Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Although most of us couldn't spend the holiday weekend together as family, I was fortunate enough to spend quality time at least with my brother and my spouse; just the three of us. Together, we were able to make the most of it with seasonal music, lighting and another delicious feast. We should have bought a tree earlier in the month, but at least some decor gets in the spirit of things. It's been awhile since we played a board game together, and I think that's something we should have done before aside from doing our own things. It's the togetherness and spending precious time that's been needed, since I've been wrapped up in individual or alone time. That's been my personality for all these years, and it'll take awhile to get used to as far as interacting is concerned.

I plan to upload some more Mendelssohn and perhaps Chopin to begin the new year in the coming months. More thoughts on my Classical Repertoire page soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

With another year winding down, I had planned on a more reflective entry since it brought quite a few challenges and realizations as far as a new life is concerned. I got hitched earlier this year but it didn't hit me until we finally moved in together. Apparently, my lifestyle and habits before that has been still lingering and often times it showed. Sometimes it's a reflection of missing the single life, and asking if I'm really meant to be married. But I realize there has to be a compromise between doing my thing and sacrificing for her. Otherwise, I would never change and continue on with old habits. It's a work in progress, and hopefully I've learned quite a few things about myself I otherwise would not have realized right away. As far as disputes and spats are concerned, they happen between couples and that's reality. I probably wouldn't be able to stand somebody who is always upbeat and motivated, but that's usually a plus.

I keep mentioning that I need to eat healthier and exercise, but it never happens. I've been recovering from the shingles recently (headaches, swollen eye, and blisters on the forehead. Ouch.), which is certainly my body telling me that it has reached its breaking point in terms of health. My immune system must have deteriorated to the point where I have to take eating healthy seriously for once. Of course, there's always the uncertainty and concern that I'll begin to eat the same way again once everything is alright. For now, I'm on a strict vitamin diet and no-snacking-often diet. I'll still have some goodies here and there, but I have to learn how to resist.

Classical music / piano is my main genre and what I do, but I certainly enjoy nice acoustical music in other genres and instrument as well. I enjoy and like songs that are not about relationships but often the simple things in life or something off-topic. I recommend D-Choi's "Can't Take This Away" and Goh Nakamura's "Somewhere" and "Embarcadero Blues" for some acoustical and lyrical enjoyment. There are quite a few Youtubers that are establishing themselves as legit musicians, and they are defintely something to look out for in the future.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

I certainly feasted quite well, and the heapings of mashed potatoes, stuffing and other delicacies are always sumptious. The eating part is easy, but the prep work perhaps not so much; which is why I'm glad that at least I tried to help with the mashed potatoes prep. I'm definitely appreciate and grateful for the preparation that goes into these meals, and also the company that I can spend it together with. It would have been alright if we spent it together only as is, but fortunately we were able to spend it with another family or friends.

Having delicious meals and snacks now and then might be enjoyable for the body, but I often also wondered how competitive eaters can sustain eating certain amounts that seem as if they are invulnerable or indestructible. I'm sure they undergo a strict diet and exercise regime in terms of lifestyle, but when they practice for competitions they expand their stomaches for greater intake. Not exactly sure, but it is not something that anyone should be doing for sure.

For me, I have classical music to binge on and that's good for the soul. Music is soothing and therapeutic (moreso with certain genres), and for sure I'll continue to find new repertoire. The composer Felix Mendelssohn has a series of pieces called "Songs Without Words", which is how I define instrumental music in some sense. The notes and phrases in a piece are like lyrics themselves, and only a listener can experience the sensation and intellectual stimulation in a heightened, emotional state of melodic bliss.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here's to a hearty Thanskgiving or turkey day this year. Unfortunately, we won't be spending it with most of the family since everyone has different schedules or plans. But certainly I plan to feast for sure. From now until new year's, it's a time not just for festive music and eats but also to spend the season with family and loved ones. Would I prefer to have it either Huang-style (FOTB Thanksgiving) or Dr. Ken-style when it comes to Thanksgiving gatherings? Uh, no thanks heh. But they were hilarious if anything.

