Wednesday, August 27, 2014 AM

It was refreshing to finally get out and go camping in the wilderness a few days ago. Other than that, there were some other things that I had planned as far as itineraries are concerned. It wasn't so much that plans had changed because of being busy or other activities, but more so that I became less motivated or interested. Perhaps I should try becoming more spontaneous than planning things ahead or in advance. Nah, that's just not me though. Once a decision has been made, I have to stick with it no matter what the result instead of changing my mind.

Here amongst the mountains and evergreens, it gets really cold early in the morning hours even during the summer. This isn't public camping where there are cabins and other amenities, but what interests me the most about wilderness camping is being within and enjoying the environment or nature without anyone around. Despite the clean air and beautiful landscape, the trees hide most of the night sky so it's not really convenient to gaze at any constellations. We went somewhere near Mt. Rainier national park, but driving through it was very scenic; something out of a Bob Ross painting heh. I'll probably upload the images on the photo album web page, since it definitely rivals other scenic landscapes across the country. One camping trip I could imagine trying is in some desert in the southwest (such as the Sonoran) where there are no city lights and trees to block and obscure the visible night sky. I could imagine how splendid it would be to just lay there all night next to a campfire, and observe the celestial objects like constellations and planets. Speaking of which, about one year to go before the New Horizons spacecraft reaches Pluto. It's going to be about ten years since the spacecraft left Earth orbit, damn how the years has just passed us by.

With Halloween arriving in a few months, I usually enjoy that season. Not because it gives us the reason to voraciously stuff ourselves with candies, but there are also the haunts and horror films. I'd be all for investigating a condemned asylum heh.

It's certainly been quite awhile since there was something to blog about.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 PM

Bach, Two Part Inventions
I planned on a few more Inventions, but I decided to record just the No.3 D Major Invention with the others. I have gone through and am familiar with all fifteen Inventions, but for now I just wanted to upload a set group. I'm not sure if I'll get into Bach's Fugues and Preludes, but perhaps.

Sunday, August 10, 2014 PM

Mozart, Sonata K.332
a. Allegro b. Adagio c. Allegro assai
The Adagio and Andante movements are usually very melodic and some of my favorites in a three movement or multi section piece, as sometimes a structure can revolve around gentler movements in terms of themes. In particular with Mozart, certain movements definitely seem to stand out in a lot of his works; either ensemble pieces, Concertos or Symphonies. I could enjoy one particular movement or section more than the others, but I usually enjoy an entire piece on the whole. Otherwise, I wouldn't be interested in it at all.

I was going to post these thoughts on my Classical Repertoire blog, but since I don't blog that often (at least for now), I might as well. One thing I'd like to do is to play on a grand again or a full upright, outside the confines of home. It would be cool to check out the sounds and acoustics of other places. Whether I'll lease another piano or purchase the one I have currently depends where I'll be living next year.