different situation to figure out once I arrive; finding a spot to practice/record. Or eventually shipping the NY piano there. As far as my destination is concerned, I don't plan on disclosing that. For me, it's about the journey in getting to a destination. Like leveling a character in WoW. "Journey Of A Thousand Miles" indeed. More like several thousand miles for me muhaha.

I checked out a new episode of "Dual Survivor", and they have a new guy for the new season. Apparently, I heard the previous 'survivalist' deceived the producers in his survival background, which turned out to be fraudulant. There's always controversy somewhere. Speaking of 2/14, will it be "A Good Day To Die Hard"? Since when were there plans for another 'Die Hard' film? I guess I'm too much out of the loop.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 PM

The skies couldn't have been more clearer, and the horizon just seemed to have just stretched endlessly all around. The sunset was nice, and just the drive with some music and my thoughts to get by. Fatigue hasn't really been an issue, moreso my lower back from sitting and the damn GPS navigator falling off the windshield every now and then. I've been taking pictures, and I'll upload them when I have the time. I think it would be cool to camp out under the stars under such clear conditions, with miles of just barren land around and without any city lights. It would be freezing now since its winter, but certainly during warmer temperatures. Near perfect stargazing conditions I guess, but ideal conditions would be either on mountains where most observatory telescopes are, or on the ocean completely away from the coast. Not for the seasick though muhaha.

After having crossed Oklahoma, I'll be heading into the desert portion of the country. I suspect that things will be different in personality and culture, and that was evident after leaving New York. But up until now, it was overall a pleasant experience. Perhaps I've only been to the pleasant areas muhaha. The towns have that reminiscent feelings of the fundraising days, the good and bad times. But as suburbia gives way to desert landscapes and not a lot of civilization going forward, I guess I'll just have to enjoy the rustic landscape. I'm thinking about stopping by the Grand Canyon again. Hopefully, the weather will continue to cooperate.

Foundations are important, and certainly they exist to support a lot of causes. For instance, world famous concert pianist Lang Lang has a foundation that promotes classical piano/music to the public, and is an advocate for finding ways to make it more accessible like through technology, which is key to interconnectivity these days. Jeremy Lin is about to launch his foundation on 2/14.

Monday, February 04, 2013 PM

I stopped by St. Louis over the weekend, and it was a welcoming respite or break from the travel. Aside from visiting the place of operations and driving a motorized go kart which was fun, it was tasting the delicacies that hit the spot. I think I might have had the best pizzas ever, and that spot certainly lived up to its name. I'm sure it beats a lot of New York spots, even rivaling some of the tastiest joints that I probably never heard of or been to. For now, it tops my list for the pizza to eat and I'd go back in a heart beat. St. Louis is also known for their ribs or BBQ, and I had to try it at my brother's suggestion. I probably haven't eaten enough ribs or BBQ to know what's best, but I've become a believer after tryin' some smokin' ribs and sauces. I heard about the rave reviews and competition wins, and I'm certainly not surprised. And about that famous arch, not exactly the golden arch but I thought about gettin' my groove on with the camera phone, but I have to gain 100 lbs in the head first muhaha.

The trip has been enjoyable so far up to this point, and the stops in PA, IND and MO have been pleasant. Now that I'm basically at the mid point of the trip, I probably should take it easy; making sure not to drive too much unless I need to bypass certain areas. It's been enjoyable in the sense of opening up to new experiences outside of the confines of the state that I've lived all my life, and certainly letting go of that New York swag has appeased the situation somewhat muhaha. Nevertheless, I still can't really see myself living anywhere else but New York. But that's the case with any adjustment periods I guess.

I'll probably push for Amarillo tomorrow or close to it. I wouldn't mind going up northward towards the Rockies just for the mountainous landscape, but the weather during the winter can be problematic in terms of snowstorms. In fact, I think there's a few forecasted that's heading towards the East. I guess they're in for a snowy February. It's time to hit the road again, and I just have to take it day by day.