The TWD episode "Head's Up" revealed the fate of Glenn and he lives!...for now. I'm sure there were sighs of relief everywhere, but don't get too comfortable. The operative phrase is...for now. I agree that a show or a program doesn't necessarily have to follow the orginal graphic novel or source that it was derived from, but then again you want to be as true to the source as possible in some ways as well. For now, the walls have been breached and what is going to happen now to the band of survivors and where can they go.

I don't think I was any better driver than my spouse when I first began learning how to drive, but with more experience the comfort level should be there eventually.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The autumn season is one of my favorites because of the foliage, but apparently the rainy season has begun early with a deluge of rain. Perhaps that's not unusual, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the El Nino phenomenon. I've heard about it, when the ocean periodically warms up to create intense weather during seasons. The summer was unusually hot, so I guess winter is going to be more wet than usual. With that said, the pieces that come to mind are Chopin's "Raindrop" Prelude and "Winter Wind" Etude.

I plan to get to some recordings before the month's over, but certainly before the year is over. I'm not sure if I can get to any more than that, but more thoughts on my Classical Repertoire blog soon.

I usually don't follow current events, but my condolences to the recent tragedy; I guess the acronym would be PFP. I'm not sure how many truly appreciate the value of human life, but when it comes to a person's livelihood it's a precious thing. But that's a different matter altogether whether a person likes them or not. It is also disheartening to hear about those who are suffering from medical conditions but can't afford expenses. That's a different matter altogether, somewhat controversial.

Friday, October 30, 2015

I became inspired to put together a Beethoven medley, and hopefully I'll upload it sometime in November or before the year's out. This, as well as a few other pieces including movements from other Sonatas if possible. I've enjoyed playing the Liszt Danse Macabre, and it could be something that I'll record again but not in the immediate future.

With the new year approaching, I'll probably have an entry with more in depth reflecting about the year since it's been different in terms of my life. My mind is not entirely at ease with what's to come, but I just have to somehow be ready and determined to get things done. I'm not sure what my future is going to hold, but I shouldn't overwhelm myself with unnecessary stress or worries. Otherwise, I should act right away to mitigate or rectify the situation.

If anything, playing the piano has always helped in putting my mind at ease somewhat. And that's been therapeutic. Sharing it to a wider audience is a challenge, but it's something to keep in mind. The good thing about finding and sharing videos from other instrumentalists or musicans is that sometimes you don't become aware of a particular piece or composer until heard or seen.

What can be more enjoyable than watching horror movies and eating candy during this month, in particular Fear Fest. I used to snack on candy a lot, but I haven't as much recently. This year, almost none at all. But it is still a ritual that one must eat at least some during this season.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The TWD episode "Thank You" had to be one of the most shocking moments in the series so far. The shock value has certainly hit hard as can be seen through fan reaction, and I was in disbelief for awhile. As far as Glenn's demise is concerned, I personally would have hoped for him to go out in another way (perhaps in a fight with a villain) rather than being eaten alive like a chump. After watching the marathon from the beginning earlier this month, I definitely saw all the characters develop in some ways or another. And I certainly would prefer to have at least the main characters survive until the final two seasons of the series. But shock value is certainly an element that is utilized to really catch the audience's attention, and unfortunately it has to happen to fan favorites.

In closer inspection, they fell close enough to the dumpster where it would be possible for Glenn to go underneath for safety. But who knows. The scenes were definitely made to look as if he was being eaten. I guess that element worked.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Since it is October, I thought I'd play Liszt's transcription of "Danse Macabre" again. Although it's been awhile (more like several years), it is a goulishly delightful piece in terms of atmosphere; which I'll probably continue to practice for this month at least. I had the idea of recording it with a pumpkin and other festive decor for the occasion, but I won't be able to finish it though. I've been immersed in my repertoire recently, but am not sure whether I'll upload a few more videos this year; although I probably could. Right now, I'm enjoying returning to pieces that I haven't practiced in awhile.

It hasn't rained as much as I thought it would this month, and it's been somewhat warm during the day. But then again, rainy season hasn't arrived yet. Now that the summer is over, finding the motivation to go outside and continue to be active is not as easy as when the weather is nice and warm on a summer's day. For sure, I have to watch what I eat more than ever since I don't exercise much.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I've been content with the website template that I created on my own, and there aren't any plans to upgrade it. However, I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of utilizing wordpress or something else in the future to transition into something more stylish. With the template that I have, I have the flexibility and freedom to place web elements and have content anywhere that I choose. I am not a programmer or a web developer. I just have some knowledge in HTML and image editing to at least provide informative content. Every site has a main purpose. Mine is certainly to share my classical piano recordings. Right now, my concern should be more on how to advertise my site and the videos further.

It's the month of October, a time for horror movies and also the "TWD" S6 season opener. I watched the marathon leading up to the opener, and indulged in the zombie-apocalypse mayhem. The new season is going to be intense for sure.

As for sitcoms, some notables were cameos from Shaq and Jeremy Lin on "FOTB". Also, I have to catch up on the hilarity of "Dr. Ken" as well.

I haven't been to a theater in years, but we went to see "Maze Runner: Scorch Trials" awhile ago. There just hasn't been anything worth watching. I'll put up a review on the Films page soon.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Mendelssohn Scherzo is now uploaded, and I'm glad that I perservered through this difficult piece and was able to finish it. Among the recorded videos uploaded so far, I'm satisified with this Scherzo recording alongside the Mozart Medley the most. I can envision the two videos spear-heading my repertoire, including whatever future platform I use. In the meantime, I've been preparing new repertoire or pieces but as I mentioned, not sure if I'll get to them this year. But since I finished the Scherzo (which I didn't think that I would), it is still possible to record and upload a few more. More thoughts on my classical repertoire blog page with regards to the Scherzo piece and other repertoire.

It's the month of Halloween, and who knows whether we'll visit a haunted house this year. Not to mention gorging on sweets heh. But I've been reducing my intake in recent years, and didn't eat much candy last year suprisingly. In the spirit of the season, it brings to mind Liszt's transcription of Saint-Saen's Danse Macabre. That's a piece I probably won't have time to re-visit, but more thoughts on that on the other blog as well.

Fortunately, I did get a chance to get a glimpse of the lunar eclipse awhile ago. Celestial events are always enjoyable.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Although I've been playing some new pieces recently, I probably won't get to recording and uploading them this year if at all. But definitely at least one or two more that I've planned. More thoughts on my classical repertoire page. Whether it's playing or performing in front of an audience or a camera, relaxing and remaining focused is something that takes getting used to in becoming comfortable with more experience.

There were some days this month that still felt like summer. We've tried to get as many hikes in as possible, going on different trails all the while hiking for a few miles. They're nice exercises, but I don't think I've sweated more than mowing the lawn the other day versus all the hikes combined. Another activity that I've done that I haven't in years is bowling. I never thought I'd have fun again, but suprisingly I did. One activity that seems to never cease is eating too much heh.

In the world of sitcoms, I might have to check out "Dr. Ken" in addition to the new season of "Fresh Off the Boat".

Monday, August 31, 2015

The summer is almost over, and so is the year in a few months. I'm glad that I've been a bit more active than I have in the past summers for sure, and I have my spouse to thank for that. I've enjoyed the numerous hiking trips, as well as the few occasions to the water park. Still, I'm spending more time indoors than I should but anyway. I just hope we can end the year more positively and optimistically than before.

I was able to get to some video recordings. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the Schumann or Mendelssohn yet. But the Mendelssohn piece is going to be next. I've been definitely thinking about public platforms, but only if there are no fees or required membership. Otherwise, I'll have to begin all over again in finding support or an audience on a social media platform.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The torrential rainfall was a surprise, almost as if an entire summer's worth of rain had dropped in one day. After what has been a scorcher of a summer and a dry one at that, this is a relief somewhat. But it is also an indication of what's to come during the winter or the rainy season. I guess some of us are dreading that. Nonetheless, it's been awhile so Chopin's "Raindrop" Prelude is the piece of the day. To get in the mood, I was playing this piece to get in the rainy mood again.

I was fortunate to attend several barbeques this summer, and all of them were delicious. Just like Thanksgiving dinner, I'll usually look forward to the leftovers heh. The summer is almost over, but I hope there'll be a few more nice days here and there to go on a hike or other places that we've been to.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

I definitely want to get at least two recordings this month. It's already August, and in a few months another year is going to come to a close. I've had some nice practices, and hopefully I'll get to a few more before recording. More thoughts on my Classical Repertoire blog on the pieces.

As far as another video uploading platform, unfortunately all of them have membership fees for any substantial uploading and other services. Otherwise, the free versions are not exactly preferable. I'll still have this site as the main platform for uploads. I might actually have to sign up for social media such as fb in order to share further to more audiences. But I have to be able to interact and socialize, otherwise it won't work. For sure, I'm finally happy now with the videos that have been uploaded so far, to the point where I could share them on other platforms for once.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'll usually enjoy planetarium visits, and the other day wasn't any exception. Although I have been to a few already and might know some things, there are a few tidbits that do escape me and I'm sure as for others as well. For instance, Pluto and Charon rotate around each other; not the usual planet/satellite relationship. Anyway, Astronomy is an interesting subject for sure.

I'm not one to frequent a mall if at all, and it's been awhile. Well, there's always the food court heh.

Perhaps I'll target the end of summer to finish the recordings. As mentioned, I think the Mendelssohn and Schumann pieces are going to be it for now. Unless I can devote more time to practice often. Living with others is not as convenient as living independently in a separate abode where I could practice often.

With the sequel to the "The Maze Runner" on the horizon in a few, I might review the first "Maze Runner" which was on a few nights ago. Or just wait until the sequel is out in theaters. For now, I'm holding out on eventually watching the K-Town flick and the wf productions film at some point.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The New Horizons spacecraft finally arrived at the distant object known as Pluto two days ago, after what has been almost a ten year journey in space. I remember blogging about the mission in 2006 when the spacecraft first launched at the beginning of the year. At that time, I had a Celestial web page with all things Astronomy and Space Sciences related. It's been defintely quite awhile, because I haven't kept up with this for years. Some of the more intriguing images I still have are from the Spirit and Opportunity mission on Mars (including the distant sun setting), and the vantage point of Earth from Saturn. I probably won't create a new Celestial web page or gallery again, depending if I buy a telescope and get into it full-time again. For now, it's Pluto time. What's next in exploration? Perhaps figuring out how to send humans to Mars.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

It was nice spending time with others for the Fourth of July celebration with bbq and fireworks. Since I moved out here two years ago, there really wasn't anyone I knew around here except for family. I didn't really go out much anyway, but I'm grateful that I did this time because we enjoyed the evening. Nuthin' like food, folks and fun I guess heh. In essence, why go into the city when you can watch some fireworks display in a local neighborhood, just bring some ear plugs heh. It was an experience, I don't think I've been that close to a fireworks display before; in particular if you have your own goodies.

It's been a scorcher alright. Not sure when it's going to cool down, but hopefully soon. In the meantime, have to find ways to get relief from the noonday sun.

I've only practiced sparingly in recent days, so the Mendelssohn piece is going to be awhile. I'm looking forward to that one. I plan to get to some other recordings however in a few days hopefully.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

It was a scorcher the past week with not a cloud in the sky, but it was certainly ripe to hit the beach or a water park. Fortunately, there was a water park nearby. I enjoy slides as much as I enjoy eating sliders heh. However, I gotta take more precautions from sunburns for sure. That, and feet blisters can ruin someone's day of fun. I gotta wear sandals next time. Anyway, the fun was enough to not really notice these things until afterwards. There are other ways to get relief from the sun and scorching temperatures. It's cooled down somewhat, but I'm sure it'll get hot again.

The summer season is the time for outdoor activities. I definitely plan to do as much as I can together, even if it's just a walk or a hike.

I'll get to another recording, hopefully this week or next. The Mendelssohn is definitely coming along fine, but I plan on that and the Schumann after this upcoming video recording. More thoughts on my classical piano blog, but I'm taking my time considering I practice just once in awhile.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I've had some nice practices this week, with the focus on Mendelssohn and Schumann. They'll be part of what I'll consider the center pieces of my video recordings that I'll upload, when I find another public platform to upload on. I'm not sure when I'll get to these recordings, but whenever I can.

As much as I enjoy eating delicious meals, I know I shouldn't be emotionally dependent on that all the time. Whether it's scrumptious seafood as in the other day or just a pizza pie, they can certainly determine a person's mood sometimes. But I can't certainly let it get to the point where not eating well would ruin my day. It's something to continue to keep in mind as I gradually change my diet. Right now, I'm trying to cut out or at least minimize sodas. But once in awhile, you have to have that heh.

Today I had to do some yard work, and then unexpectedly worked on cleaning out my car; which I've been really lazy about. I didn't realize how many coins and other garbage were laying around in the car. Sometimes, you don't realize that until you actually get yer ass cleanin' something heh. With the weather becoming nicer and sunnier by the day, I'm certainly planning on some trips to the beach or whatnot. Last year, I took a dip in a cold river somewhere when it got hot. There are places to go to get relief from the temperature, or just have some fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I always enjoy watching live streams and on-line televised concerts, and today I was able to watch the live stream at the Metropolitan museum of maestro Lang Lang just as it began. Hopefully there'll be more of these in the future. I could imagine that the acoustics at a museum would be nice, certainly for an intimate recital. There are definitely talented young pianists out there, and it's a matter of continuing to pursue their passion and not giving up that'll definitely cultivate their talents.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unfortunately, my mother wasn't around for Mother's Day. But the least I could do was message her. Well, with a bit of a reminder from my spouse to be honest heh. When it comes to special occasions, they usually sort of slip by and I have to be reminded.

The lifestyle so far hasn't been as smooth as I'd liked, but I can only surmise that it'll eventually get there. I still have my usual eating and sleeping habits, but it is what it is and change is not going to come overnight if at all. And apparently, I snore occasionally heh. Only when I'm in a deep slumber and tired as hell. But otherwise, I'm a gentle sleeper. But when it comes to laughing my ass off, that's a different story heh.

I like my new video camera, but I can't say the same for the tripod. I could use something of an upgrade apparently. When it comes to embedded videos, it's a good idea to upgrade plugins and browser versions whenever possible so that videos are viewable. Still, there are still the usual glitches and whatnot. But tech-saavy folks should know what to do. I am still considering finding new public platforms to upgrade them to, as soon as I can get a few more new videos recorded on the grand piano. One thing I'll blog about in another entry is becoming more interactive and proactive in terms of my goals, something which I haven't really done. Now that I'm essentially starting all over, I just have to take it one step at a time.

New entry on my classical piano blog page..

Sunday, May 03, 2015

I haven't practiced recently (other than a few hours session a few days ago) since I wanted to spend as much time with her going out and such, but I still plan to at least record a piece or two sometime this month. More thoughts on my classical repertoire blog. Getting out of the house and doing outdoor activities especially when the weather is becoming nicer is something I haven't done in the past unfortunately. There's certainly more incentive now. Anyway, Mt. Rainier National Park. It was my first time actually there, and it was beautiful. There was still snow at certain elevations, but we fortunately got near enough for some nice picture-esque moments. It would've been cool to remain there into the night to view the sky, but it would've been really cold and icy on the way down. The hiking might be easier when all the snow melts I'm sure in the peak of summer. I'm not sure how to compare with Mt. Diablo, but they are unique either way with some nice views.

I should have changed the "embed src" with "video" HTML code awhile ago for videos on this site. Anyway, the switch isn't that time consuming but has to be done. As for plugins, they are nuisances that are part of the browser experience.

My condolences for the recent earthquake tragedy in Nepal.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I got my new video camera the other day, so I'll be familiarizing and getting acquainted with that. Afterwards, I'll be recording again on the grand piano. As far as the pieces or repertoire go, I'll list a few on my classical repertoire page.

Recently, we enjoyed a nice walk around a lake as well as the local beach scene. With the temperatures warming up and the skies becoming clearer and sunnier by the day, it's certainly nice to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. I can't say that the rainy season is completely over yet, but it seems like it. I'm sure there a lot more places to go, and more activities to do. Camping is certainly a must at some point in the summer, but unfortunately my brothers are out of state. I'm hoping that they can return in the near future.

It's been awhile since I had a nice massage therapy for my lower back, but I certainly needed it. I've been suffering from unpredictable pains and aches which would flare up on occasion, and a lot has to do with sitting at the computer without moving much, and bending on low bathroom and kitchen counters. Anyway, I'll have to see if the issues are really stemming from muscle tightness or not as a result of posture and whatnot.

I'll say it now and I'll say it again. I'm not ashamed of being picky of what I eat heh. Certain foods are delicious for a reason, but unfortunately not all of them are healthy.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

As always, I enjoyed watching maestro Lang Lang's recital program; which was fortunately replayed online for us. I'll usually watch and listen to them at least twice, and I've favorited some of his other concerts; but they're usually not online forever. The program of Bach, Tchaikovsky and Chopin is certainly not an easy one, but that's just a few in his seemingly vast repertoire he can perform masterfully.

I found a video camera for purchase, and am looking forward to finally recording pieces with a quality piano and equipment. Essentially, what I had envisioned several years ago. I already have some pieces in mind, and I'll probably list them on my classical blog web page. If I'm comfortable with the way they turn out, I should consider uploading them to public sites where they can be shared further. When it comes to video files on a personal website, plugins can be quite the nuisance and a hindrance to visitors; which is why I have to consider the alternative. Anyway, right now I'll have to schedule time to familiarize myself with the camera and find time to record.

I'm not going to say that everything is going to go smoothly and comfortably when she finally moves in, as I have yet to come to a full realization that I can't live the single-life type behavior anymore. As in, sleeping and eating at odd hours. Or just gaming or WoW'ing whenever I feel like it. But my interests and activities won't ever change. That much is certain. I just have to schedule them appropriately and cater around to her needs. However, classical piano is something I'll certainly continue to fill the house with; and perhaps get her involved eventually.

I finally caught up with this season's "Fresh Off The Boat" episodes. That, and the "Walking Dead" are some shows to look forward to for the new season.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Some items on the agenda; I have to get a desk, a video camera with a tripod of some sort, and some frames for our photos. Apparently, my spouse has all of them stored in her device. Well, we'll decide on what to frame and such. Otherwise, I'm getting into the routine of things again. I still have yet to find out the spots to go to as far as delicious eats are concerned heh. As for the video camera, I'm not sure when I'll get that. But certainly some of my repertoire is ready, and I'm preparing some more. As much as I'm looking forward to the recordings on the grand piano, I still have to get the new camera.

I stay away from any political or religious controversies, but it's appalling and absolutely reprehensible that discrimination is even considered albeit still existing in today's society.

Otherwise, Happy Easter! Don't eat too much heh.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I've been settling in comfortably in the new place for the past several days. Although the nature of working at home is that I don't get out much (glued to the computer if not the piano heh), I resolved myself to get out more by doing the lawn mowing this time around as opposed to hiring a landscaper. So far, it's been quite a work out. I haven't used a mower in years, but anyway. I should still take my Macbook somewhere where there is wi-fi as in a cafe, and work like that as was the plan a year ago. But in never happened, since I became more involved with my repertoire and videos. Anyway, I understand the importance of exercise and keeping fit. It's just not as easy to do regularly for someone who's been living on an unhealthy diet in the past. But I've been on a more healthy diet recently.

I'm someone who doesn't really have the patience to assemble or install equipment or furniture, unless it's something I have to do or am motivated to do for personal interests. Otherwise, I don't purchase anything that requires a lot of that, although it is unavoidable for a lot of products that might be needed. I also don't have any patience waiting in tragic congestion, and who does I guess. It's been a hellacious few days driving out; road closures, accidents and a swell of drivers compounded to a more than usual congestion on the roads. But we'll be heading into summer where congestion seems to be the norm. I'll always find or at least try to find alternative routes, but sometimes you just don't luck out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I enjoyed playing some repertoire on a few pianos (whether a grand or upright, but mostly on grands) the other day, and it must have been the first time since I played outside of the confines of my abode. But I was there to lease a new piano as I had planned for awhile. I'm looking forward to new recordings and perhaps recordings of previous pieces. But moreso, performing in front of an audience is something to eventually strive for again, and am certainly inclined to doing again but it's been years. More thoughts on my classical repertoire page.

With the life ahead of me with my spouse, I'm not sure if I can get to new recordings in the immediate future. Certainly I intend to spend as much time with her as possible, but whenever I have alone time (and we all need that heh), perhaps I can do them then. If anything, I'll get her into learning the piano or other endeavors. We should become best of friends, and I always believed that couples should treat each other as such. I definitely had misgivings about giving up the single life for personal reasons and what I've been through, but now there are no regrets. All I can say is, let the future unfold.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I've been away for awhile, returning from a nice trip which certainly was refreshing. I could say that it was a much needed vacation, but the main purpose was to finally tie the knot after all these years. And now, I have a new life ahead with my spouse and am looking forward to making it a fulfilling and happy one with her. Anyway, I don't plan on sharing anymore beyond this as far as both of us is concerned. Although I might create and upload another photo album and eventually introduce her profile to this site, that's probably about it.

It was nice to have met quite a few that I haven't seen in over twelve years, and one of them happened to be a good buddy during our stay together. We were fortunate to be able to spend some time with him and his family, since he had some time off from work. Since he knows the area quite well, there were some nice spots we visited out there including Mt. Diablo and a planetarium nearby. I had planned on a Yosemite visit as part of our itinerary, but considered it too far from where we were.

Ping Pong. He plays a mean game of ping pong, but I had my share of competitive matches. It's been many years since I picked up a paddle, but I got in the groove again once we got into it one set after another. After some victorious sets, I told him to "just call me Ping Pong Playa again" muhaha.

Monday, February 09, 2015

I'm excited and anxious for the coming months ahead. It should've been last year, but it'll finally happen. I'm not going to blog about it or go into details now, but all I'll say is no more single life *sigh* heh. Other than that, there hasn't been much to blog about so I'll upload some recent recordings here.

Although the pieces in my repertoire could be potential recital pieces, I only have a certain amount that are memorized. Nevertheless, I'd have to play them occasionally to keep them fresh. Still, the music always stays with you as long as a pianist is passionate about it. That's the wonderment of classical music. And it should be shared and listened to more often by everyone. Anyway, I'll list the pieces on my classical repertoire blog with more thoughts. But here are some of them below (some Schubert Impromptus):

Franz Schubert, Impromptu in A-Flat Major, Op.90 Franz Schubert, Impromptu in E-Flat Major, Op.90

With the plan on getting a full upright or perhaps another grand, I'll probably invest more time on more pieces getting them prepared. I'm sure pleasant-sounding pianos with the right acoustics can be even more grand.

I heard about "Fresh Off The Boat", and I'm not sure what most Asian-Americans think about it. I don't watch any sitcoms, and never have (except during the nostalgic days of the '90s which I did admittingly heh). Anyway, I think it depends on the individual. Personally, I tend to stay away from any possible controversy or whatnot. But I don't think there is or should be any.

As far as farts are concerned, yeah. Proudly let them rip muhahaha.

Friday, January 02, 2015

As for resolutions, I'll usually have ideas in my mind of certain plans that I have and what I want to accomplish for the year. They just happen to change on a whim sometimes. In that sense, it's probably better to have concrete resolutions to have specific goals to strive for; whether it's to eat healthier or spending more time with others. With that said, I just have to take it one year at a time from hereon. It's already 2015, and before we know it it'll be 2016. The passage of time seems mind numbingly quick as we get older. The hours seem like minutes, and the minutes seem like seconds. Unless it's something that I despise doing, then it's the opposite heh. At my age, I just have to live life to the fullest (at least what I can do with at my disposal), and not waste any time. But I guess living life to the fullest is different for everyone. For me, it's being immersed in what I enjoy doing and makes me happy. And that's my increasing involvement with classical music and the piano. I've made it a goal to have an evolving repertoire and recordings that I can share online. Although I'm glad that I've established that so far, I certainly I could do more and should always strive for more.

As for repertoire, I'm working on some Schubert Impromptus. I'll have more thoughts on my Classical Repertoire blog. I'm not sure if I'll record a few more of them, but that remains to be seen. They are fun to play though. Anyway, I'm still busy preparing a potential recital program as mentioned before. Nothing finalized yet.